Each couple's story is central to my work - couples come to me because I am passionate about translating their unique love story into rings they will treasure forever.


"Do you have to be local to Bedfordshire to work with you?"

Absolutely not. I often work on projects where I never meet the clients due to their geographical location! I am currently working on a piece with a client in the US, and several pieces for clients based far and wide over the UK. Modern technology makes this easy, so if you can’t make it to my Bedfordshire design studio for a face to face consultation, that isn’t an issue at all.

"Isn't bespoke jewellery really expensive?"

Not at all. I urge my clients to be open about their budgets so I can guide them appropriately to get the result they are after at a price point that works for them. If you’re unsure about budget, we design the dream and, if necessary, work back from there. My clients have wide ranging budgets and I can cater for all.

"I don't know what I want, so bespoke isn't for me"

The OPPOSITE is true! Go to a traditional jewellery shop and you’ll be overwhelmed by the choice. Come to me, and I’ll break it all down into small decisions, and before you know it, your dream piece of jewellery has been sketched right in front of you. I pride myself in asking the right questions to unpick your vision when you don’t even know it yourself! The design process with me is far more enjoyable than going to a shop and buying something mass produced. I am a fitted wedding ring expert, so can make suggestions you probably haven't seen before.

"Our wedding isn't far away, so I don't have time for bespoke"

Truly bespoke pieces take anywhere from 6-14 weeks to bring to life for you, but there are so many options if you’ve left it a bit late. Get in touch to see what we can achieve in your timescale.


"From the very first design meeting to the hand over of my ring I felt I was just talking to a friend, she provided alternative ideas to our initial thoughts and by the end, together we had just the most perfect ring. "I cannot recommend Jodie enough, she makes you so welcome and as if your piece of jewellery is the most important she's ever done. "I get lots of compliments about my ring and I love telling everyone the story of how Jodie brought our ideas to life. I can't thank her enough!"

Steph and Matt

"Jodie made the process of creating our new wedding ring extremely easy. Neither my wife or I had a clear vision of what we wanted but Jodie very quickly took our rough ideas and created a couple of beautiful options for us to choose from. The process felt very inclusive and nothing was too much trouble. "The final ring was delivered but was slightly too tight. Jodie dealt with this very quickly an efficiently. We are extremely happy with the end result and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jodie Gearing Jewellery Design"

Phil and Claire

"I've never been more confident in recommending somebody! Five stars are not enough to describe how phenomenal Jodie is! "My fiancé and I wanted something a bit more special for our wedding rings, but as we were starting from scratch it took a long time for me to make up my mind and make decisions. Throughout the whole process, Jodie was incredibly supportive, full of great ideas, truly understanding and nothing short of patient and kind! "We are so excited we'll get to wear our beautiful custom made rings for the rest of our lives and it's all thanks to Jodie and the fantastic work she and her team did! Thank you so, so much!"

Andreya and Urbano

"I approached Jodie to discuss the creation of a completely unique wedding ring. I didn’t have an engagement ring when I got engaged so instead I wanted a chunkier, more interesting wedding band than the average. "We sat together and scoped out what sort of thing I liked, and Jodie was able to translate my ramblings into the most beautiful ring I have ever seen. It’s stunning and it’s so me. "I would recommend Jodie without hesitation, not just for the jewellery aspect but also because she is a wonderful person to do business with."

Laura and Martin

"Thank goodness for Jodie! We had been all around our local jewellers looking for someone to reinterpret some family rings and stones but no one got it until Jodie. She listened to what we wanted, understood and then sat and drew my dream rings. The real things lived up to the drawing and will be stunning family pieces again for years to come. I would highly recommend working with Jodie."

Sara and Matt

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