A fun and relaxed boutique offering contemporary, unconventional, and bespoke bridal wear, dedicated to helping couples express their individuality on their special day.


What size are your samples?

We have samples from our main supplier from 12-18, details can be found on the website. We also have other sample dresses available for sale in sizes 10-22.

Do you do colourful dresses?

Our supplier Rolling in Roses will make any of their garments in any colour! We also offer a bespoke option, your only limit is your imagination.

What is your price range?

All of our prices are listed on the website. For pricing details of a custom garment send us an email.

Can we take photos?

Absolutely! We understand that the appointment can go by quickly and it's a lot to take in, having photos to look back on can help you process better. Plus it's fun to share the "out takes".

I might need some help.

Anything you need, we will do our best to provide, send us an email if you have any questions at all.


I’ve been figuring out how best to message you, and failing every time because, my GOD. The dress you made for me, the way it looked, and the way I felt. Nothing will ever come close. The day was unreal. More incredible than I could’ve ever imagined. Legit, actual, real life magic.

Amy and Trev

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