Cat & Chiara - Making weddings #ecofriendly. Designed and made in London. Handmade & Digital invitations and stationery.


They are even better than we could have imagined! We were instantly drawn to Luna & Sol for the eye catching designs and their ethos, and they made it such an easy process from the get go. The end result is perfect, and also incredibly good value for the amount of time and effort they put in. Couldn't recommend more!

Miles & Naomi

Cat & Chiara's stationery brand is simply gorgeous! What a nice idea to merge sustainable materials and methods with such a contemporary and clean design. I especially like the seeded paper idea. ???????? They created a foldable invitation design for our event that saves you so much envelopes when you need to send it to all your guests. Brilliant and thoughtful!

Dina Pócsi

The lovely ladies at Luna and Sol were so helpful when we were looking to get ideas for wedding invitations - and turned our chosen design round super quick! Of course, our wedding has had to be postponed because of the current situation but we have then had other help and support from them suggesting ways we can adapt what we already have! But as they are such good value I think we'll be ordering brand new ones for when we can finally tie the knot! I love the idea too of their other stationery and ways of keeping in touch with loved ones so I will probably be placing another order very soon....!

Sarah & Mark

I honestly could not recommend Luna & Sol enough. We used their seeded paper with a personalised stamp for our wedding favours and are totally and utterly delighted with the results. They are unique, brilliantly crafted, high quality and of course good for the planet! And to add to this - Cat was a total and utter pleasure to work with. If it was possible to give more than five stars I would - thank you Luna and Sol!!!!!!!!

Eilidh & Ray

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