Hello, I'm Onie. I offer beautiful, relaxed, inclusive ceremonies. All love is celebrated. All locations are welcome - from grand hotels to mountain tops. Scottish Highlands and happy to travel.


How do you work?

I believe in creating ceremonies that are centred around the beliefs, values and wishes of the couple. As an Agnostic, I welcome people of all faiths and none, those who consider themselves spiritual but not religious, and those who don’t know what they believe. Ceremonies can be funny-sweet, deeply meaningful, sincere and timeless, gentle and thoughtful. They can unfold over a hike in the hills or at one or more of your chosen venues. All elements of the ceremony are your choice, all locations are welcome. I celebrate love in all it's wondrous forms. I’m relaxed in all settings and I enjoy meeting new people. Clients describe me as calm, thoughtful, warm, grounded, joyful, sincere, friendly, insightful and light-hearted. I’ve been a celebrant since 2012, and absolutely love it. My goal is always to provide a creative, friendly, insightful service. I really take the time to get to know you. Over a period of weeks or months I will work with you to lovingly craft a ceremony that is all you wished it to be. I plant a tree in honour of every couple I work with as part of a rewilding project in the Scottish Highlands. A percentage of your fee goes towards our wider community work. Every ceremony I lead is distinctly personal. It feels great as a Celebrant to say “Yes! Let’s do what you want to do… it is your ceremony!”

We’ve been told that we are not allowed to mention any reference to God in our ceremony – or include prayers or any sacred words or religious music. Is that true?

The ceremonies I lead are Agnostic, not Atheist. At Agnostic Scotland, we endorse no single belief or religion. In addition to offering entirely secular ceremonies for those who prefer non-religious content, we also work with many families who wish to include some aspect of spirituality, faith-based content or sacred wording (even if they do not personally identify as being religious). Many mixed-faith families who wish to combine their beliefs into one ceremony also choose an agnostic ceremony. Some families, even though they have opted for a secular ceremony, may want to include a hymn or sacred reading – perhaps because they are familiar with it from their upbringing, or because they feel that it is important for their attending family and friends. I am flexible and can work with you to create a ceremony that reflects your wishes, beliefs and values.

Some Celebrants have told us we would need to write our own ceremony. Is that true?

I love writing ceremonies! Every couple and family are different. Some like me to write the whole ceremony based on their thoughts and ideas. Others like to work with me to co-create their ceremony. Some like to write the entire ceremony themselves. I am happy to work with you as per your wishes.

We’d like to book you to conduct our ceremony. Do we have to join your organisation first?

Absolutely not. Our Supporters are anyone who shares an interest in the philosophy and values of Agnostic Scotland and wishes to support our community work. We put no pressure on anyone to support Agnostic Scotland. We are proud to offer an additional choice to couples looking to make their life commitments to one another in Scotland.

Can you do legal Marriage ceremonies?

Absolutely! Through Agnostic Scotland, I am able to conduct all aspects of your Wedding Ceremony, including the legal aspects. However, I am often asked to conduct non-legal weddings, Reaffirmations, Vow Renewal ceremonies and Life-Partnership ceremonies. My role is to work with you to create a ceremony that will make your heart sing.

How much of the day are you available for, if we book you?

I only book one ceremony per day and my time is yours for the day. This gives you flexibility should you need to adapt the timings around the weather, or if you are planning parts of your ceremony in different locations.


“Onie is such a special celebrant, full of enthusiasm, ideas and openness to the needs and suggestions of her couples. Our wedding was moved due to Covid, so our contact with Onie perhaps lasted long than most couples, and throughout all our postponements Onie kept in touch, sent us a lovely gift on our original date and ensured that our planning remained a positive experience. Closer to the date, Onie very kindly travelled to meet us as we were based outside of the UK and spent a lot of time getting to know our story, explain options for the ceremony and understand our views on how we wanted the ceremony to go. We really appreciated her giving over her time and creating the space for us to explore all the elements of the ceremony. Onie listened to all our thoughts and it was clear from the ceremony on the day how much attention she paid to our conversations in order to really match her approach to our preferences. On the day Onie was again excellent. She took time to go over the ceremony in advance and was calm and organised, helping to settle any nerves. The atmosphere and tone of the ceremony that Onie created was perfect, matching exactly what we had hoped for. Every one of our guests remarked on how excellent the ceremony was and in particular the role that Onie played in it. We couldn’t have asked for a better person to make our wedding day special and we are really appreciative of everything Onie has done for us prior, on the day and after our wedding. We would highly recommend Onie to other couples and we’re sure all our guests would agree too.”

Kelsey and Cameron

“If you are thinking about booking Onie to be your wedding celebrant, all we can say is that you won’t find a better person to walk beside you through this experience. From the very first meeting it was clear that Onie really cared about understanding us together as a couple and the things that make our particular relationship work. She gave us a whole range of different things to think about, from examples of ceremonies through to a breakdown of different rituals. Just as importantly, she gave us confidence to be led by what felt authentic to us and our way of being in the world, whether or not that lined up with conventional approaches. We also loved the way she dealt with the more difficult things we brought to the table, including a devastating bereavement during the wedding planning period. When it came to the day itself, Onie was simply wonderful. Her quiet and calm confidence in our love for each other came through every part of the ceremony, and helped both of us move through our nerves and into the absolute joy of making a long-held dream come true. Since the wedding so many of our guests have talked about how excellent she was as a celebrant and how much she brought to the day. We loved working with Onie and we are certain that anyone who has her as their celebrant will feel the same.”

Claire and Scott

“Now that our wedding is over and we’ve started to come down from the high of planning the day and actually going through with it, we have both had a chance to reflect on the day and we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. The ceremony was perfect and surpassed all expectations. It was so well written and you delivered it as if you’d known us for years. It truly felt intimate and special and we’re so happy we chose you as our celebrant. Everyone has commented on how beautiful the ceremony was. My parents were especially impressed. Having only attended religious ceremonies in the past, they were sceptical but having witnessed ours, they both agree that it was much more personal, intimate and appropriate for celebrating two peoples love than most religious ceremonies. We can’t thank you enough for all the time and effort you put in to getting to know us and writing a ceremony that reflected us. We hope our paths cross with yours again sometime. We may see you in the future conducting some friends weddings as there were plenty of enquiries after the wedding as to who conducted such an amazing ceremony.”

Amy and David

“Onie is simply a wonder, and we could not recommend her companionship on the road to marriage more highly. One of our family members asked us after our ceremony “when did your close friend become a wedding celebrant”? She was so taken by the intimacy, love and care shown by Onie during our ceremony that she believed it could only come from the closest of friends. This is the unique presence Onie brings to your journey with her. From the very first meeting, we knew we had met an extraordinary soul who would hold us close and help us plan our perfect day. Onie’s ability to quickly and deeply understand us made for such a joyous experience. She dispelled our nerves and crafted a ceremony that was simply perfect for us. Her readiness to flex and respond to the tumult of 2020 was exceptional, and we are grateful to her for helping us roll with the changes without losing any of the joy or excitement of our day. So special was our experience with Onie that we are commissioning her again to do a celebration service for us with our original guest list in 2021.”

Lucy and Natalie

“Without Onie’s input we wouldn’t have had such a special experience and wouldn’t have shared the words together that we did. We knew that we wanted to make our 10th anniversary something more than just a nice trip, but how we were to celebrate it was something we needed guidance on. We contacted Onie and it was lovely to chat with her. After the call we had been given a variety of ideas to do during the ceremony and possible locations. Onie created a beautiful ceremony for us which included our unique stories and quotes, she also prompted us to give secret parts that we wouldn’t share with each other until the ceremony. We are so grateful for all of the work Onie put into the ceremony to make the day really special for us. On the day of our anniversary we travelled to Edinburgh, to the Botanic Gardens, where we met Onie in person. She made us feel at ease, the location she had suggested was perfect and we felt relaxed to laugh, and cry with joy, as we revealed some of things we had never said to one another before. Thank you so much for everything that you did to create our ceremony, Onie, it really was nothing without you and it is a day we will always cherish.”

Leanne and Alex

Onie Tibbitt - Marriage Celebrant, Agnostic Scotland Social Channels