I'm George, wedding and portrait photographer baed in Italy. I could define my style as romantic, unconventional and timeless. If you are a daydreamer and an artistic soul, we are a good fit!


What if our wedding doesn't take place in Italy?

I love to work abroad and i'll be honoured to be your wedding photographer wherever you wedding takes place.


George is an explorer, professional and always up-to-date, always looking for new expressions, ideas, experiences and results through photography, to which he dedicates himself with passion and competence. You can tell right away by the way he talks about it and in the moments he shoots. With George we did some couple photos, we generally don't like to be photographed, yet he was so calm, confident and attentive, he was able to guide us and make us have fun. The moments spent with him were spontaneous although he was an incredibly attentive photographer and really thought of everything, from the locations to the attention to detail and even in the delivery of the photographs, which arrived very quickly and were supported by a private area of his site that also makes it easy to choose your favorite shots. We are in disbelief with the photographs he took, as well as keeping a beautiful memory of this experience, which we really recommend to everyone!


In our work we often deal with photographers. We can say that George impressed us a lot with his professionalism, passion and sensitivity. He came to the wedding day very prepared. He wanted to meet us beforehand to get to know us and better understand what we wanted. He made a careful inspection of the location and inquired about every detail of the day. His work was very sensitive and his presence never invasive. He was able to capture the best of all of us in the most beautiful atmospheres. He took care of even the smallest details, such as the position of objects in a room. We do not like to be in front of the camera but George, with great patience, was able to put us at ease and make us have fun. The result is a work of great quality and a wonderful memory of a day so dear to us. We highly recommend George Novac for your photo shoots.


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