What Alex Did… The Last One Before The Big Day!

Well my lovely RMW’ers, I am sooo sad to say this is the last post that I will be writing for this lovely polka dotted space on the t’interweb (wedding report aside… Can’t wait to write it all up after the big day!). It has been so lovely sharing my planning and thoughts with you lovely bunch and I am so glad RMW exists as it has given me so much inspiration whilst planning our big day.

The Dress Wobbles Come To An End.

So, I have not made any secret of the fact I had a hard time finding “the one” and ended up spending a tad more than I intended and having a designer dress. Now, initially, when you end up mixing three dresses together you don’t really know how it will look in its finished state. This is needless to say, a little nerve wracking, especially for someone with a touch of the OCD and who is on a mission to drop a load of weight before the big day. Will it look as I imagined if I am a whole lot lighter or will I wish I had gone for a different style? Mmmhh, it has worried me rather a lot, and whenever I have seen other brides dresses I have had a little moment about what will I think to my own?

In November, I popped along to what was going to be my toile fitting (due to the weight loss, we had already changed it to January) because even though I wasn’t needing anything doing, the lovely ladies said I could still go and meet my dress designer Suzanne Neville. I think when making the dress for your most special day, your dress designer (never mind being a famous” Holly Willobooby wears her frocks” type) suddenly becomes a bit of a hero/celebrity in their own right. So meeting her was kinda like meeting my own fairy godmother, and she didn’t disappoint! She was so lovely and had a really good chat with a very chatty mum, sister and bride to be! She drew me my dress from scratch for me to visualise and added to it all the detail and oh my word it looked stunning even done on paper with a bic!

So, whilst that put my mind at ease for a wee while, soon enough I started fretting again, I had my appts booked in Jan for my measurements and toile fitting with the super doper lovely seamstress Sonia at Suzanne Neville. She really is an angel, she let me prance about in my toile taking pics and try on a brand new dress that had arrived that sent me into a massive panic (it’s ok it wasn’t another “the one”). Both Sonia and Karen, the shop manager, have been so lovely and friendly during all the dress appointments etc and I will be really sad to not see them again after the last fitting! Today I have been for my first official try on of “my” dress and all my wobbles have completely melted away! I was in awe of it even on the hanger and un-pressed! It is stunning, and weight on or no weight it is the sort of dress I always pictured wearing. It is very bridal and probably not everyone’s cup of tea but I love it and it looks amazing! It pulls me in, it accentuates my curves, and it sparkles in all the right places – finished off with a mammoth train that I absolutely adore! My mum had a bit of a cry, my legs were like jelly, I think it really hit me I was going to be married soon and this is what I would be wearing! It was a strange but lovely feeling, though it has made me wonder if I will make the walk from our room to the top of the aisle in one piece, or if my feet will fail me!

So, only three weeks and I get to wear it (and a little something extra I picked up today) and be the bride I always wanted to be. Oh, and I got me some amazing bright blue shoes as my something blue!

A Weight Off My Mind.

As I mentioned, I had a bit of weight to lose before the big day, and just generally really. I however lacked motivation until the thought of looking like a bridal marshmallow hit me (just for the record I love those so there is nothing malicious meant there at all!!). So I joined the gym, enrolled at weight watchers and got me some focus on! So I have lost four stone in all, and over 30 inches! I am so much happier in myself and feel a lot more confident; however after the wedding I still have another 2 stone to lose to be at my healthy weight really. It meant quite a lot looking relatively nice in my special dress, and obviously having it made to measure was a great bonus as it meant I could keep losing weight right until the last minute! Now, I realise that not everyone is bothered about being on the larger side, and I totally respect that, it’s just that having not always been that way I really wanted to shift the pounds. I am not saying that it is a must for wedding day to go on a super strict diet etc, after all the man you’re marrying is marrying you for you. Mr M says all the time he loves me just as much now as he did all that weight ago, he is just happier that I am happier. (plus shopping is a lot more fun now!)

The Three Hen Nights.

Well, to say initially I didn’t want a hen night, I ended up with three! The plans for one of them kept on changing from various fancy dress options to me wanting to just glam up and have a good night!

The first one was the RMW one, I met all the fab brides and Charlotte and Adam and the many industry geniuses that came along to! We had an amazing day, I won’t say too much, but it is something I will always remember and can’t wait to see all the pics from the day!

The second one was a weekend in Manchester with my sisters and my mum. We shopped til we dropped, I did all their make up and hair and we laughed like loons on laughing camels… All weekend! Even when my sister got accosted by a strange rambling lady in the Arndale centre and started doing a super fast power walk! Again, a weekend I will always remember and wish I had taken photos but I was a bit too busy shopping, and laughing. We are going to make it a yearly thing, sort of like a hen do anniversary!

The last one, which was probably the drunkest, was a trip into town with my work girls. We got all glammed up, the only tack I had to wear was a sparkly L plate and a classy black veil! I ended up dying all day yesterday of the worlds worst hangover! I also lost my iPhone 4 and have found out there isn’t a fat lot I can do about it other than pay a fortune to pay off the contract, get a new phone but still pay my old contract, or get a new contract along with my old contract! Not cool. So I am still in mourning over the whole thing, but on the whole it was a really good night!

The Final Stage.

So, I guess I have nearly done everything now, there are a few odd things still to do like finalise flowers, a few more little bits to buy to put sweeties in, finalise the iPod playlist. But other than that, it’s all paid for and nearly ready to go!

Here are a few photos from when we met the very lovely Amy Murell, I have to add this isn’t a proper photoshoot or anything, just some practice shots of us as we are both a bit uptight in front of a camera! I have face hate issues, and David tenses up quite a bit… Think Chandler from Friends circa Engagement picture episode! So here are some of the two of us trying to not look like we have camera-phobia!!

I want to say I will really miss the planning, but that might be a bit of a fib. It’s not that I haven’t enjoyed it all, but I am looking forward to not having anything to plan, worry about or be careful not to talk too much about. I am looking forward to finishing work next thurs and getting properly excited about our day and that we will be married and on honeymoon. As it draws nearer I have to also say, the honeymoon becomes a load more exciting and don’t underestimate having time off together afterwards to relax and look back on it all. I can’t blimming wait for that! We are going to our favourite place in the Yorkshire Dales for three nights in a gorgeous suite to totally wind down, have some fab walks and great food. We go there every year and it is a very special place in our hearts, where better to start married life? Then we go to Newcastle as a stop off, to Scotland to stay in their Malmaison and shop for some married style outfits (any excuse). Final stop is Loch Lomond, two nights in a luxury spa DeVere hotel, overlooking the loch and with a rooftop infinity pool! We are booked into the Michelin star restaurant to eat some amazing food and drink some amazing wine. Rounded off with a week in a stunning cottage with outdoor hot tub and set in the National Park a mere ten minutes from the spa hotel! Handy eh? Not typically honeymoon destinations I guess but with wanting a winter wedding, we wanted to stay in the winter vibe with cosy places and hot log fires. We are planning a warmer clime holiday for the summer as part two. You gotta make the most of honeymoons right?

I am not going to be all gushy or anything other than to say a massive thank you to my gorgeous Mr M who has made everything so perfect and been there for me with a hug and a reassuring word when things went wrong, not just with the wedding planning but in general. I couldn’t imagine being with a better, more caring man, and getting to spend the rest of my life with him is like the most ridiculously amazing dream that I don’t ever want to wake up from. He really is the bee’s knee’s.

So that’s about it, sorry about the lack of photo’s in this one but as always I will round off with a pic of my lovely little mocha bear.

Lots of love, Alex xx

Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

26 thoughts on “What Alex Did… The Last One Before The Big Day!

  1. I think your honeymoon sounds pretty awesome! Especially love that you are including somewhere that is special to you, and should be full of lots of cosiness!

    Best wishes for the big day xx

  2. Alex, how is this already your last post?!?! That can’t be possible!

    I’m so glad that the dress has turned out so perfectly. You are going to look absolutely stunning on the day (and you’ll feel stunning which is possibly even more important than looking stunning)!!!!

    Your honeymoon sounds lush! I have to admit as we get closer to the wedding (still over 5 months to go!), I am increasingly excited about the honeymoon – I can’t remember the last time I went for a full two-week holiday far away from home!

    Enjoy your last couple of days as a single lady – I can’t wait to read the report!!!


  3. Fantastic Post Alex!

    I TOTALLY know what you mean about the Chandler friends episode!!!! BUT thats SOOO me!!! I am getting more and more worried about the fact that I HATE photos of me smiling! Can you have lessons in this???

    You must be SOOO excited!!!! I am really looking forward to seeing all the pictures!!!

  4. You are going to look fabulous! I am right with you on the weight thing…I also have quite a bit to lose before the big day (6 months away still thank goodness!) . Really looking forward to seeing your fantastic pictures!

  5. Wow congratulations on working so hard to lose the weight, I think you look really great. I am also thinking of joining weight watchers as I need to be motivated to eat healthy and my friends have had success with it.

    I bet you will look gorgeous in your dress and I can’t wait to see the pictures!! 🙂

  6. Oh Chocolate Bear makes me smile – add in a scarf and it’s officially made.my.day!

    So excited for your wedding and can’t believe it has come round so fast! Looking forward to seeing you on the big day and wearing your super special Holly Willoughby vs Alex dress!


  7. Can’t believe this is your last post! Your dress sounds amazing, can’t wait to see your report after.
    Good luck in the final run up to it and enjoy your honeymoon. I’m sure you will have thee most beautiful wedding day.
    Huge congratulations to the both of you.

  8. Yay it’s me! Lol. My last post…so sad.
    You ladies are fab and I love as always reading your comments.

    I am in a row of six hellish (think winter/snow/ice dilemmas and about a few hundred beds short in a hospital)shifts at work but then it will be my last day!

    My name is on the new rota as my married name, which I might have let out a small squeal at. I just cannot WAIT to leave and get married and have a wonderful honeymoon.

    Choc bear knows how to rock a scarf…she likes to be toasty, plus she looks mega happy in one too!


  9. OH My Goodness Alex how can you not like yourself on camera?! did you se the pics of you from the RMW hen do?!! you looked so pretty!

    Wishing you a fantastic day my sweet and I can’t ruddy wait to see the pictures and read your report!!!

    Charlotte xxx

  10. Alex I’m with Charlotte re your face – you have an amazing symmetrical shaped face, fab skin, gorgeous hair and I’m very envious of your lips (ok this sounds like a gushy perv but you ARE beautiful so believe it girl!) The hen do pics of you were (are) amazing!

    Anyway, back to your last (sob) report. Holly willobooby. You crack me up Alex – as amanda said, I want to bottle you up and put you in my cupboard hahaha. You’re going to look stunning in your snazzy designer dress, actually I know you do cos I’ve seen evidence! Hang in there with all the final bits, it’s going to be lovely and Im impressed that you’ve already your your new married name in action! Good luck girlie and I can’t wait to see your pics and wedding day report xxxx

  11. @Shirley – this may be your best comment yet on RMW. I laughed my way through most of it (and nodded in agreement at the ‘pervy’ bit….)!!!

  12. Alex what a lovely post and i agree with everyone – you have such a gorgeous face!! I too have seen a sneaky peak of the dress and can confirm that you look absolutely bloody gorgeous lady! I cannot wait to see your write up on these pages! So excited!!

    Officially love the chocolate bear too!

    You are going to have such an amazing day and honeymoon!

    Lots of love
    Rachie xo

  13. I’m with everyone re: your face! 😉 Gorgeous!

    Wow, cant believe this is your last post. Good Luck Chick! I am sure you will have the most incredible day! And I cannot wait to see the pics 🙂


    Oh and I love the Honeymoon, we’re off to Cornwall for R&R after ours

  14. Awwww you officially make me want to go look at my face in the mirror and slap it for being so vain!

    Thank you so much….you really are the bestests! Shirley…you little cherub!
    And the rest of you too…you make my day xx

    Cant wait to share the big day with you all!xx

  15. Good luck! Only got 50 days left myself and honeymoon is also getting exciting! Just having 10 days to ourselves to be self indulgent and not worry about pleasing anyone else! 😛 Hope all goes well…a week to go for my dress fitting but so pleased all went well for yours! Well done on the weight loss you look fantastic! Wish I could have been as good! x

  16. Alex you are my hero…. I too need to lose about 4 stone and am finding it so hard, it’s so nice to hear from someone who has succeeded. Congratulations and I can’t wait to see you in your bespoke dress (jealous!) x

  17. I love weight watchers though (no I’m not getting any commish for mentioning them) it’s so easy and has really made me adjust my crappy ways. And I also have really taken to the gym to allow for those pesky bottles of wine and yummy treats!

    I do love having lost it but like I said I STILL have another 2 to lose to be at my ideal weight…by the summer hopefully in time for a warm second honeymoon.


  18. Good luck for the big day Alex, I’m sure it will go beautiful and that you will look stunning.

    It’s so weird reading these reports and being at pretty much the same stage with my planning but I love it!

    Love Mocha Bear, she looks ridiculously pleased!


  19. Good luck for the big day! I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts and can’t wait to see your pictures! 🙂 Being a Scot and getting married not too far from Loch Lomond later this year I know exactly where your honeymoon hotel is and it is incredible!! You will have such an amazing time there! xx

  20. Nooooooo! This can’t be your last post pre-wedding! Time is FLYING!!
    Cracking final post sweetie. LOVE the picture of you two on the stairs – gorgeous and natural, and MrA and I are totes loveling the sound of your honeymoon – log fires, infinity pools, amazing food – sounds amaze!!
    Enjoy the last few weeks lovely. Oh, an if you want to share those shoes, I wouldn’t mind at all 😉

  21. PLEASE tell me that Chocolate Bear will have a role in the actual wedding ceremony? I was thinking more of ring bearer than wedding breakfast scoffer – although I know Labs all too well!

    Would love to hear more about your dress decisions as I’m terrified of buying one and want to lose weight.

  22. ALEX YOUR LAST POST ALREADY…NOOOOOOOOO. I have very much enjoyed reading your planning journey and then meeting you. I can’t believe your wedding is soooooo close now (am late to comment). It is so exciting and I cannot WAIT to see all your hard work and details in their full glory. Have a super super day gorgeous xxxxxx

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