I am an Independent Celebrant in Italy! Life has taught me to value and respect everyone's dignity and freedom. Plus, my international experience means I can offer ceremonies in English!


Do you travel all over Italy and abroad?

Yes I do!

Which qualification do you have?

There are no required courses for celebrants but I trained with FEDERCELEBRANTI in Rome, a very high standard professional course.

Are your ceremonies religious?

I am happy to incorporate any spiritual or religious elements that are important to you or your loved ones.

How does it work with a Destination Independent Celebrant?

We start with a date! Let's see if I am free then everything will be discussed and planned online unless we have the chance to meet in person while you are in Italy for your Wedding planning.

What do you offer?

I offer a full-package ceremony celebration. On top of the script for the celebration, I offer suggestions for readings, music, symbolic rituals, and anything you need help with.

Why me?

I began my career as a wedding destination planner at 26 in the beautiful Marche region, where I am proud to maintain my roots. I was a WP for 10 years and became a pioneer of the WDP role, also teaching Weddings for Foreign Couples in Rome at the Academy of Events.  Brighton is where I got my education, then I tied the knot with a Londoner, and guess what? Turns out, I'm a true blue Anglo-Saxon! You can find me swingin' by Charleston House in Kent, and when I'm chilling at home, I'm all about binge-watching Ricky Gervais on TV! At 36, I hit the reset button and shook things up with a divorce and a whole new career path. I snagged the role of Executive Assistant to the Global Merchandising Director of a massive fashion company. Look out world, here I come! With an insatiable passion for human relationships, I have had numerous unforgettable experiences volunteering in Africa and Brazil. I learned how to improve my social and relational skills while serving in a rehab community that focused on addiction. I have recognized that diversity plays a crucial role in building rich and meaningful human relationships. I've dived into the deep end of life, but amidst the adventure, I discovered a soothing oasis in the Marche countryside. Here, I reside with my partner, a bouncy border collie, and a trio of moorhens. I love hitting the stage, performing in plays, and getting downright silly with Molière. My voice also gets a workout in the Choral Polyphonic and my feet are in tango heaven. When I'm not busy, I pedal away on picturesque bike rides and chill out /relax with a bit of yoga in the morning. I made the choice to become a celebrant and train professionally at FederCelebranti in Rome, mainly because of my pro skills and personal passion. Life has taught me to value and respect everyone's dignity and freedom. Plus, my international experience means I can offer ceremonies in both English and Italian, making me a double threat! I'm all set to craft unique celebrations that speak to the deepest parts of your heart, sensitivity, love, and vision of life.


Your warmth, generosity, kindness, creativity, professionalism and enthusiasm make you perfect for this job!

Lucia and Anthony

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