The Ultimate-Booth is an interactive live experience that integrates into any event setting & scenario!


How can I receive the content from the booth?

We provide Digital Copies of the content that comes from the booth via either Email (Google Drive Link), USB or AirDrop.

What is the Ultimate-Booth?

It’s simple: hit the red button on our beautiful foliage wall, and your ultimate experience begins! Whether you want to record 30-second clips of your guests dancing to non-stop chart-toppers or take timeless stills in front of our custom backdrops, our booth will make your experience immersive and exciting for everyone. Atmospheric lighting with colour-changing LEDs, plus smoke and bubble effects (optional), gives that extra wow factor to those take-home memories. When you aren’t busy in front of the camera, the screen can also serve as a table plan or announcement board, meaning the booth is always adding something to make your event special. That’s not all – our booths are fully customizable, meaning we can work with you to create your perfect setup. You want fireworks? Confetti cannons? We can make it happen! Parties, brand activations, weddings… whatever your event is, let us make it the ultimate event for you and your guests!

How long does it take to setup and pack down?

Setting up the booth can take up to 1 hour though we always ask to allow for extra just incase. Packing down should be no more than 30 minutes.

Can I customise the booth for my event or add branding? Yes!

The simple answer is yes! Our booth is fully customizable from the backdrops, the foliage (Wall Background) to the On Screen animated content. We can add any logo, branding, colour schemes. You name it!


I was amazed by the quality and the endless opportunities for the interactive booth. The overall look was great. The foliage on the backdrop looks realistic and natural as some fake foliage can look cheap and tacky, but this did not. The screen was easy to view and so diverse to suit your needs. It could be adapted, personalized, and perfect for a variety of different events from a wedding to a corporate meeting. Thankyou again.

Matthew & Lydia

Ultimate Booth - The UK’s First Immersive Party Disco Booth Experience Social Channels