Based in the South West of England, I am a self-taught photographer with a love for the dramatic & romantic things of life! I offer candid photography coupled with a characteristic and creative flair.



The first wedding I photographed was back in 2016 shortly after stepping off a plane from Hawaii. This was an incredibly last minute wedding that had been thrown together for a couple in need. I think I received a call on the Thursday evening and by early Saturday morning I was driving very nervously to the venue! It was only some 6 months before that, that I had first picked up a camera ahead of my trip to Hawaii. Going so far afield and to a place so renowned for its beauty, I felt I needed to learn to take a good photograph. So I took the plunge, spent my Grandmothers inheritance on reasonable camera and thus taught myself to shoot… I’ve been blagging my way ever since.


I love capturing people and I love capturing stories. In my mind there is no better place to see the culmination of both of these factors than a wedding day! Weddings full of emotions, fun, energy and celebration. It’s humanity at its best. I’m also a creative at heart, so I’m especially excited when I get to capture designer dresses, sharp cut suits, beautiful venues etc.


I like to think of style as romantic. It's artistic, fine art and editorial whilst also maintaining a natural, authentic and documentary in its approach. I'm very relaxed and easy, I'm constantly watching to capture natural moments whilst also thinking how can I capture the mood and atmosphere in front of me. When it comes to portraits I love to experiment but what matters most to me is reading how at ease my clients are. Sometimes my clients like to experiment, other times they'd rather be positioned and given direction. I'm comfortable with both. I ultimately try to keep things chill. For Couples most of their day is jam packed with welcoming guests, getting into position or generally being pushed around from pillar to post, so I'm very aware that my brief half an hour or so with them, is one of the only times within the day that they are afforded a chance to catch their breath and soak up the atmosphere. When I edit my photos I try to edit them through the eyes of nostalgia, keeping true to how things were on the day whilst also adding a touch magic to the memory.


The short answer is… so much! I’m always being inspired, whether that’s by other photographers, artists or creatives. Ultimately I suppose my biggest inspiration comes from Fashion and Editorial Photography. I think this comes across in my work. Strong sharp images that speak for themselves. A realistic but flattering light, a pop of colour and a good angle, ultimately allowing my subjects to speak for themselves.


Find someone that appreciates their art. This way you really get those photos that Wow! Find someone that’s genuine. Genuine as a person, but also in their work, stay clear of fussy and formal photos, it’s painful in the moment and especially when you look back at two dimensional shots absent of memory. Candid documentary style photography is non intrusive and a sure fire way to capture those precious moments that last a life time. There are tons of excellent photographers out there, some are brilliant at big dramatic shots, some at capturing candid moments, one thing I often find in this industry is that there is a considerable lack of authentic photography, and by that I mean photos that accurately capture their subject. It’s all well and good when having a great landscape behind you but when the photo doesn’t look like you… that is really disconcerting. As a photographer my number one mission is to capture that person for all their natural and authentic beauty. Choose someone that you can see that truly appreciates the natural. Photoshop is the downfall of many great photographers!


We Love Our Beautiful Wedding Photos! Charlie was fantastic from start to finish. Via our calls and emails, he was very detailed, informative and helpful and always sent useful documents that answered my many questions! Charlie had lots of creative ideas and suggestions on how to achieve the look we wanted, whilst still keeping in line of the Pinterest board I shared - it was the perfect balance! On the day, Charlie was the best energy that we needed. After moving our wedding from 170 guests to 30 and then last minute to 15 due to COVID related guidelines, he reassured us that our day would still be beautiful and captured in the best - way, and he did just that! Charlie brought a lot of fun in capturing our photos, especially ‘The Parade’ part outside. Our families had such a good time and really bounced off that energy. He was very professional, innovative and a perfectionist in ensuring that we got the photos we wanted, even with the factors that were against such as lighting, weather etc. The biggest thank you to Charlie for making our vision a reality! Couldn't recommend him enough!

Liam & Roshni

Perfectly Captured Our Special Day! Charlie captured our amazing photos for our recent wedding at Hestercombe Gardens. Charlie made us and all the guests feel comfortable and relaxed, adding in an element of fun and creativity to all our photos. He was more than happy to accommodate our requests and ideas with also directing us to make our photos stylish and to their full potential with his advice and experience. We couldn’t be happier and truly feel like the photographs tell a story of our day. Not only did he get many beautiful staged photos he also took lots of natural shots of the day as it unfolded. We really can’t thank you enough Charlie at Westlake Photography!

Hannah & Martin

Couldn’t Be Happier! We could not be happier with the entire experience with Charlie and of course our photos!!! From the start Charlie has been lovely to work with and really flexible, we changed our wedding plans and date about 3 times with Charlie and we are so grateful he agreed to move things around for us. Charlie was very friendly right from the beginning and was very interested in understanding what we wanted our day to be about and what was important to us. My husband and I don’t often take pictures together so I was a little nervous we wouldn’t know what to do in front of the camera but Charlie made it so relaxed and fun for us. At the end of the night I asked my husband what his favourite part of the day was, and he said the couples photos part - this was my favourite part too. The images came out so beautifully and everyone who sees them compliments the photographer. He also got all the photos back to us so quickly! The online gallery of our photos is also really lovely to use and Charlie organised the images of the day into categories to view which I am so grateful for.! We really are so pleased with his work and hope we get to work with him again in the future, I’ll find any excuse to! Thank you Charlie!!!

Taryn & Hilmi

Charlie and I have been trying to work together for months and I'm sooooo pleased that we finally got the chance to in early December on a coastal elopement. Charlie has the most welcoming, laid back aura about him that whether you're chatting over the phone or in person, you will automatically feel as if you've been friends forever. His photography is utterly incredible and makes you sigh swoon worthy sighs every time you look at them and I'm not ashamed to admit I cried when he sent the shoot photos through. Whether you are a couple wanting shots or a supplier wanting to work with Charlie, I can whole heartily say you will not be disappointed and on the day he will put you at ease, make you feel comfortable and as if he has all the time in the world for you. I've worked with a lot of photographers over the past few years and Charlie is without a doubt now in my top 3 and I'm so excited to see where his incredible work takes him. I'm feeling so fortunate to have been able to collaborate with such an awesome talent and fingers crossed I get to again in the future.

Laura - The Wild Elopements

We were very lucky to meet Charlie in a beautiful camp in the middle of the Agafay desert (Morocco). Charlie's work is awesome, we totally fell in love! The photos reflect every detail and feeling of that moment. But most importantly, it is the marvellous treatment he has with couples. He makes you laugh, have fun and feel comfortable and calm to give your best. Thank you very much for everything, without a doubt you are the best option!

Miriam & Eduardo

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