What Alex did… Wedding Apps & Make-up Counters!

S’up girls and boy (Adam), hope everyone is well and erm counting down to Christmas? No? Just me? Ok, I am sadder than sad, but I wish advent calendars started from Nov 1st rather than Dec because that is when I officially start counting down the days! It would prevent me from having to download geeky countdown apps…yes now I have a wedding and a crimble one (oh the shame)! This year Christmas day marks the two month countdown to our own special day so even more excited pants this year!
Anyway, I have quite a few areas I need some of your ever kind and helpful feedback on. As the wedding approaches, I find myself with a number of ‘things’ to think about. Things I didn’t really think I needed to worry too much about til a certain timeframe. That would be about now up to January.

Suits You Sir.

First things first, my delicious Mr M’s attire for said special day; this is obviously super important as he as much as me, wants to look the cat’s pyjamas on the day. Pretty early on, right about when we decided we wanted our day to be laid back, informal and just as we are day to day, we said there would be no suit hire/matching tail coats and canes/dinner jackets and the likes. It would be a nice time to buy Mr M a spiffy suit that he would wear for all the other special occasions we may be privy to in the future. We would go off for the day make it a good’un, and have a raucous time trying stuff on (in our world we try ridiculous things on as well as normal for pure comedy value…my sister, mum and I have hours of fun in changing rooms prancing about Britain’s next top model style!)

However, when you set out trying things on…well it opens up possibilities you had not imagined you would be going for. Initially we were thinking jacket, shirt, tie and trousers. But when you start playing about with waistcoats and colours and the sorts, you get a bit swept away with how dashing your beloved looks. Now I promised I wouldn’t share photo’s because well…I want his outfit to be a surprise too (here comes the sad sap again, sorry) and for him to feel just as special as me on the day. But I will give you a taste of what kind of thing we went for. I have to point out a bit of a difficulty in one particular shop where the lady didn’t really grasp why we were not hiring and having all matching suits for everyone? We didn’t hang about much in there. Mr M is going to look knee tremblingly gorgeous in his outfit that’s for sure!

Saucy Shenanigans.

Secondly there is that small matter of wedding undergarments, I know Madame O’shea did a post not long ago about underwear and so forgive me if I share garments previously shown. I hope I am not the only one in this boat where my dress actually requires no bra at all, ergo making it a completely separate matter. It is no longer “under” wear but rather just “wear” that I will be changing into post dress for that all important night (where I am sure I will be asleep before my head hits the pillow…but it’s the thought that counts right? And then there is the long awaited honeymoon.) It does however allow more freedom as clearly straps/ no straps/bra-pants/ Basque is entirely your choice rather than the dress dictating which garments to opt for.

So ranging from pretty reasonable “Myla” to the super extravagant, yes I am talking about you pesky Agent Provocateur with a bit of Victoria’s secret thrown in for good measure. And I have to throw in the piccie of the only garter I have yet to see that doesn’t make me feel itchy looking at it.

Now I have to point out the lack of bra/pants separates is due to my insecureness (new word?) with my tummy area…though the diet has been good to me, stretch marks have not ergo I prefer to cover it up in order to feel good. This is why the number of slips/ Basques displayed…they would be more my cup of tea, however I am loving the all blue set, the pants alone would be something blue sorted! Please feel free to tell me any lingerie/ bed clothing brands I may not yet be familiar with, I love a bit of online shopping!

Secret Surprise Present…Or Not So Secret.

Now I resent the word “Bridezilla” on so many levels, and can safely say that whatever it does mean I am pretty sure I am not it. I am very laid back regarding the wedding and really don’t talk of it often to friends/family at all as I am well aware of the fact that it is not as exciting to them as it is to Mr M and me. So I leave my thoughts to myself or Mr M most of the time and just politely answer any questions from people without banging on about it. Erm… apart from the girls at work who are also excited and very lovely and I feel I can share with and the other lovely real brides. In regards to Mr M, I have not harped on about wanting a particular thing, or doing things a certain way, overloading on details etc we have both just agreed on things as they have come up or have already both had the same idea. This is why I am hoping he may have unconsciously picked up on the one thing I actually am being a little bit materialistic about and a little bit obsessed with for the wedding day. This rather smashing little pair of Tiffany earrings, also known as my something new/blue. Yes I KNOW they are not in any way super bling or the dangly sorts that I would normally wear (they are for the night do petals) but y’know when you just neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed something?? I need these, on my day, in my room in a little cute box and a total look of surprise on my face. So here is hoping Mr M occasionally reads this here blog and takes the ever subtle hint. Failing that I am also a huge fan of the Bo Peep earrings on Liberty in Love as also voiced by Charlotte…sharesies pet?

Hair We Go.

Now, my hair is my other one great love. I would say at least ninety five per cent of the time it does what I want be it waves/ poker straight/ pouffy volume, any of it with a little bit of work. And it is shiny even by blonde hair standards, so I was always going to be excited about how it will look on wedding day. I have always been blonde…my perfect shade being when I was about 6 years old.

I have dabbled in dark blondes, light blondes, erm black…big rebellious mistake when I was 14 and took years to grow out as no hair dresser this side of the country would touch it. And I have always settled for a darky blonde in autumn winter months, and brighter blonde leading to summer. Now for the big day I am going to break with tradition and have it a light blonde, which also suits the more hippy hair do’s I have been coveting. I initially thought of going for an up-do with a huge beehive type affair on top, but I never wear it like that normally.

It is normally messy, tousled girly looking hair, which I thought I ought to honour on my most special day and look like me, as per Duchess Shinylocks advice. So my sister, who is a genius in plaiting hair, has been practicing on me and so far though it is early days, it turns out pretty good. I am thinking plaits and big bouncy waves, with some flowers in. I will share my hair inspiration photo’s and then a pic of the latest hair experiment my sis did on me.

English Rose.

I love make up. I have a few brands in particular that I always go to (MAC, Bobbi Brown, Chanel) but will try anything and everything in order to get what I want. I have yet to find however the perfect pinky lip and cheek. I was told last week by one counter that I would suit a more darker pink rose look rather than the bright pinks I was drooling over. She said you can wear bright pink if you want, but on you it won’t look as natural as a darker pinky/browny colour. She put me on a creamy blush and a powder blush and a bit on my lips, I loved the colour but still not THE colour I wanted. It did help me decide powder blush is defo better for me, not a fan of cream due to over shiny look. Since the skin has been improved it is nowhere near as dry and if anything I get a bit shiny from time to time now. So I have an app this week to have a full bridal lesson chez Bobbi Brown and will try different colours until I find one, it is free of cost and I have nothing to lose. I will just keep trying different counters til I find it. Any advice greatly taken though! Oh and…they have just opened an Illasmaqua counter!!!! I actually shrieked! I love their colours for eyes and they have some cracking nail varnish which is another dilemma…

I shall leave you now with as ever my faithful little brown girl, this was in her pimped up for Christmas basket last year…going to better it this year!

Lots of love, Alex xx

Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

19 thoughts on “What Alex did… Wedding Apps & Make-up Counters!

  1. Been meaning to say this for a while but I got an amazing babydoll from M & S (it fits my boobs in too) in a champagne with minky lace trim for £25. Silky decadence on the chic.

    Everyone must buy. They also have the shorts sets too. Also £25

    Love M & S

  2. You have been busy Alex!! It all looks you’re setting up a very stylish affair!

    I do love the blue set, it’s very pretty! I vote for that one!

    And how talented is your sister!?!??! The hair looks fabulous – I’m jealous! My hairdresser has told me that I have to grow mine if I want an up-do. To be fair, I don’t often put my hair up mainly because I’m lazy and I have zero hair skills, but I really do want it up for the day. So I’m letting it grow and having to teach myself simple up-do’s to use on an everyday basis now. Being a bride is tough.

    And the jewellery is really really pretty. Tom and I are getting ourselves a wedding gift but we’ve decided we want to help each other choose the right item. It takes a bit of the romance and surprise out of it but we want to be sure we get each other things we’ll treasure for the rest of our lives. I get a feeling you’re going to have a nice surprise on your wedding day! 🙂

  3. Wow you have been busy, such a cute dog. Trying to persuade my H2b we need to somehow incorporate our pooch into our day!

  4. Alex I love your writing style, you are so funny 🙂 that pic of you is so cute and your sister is obviously a very talented hairdresser – can she do mine?!

  5. Ouh thanks for the Pinterest pics, I have added those now to my hair wishlist also!

    I will check out the Etsy garters thanks Lauren, and yes I used to be really cute…dunno what happened haha!

    And Celine, it has been productive but still got a few things to sort out, invites etc…but it’s coming together finally after quite a big lull. I am pacing it so got stuff to do each month now to build up to the day.

    Thanks girls!xx

  6. Hey Alex, all the things I have been trying to sort in one post! very helpful, can you tell me where those suits are from? x Angela x

  7. Oh, Alex, your post makes me wanna do it all over again- buying the “bits” was tres fun!
    I think the plaits are really lovely and if my hair wasn’t thinner than Victoria Beckham with a tummy bug, I would’ve given it a a go.
    Enjoy it all!

  8. The suits are Paul Smith Angela, very lovely.

    And the garter is from Myla, presume the pants are too as it was from their website, it is very pretty.

    Haha Luci, I have to say I am enjoying the little fun bits a lot more than the big bits. Got shoes, hair accessories, the families outifts and the definitive suit to pick yet and it’s all so much fun!


  9. Hi Alex, great post! Lots of things ticked off and not that long for you now.

    Celine – I’m in same situation! So bored of growing my hair 🙁 but I guess it will be worth it 😉

  10. Ooooh, Alex – all the fun bits to think about!
    Those Liberty In Love earrings are aaaaaaaaaaamazing, and I’m with Celine – L-O-V-E the blue set of undies 😉

  11. @Alex we can do sharsies on those Bo Beeps anytime you like pet 🙂

    And I am loving the hair – seriously, so pretty and sophisticated.

    Also cream blush – have you tried RMK? they do one which is a wee bit shimmery but doesn’t go shiny chip (I don’t like shiny cheeks either) – sometimes I top this with powder blush for extra staying power.

    Charlotte xxx

  12. benefit bellabamba is a great bright pink blush, or their Dallas is a darker more rosey shade like you mentioned. Go to a benefit counter and try them out I use them everyday! love them!

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