What Alex Did… The Penultimate (and lengthy!) Instalment!

Wow, I reckon I can pretty much wish all you lovelies a very merry Christmas seeing as it is only a few days away! I can’t wait to open number 24 on my calendars (erm yes there are 2)…there are huge bags of treats behind them! I am also recovering from a nasty bout of sickness, I am so glad it is happening now and not over Christmas. I went through a phase of being ill every Christmas for like 4 freaking years! I have to say, being ill does wonders for reminding me why I am marrying Mr M (not that I forget, but you know…it just re-enforces it) as he patiently listens to me whining and slubbing about as if I have lost all motor function. He also is a gem for holding back my hair, rinsing out my sick bowl and generally cuddling up to me even with sick breath and sticky hair. I woke up today to find a pile of fashion/gossip/wedding mags, 5 bottles of water, father ted box set and some chocolate for if I feel better. One in a million I tell you. I won’t go into a full on swoon fest, I may as well save that for the last post haha, so instead I will crack on with what I have been up to.

Wedding Stationery Heaven.

So, I realised in the early stages of planning that it was going to be so hard to pick stationery due to the vast amounts of pretty paper out there.

I looked and looked and just couldn’t decide on anything, and then it dawned on me that I have a pretty talented Auntie who makes lots of cards as a hobby. They are lovely and unique and I would be able to come up with my own design and incorporate my favourite bits from the stationary I had seen out there. We got cracking and seen as I wanted to keep my venue quite plain and with mostly whites but just a hint of colour, I decided my invites should have a fair bit of colour. I chose a lilac with dark purple and wanted a cracker of a bow on them! After chopping and changing different ideas, we came up with the winning one, an invite that would open up and have a little pocket inside for my little extras I needed to send. My auntie did it all as I think she may have been worried I would have messed it up, so I was left to create my place settings and cute little cards for our cakes and buns. I had a fab time making them all and cannot wait to see them on the day! They will be pretty much the only splash of colour on the tables besides white and green. I have had so many mixed ideas about colours and themes, but think I am pretty happy with whites, greens and my splash of purple. Although I am still having days where I THINK about throwing in a lot of other coloured tea light holders to make it super bright! But then I panic and go back to basics, anyone else have this problem with colours? I don’t have that much time left to decide for good.

Flower Power And Table Arrangements.

So I have yet to talk about flowers it seems and yet they are such a gorgeous lovely topic to talk about. I have a big love for all things flowery, and though I have my faves I love pretty much any type of bloom to pretty my house up. I wish I had an unlimited budget when it comes to flowers, I also wish I wasn’t get married in the season where a few of my favourites are fairly dear to get hold of i.e. Hydrangea, Peony and a few others I love and can’t really have.

However, there is still an awful lot of choice and our florist is pretty amazing at giving me what I want on our budget. My initial ideas were those of carnation balls (carnations are a firm favourite in this house) on each table but the cost of those for the size you would get meant it wasn’t going to happen. So we snowballed a few ideas and basically for the tables I wanted it crisp and clean but also soft and warm and glowy? The lovely flower lady got it anyway; we opted for three arrangements of varying sized round lowish vases with a lot of pouffy white flowers on one table. In each vase there will be a group of Narcissi (beautiful smell and lovely looking little things), a group of carnations, and a group of gypsophilia. We may also throw in some individual little thin vases with a few other white flowers in. On another table we will be having a white almost wreath of flowers around a hurricane vase with a candle in. And on another we will be having a pot of all the flowers mixed into one arrangement. It sounds a bit hard to picture but I have an image in my mind and it should look amazing with something different on each table. I will also be putting plenty of tea lights in lovely silver and white holders on each table to achieve a warm glowy look, with it being Feb and late on when we eat it should be pretty dark and will look cosy and warm. On the top table, I am just opting for a couple of arrangements I am hoping to make myself…yes quite. I have made a few different variations but it basically involves carnations and gyp and little carnation heads in tea light holders. I will share a few pics but there are some pink carnations at the mo whereas these will be white on the day. I have been practicing to make sure I know exactly how long before the day I need to buy them and when they are at their best, it is looking like about 10-12 days from being buds to the pictures I have below. Also to put extra pressure on myself I am thinking of going to Marks and Spencers a few days before to pick a selection of blooms to have in the rooms while we get ready and also to then put around the venue, cheaper and easy to do in theory. I love their selection of flowers, the winter ones are divine at the moment.

Food, glorious food!

So Mr M and me were lucky little blighters and got to go and spend a day at our venue tasting our wedding menu and our wedding wine. It was the best day of wedding planning so far; yes including dress shopping (we all know I didn’t love that one). We packed our bag and decided to make a weekend of it, booked a room at our venue that let us check in mega early and treated us like royalty the whole time. Honestly this venue never ceases to wow me, with its amazing friendly staff, warm atmosphere and beautiful touches. So we met the host of our meal tasting and got given a menu each with our names on and the date of our tasting.

We enjoyed every single mouthful, it was the most delicious food we have ever had the pleasure of eating! We couldn’t have been happier with our choices; the chef was really great in guiding us towards what would work and what sells really well ordinarily. We then had the joy of sampling about 14 different wines and found two or three stand out wines that blew our minds, however these are extra to our wedding package price by about 13 pounds a bottle so we are considering just treating our top table to the best wines and sticking with the house wines (also good) for the other tables as not many are particularly into wine like we are. The pudding was out of this world and to this day I can’t stop telling people how amazing it was, the biggest cheesecake you have ever seen! We are also going to add to this a warm winter pudding, treacle sponge with butterscotch sauce.

We then got to sample the cheeseboard we will be giving out after pudding, just one per table and then whatever isn’t eaten will be put back out for the evening guests with the buffet. We were so stuffed we didn’t need to eat another thing all day, and just managed a couple of cocktails in the evening, it was such a lovely weekend and made us so excited about the food experience our guests will have on the day.

Remaining Jobs On The To Do List.

So, that is pretty much it for my before last post, it has gone so quick this wedding planning stuff and to be honest not nearly as stressful as I thought it could be. However there are still two more months to go so you never know!
To do list.

  1. Find bridal shoes and purchase them
  2. Pick definitive suit for Mr M
  3. Pick my mum and sisters wedding outfits (January sales)
  4. Buy the flower girls dresses in the sale
  5. Finalise wedding flowers ideas and provide (meaning buy) the vases we want
  6. Have all the dress fittings and get the dress (should be an exciting next post!)
  7. Meet the photographer and look round the venue and have a few practice pics took! (next post)
  8. Chase up RSVP’s probably and put together our Ipod playlist and decide on first dance music
  9. Plan seating plan and print out order of the day, seating plan and decide how to present it
  10. Decide on definite bridal make up and also get accessories once decided on veil and hair do
  11. Buy our thank you gifts for people in the wedding
  12. Plan the first week of our honeymoon (any ideas for UK based 4 day stay in the north east?…this is proving a disaster!) Second week is sorted though.
  13. Decide on how the tables are going to look and what tea lights decorations I want around the venue

Don’t fret though lovelies, we have a full week off in the beginning of January where we plan on doing all of the above things!

Have a fantabulous Christmas and hope Santa has lots of lovely things in his sack for you! Ours will be a quiet one spent mostly at work! Two month countdown begins then!
Lots of love, Alex xx

Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.