Colourful Home Wedding Under £5000 with Hand Fastening Ceremony, Homemade Cakes and DIY Bunting and Lace Sottero & Midgley Gown by M and G Photographic Pin Image

Colourful Home Wedding Under £5000 with Hand Fastening Ceremony


It was all hands on deck to make this colourful home wedding under £5000 a success. A friend officiated their hand fastening ceremony, parents offered their farm for the nuptials and everyone chipped in serving food and drinks. It’s a far cry from how a traditional wedding takes place, and what they see during their day job at M and G Photographic, but it was everything Hollie and Patrick hoped their day would be.


“As wedding photographers we go to 50 to 60 beautiful weddings a year so wanted a unique wedding. We got married in Patrick’s parents garden and had the reception within their converted barn. Our closest friend Matt conducted our very emotional ceremony. This was followed by music, games, magic, lots of drinks and homemade food and lastly, an outside first dance and night-time confetti. Hollie also walked down the aisle alone and we had no bridesmaids or groomsmen – we didn’t go for many of the usual traditions, instead, having a handfasting ceremony and a really relaxed and fun day overall.” – Hollie & Patrick

Wedding Under £5000

A wedding for under £5000 it hardly seems possible does it?! Well, when you have wedding experts Hollie and Patrick a.k.a. M and G Photographic in charge of the budget and planning anything is possible! And, what a fine day they planned too. Keeping their intimate nuptials very much a family affair, exchanging vows at Patrick’s parents home, DIYing bunting and baking cakes. All whilst looking absolutely amazing, and taking care of their 10-month-old son too.


“Relaxed, boho, floral and colourful was the order of the day! We really wanted a colourful and beautiful wedding to match the beautiful surroundings of Patrick’s parents’ gardens. Hollie handmade reams and reams of strip bunting and sewed so many triangles for traditional bunting too. She then learned macrame and made so many macrame hangings and vase decorations and also customised her wedding shoes. It all added to the personal feel we wanted.” – Hollie & Patrick

Hollie and Patrick have given us a shining example of how to have your day your way and within your budget too. If you’d like to work out how best to allocate your wedding budget read our article and listen to our budget podcast for lots more tips on making your hard-earned cash go that little bit further. There are also episodes on Hosting Your Own Wedding and DIY Wedding Ideas too.

Photography by M and G Photographic
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