Grant & O'Sullivan have been dressing the grooms of London & beyond since 1956. We consider it an honour to play a discreet role in your big day & craft a beautiful suit for you...


What are your prices?

Well, prices are broad. Particularly as we have a selection of over 7000 fabrics from the best mills in the world! That being said - you can expect prices to begin from £1000 for a 2-piece suit...

Can you make suits for children?

Absolutely! Father & Son matching suits perhaps? We can make all of our suits in miniature form, but we don't guarantee them against ice cream spillages!

What's your funniest wedding suit story?

I recently had a groom who thought it would be a great idea to play a game of "rugby" (it was actually just the groomsmen throwing a bottle of ketchup to each other) during the wedding reception and the groom split the seam of his trousers! There I was at 9pm... arriving at a wedding reception sewing kit in hand, repairing a ripped seam in front of a very embarrassed groom and unamused new mother-in-law! Certainly one for the archives...


Very happy with my decision to go with Grant & O’Sullivan for my wedding suit. Sonny is professional, detail-oriented, quick to respond, offers competitive pricing, and made a damn fine suit. Would highly recommend him to anyone looking to go bespoke.

Chris Davis

I rarely, rarely do reviews... But my experience with Sonny at Grant & O'Sullivan tailoring was nothing short of exemplary and I feel I must tell folks about it! Care, attention to detail, personality, charm; nothing was too much for Sonny and no question too daft! He came to my office in London yesterday to drop the suit off after 1 consultation, 2 measuring sessions and a bunch of texts and phone calls. I told myself I'd look at some proper tailoring when I commissioned from Sandhurst - I never got around to it. I now wish I'd done it years ago. Sonny is a craftsman; terrific value for an extremely personal & high-quality product. The suit fits me like a glove and I love it. I'm already thinking about ordering something else. Speak to him for all tailoring needs; from suits to chinos, ties to shirts. He's your man. And he's THE man!

Tim Benson

Great news! I have finally found the right tailor for me. Mr Grant's knowledge of tailoring is absolutely impressive and I recently discovered it comes from a rich history that he is part of. His creativity and passion for what he does with such joy is truly inspiring. He understands what I want without me having to explain and it makes everything so smooth and easygoing. Working with him is a pure joy! I only wear a suit, I'm passionate about what I wear and he provides all the accessories a true gentleman needs. I cannot recommend him enough! I would give him more than five stars!

Andrew Arran-Smith

Got two amazing suits of exceptional quality I’m so in love with the neatness of the stitching and the fit of the suit is truly remarkable. This is my fourth experience using a tailored service and I have to say this recent experience has been breathtaking and a game changer and to conclude is a firm eye-opener. Future thoughts of purchases will be very much on the agenda.

Keiron Davis-Dickenson

Sonny is an exceptional tailor, his craftsmanship and excellence is detailed in his work! His customer service goes far beyond the ‘extra mile’ and every experience with this fine young man just makes every part of the tailor/client relationship a real joy, especially in the age of internet sales and quick fashions! From the moment you walk through the door, you’re beginning a relationship with Sonny that far surpasses simply buying a suit or a shirt, and you will not be disappointed in any way! Do I recommend Sonny? Well, a recommendation seems insufficient because I not only highly recommend him to you, but I commend him and his work…because he has brought joy to my bespoke tailoring experience that has birthed a true and genuine friendship between us…!! Putting it plainly, he is world class…and I do not use these words lightly…!! Sonny will be my ‘go-to guy’ for many, many years to come…!!

Bishop Ceiron Dewar

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