Welcome to MIKI Studios. Together we are Ash and Mick, not only multiple award-winning photographer and videographers but friends, fathers and adventurers.


Who are your ideal couple?

We want to work with couples who resonate with our passion to create wedding photography and wedding videography. That goes beyond what they could even articulate or describe. It wows, moves, and helps them relive their day over and over again.

What makes you different to other Photographers and Videographers

No couple or wedding is the same and we believe your wedding photography should reflect that. As your wedding photographer and videographer, we take a personal approach to discovering who you are as a couple and what’s important to you and your family. When we arrive on the morning of your wedding day whether that is in London or anywhere in the world, we know exactly what you want, what you like, your worries, your desires and your dreams. With us, by your side, you can sit back and be fully present for all the anticipation and love as it unfolds.

Do you always work together

Although we often get called Ant and Dec we believe we are more like Romesh and Rob (in looks as well). We work best together as we have captured so many weddings as a team are we in tune with each other and the way we think? We constantly look out for each other and have each other's back. That being said, we do sometimes work independently if you have already found another wedding photographer or videographer

Do you travel for weddings?

Wedding photography has taken us to over 15 countries including, France, Spain, Italy, Iceland, Austria, Cyprus, Switzerland, Montenegro, USA, Hong Kong and Ireland. International weddings have all the same factors as a wedding in the UK, but they also have a lot more variables and many more opportunities. We genuinely love the adventure of weddings aboard, the challenge of new surroundings and experiencing new cultures and different traditions.

How would you describe your photography style? 

My style and approach don’t naturally fit into one particular genre of photography. I’m, however, heavily drawn to composition, symmetry, emotion and elegance. I always try to incorporate these aspects in the images I create. Sometimes this is inspired by the location, the scene or the couples themselves. Other times I bring some of that myself whether that be through my use of lighting or creative compositions. I am inspired at showing different viewpoints of weddings by cropping at untraditional points. This highlights certain elements of the wedding day not necessary given as much addition in the mainstream feed. Whether that’s glass, lips, the dress or jewellery. I love how composition also brings mystery to images allowing the viewer's imagination to wonder. Creating artistic images is nice but for my couple to have some type of emotional infinity with them is even more important.

What Is the ethos of MIKI Studios?

We believe couples should be able to fully relax and enjoy their wedding day and then trust me to be passionate and creative in crafting imagery that documents their day in a unique but authentic way.


"...You guys are the 'best of the best'! You captured the best emotions of the whole event with our family and friends, that will be cherished for a lifetime! You were not just our wedding photographers you became our guests and our friends..."

Mary Ann & Robert

"...All my life I dreamed that my wedding images and film would be beautiful and when I saw ours I was completely blown away. The impact of the photos and film surpassed anything we could have imagined and anything we have seen before...."

Julia & Hani

"...You guys absolutely broke through barriers of our expectations for our wedding day. We constantly pinch ourselves when looking at them. We are amazed that that's actually us..."

Tessa & Tom

The photos were beyond our highest expectations. Simply sensational. They were invisible for most of the day, yet still managed to document the wedding in breathtaking detail. Every moment, every emotion, every reaction, was captured perfectly.

Natalie and Nathan

There are literally no words to describe how amazing Mick and Ash are. From the minute we met them at our engagement shoot we both felt completely at ease. Of all the suppliers we used, I really felt that Mick and Ash cared deeply about us and our style and there was such a personal touch to their service. On the day itself they were both brilliant - merged in with the crowd. All of our guests loved them too! We’ve now had our photos back and I’m absolutely blown away - they’re the best photos I’ve ever ever seen (I know I’m biased but others say it too). You guys were an absolute joy and I am so so grateful that I found you guys!!!!

Rebecca and Harry

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