Hello lovely humans! When I'm not marathoning LOTR, I'm running around chasing love stories. My work is artistic and filled to the brim with love, laughter, and a sprinkling of rustic romance.


Do you travel?

Absolutely! I've been so blessed to be able to explore so many beautiful locations with couples, and I never ever want to stop going on unforgettable adventures with you and your loved ones. While Somerset may well be the home to my kettle and my cats, I'll go anywhere in the world for your story.

How will we receive our photos, and how many can we expect?

After photographing so many weddings, I can confidently say that no two weddings are the same, so while I can't quite predict an exact number of photos, I can say that for a full day of photography you should expect to see 600-800 photos detailing the unforgettable memories from your day. For every full and half day wedding I send out sneak peeks 48 hours afterwards to tickle your excitement, and then approximately 6-8 weeks later I deliver each gallery via both an online gallery to share with your loved ones, and also a USB stick within a keepsake box so that you can treasure your photos forever.

We hate having our photo taken. Help!

Ditto! Oh... if only I had a pound for every time a couple said they hate having their photo taken... I would say that around 90% of the laughing and smiling couples in my portfolio all said the same thing when we first spoke, and 100% of them all told me afterwards that they shouldn't have worried and that the photos were absolutely worth it. I promise you that I'm not scary, and I won't bite (and neither will my cameras!). While I love to get creative with my work, I'm also very relaxed and treat the couple's photos as a chance to just take a nice, chilled moment to explore each location as a trio and have some fun with it, while creating something extra special and well worthy of a brief awkward giggle. You bought those gorgeous wedding outfits for a reason, so don't be afraid to have fun in them, make the most of them, and then get right back to spilling drinks down them when the party's rolling!

How can we book you?!

I'm so glad you asked (or at least, I'm very happy that you clicked on this little box!). If you think I'm the perfect fit for your day, then the quickest way to book me is to either pop in a message with your date via the "More Info" button, or head on over to the contact page on my website. If you're super eager, then you can also go ahead and fire an email off immediately to photography@carinatess.com with your date so that I can get back to you with my availability. If our stars line up and I'm available for your date, you can secure me officially with a £300 booking fee and a signed contract, and then I'm 100% yours and excited to be joining you on your wedding adventure.


"Carina took the most lovely photographs on our wedding day - we honestly couldn’t be happier. She made us laugh lots and relax whilst doing our couple shots which we were both quite nervous about. She fit into our day perfectly and really made us feel at ease. The photos are just so lovely! Thank you!"

Tilly and Sam

"Carina, they’re all amazing! Thank you so much, you’ve captured the day perfectly and I’m so so so happy that I wasn’t crying in every single one ????. I really thought I would be. All of our friends and family said how amazing you were on the day and we couldn’t agree more. We don’t really have words to thank you enough, they’re beautiful photos."

Courtenay and Ricky

“What an amazing photographer and awesome person! Carina, you captured our special day so perfectly; the love, the emotions and the laughter ... its all there! We cannot thank you enough. The photographs are absolutely beautiful, we couldn't of asked for more. You are such a wonderful and lovely person, with such an amazing talent. Everyone at our Wedding said what a really lovely person you are, very stealthy and sneaky (the guests didn't notice you most of the time) but not one of these bossy and demanding photographers; they said you were more like one of our guests, just with a camera... that's so lovely for us to hear. If we ever need a photographer again, we will be sure to call on you! And the box we received with the USB stick and some our photographs printed is awesome, such a lovely touch too, very thoughtful. We now have the memories of the day to keep forever thanks to you. Thank you again! We love ya! xxx”

Michele and Graeme

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