We capture your story both authentically and beautifully, drawing inspiration from art and analogue film. A husband-and-wife team, we make photographs that stand out through motion, light and colour.


You're a husband & wife team, do all your wedding packages include 2 photographers?

Yes! There are two of you, so there are two of us! We work together as a husband & wife team to capture your day. We split up while each of you get ready and meet back up for the ceremony and reception. This means no one's prep gets missed out and we have the time to capture all aspects of your day.

Do you shoot analogue film photos as well as digital?

Absolutely! Photography is an art and a craft, which is why we shoot both medium format film and digital. Film has a textured softness, with timeless colours and perfect imperfections that feel like straight from a memory. Shooting film means slowing down a little to take photos more carefully and deliberately, but creating images that will stand the test of time. The film is scanned, so you get all these images digitally. We complement this with digital photography, which is perfect for fast-paced moments and late night parties. The combination allows us to tell all aspects of your story in full.

What if I'm awkward in front of a camera?

Don't worry - we get it (we're totally the same!). Not everyone feels natural in front of a camera. We're here to help and will give gentle direction as needed during portraits, but otherwise like to step back and let you enjoy the day with each other and your guests, rather than focusing on forced poses. We also suggest an engagement shoot before the big day - some of our packages include these. They not only help you to get comfortable in front of the camera, but they give you gorgeous photos for your wedding website and save the dates!

Do you travel out of London?

Yes! We would be happy to travel anywhere in the UK and internationally. If you're getting married in Vegas in particular, please call us! Our dream is to shoot a wedding officiated by an Elvis impersonator.

What's your top wedding planning tip?

Start with the 'why' and 'what' - why are we getting married and what do we want from the day. Always remember the why as you go - and don't let tradition or pressure deter you from what you want. The day should be about you two and your marriage, no one else.

Do you shoot video? We'd like a highlights film!

Yes! We now offer short 3-5 minute long highlight videos of your day as an add on. They're set to music and do not include audio recordings. These are meant to capture the vibe of the day, like a movie trailer. They're best for those couples who aren't after full video and audio cover. If you're after something capturing the audio from the day, we're happy to recommend some videographers we work with regularly.


Thank you so much for the photos! What an amazing set of images that truly invoke our memories each time we look at them. You captured the atmosphere, vibe, peoples emotions and even their personalities so well! We will cherish these photos forever. ⁠ ⁠Once again, I wanted to tell you how much you have blown us, our families and friends away with these photos. The images are true pieces of art and so many people we have shared them with have described them as such! They bring us great joy and we appreciate them for the moments they capture and the artistic details they present

Kate & Koorosh

Michelle and Phil were incredible! We met Michelle and Phil on Zoom and loved them immediately, we then met up in London to do an engagement shoot, which helped us get comfortable in front of the camera as neither of us are used to this sort of thing. They were great on the day. Very discreet throughout the ceremony and day. Took charge during the group shots and were fun and encouraging during the couple’s shots. They make a great team and complement each other perfectly, we feel very lucky to have had them with us on our big day.

Claire & Chris

Philipp and Michelle made what can be tricky for photo shy people like us an absolute pleasure. We couldn't stop grinning like idiots but they managed to get some amazing photos of us doing so and managed to take some amazing sneaky shots where we had no idea we were on camera.

Pamela & Kieran

Phil and Michelle are amazingly talented photographers. They managed to capture incredibly beautiful and natural shots throughout the whole day and we are utterly 'wowed' and moved by the images. Phil and Michelle are friendly, easygoing, and we were pleasantly surprised by the sweet, quirky spots they have unraveled for us. They are meticulous, and would always ensure that they capture the perfect light and vibes. And what a truly blessed day it was - the weather forecast said it was going to rain but throughout the 3+ hours of the shoot there was not a single drop of rain, and instead we were graced with rays of sunshine. Minutes after our shoot, London was overwhelmed with a downpour of torrential rain! (the day was truly meant to be!) While it has been a very difficult year to plan a wedding, we now have some very lovely pre-wedding memories to keep and cherish. We would thoroughly recommend Phil & Michelle.

Catherine & Daniel

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