Weddings for me, are the most exciting, fulfilling, creatively interesting work I do, and I'm overjoyed to be a part of each one. I believe I have a distinct style which is cinematic and emotive!!


Will there be lots of cameras and equipment everywhere!?

Nope.. I like to create a wedding film almost the same way I photograph a wedding.. Discreetly. My style is that of capturing genuine moments in a subtle way, so I try to be like a sneaky wedding ninja and capture special moments without disrupting things..

How does it work with you and the photographer?

This is a really important question! Having photographed and filmed weddings for many years, I feel I know the dynamic of how things work on the day, including how a videographer and photographer should interact. I have some photographer friends who are some of the most talented and lovely photographers I know, so I always advise booking me alongside them. Failing that - my job is to make sure I get on with and plan things with the photographer whoever they are, so that the day goes to plan and everyone is happy :)

What sets your films apart from most other wedding films?

I really believe that choosing a photographer and wedding filmmaker comes down to personal taste. I do really believe that I have a distinctive style, and its not for everyone. I don't like cheesy forced moments, I like to make sure your wedding film is cinematic and beautiful (reminiscent of a proper film) and that it not only captures the day as you'd like to remember it but also makes you smile laugh and cry in good measure!

How long will our wedding film be?

The wedding films I create are not the longform ones where moments are put into a film in chronological order and end up being about 25 minutes long.. I really like to make sure that your film is crafted carefully to build intrigue and emotion, so that it is an engaging film and not just a simple video. I haven't had anyone yet say they didn't love their film but it is worth checking out my videos first to see if you definitely love my particular style!

What happens if we have to rearrange due to Covid!!??

Hey, it happens. It's really a case of us talking through it and booking in another date so that I can still be a part of your day, whenever it is!

Do you also offer Photography!?

YEP! I shoot digital and analogue images (that's film but not the video kind) and love it - it's how I started and have been doing it for nearly a decade now!


"Where do I begin with Jonny! what a pleasure it was to have him at our wedding! not only did he capture the day perfectly but he was also a great asset to the day! everyone thought he was a distant cousin they hadn't met! he fit in perfectly and captured things I don't remember him capturing, He was in no way intrusive with the camera he glided in and out and got everything that was important to the day and all the emotions every time I watch our wedding video I cry! we had a big family party so everyone who couldn't come to the wedding (as it was in France )got to enjoy the day like they where there! Cant thank Jonny enough for the memories that will last a lifetime and I get to show my kids! The Hepburns xx"

Laura & Harry Hepburn

Our experience with Jonny was second to none. He made us feel so comfortable from the minute we met him up until our wedding day. He was so professional and took such care when taking footage for the video and the pictures. We absolutely love the results and could not have asked for better photos or for a better video. The photos are so natural and the video just shows the essence of the whole day. The day ran smoothly thanks to Jonny. We honestly can't thank him enough. We now have beautiful footage to always look back on and remember how much fun we had. Thanks so much. I can't recommend Jonny enough.

Naomi & Callum Dean

"Jonny recently covered our wedding and the results were exceptional. From the moment we met him to the wedding itself and receiving the final product has been a wonderful experience. His attention to detail, artistic flair, professional attitude and value for money made our choice to use Jonny the best thing we've done. He's a memory maker and preserver we couldn't be happier. Thank you Jonny!"

Adam & Debbie Day

"Jonny is an outstanding wedding Photographer & Filmmaker whose unique style captured those once in a lifetime moments that are now treasured memories. Our wedding photos and film are incredible, and the on the day experience was completely hassle free with Jonny taking care of every single detail - all we had to do was enjoy the moment! Our wedding was down in Kent and the unpredictability of the English weather meant Jonny had to adapt... it was a masterclass, truly calm, composed and professional. Our family and friends couldn’t stop commenting on how amazing he was, getting incredible shots right across the whole day; from my wife and her gang getting ready in the morning right through to our evening departure. I am so thankful that we get to look back on such stunning photos and a film that are rich in detail and perfectly encapsulates us as a couple. We could not recommend him more to any couple looking to capture their wedding day!"

Lee & Lezandri Brown

Jonny.. we love this!!!!! The visuals look insane and they go so well with the music. Absolutely love the way you’ve edited, and especially the cocktail hour, food-footage and overal build-up - you really nailed it! Oh and that group shot- wow!!! Thank you so much for capturing our special day in the most beautiful and stunning way!! it looks so amazing and really made me teary eyed!, thanks a million! X"

Liam & Roshni Maher/Gray

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