Well Groomed.

This afternoon I thought I would lay down a little masculinity.

As it’s fashion week on Rock My Wedding I have put together some style focussed inspiration boards for our grooms out there. At the heart of each look is fashion – I’m talking shirt, tie, suit, socks shoes and accessories – but I’m also rounding off the look, putting it into context with a few other manly wedding related things things like drinks, music, cars – that sort of thing. So mood boards for men… May I be so brave as to coin the phrase “Dude Boards?”

This post isn’t about me telling you to buy this or buy that. It’s about giving you a little inspiration. And if there are any grooms out there reading this it might just give you a few ideas of how you can place yourself within your chosen theme.

Oh and by the way – I got a little carried away so these may be some of the largest Dude boards in history – apologies for that.

The Golden Age

Think Rat Pack, sophistication and elegance… With just a hint of Roger Moore…

This is a really classic look – I suppose you could call it vintage but it’s without the chintz or fussiness that can sometimes be associated with that label. It’s a revival of a classic aesthetic that is built on good quality fabrics, elegant combinations and timeless design. It’s a suave and gentlemanly look and dark colours or monochrome are key.

There is still plenty room for a touch of flamboyance though – I love that monochrome feather button hole and combining the brown brogue with black and white stripy socks are just a few ways that you could inject a bit of character into this look and make it your own.

Classic cars, cigars and jazz music complete The Golden Age. We are starting to see grooms make more of their preparation time on the big day. Whilst the girls are getting ready this might be just the excuse you are looking for to wheel out the drinks trolley.

Festival Chic

It’s casual, It’s certainly cool and it’s a little bit tweedy too…

This might be my favourite look. I am a massive fan of tweed and herringbone. If its a summer wedding you could drop back to just a waistcoat. Shirts can be plain or patterned and you have the option of going with a woollen tie or even an open neck shirt. If that is too casual you might want to add a scarf of neckerchief.

It’s an idea we have seen a few times on Rock My Wedding and I still love the concept of drinking out of mismatched glass wear or even old jam jars. The festival look is casual, laid back and folky. Think acoustic guitars, outside space, open waters and caravans. I snuck an image of a volvo into this board just for the craic – I am still desperate to see the p1800 used as wedding day transport. Another of my favourites, The VW camper van makes an appearance too – the absolute epitome of Festival Chic.

I love the hessian soft furnishing with stag motif and a can’t finish without mentioning accessories. The pocket watch is a great way to finish this look, as is a statement rustic buttonhole. Examples here range from tweedy material to feathers to wheat and grasses. The festival Chic look allows you to go for a statement button hole without having to be too floral or feminine.

Über Modern Man

Über modern man is contemporary, hard edged and Masculine… An he’s wearing a skinny tie.

Firstly can I just say that the Audi R8 may be not only best looking car available today – it might also be one of the most nicely designed objects EVER. Über modern man can go retro with his choice of transport too (I know – I make the rules then I break them) but it has to be something with muscle – like a ’63 Mustang.

Suits are plain and sharp and I think a skinny tie fits this look much better than a bow tie. We can see hessian making an appearance again here. This time it’s a table runner combined with black satin and black seating to keep up that masculine edge. The colour palette I have gone for again is quite monochrome but there is room for colour.

I am still a little bit afraid of going for the suit and no socks look but it does look the business and is spot on trend. If you go for this look for your wedding you may want someone to mention to the older members of the congregation that it is a fashion statement – You don’t want granny thinking that you have fallen on hard times before the marriage has even begun.

Dude Boards

So, anyone out there laughing about the fact that I said I was going to lay down some masculinity this afternoon… And then presented you with mood boards? Well I am about to make it a little bit worse by also admitting that I have got an ever-so-slight-man-crush on Ewan McGregor. There, I said it.

Also, I know that our readership is very much female biased so besides Ewan, the appearance by Ryan Gosling rocking that striped three-piece was just one of the tactics I employed to keep up your interest levels!

I hope there is something for everyone in this little collection of fashion and fancy. Please do let me know which your favourite look is and share your thoughts and ideas in the comments box below.


Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

43 thoughts on “Well Groomed.

  1. Thank you for a bit of Ryan. And additional thanks for choosing a shot of him with a beard. Gosh, what a dream he is.

    Now, be honest, Adam, girl in the tartan skirt – you want to kiss her don’t you?! I do too!!!

  2. will definitely be showing the OH this post tonight – mainly to prove that wearing a bow tie does not make you look like a waiter!!

    Fab post, really loving ‘The Golden Age’, everything about that ‘dude board’ exudes old hollywood glamour. And I think (just think) the OH may approve of this look….fingers crossed!

    Oh & thanks for the pics of Ryan & Ewan (they made my afternoon!) x

  3. Dude board 3 is def my favourite, not only for a dose of The Gosling (thank you god for making men this beautiful), but because those brown brogues are seriously rocking! But yeah, mainly because of Mr G. I want to kiss in the rain, a la The Notebook!

  4. I think I might be in love with the uber modern man. Or was that just Ryan Gosling that was floating my boat?! Either way, the attention retaining tactic CLEARLY worked.

    Jokes aside, I am loving the emergence of Dude Boards on these spotty pages. They might not admit it, but even the most laid back / masculine of men need a little ‘style inspiration’ for their big day!! After all, the way they looked that day is going to be immortalised in picture, after picture, after picture (or at least I am told that is how it feels to the male contingency during wedding portrait sessions)….might as well look rocking in every single one! xx

  5. What a treat you give us with that picture of the ever handsome Ryan Gosling…Y.U.M.

    *Thinks of him playing Christian in Fifty Shades of Grey*

  6. Cool. Some nice looks here, and I think they’d all work great on a wedding day. As a wedding photographer, if there is one tip I could give to grooms choosing what the wear on the big day, it’s COMFORT. Generally, if something is well-tailored and fits well, it’s comfortable. Quite a few men aren’t immediately in love with the idea of having their photo taken, and this is compounded when they’re just not comfortable in what they’re wearing. If something looks good, then you will feel good. And if you feel good, you’ll look good. I suppose in an equation it would look like this:
    Look good=Feel good
    and it works both ways.
    So whatever you wear, make sure you feel good about how it feels and how that makes you feel.

  7. Oh @Adam, the testosterone is dripping off my computer screen. I’m sending Lee the link to this pronto… he’s keeping his outfit a secret from me but I have a feeling there will be tweed.

    Can Ryan Gosling make an appearance on every entry please? Actually, when’s my next RB post due? I might introduce the ‘gratuitous Ryan shot’ into every one from now til next June, just to please me and Pamela!

    Oh and @Pamela – I want to kiss her too! she is hot like fire! x

  8. @Pamela and @Karen – Tartan girl is indeed hot like fire, I want to sit on a stool with a waist that tiny and sip cappuccino from some kind of delicate cup whilst pouting sexily. That must take practice.

    @Mrs P to B – Is he in the running?! I didn’t even know!

    Charlotte xxx

  9. Drooling at Ewan McGregor a little bit!

    Will definitely be showing this to Al later, that’s if he’s not already seen it as he does read anyway!

    By the way Adam – “dude board” will certainly end up in the OED 😛

  10. ha ha – can I just say a thank you to Ryan Gosling for making my post so popular. (I hear that he does read RMW from time to time).

    Is there no love for Roger Moore out there?

    On a more serious note – Christian Ward makes a good point. Comfort is key. And it’s not just about tailoring and quality – if you are uncomfortable with your theme or style of outfit that will show through… You need to pick the right look, feel and theme to suit you. Be comfortable in the skin you’re in….

    …Right I’m going to go now as I suddenly sound all a bit Gok Wan

  11. @Charlotte – i’m doing it now with my PG Tips out of my Queen’s jubilee mug. I’ll be honest, the girls in the office don’t seem overly impressed. I think it’s the fact im wearing an old dress from Tesco rather than a tartan skirt.

  12. @Mrs P to B – Dear God. There will be actual fighting to get tickets!!!

    @Karen – I am just going to practice with my Nescafe Instant, might even put some shiny lip gloss on for the full effect.


    Charlotte xxx

  13. @Charlotte and @Karen – I am well up for some pouting and pencil skirt wearing lessons. I am all over Desperate Housewives at the moment (because the football is on I had to find a box set I could watch upstairs) and I have serious love for Bree. I want my hair that bright and I want to wear lots of pencil skirts. But I look a bugger in them. And not a good type of bugger. If there is such a thing.

  14. Mr Adam has excelled himself hasn’t he ladies!

    The dudeboards as they shall now affectionately be known not only talk to my aesthetic sensibilities but totally call out to my hot blooded female savage. The amount of eye candy gracing these pages is phenomenal!

    And I’m talking about good ol’ Roger as well as Ryan.

    I’ve come over all faint.

    @Pamela please also sign me up for pouting and pencil skirt wearing lessons.

    @Christian wise words indeed! Perhaps something to pass onto the menfolk ladies…

  15. I was loving the Golden Age but then Ewan McGregor and Ryan Gosling together on the uber modern man stole it for me. It’s my fantasy threesome!!!! The first man in uber modern is pretty hot too.. lovely choices..

    Style wise though the Golden Age makes me sigh – that room with the floor to ceiling windows and the piano and the books. aaaaaahhhhhh.. anyone else calling to mind the 50 Shades piano bit??

    Apparently Ryan’s lady Eva Mendes has said he’s not allowed to play Christian Grey!! tut tut, bit selfish of her.

    These are great Adam – hope we haven’t made you blush too much with all our lust!

  16. YUM! I’ll take one Uber Modern Man to go please!

    Chris is going for a bespoke Reiss suit I think, my Dad might have to stop me from legging it down the aisle in the fashion of Phoebe in Friends, legs and arms everywhere!! xxx

  17. @Charlotte @Fiona Swoooooon! GET YOUR TOP OFF GOSLING

    Well, I was going to show Lee this link so he could look at the Dudeboards… any way I can block all my pervy comments? xx

  18. Haha @Karen – the OHs won’t bother with the comments surely? I’m hoping Al won’t!

    Epic swoon! Might have to watch The Notebook later…

  19. @Charlotte & @Fiona – what are you girls doing, I’m going to have to go home & have a cold shower now!!! ha ha
    Although it has helped to make an unbearable day a lot more bearable!

    @Karen, I’d sent Dave the link – so hopefully he won’t bother with comments!!! :-s

  20. Going doolally over all the Mr Gosling pics, this is ridiculous!! He NEEDS to play Christian Grey. He is also a man who falls into the “smoking isn’t cool but…” category. He Just looks too good!

  21. God I love the Gosling! Charlotte I curse you for making me lose time drooling like a fat kid in a cake shop over that link!!!
    I heard a rumour he may be up for the part of Christian Grey from the rudey dudey books!!! EPICNESS! (I clearly don’t read such smut so wouldn’t know what they are about…I have just heard about it 😉 )

    I have to admit, I may have looked at the pics and then put my biscuit back in the barrel after seeing the hottie in the tartan skirt! Sooo wishing I had gone for that run after all now…..

    Great post Adam xx

  22. Well, I’ve got the “Drive” soundtrack on but instead of Ryan and Carey cruising the Viaducts of L.A in a beaten up Cadillac it’s me and the check skirt girl tootling around Birmingham in my volvo.


  23. Adam, this is brill! Can you TM the name ‘Dude Board’? 😉

    Also, for the picture of Mr Gosling, I will love you forever 🙂


  24. Glad you all liked the Ryan epic-ness, think we have discovered a new way of entertaining you gorgeous lot on RMW….

    @Adam – I didn’t know Jim was back into wearing skirts again? I mean I don’t mind or anything but I’m not sure he can pull off check – it’s the beard.

  25. @Adam you had me at Roger Moore but Ewan and Ryan – you’ve made us all very happy ladies 😀

    @Charlotte you just made me snort lemonade….not a good look I tell you!

  26. @Charlotte – I don’t think this is the time or the place to “out” my relationship with jim…. Do you?

    @Mrs-A-to-be – Love you too 🙂

    Not as much as check skirt girl though.

    @Anni – Glad to be of service 😉


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