A secluded coastal 2000-acre private estate in Scotland’s lowlands entrenched in living history and incomparable splendour, with 25 bedrooms and endless possibilities.


What's one of the best reasons to choose Dunskey?

Our ability to organise, coordinate, plan, and deliver all things to the most incredible professional level you've ever seen is perhaps one of our hidden secrets. It's difficult to convey this through photographs, but we will blow you away with our ability to make sure every single detail is right and seamless, all as a complimentary service. 

Are we able to bring outside vendors to Dunskey?

Of course you are free to work and coordinate all vendors yourself. However, we do know that Dunskey in-house production is unbeatable for quality and value, as we do not require transport cost, recce cost, or dealing with additional clean-up and plan-B options (rainy day or other weather-related items). 

Are we able to do one-day wedding at Dunskey?

We are an exclusive use venue, and we specialise in the most unique experiences you can have for your nuptials. Consider what it takes these days to get all the faces you love together in one place! There is so much efforts involved, and who can depart after just one night of being together? Therefore we ask that you stay for at least three nights at Dunskey.


Hard to put into words how incredible the experience at Dunskey Estate was! We chose Dunskey Estate for our wedding location because we wanted a small ceremony, with our family present, and in a stunning location. With Dunskey, we got that and so much more. As someone who has a difficult time allowing others to plan and arrange things, planning a wedding from a country away could have gone very poorly, but with Anne and her team, our wedding turned out better than we could have ever imagined and way better than I could have done on my own. Anne took my vision and turned it into the most beautiful event I have ever attended. If Anne suggests something for your event, just go with it. She will not steer you wrong! She worked so hard to create the most special event for us! Her dedication to the details and caring support through the whole week meant so much to all of us. Ali was truly incredible throughout the entire week as well. From taking us all on an incredible hike around the property (do it! my 81 year old grandmother did it!) as well as officiating our ceremony, Ali was there with us through every step of our event. We shared tears of joy with both Ali and Anne throughout the ceremony, which is something you don't get with any other wedding venue! Ali spent time with all of my family and showed us how to play a new game in the incredible billiards room in the estate house, which was definitely one of the most unifying and fun experience for all of the family members. I also cannot say enough good things about the entire staff at Dunskey. You don't even have to ask them to get you anything, they just anticipate your needs and take care of every single thing. I loved the care and dedication they show to taking care of any and all guests, above and beyond anything we could have ever wanted. It was a luxury that many of us have never experienced and we are forever grateful to the entire Dunskey team. And the food!! The food was incredible, 10/10, every single meal. We all ate like kings and queens throughout the days we spent there. I was so thankful that the kitchen team was able to accommodate our request for a specific type of cake that was special to our family. The house itself is something out of a movie. The rooms were STUNNING and so perfectly decorated. It was like living in a Downton Abbey episode. The bathrooms were incredible. All of the shared living spaces were so cozy and welcoming! All of our family members were able to mingle and spend time together, and in such beautiful, comfortable spaces. It was truly an all inclusive experience and an absolute dream to spend time at Dunskey. If you are on the fence about booking this venue for any event- wedding, reunion, corporate retreat- book it! You will not regret even a minute spent at this wonderful place! We are already planning our return trip and counting down the minutes until we can get back to our true home away from home!

Heather Kelley

I was lucky enough to have my destination wedding at Dunskey Estate. The experience was nothing short of amazing. While planning my wedding, I was simultaneously going after a promotion at work and many family obligations. Anne and Ali made it simple. I had as much control over detail as I wanted and trusted Anne’s amazing taste when I knew I didn’t have time. Quite frankly I’m convinced she could’ve planned my unique perfect wedding from our first call alone. They are just genuinely good people and good people are hard to find these days especially while planning a wedding. I am from the US so I couldn’t taste a cake or see my florals in person. Every piece of my wedding was spectacular down to the tiniest details. Anne was understanding when I changed my mind a million times. She came to the rescue when we lost two officiants in less than a week - the WEEK BEFORE the wedding. Ali performed a beautiful ceremony that celebrated us and our beliefs and embraced our uniqueness with open arms. In a world where so many people are focusing on division and differences, Dunskey is the place to go with your favorite people and feel whole again. The staff were amazing. They learned my 30 guest’s names and quirks in 2 days. The staff, food, property any one component would be enough to make me go back. Weeks later our family and friends are still in shock of what a perfect long weekend we experienced. Also I love a good deal - I would pay twice what I paid to do it all over. Dunskey feels like home so be careful you’ll want to go back a million times! If you want to guarantee a successful destination wedding or a wedding you will look back on and only remember the good choose Dunskey.

Caitlin Mitchell

PURE MAGIC!! My husband and I just spent three nights at Dunskey Estate with our closest friends and family in celebration of our wedding and we are still pinching ourselves! The experience exceeded our expectations on every level. Although the estate caters to events and group takeovers, it had the intimacy of a carefully crafted boutique property. It felt like a home away from home and they truly do treat every function as its own unique experience instead of pumping out the same wedding weekend for every couple which many places do (and which was not what we wanted). Every detail was PERFECT. Anne, Ali and the team at Dunskey brought my dream wedding vision to life in the most mind blowing of ways (and I threw some crazy things and many "firsts" at them)! They not only indulged my every wish but did it with a smile and gave us a once- in- a- life- time wedding weekend that we and our guests will never forget. There are so many things the make this place special starting with the people. Anne, Ali, their kids, Agi and of course Beecher the dog (who we all fell deeply in love with) welcome you into their home like family. I am not exaggerating when I say that every person who attended our wedding is already trying to figure out a way to return (us included)! The location is to die for. I have been working in the travel industry for 13 years and have been fortunate to travel the globe. There is nowhere in the world like Dunskey. It has all the magic and awe-inspiring scenery of a world wonder but with no tourists! As my dad put it "it's the closest to living in a fairy tale that you can get in real life." We chose this location initially because where else can you stay in a Georgian Estate yet have whimsical forests, Loch's, stunning beaches, Scottish hospitality, wild rabbits, farm animals, fairy doors and stunning gardens (with a maze) all in one place? I wanted to live the Robin Hood meets Alice in Wonderland meets Outlander meets Braveheart dream. We booked our wedding sight unseen (yes, some would call us a bit mad) and after my first call with Anne, I knew it was right. I could go on for days but all I can say is that if you are drawn to Dunskey do not hesitate to book it. We feel so blessed to have had the most incredible wedding but also to have met people who we now consider family. My body is back in New York but my heart is still at Dunskey (corny but true)! The food was phenomenal and Anne helped source all of the important details (band, photographer, videographers, florists, hair, make-up etc.) which made our lives so easy. For me, the little nuances such as borrowing the families wellies, learning a new addictive game that everyone laughed and bonded over, sneaking bacon to Beecher (and that being okay), and piling into the flat bed of Ali's truck are all uniquely Dunskey and that makes all the difference. DUNSK-YAY!

Jessica Rizzolo

Some people may say fairytales aren’t real.... well, I can assure you they are. A year ago we blindly decided to plan a wedding “in a castle in Scotland” randomly ,(and obviously the universe had my back) I went online and I stumbled upon the Dunskey Estate. We wrote Anne, and immediately fell in love. A whole year of emails, planning back and forth, Skype video calls... we could have shown up to an unknown disaster ... but, the care, and assurance that Anne and Her staff gave us we knew that what we were about to experience would be magical. Life changing really. From the arrival, to the flowers, the unique and modern yet ‘period’ rooms... the WHOLE ENTIRE estate! The food!the fireworks! The beach BBQ! Our amazing cake, the band, the house dogs, the books(I could go on and on and on ),the care ,and thought, and heart that went into curating our weekend .... brings me to tears just thinking about it! Truly, there are no words that could possibly properly express the experience, and heart that Anne and Allister put into our wedding weekend.... but, I know it is one experience myself and everyone who flew thousands of miles to witness it will NEVER forget. Even but a moment in the presence of Anne, Allister, and ALL their staff at the Dunskey ... is truly “Splendour Found” If you are lucky enough to experience an event here ... it will likely be a life lasting memory. #ALLtheStars

Aimee Lynn Chadwick

Arriving at Dunskey Estate for my daughter’s wedding I already had high expectations. After months of planning travel arrangements, getting passports, making sure everyone from grandparents in their late 70s to grandchildren who just turned 2 were ready for the adventure; however, I never could have anticipated the gracious and welcoming reception we received from the owners to the staff. For 4 magical days we were transported into another universe where everything was perfect. We had open access to the entire home and grounds. There were secret gardens to explore, an expansive beach, waterfalls, and wind swept cliffs to climb. Our grandchildren played with the owner’s children and their dog as though they had always been friends. Anne made sure everything was beautiful from the decor of the home, to the flowers for the wedding, to the cocktails served on the night of our arrival. We had everything from a proper afternoon tea, a bagpiper for the wedding procession, fireworks, the most delicious earl grey and lavender wedding cake I’ve ever tasted, and a traditional Scottish band who were kind enough to teach us Americans traditional dances with amazing patience! The food was delicious and plentiful every day. My husband and Allister, probably because they shared the same taste in beer ????, became fast friends. Dave, the lead staff, and every single staff member at the house made sure all our needs were met, and treated us like we were close friends that they enjoyed as much as we enjoyed them. I will never forget my time at Dunskey Estate all the days of my life!

Sarah Bulger

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