So you've found 'the one', and now you need 'the one' to marry you! I want to be that person, I want to get to know you, hear your stories and create a totally fabulous and unique ceremony.


Do you create the ceremony completely from scratch?

Absolutely! I can come to you with templates, ideas of content and order but the ceremony delivered on the day will be totally unique to you as a couple. I like to hear all about you as individuals and you as a team, so that I can best write the perfect ceremony. There are no rules, so whatever you want to include just say, this is all about you and your best day.

Is a Celebrant led wedding legal in the UK?

At the moment no it isn't. But legalities aside it is your wedding day, everything else is just as you have imagined it. I would suggest you book a very simple signing at your local Registry Office just before or just after your wedding date.

Why chose a Celebrant led wedding rather than a Registrar?

There is nothing wrong with a Registrar leading your wedding, but it will never be as unique or memorable as a Celebrant. They have to stick to a certain script, and no bride should feel like A, B or C! As a Registrar led wedding is legal, they have to perform their ceremonies in a liscensed venue, which is one of the reasons why wedding venues are costly. A Celebrant can marry you absolutely anywhere! Your favourite wood, a park, your front room or your back garden. As we are not tied by legalities we are completely free to offer you the wedding of your dreams at the location of your dreams.

I want something traditional but I don't want a Church wedding, would you be a good inbetween?

Absolutely, and often a question asked. A lot of younger people are traditional but not religious and so a Church ceremony doesn't feel quite right. I can create the ceremony you want and so if you want tradition and perhaps a few hymns or readings, but without the Church location then that can be done!

Logistically how does it work?

I am all about the details, so let me break it down for you. Get in touch, let's chat and if you want to arrange a FREE CONSULTATION. Ideally this would be done in person but can be over the phone or Facetime/Zoom etc. If you book with me, I will send you a Confirmation Form and your deposit will be due within two weeks. From there on in, we can chat as much or as little as you want. Around 3 months before the big day I will send you a Couples Questionnaire to fill out, and the final payment is due. Over the last few weeks I will back and forth with drafts of your ceremony until you are completely happy with it. On the day I will arrive, check in with the venue and the wedding party, and then get you hitched!

How would you describe your ceremony style?

The beauty of a Celebrant is you can have any kind of wedding you want! My natural style would be traditional but not formal. I like to work through the structure of a traditional ceremony, a reading, some music, vows and the rings, and then I make it funny, romantic and completely personal. I want your guests to assume we are old friends, I want them to hear your story in a way they will never forget.


Olivia was the perfect addition to our wedding. After having to replan it 4 times due to Covid, we were delighted with how quickly Olivia created a bespoke ceremony which brought laughter and tears (happy tears) to everyone who attended. We particularly enjoyed filling out the questions (separately) about our relationship which is how Olivia managed to capture and articulate our journey as a couple so well. Thank you!

Chloe and Jon

As soon as we met Olivia we knew she just had to be a part of our big day, she made the ceremony absolutely magical, so personal, funny but appropriate, thank you!

Nicole and Tom

We had a vision when we began our wedding preparations, but 2020 and life had a different idea for us. Up until literally a month before our wedding, we had planned for a close friend to be our celebrant, but unfortunately life threw them a curveball. Our wedding planner was quick to recommend Olivia, saying she would suit our personalities and the vibe we were after. And let us tell you, because we cannot stress enough, how absolutely amazing Olivia turned out to be. She made our ceremony PERFECT. It was everything we hoped for, lighthearted and fun, but also sincere and personal. We were so nervous about being up there, but she made us feel comfortable. She brought tears to all of our eyes while simultaneously making us laugh. Every single one of our guests spoke about how brilliant she was. She even reached out to our close friend who could not attend, in order to include his words in our ceremony. She was above and beyond our expectations, and I highly recommend Olivia to anyone. She will make your ceremony feel so incredibly special and one of the highlights of your day.

Sarah and Michael

Olivia was a delight from start to finish. Charming, hilarious, poignant, thoughtful, camping and dependable are but a few adjectives that come to mind. She really did go above and beyond in crafting our wedding ceremony and making the whole process of working with her such a pleasure. SO many friends and family members relayed (and frankly gushed) at how great she was. To anyone in search of a celebrant - Olivia is THE ONE! Thank you so much Olivia!!

Nissa and Ben

Olivia was absolutely incredible from start to finish. From the moment that we met her, we instantly clicked and knew she was the right choice for us. Leading up to the day, Olivia was always available to discuss all things wedding and was amazing in helping us negotiate the stresses of organising a wedding during covid. She would regularly check in with us and it was so lovely to finally be able to meet her in person prior to the big day! On the wedding day, our ceremony was perfect. She made us feel so comfortable and it was clear that she had really taken the time to get to know us as a couple. It was so personal to us and we had many people tell us afterwards about how it was the best wedding ceremony they had been to because of this face. We honestly cannot recommend Olivia enough and feel like we might have to renew our vows with her every year!!!

Hannah and Lewis

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