Fitting brides from Duffield and throughout Derbyshire. Showcasing designer wedding dress collections and accessories from brands including Essense of Australia, Stella York, Watters and Pronovias.


When should I start dress shopping?

For some people, finding their perfect dress can be a difficult decision, and for others, they might find it on their first-ever appointment. No two brides are the same, but we will always work with you and your vision to hopefully help you find the dress of your dreams. You will need six to eight months to get your gown in-store and altered in time for your wedding day, but don’t completely freak out if you don’t have this much time, we will work with you and see what we can do. If time isn’t on your side, sometimes we can get gowns in at short notice or you might even find your perfect dress off the peg. On the other side, you don’t want to shop for your gown too early, don’t start shopping with more than 12 months in advance, unless you are ready to buy. You may be tempted to go to a bridal shop 'just to get an idea', but you are risking falling in love with a dress that may not be around by the time you are ready to commit to buying. We also find that having your dress does shape the rest of your wedding, so once you've decided, it might help other bits and bobs fall into place. 

What do I need to bring along to my appointment?

Absolutely nothing but yourself is the official answer. In store, as well as dresses, we have a selection of accessories for you to try with each dress. We also have heels, if you prefer a little height. We would recommend wearing nude underwear, but this isn’t a necessity, as with most dresses you can see them better without a bra. On your wedding day, no matter what your cup size, with most gowns all the support you need is built in. If you prefer to try gowns with your bra on, this is totally fine; we will always work around you and prefer you to be comfortable. If there are any special things you want to include in your day, such as your mums tiara or best friend’s veil, bring them along too, so you can try them with dresses. Finally, if you absolutely know you’d like to wear your hair in an up-do, we’d recommend coming with it pinned up, as it might help you to visualise your complete look.

Will I really fall for the opposite of what I want?

Think about your venue: is it a castle, stately home, chic hotel, stylish teepee or a stunning beach? Your venue will often play a part in your style of dress. Bring pictures, show us your Pinterest boards - it helps us to visualise what you are thinking. On the other hand, allow us to guide you. We may pull out a style that 'in your head' is not your style, but give it a go and try our wildcards. You might love it more than you think! We often get clients going for the opposite of what they imagined with a little help from us, as sometimes the dresses with no hanger appeal look the best on. Trust us - we’ve seen them and have faith in our experience styling our lovely brides, whether you need a little help or know what you love.

Do you need to know my budget?

Most brides have one, but not everyone likes to talk about it, and typically we won’t ask you about it. That said, please don’t be afraid to tell us. The last thing we want to do is to put you in a dress that you fall in love with and it be over your budget. To give you a guide: Essense of Australia dresses range from £1,000 - £2,000 Pronovias from £1,300 - £2,500 Watters £1,800 - £3,100 Willowby by Watters £1,000 - £2,000 Sometimes dresses are discontinued by the designers or we sell off our sample dresses. These can sometimes be a fantastic opportunity to bag yourself a bargain. The sample sales are continuously changing and won't show on the website, so please ask in store for current samples in our sale ranging from £200.

Who should I bring?

The simple answer to this question is... bring those whose opinion matters to you the most! Whether this be your mum, dad, grandmother, best friend even your fiancé (yes, some ladies do this and that’s OK), what matters the most is when you're stood in that dress wanting that very important opinion - who will you turn to? The answer to that question is the person whom you should bring along with you. It’s fine to bring along more people to Ivory White, but remember, a lot of people equals a lot of different opinions - you have to tune into the one that matters the most! We do have seating for up to three guests, so please let us know if you will be bringing along more, and we will try to accommodate you.

How will I know it's the one?

Sometimes brides feel scared saying 'yes' to their gown. You don’t necessarily need to try on 100s of dresses to find ‘the one'. We especially look for signs within you and when you stand tall, have a big smile, sometimes a tear, feel absolutely amazing and you don’t want to take it off then it’s a really good sign! The question you have to ask yourself is: Do you love it? Is it in budget? If the answer to both is YES, then go for it! As one famous bridal celebrity once said, 'when you met your fiancé did you say I’d better try a few more before I say yes to you!’ When you know, you know.


I looked at Ivory White as it’s a bridal shop that is close to where I live. Sophie is a real people’s person very likeable and comfortable to be around. I hadn’t really got any specific dress styles in mind so Sophie selected a variety of dresses for me to try. Nothing was too much trouble in one dress and out of another until I found ‘the’ dress... Sophie has a large variety of different styles and designs and is very knowledgeable, she will also be very honest with you. I would thoroughly recommend Sophie @ Ivory White

Rachel Armes

Sophie's shop is beautiful! she really goes the extra mile to make you feel so welcome and special! so many little touches really make the day special. Sophie stocks incredible dresses but also offers other items, such as jewellery and personalised items like leather jackets. Anyone looking for a dress in the Midlands area needs to try here

Philippa Reid-Redmond

I had the best time with Sophie finding my dream dress. She was so kind and helpful and put me straight at ease. Sophie has an amazing knowledge of all her dresses and accessories and I loved the fact she chose me a few items that I perhaps wouldn’t have myself but then fell in love with.
I would certainly recommend Ivory White to any bride!

Laura Woodings

We had the best experience here, Sophie was so helpful from start to finish - from getting me a last-minute appointment and helping me find my dream dress! There are so many beautiful dresses here and the service is so personal and lovely; I can’t wait to come back when my dress arrives!

Megan Houseley

Welcoming experience from the onset. I walked in very nervous but within minutes I was made to feel relaxed and that for the next two hours it was all about me. The staff were friendly supportive and made me feel like a princess. All the dresses were beautiful and although it was hard to choose I totally trusted the wealth of experience the team had to help me make the right choice thank you.

Angela Stockwood

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