I capture special moments of your wedding with live sketches & paintings of you & your guests. Bespoke stationery & gifts designed with personalized art on invites, mugs, coasters, totes & more.


What live illustration services do you offer?

I offer 3 categories of live on-site illustration services 1. Sketch of each guest which they can treasure as a keepsake 2. Sketches of various special moments throughout the event present to the couple in a portfolio. 3. Illustration of just the couple with or without a simple background.

What painting services do you offer?

I can capture a scene from your wedding on canvas either by painting live during the event or in my studio. Live painting at the wedding venue serves as great entertainment too! If you opt for in-studio painting, you could send me one or multiple photos which I would use to recreate a scene from your wedding.

What are your fees?

*Live illustrating - hourly based starting at £110 per hour with a 3 hour minimum. *Painting on canvas - flat fee depending on size and complexity of the artwork. *Gifts and stationery start from £15 onwards *For on-site services, travel and accommodation (if required) would be additional

Tell me more about Gifts!

I encourage couples to be as creative as they’d like when it comes to gifts! It could be a custom sketch of the couple printed on cards or any products. For unique and personalized gifts, I can sketch each guest and print on mugs, coasters, totes, shot glasses and more. Names of guests can also be added on gifts. Alternatively you can chose an available design and customize hair color, hair style, skin tone or other aspects. If you are looking to gift a perfume or pre-purchased gift and would like guests’ names engraved or lettered, I can engrave names or phrases in gold/silver/other colors. Possibilities are endless!

Do you design Invites & Stationery?

Yes! I can create an entirely custom sketch of the couple/venue etc for invites or you can select a existing design from the wedding collection and customize hair color, hair style skin tone or any other aspect. I always try to get to know the couple and would be happy to recommend what best suits your personalities and budget.

Do you travel globally for weddings?

Absolutely! I’d be happy to travel anywhere in the world to add a splash of color to your special day by providing live sketching or painting services.

How can we contact you?

Let’s chat! Email me at info@camih.co.uk or head to my website and submit the form on ‘Contact’ page


The artist is an amazing person so it's no surprise that what she produces is just as spectacular! I had my wedding in mid November and had a bridal party photo custom recreated as art! It was the perfect extra thank you for the bridal team right before Christmas! The work was fast, exquisitely done and the artist is very responsive and thoughtful throughout the entire process. Thank you again!!


I've wanted a customized portrait of my family for a while as we could not get a good picture on our wedding day. Camih was a perfect fit for my style! My sons, husband and I were fabulously sketched. Highly recommend the artist.


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