We provide personalised poetry for all aspects of your wedding. Invitations? Yes. Place card poems as wedding favours? Sure. Speeches and readings? Done. Make your big day more personal with poetry.


What type of personalised poems do you offer?

Whatever you need! Whether it's a short poem personalised for each guest as a place card, rhymes for readings and speeches, invitation poems, poetry gifts or even custom song lyrics, we work from your ideas to create perfect customised rhymes for your wedding.

Why wouldn't I just write my own poems?

If you can, go for it. Having done it for our wedding, it was well worth the effort and our guests absolutely loved it. (We enjoyed it so much we started this business!) However, if time is getting tight with the big day fast approaching, the rhymes (and motivation) can tend to dry up. Handing over the creation of personalised poetry to us is one thing you can tick off your list and not have to worry about.

How does the process work?

It depends on the type of poem you're ordering but, in most cases, you tell us a few things about your subject(s) and we transform those bullet points into a perfect personalised poem. Pick the poem type you want from our online store, use the form that pops up to share all the juicy details, pay and you're done. We'll confirm your order and have your personalised poem to you ASAP.


We hand-wrote personalised poems for each guest on wooden place cards as wedding favours. They were the talk of the wedding with everyone telling us how special they made them feel. Some poems were funny, others were sentimental and they describe each guest perfectly. It's a simple thing, but it made a big difference to our special day.

Nadine and Ben

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