We create Bespoke Sonnets for poetry readings, vows and gifts. We work with couples to craft their memories, moments and meaning in to these timeless and unique forever verses.


Can we make revisions?

Yes of course, we work with you to gather information and think about the tone and story you want your Sonnet reading or keepsake to capture. We will send you a first draft to review and we want everyone to be 100% happy so we always consider revisions and discuss changes to get it just right. Sonnets are made up of patterns of lines and rhythms so sometimes to make alterations, other sections may also need edits and we can think about any of these adjustments together. We are proud to say that we have brilliant feedback about the process and the final verses.

How do you write a Sonnet?

We work with the person requesting the Sonnet, whether that be a couple or individual to learn about the people the Sonnet is for or about, think about the images, tone and story to be captured. Sonnets are full of emotion and meaning. We do this through a detailed consultation form and when needed also phone/virtual discussion. We love getting to know people. Sonnets are a poem that have 14 lines and are written in a verse pattern called iambic pentameter. Ben has over 15 years experience writing these. We print and/or frame the final piece and the poem is unique to you and yours to keep for personal use.

What is a Sonnet?

Great question! A Sonnet is a 14 line poem written in a verse pattern called iambic pentameter. It explores a theme or idea and sort of builds a story as it goes. They are usually filled to the brim with image, emotion and are a timeless form made famous by poets such as Shakespeare. They take around 10 hours to complete. Out start at £109.

Why choose The Occasional Sonnet?

We offer something totally unique, characterful and noone else does what we do. We are probably for you if ...... you are looking for something different to a wedding reading or poem that you might hear elsewhere, you would like to have a personal piece of poetry art/ gifts for others and you are looking for something different to the classic rhyming poem for your reading and vows. Ben has over 15 years writing Sonnets. He is a trained actor, acting teacher and has a PhD in Dramatic Verse. He basically lives verse! Jade has a psychology and art background. Together our passion is story making, creativity and exploring meaning. We hope the Sonnets and testimonials speak for themselves.

Do you offer other items as well as Bespoke pieces?

Yes we write original poetry for couples and also have some original lines and verses in prints and cards.


'This gets more beautiful each time I read it.'

Rachel & David

'They loved it! Thank you so much!'

Kelly (wedding gift)

'So many goosebumps! I see new meaning each time I read it!'

Emily (wedding reading)

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