Blu Fire’s Danielle Nay has 20+ years’ experience producing high end weddings and events for international celebrities, private clients and family offices, As featured on Billionaire Blooms.


Why would I need professional help? Can’t I just do it all myself?

Of course you can :) The internet has made the weddings world transparent: a bride and groom can easily find outfits, venues, ideas and suppliers or create mood boards or menus. In some ways, that is the easy, fun part of the project. So a professional planner or producer can assist you in translating those ideas into reality, protecting your budget, as well as adding value with clever creative and strategic input. It’s just like hiring a project manager for your house build: we will save you time and money by helping you to avoid costly mistakes, to schedule correctly and to prioritise, evaluate and select suppliers based on our deep experience, inside track knowledge and commercial skills (eg. around pricing, negotiation, contracts and payment terms). Oh, and we’ll make the process fun! So engaging a professional for just two days to review your suppliers’ proposed contracts or agreements may well save you from making costly mistakes in the long run. Remember too that you will not be able to run your own wedding on the day itself; that would be super stressy. We always advise booking at least two professionals to support you from the day before the wedding.

How do your fees work and how do you charge?

Our business model varies, depending on the client’s requirements. The simplest way to engage Danielle is on a day rate (minimum 2 day; normal is 5+ days, rates upon request) . Hit Danielle up for a fast track to wise advice, contacts, supplier recommendations, help in planning the schedule, shape, style, spaces or staffing for your big day. Then you can engage the vendors yourself if you wish (otherwise a handling fee will apply if we book everything for you).

How do I know what to choose? I feel overwhelmed by choice.

There is way too much inspiration out there and it’s very easy to disappear down a Pinterest rabbit hole, which can induce anxiety or what we call “compare and despair syndrome” The trick is to make your wedding feel very personal and relevant, while the styling should complement the look and feel of the venue. Setting a ballpark budget and sticking to it (assuming you need to!) is also critical to avoid disappointment. This is where even a day or two professional advice can save you time, money and heartache.

What three words describe a wedding planner at the top of their game?

Resourceful. Relentless. Visionary.


Testimonials upon request. Most of our clients is executed under NDA (confidentiality agreement) and client names cannot be published online (though some you may be able to find via a google search!).

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