Intimate and Luxury Wedding & Creative Portrait "When I find a color darker than black, I will wear it. But until then, I will wear black." (Coco Chanel)


How does my job work?

My Wedding Photo Shoot starts with the preparation of the bride and groom. I will take care of the bride, while the second photographer will take care of the groom, whether he is in the same location or in a different one. Later we will both follow the ceremony. I will particularly look after the couple and everything that will surround them, while the second photographer will look after the guests, the relatives and the setting-up.

Where I work?

I work in Tuscany, Umbria, Salento and Puglia, Lake Como, the Lakes Area, Venice, Amalfi Coast, Positano, Sorrento, Ravello, Sicily and where my clients take me.

How long does the service last?

My wedding photo shoot runs for up to 6 hours to 12 hours. I will thus be able to follow all the moments of your day. You can trust my professionalism, because I will be with you with experience and ability, to best represent your special day.

What's my style?

The style of my wedding photo shoot is artistic, creative and intimate: I like to focus on the bride and groom. I make wedding photos for Italian couples and foreign couples who get married in Italy.

How long before is it better to contact me?

If you have chosen my vision for the most important day of your life, I recommend you to contact me at least 6 months in advance: in this way I can set that day for you.


Martina took care of the photo shoot of my wedding last year and it was definitely the best choice I could make! I love her photos, her style, her continuous research and preparation, and I knew she would be great even on my wedding day, but on that occasion I had the opportunity to also appreciate her goodness, discretion and sweetness. The moments of tension for a bride are many and she with her silent and serene presence helped me to face them all with a smile. The photographs taken then are wonderful (after almost a year I think I have seen them countless times and it is always an emotion), and they captured the event at 360 degrees, from the preparation, to the ceremony, to the reception leaving me memories extraordinary and precious. I am really satisfied with the work done also in the care of the wedding album and the premarital service. Martina is really a choice that I would do over and over again!

Giulia e Marco

Martina is a competent professional, helpful and with a sweet and sensitive soul. His style and sensitivity have won me over since the first meeting. She managed to make us feel at ease and took spontaneous and beautiful photos capturing all the most significant moments of the day, things that I was afraid to forget but that I found with immense joy among the many shots that gave us. He has not neglected anything or anyone, creating a truly complete and professional service. Behind his work there is a lot of passion, creativity and instinct but also a lot of study and research. Highly recommended, I would choose it a thousand more times!

Michele e Emanuela

Martina is able to capture with her shots the essence of each of us... Her shots excite because they make you relive the moments impressed. For us they enclose our world.

Francesco & Elisa

I recommend that you take your picture at least once in your life. In addition to being extremely professional, she is attentive to every detail: in her shots everything is in the right place. From the human point of view he is a wonderful person, who manages to remove the embarrassment even those who pose for the first time. Keep it up!!

Andrea e Sara

There are many photographers who know how to take good shots, but then there is Martina, who manages to make each photo unique and exciting.. because she with her photos tells and makes you dream..

Gianbattista e Chiara

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