Couples should book me because I'm bloody good fun, have a bloody good eye and you know you're going to get bloody good piccies.


How Would You Describe Your Style Of Wedding Photography?

My style of photography is a mixture of photojournalism as well as the more traditional skills. On average, I'd say 90% of what I do is photojournalism/reportage and 10% is set aside for contemporary portraits and any group shot requirements. As each of my client's requirements are different, I tailor this for each and every wedding. Do You Travel For Sho

Can We Meet You?

Of course, although I must say from the start that weekends are out of bounds! I hope this doesn't come across badly, but I pretty much shoot weddings every weekend of the year, so when I have a Sunday off I have to keep these for family days. Otherwise, I wouldn't have one! I also set aside every Monday for client meetings - either via zoom or hopefully in person!

Do You Take Group Shots?

Having been to many weddings as a guest myself with an overbearing photographer spending what seems like hours of the day for formal photographs I go out of my way to do the opposite. When it comes to the more traditional side of wedding photography, I ask my couples to designate an usher or responsible guest to be in charge of organising the groups and keep them to a maximum of eight. For me, weddings should be enjoyed by everyone and feel by keeping this side of things to a minimum is always appreciated.

How Many Photographs Are We Likely To Recieve?

This is a tricky one as it very much depends on the day. However, you can expect between 400 to 500 of quality and style as seen on my website ( I also do everything in colour and black and white - so double it!). For me, quality is everything and the photographs you'll receive will be as perfect as possible. As such, you may receive fewer photographs than other photographers may provide. However, my feeling is that my clients would far rather receive 400 or so great photographs capturing the magic of their day rather than 600 to 800 poor ones with no thought or substance behind them.

Will You Take Over Our Whole Day?

Absolutely not, although I may take the bride and groom off for a few portrait shots, this is a very minor part of the day (maybe 30 - 40 minutes). My aim is to let each wedding happen just as it would with as little interference from me as possible.

What's Your Biggest Fear (No Pun Intended!)

My biggest fear is letting people down.


Hello you very clever man! My word we LOVE your photos, you have perfectly captured our magical day and we are forever grateful

Lisa Faulkner & John Torode

James these are bloody insane - smashed the whole day...

Laura and Jonathan

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