What Alex Did…Went And Said A Big Fat I Ruddy Well Do! Part 1.

This afternoon I want to say a very special Hello and welcome (back!) to one of the RMW real brides Alex who is now….offically married!

I’m sure Alex won’t mind me saying that she has never been a lover of the camera – in fact she confessed to having serious “face hate” issues on various occasions, which of course none of us could understand. The lady has one of the prettiest mugs I have ever had the pleasure of being extremely close up to and actually makes me kill myself laughing with her one-liners and continuous sunny disposition.

So lovelies, I would like you all to spare a few minutes of your time to leave Madam Alexandra and Mr M some serious love at the end of this post, it’s a brave (and time consuming) task sharing your deepest darkest W-day secrets with the RMW community as a real bride and essentially sharing the results of all that hard work is the ultimate end goal… And this one is a cracker, I laughed until I cried.

Oh and the face hate thing? these images by Especially Amy definitely prove otherwise.

Enjoy you gorgeous lot.

So, here I am, nearly two months into married life, sat watching cupcake challenge which is due to my new obsession with baking (just call me a stepford wife!) whilst my wonderful amazing and gorgeous husband cooks our tea. Married life is so fricking awesome and I can’t imagine ever not being this happy to be a wife and a Mrs to the man of my dreams.
Day before the big day!

So then, onto the good stuff. The week before the wedding went by a lot faster than I thought, even though on the Monday and Tuesday I still kept thinking we had a bit of a way to go. The early part of the week was full of last minute eyelash extensions, final hair trim and colour, final dress fitting and picking the dress up, last minute candle holders/vases and flowers that I was doing myself. Not too stressful really, and then Thursday night came and I had a to do list for Friday and Saturday morning as long as my entire body (ok so 5”2.5 is not that tall but still…long enough in list terms)!

I had a ridiculous list of things to pack for the Friday/Saturday/Sunday plus our honeymoon stuff, and not to mention taking all the sisters/mums and nieces and nephews stuff for Saturday as well! The plan for just the one car journey to the venue on the Friday was looking far too optimistic and I was starting to get a wee bit edgy about it. Mr M and me were getting a bit tetchy with each other and I think I may have had a little melt down about our Ipod playlist not having some of my favourite songs on and decided to have a bit of a dramarama moment. This resulted in us not practicing our first dance one last time and also not practicing the first kiss (does anyone even do that or was it just me being a dweeb?) and going to bed pretty stressed out on our last night before the big day.

Anyway we woke on the Friday, full of new energy but yet not quite excitement as we still had so much left to do. It took about half an hour to load the car…maybe more and by the time we had our stuff in and the dress was laid (or stuffed) over my mum and the whole of the back of the car…we realised this was going to be a two journey thing. So off we went to the venue, and I was starting to get a bit miffed that I still wasn’t that excited, where was it?

When we were nearing the venue, I phoned Emily our events manager to let her know we would be arriving, and once we pulled up outside, there they all were waiting for us to help us unload all our things. It took a fair while to unpack into the hotel; they must have thought we were mad! Then I said my goodbyes to my lovely Mr M and off he went to pick up the sisters and their stuff. My mum and I and Emily and her team carried all the things up to our room and the weddingy stuff to the function rooms for me to sort out that evening. The staff were ever so helpful; I couldn’t believe how easy they made everything for us.

Our room was stunning, and my amazing husband to be had asked them to pop us two bottles of bubbly in our room and lots of yummy chocolates for our evening! What a gem!

Finally…a bit of excitement started flowing, realising that this was the room I would spend my last night as a Miss in and seeing my beautiful gown hanging on the door looking so elegant and pristine. My mum and I decided to head to the bar to have a drink whilst waiting for the sisters to arrive, and there we happened to spot a Mr Derren Brown!! He was staying in our hotel…I was ever so slightly star struck (my mum didn’t even know who he was!) and it made me even more giddy.

The sisters arrived and unpacked and we headed into the city to go get our nails pimped up for the big day. It was a lovely time, drinking champagne (possibly a bit too much) and having all our nails made lovely. We then had a few last minute jobs to do before heading back to the hotel to set up the wedding rooms, including still buying more flowers to make my arrangements and realising I had bought no wedding underwear…yes indeedy. As much as I joked to Mr M that he needn’t expect some foxy suspenders and corset type gear as my dress had cost enough and frankly didn’t require corsetry underneath as well as on it…erm I had actually gone and forgotten to get ANY. Luckily that super sexy lingerie boutique Marks and Spencers saved the day with a pair of lacy white knickers and a lacy top. I kid you not peeps, that is how crap I was.

Setting the rooms up in the evening took way longer than I thought and I had probably got far too much stuff for tables etc … I was a bit gutted my table names hadn’t quite gone as planned…the photos I printed off were a bit blurry and a bit too big for the holders; needless to say it didn’t matter a jot on the day. Seeing it all set out made my heart thump…looking at the top of the aisle where in less than 24 hours I would be looking up at a room full of family and friends made my tummy flip!

Nice Day For A White Wedding!

I woke up on the 25th February to my hungry stomach growling for breakfast, it was about seven am and daylight was barely breaking through the curtains. I got up and looked out over the river into the city and saw it was a lovely day about to begin, no dark clouds, no rain, just clear skies. My sister woke up and soon my mum and other sister were in our room with us, and off we went for breakfast.

The hotel served us some bucks fizz with our breakfast and we had a variety of gorgeous food to eat, our hairdresser arrived as did my littlest baby niece and we had a lovely time just relaxing before the busy morning ahead of us.

About nine am we went back up to the function room and staff had already been busy getting the rooms complete. As the Ipod dock wasn’t working with our Ipod the amazing team on that day had arranged for one of the guys to go and bring his own in from home to allow us to use it for the wedding breakfast, absolute stars! Our wedding flowers had arrived so they were taken up to our room for us and anything at all we needed the staff were more than ready to help us with.

When we went back up to the room and I clocked my flowers, I think I might have done a little squeal, my bouquet was epic! It was way bigger than I had imagined but the flowers were just stunning! The button holes were perfect as were the bridesmaids’ bouquets and the arrangements the florist had done for us, I was so relieved they were all perfect.

In went my hair rollers and I started doing my sisters and my mum’s make up for them as they each in turn had their hairs done. We laughed a lot while all this was going on and I didn’t have an ounce of nerves at all, to be honest it didn’t even hit me it was my wedding day, it just felt like a nice girly morning together. Thembi, my makeup artist from MAC in Leeds, arrived with a suitcase of make- up I more than a little bit wanted to steal! She set away doing my makeup and I absolutely loved the sex kitten eyeliner she had done with the ever so slightly sparkly eye shadow and a nude lip…LOVED IT! Once that was done it was my turn in the hairdressers chair again and out came the rollers, I had a lovely bouncy curl that in hindsight I wish I had just kept as that…but hey ho it didn’t really matter in the end. The hair was a little disaster as I had wanted a beehive type plait and it just wasn’t as big as I wanted, however when she started trying to make it bigger it just fell apart and I ended up with a bun. People said it looked lovely and to be honest in the scheme of things, it was a minor thing, but there are some pictures where you can see it is falling out and in the evening I swapped it for a half up half down curly affair.

Let’s get ready to rumble…or cry as the case may be!

So, hair done, make up done and blimming heck sooty it’s one pm and the wedding is at two! Scott, one of the team looking after us, came up to the room and said guests were already arriving at which point tears started pricking my eyes as it dawned on me this was really happening! And pretty much from then on every so often tears would just start appearing as I thought about the enormity of what I was about to do (in a good way). It hit me that this was the day I had been dreaming of when I was a little girl, that no matter how many people tell you the morning will go so quick you don’t actually realise how quick until it is upon you.

So many things I kept thinking of and it just made me really emotional, everyone who had seen Mr M that morning saying how calm and collected and great he was just created even more tears. So that was it, I was going to be a crier, which is odd for me because I am so not a crier in real life. I just don’t, not because I am heartless or anything, I just don’t often feel I need to cry about things (maybe from my dad always saying it never solves anything, which is kinda true). My mum went downstairs pretty early, I think it was because she was already a wreck and seeing me (the non crier) crying a bit would send her over the edge. Soon it was just me, my sister and my nieces. My nieces donned their gorgeous satin sage green dresses with a huge purple corsage which were from Monsoon, I didn’t want the typical bridesmaid look and these were perfect. My sister put me in my dress, joked about not remembering how to do it up…not funny, and helped get my shoes on. I put the finishing touches to the outfit, the earrings that Mr M had obviously seen I wanted via this here blog, the Bo Peep earrings from Liberty in Love and the hair comb I swooned over many a time on the internet.

The hair comb with the weight of the veil was just not happening and ended up coming out after the ceremony, but we did pop it back in for the evening.

My dad arrived and my sister went downstairs and I can remember someone coming up saying everyone was there and was I ready? Well I was and I was ten minutes bloody early!! So off we set, ready to go down and get married. This by the way set off another set of tears, I had to try super hard to rein them in being with the biggest non crier in the world…my dad haha, he has no time for tears! So, we arrived in the reception bit, and were met by the registrar and all the staff lined up in a row down the corridor I was about to walk…here came the tears again. She introduced herself, told me how amazingly calm my groom was, about the music and the bridesmaids, and all the time I am crying. Weird bride girl, why now? Why start sobbing just as I am about to make my grand entrance?? We set off down the corridor, me sobbing all the while, and stood at the entrance to the ceremony room. I could see through the crack in the door my family and friends on the left, I heard the registrar asking everyone to stand up, and I heard the start of my entrance music (kisses and cake from the PS I LOVE YOU soundtrack if anyone is interested, it’s lovely).

The two little bridesmaids set off walking ahead of us, and I could not stop sobbing, my legs were like jelly and I honestly thought I was going to throw up. Then we set off. I looked up and saw my groom, my one true love, and all I could see was him and his beautiful warm smile and I just wanted to get to him. I don’t think I even looked at anyone else, how rude, and I so wanted to make sure I looked and smiled at all our guests but darn it that walk is so quick and all you see is your groom. My groom did look ever so ravishing in his Reiss suit, the smartest I have ever seen him. He accessorised with shirt and tie from Next and shoes from Topman, he looked blimming divine and even after all the “discussions” about him not wanting to wear a waistcoat and me really wanting him to..he did cos he is awesome. So, I arrived at the top, covered in tears probably looking like something out of a horror film, and Mr M touched my hand, smiled and told me to pull it together or he would start crying and no one wants to see that. Haha, I know it’s not really romantic but it was just what I needed to hear to stop me blubbing and because he knows me he knew that it would help.


Our ceremony was the most perfect and out of this world experience I have ever had, if I had know how perfect that moment would be I would have had that and nothing else. My sister did our reading beautifully which was one I saw on here the first time I came on and read Madame O’Shea’s report “Maybe”. It summed up everything I thought and everybody said how emotional it was and wonderful, my sister’s lip quivered ever so slightly but my other sister stifled it by laughing (we are staunch non criers people). My oldest niece played a guitar solo that was just so perfect I burst into tears again, in fact one of my favourite photo’s is of me clapping at the end and my sister handing me another tissue, I may have “WOOP”’ed her as well. There were a few funny moments when the registrar asked if anyone had any reason to object and Mr M and I scanned the room really quickly and both said “nope” and also when I went to put the ring on Mr M’s right hand because I am that bad with my left and right. Seriously tear jerking stuff.

I kept my calm while we said our vows and each word we said just made my heart so happy and I felt so full of love and joy and will just always remember that moment we were announced husband and wife (I may have WOOP’ed again I won’t lie). We signed our register and REM played while we had photo’s taken.

Then walking back down the aisle to the prodigy song “Stand up” which never ceases to make us smile, it was the most surreal but amazing experience.

We said hello to all our lovely guests and then Amy our fabulous photographer took us away for our photo’s just us two. It was such a lovely time to have to ourselves and chat and I was just so pleased to be reunited with Mr M and to know we had two glorious weeks ahead of us on holiday. Amy, off of Especially Amy, was an absolute star and was more than a photographer, she helped so much in the morning when there were countless people knocking on our door. She kept helping me to take a deep breath when I was filling up, gave me a hug when certain things didn’t go to plan, and just so friendly and lovely to have around.

Many of our guests were chatting to her throughout the day, and she has given us the greatest gift, a whole lot of beautiful images to remember our big day with. Walking around Leeds City Centre in a huge wedding gown and a snazzy suit was certainly an experience; we got wooped by a lot of people and asked to kiss whilst on the bridge having photo’s taken.

Photography – Especially Amy

Brides Dress – Suzanne Neville

Brides Earrings – Liberty In Love

Brides Shoes – Coast

Make-up – Thembi at MAC

Flowergirl Dresses – Monsoon

Grooms Suit – Reiss

Alex…..you are such a beauty.

And there’s more! Hooray!

Come back soon for Part 2 folks.

Big Alex Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

49 thoughts on “What Alex Did…Went And Said A Big Fat I Ruddy Well Do! Part 1.

  1. Haven’t started reading yet, but wanted to nab the top comment spot to say I’M SO EXCITED about redaing this and seeing all your pictures, Alex!

    Right, off to read…

  2. Just wow! You look amazing, and what a great report! My family are also non-criers, but I just know I’m going to blub the whole ceremony for ours, so you’re not alone!! Congrats again 🙂 xx

  3. Oh blooming heck Alex, this is beautiful and I may have got tingles reading this!

    You make such a beautiful bride and I can’t wait for part 2. Now please?

    Loves, Rach xxxxx

  4. Ooooooo I was wondering about the crying thing only the other day…I am not a crier, seriously, even the Big C who has seen me in my ‘softer’ moments will testify to the fact that it takes a lot to move me…

    However, recently, I seem to have become one! I am unsure whether it is because of the wedding, because I am going to be an aunty for the first time exactly two weeks before the wedding and I am overjoyed for my big sister, or whether it’s just an age thing…We went to watch Salmon Fishing in the Yemen the other day (the film, not actual salmon fishing) and I cried with happiness pretty much all the way through! I was appalled at my inability to get a grip!

    @Alex – I think you look so beautiful, there is no reason at all for this face hate! Your hair is so Brigitte Bardot and that is no bad thing!

    I love the shot of the bright blue sandals…

    And on the photo where you are unfolding your veil with your mama…I am presuming that is your dress hanging over the door? What is it covered in? This is making me smile as my dress is currently in a spare room at my mum and dads, and my mum, God love her, has fashioned a kind of ‘dress tent’ out of old duvet covers…seriously, as soon as you enter the room you have to pull up duvet cover, after duvet cover…I rang home the other night and my dad was obviously upstairs and my mum was shouting ‘Don’t you knock any of those duvet covers, Alan, they are strategically arranged, and I know the positioning of each and every one…if you move just a corner of one, you’re going under the patio.’ Dress protection is obviously a big deal to my mum. Just hope she lets me wear the ruddy thing on the day!

    Can’t wait for Part Deux!


  5. More please, right now!! I demand it, Charlotte!! Pleeeeeeease?!?!?!

    Alex – I’m crying at work for the second time today, but this time they’re HAPPY tears – awesome report so far beaut 🙂

  6. OH ALEX!!!!

    You just made me cry in class again!!!!

    YOu are SUCH a STUNNING person inside and out!!!!

    That one of you putting your earrings in is AMAZING!!!

    And your report is EPIC!!!!! Love how you’ve written it.. feels like we’re there with you!!!!

    BUt I NEED part two NOW!!! Pretty Please!!!!

  7. Amazing amazing amazing!!!!!

    I’m a non-crier, and now you’ve got me all sorts of worried I’m going to be blubbering my way through the wedding (I’m imagining years of pent-up tears just flooding through).

    I can’t believe I have to wait for part two…. *sigh*

    Seriously, that dress is spectacular and so so so worth it – you look a million dollars! And your hair looks fab too. In fact, really, everything looks absolutely fabulous.

    Cannot WAIT for the next part

  8. Wonderful – absolutely wonderful!

    Alex – I don’t know you but you sound like me!!! And the whole non-crier/now a complete crier thing – I used to be exactly the same but the ‘crying at everything’ vibe has taken over me with a vengeance! I am SO going to blub!!!!

    Really looking forward to Part 2! You look WONDERFUL – have I already said that??

  9. Wow – reading this made me mist up and do a little gasp right at my desk with OTHER people around. I don’t think any colleagues saw, which is just as well as they’d wonder about my sanity I’m sure.

    This is so amazingly touching and beautifully written. I can’t wait to read more, and hopefully see some more of your lovely photos!

  10. Alex, your day looks like it was amazing! I too love the pic of you putting your earrings in, and your waist looks tiny in the pics. Great details pics too and I can feel the whole vibe of your day and everything that was important to you and Mr M literally jumping off the pages.

    I know from experience that its disappointing when things that you’ve spent months planning don’t go exactly how you wanted/imagined/planned them to go, but it certainly hasn’t spoilt your day or the pictures in anyway.

    Roll on Part 2 please!

  11. Lovely to read such a personal account of the whole day. I’m so nervous about mine – don’t know what to expect. Will I be a crier? Haha. Really enjoyed reading this 🙂 xx

  12. I have been waiting for this!! And I love how its so detailed -such a good read!

    Alex it all looks AMAZING! I too love that pic of you with the earring and Mr M looks v handsome too! Also am loving the venue!

    Cant wait for part 2

    Rachie xo

  13. Aw that was such a beautiful wedding report, the pictures are amazing, you both look fab! Can’t wait for part two! x

  14. Ahhh Alex! You are such a beauty!

    I’ll be honest, sometimes I look at the pictures first then read the words, but this, I had to read.. then go back to look at all the pics… think it says something about your writing!

    Congratulations again hun… it looks like such a beautiful day. Cant wait for the next installment!

  15. Alex you look so gorgeous! how can you possibly face hate?!

    Love your hair and shoes especially – just perfect! X

  16. Okay, here I am pretending to write a report on something utterly boring work related but sneaking a peek at this instead… successfully gulping back the lump in my throat until this bit… “looked up and saw my groom, my one true love, and all I could see was him and his beautiful warm smile and I just wanted to get to him.”

    Now i’m IN FLOODS at my desk!!

    I’ve had to abandon it until I get home tonight before anyone notices. So beautifully written! Cant wait to finish it off and then read more!! xxx

  17. Alex I totally love this report, and all the pictures which you look amazing in!

    I especially love your make up, your hair and your awesome owl pyjamas, where are they from?! (I have a weird thing about cute owls!)

    But most of all I love how happy and excited you clearly were, and still are, to be married xx

  18. I loved your account of the morning and day/week running up to the day. I cried the whole way through (I am a crier!).
    Your hair and make up are ace, you look fab and i know want eyelashes and sexy eyeliner!

  19. Beautiful! As soon as I got to the bit about your music, I went to you tube and put on “Kisses and Cake” and listened while I read the rest of the report. I feel like I was there, haha!

  20. YEY!!!! So happy to be reading this. Alex you have written a great report. Love the shot of you at the mirror holding up your veil. Mr M sounds so freaking adorable, love him.

    More please! xxxxxxxx

  21. I’d love to read Ms O’Shea’s “Maybe” report to spy the wedding reading mentioned – does anyone have a link to this?

    A search just seems to throw up anything with the word “maybe” in it …

  22. Alex – that was such a brilliant read! I could picture your morning so much that it was giving me butterflies (excited butterflies!) about mine!
    Can’t wait to read the next part – make it quick!!!
    I’m also not a crier and i think Mr M (my Mr M that is) was a little disappointed i didn’t cry when he proposed – maybe he’ll regret his words if i blub everywhere on the day!


  23. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Beautiful wedding and very beautiful bride. It’s been so lovely hearing your journey and can’t wait for the next bit, that one was super sweet and tres amusing at same time (problem we have is that my Dad is the crier…gulp…).

    Gorgeous! xx

  24. Oh no! I am definitely very English stiff-upper-lip but uncharacteristically nearly blubbed when I found a wedding dress the other day and now reading this, I fear I’m going to be just like Alex! And I am not an elegant weeper – more of a gurner.

    She looks gorge and you can feel the love (people). What a lovely close family too.

    PS Alex: just googled your reading. SO nicking that. Even if it won’t help with the blubbing – any mascara tips?!

  25. Loving the love for this, Alex – it really does feel like we’re with you at your wedding 😉

    @Peridot – amazing, amazing, AMAZING waterproof mascara – 24hr False Lash Effect by Maxfactor. I discovered on Sunday that no amount of tears or rain will shift it! (Broke down on the M5 – had to wait outside for 40 mins!)

  26. Gorge! Simple, classic, elegant wedding, love.

    I too am afraid that I’m going to turn into a cryer; I’ve definitely started crying a whole lot more since that rock got on my finger. Happy tears are lovely though!

    Beaut dress too – I am eyeing up a Suzanne Neville at the moment (Spellbound) – would love to hear how comfy you found it…

    I also really love, LOVE your pink owl pyjamas… that’s my kind of wedding eve outfit.. where oh where are they from?!?


    Ahem. Right, so I am soooooooooooooo sorry I am so late, I have been at work all afternoon and the poxy pc kept flashing up with “access banned…excess word count/ pornographic content”!?? I was starting to think Charlotte had re-written my story in all Mills and Boon like detail!!! Phew!!

    So here I am, I love all your comments they make me super happy and I am so glad your not all fast asleep after all the reading this requires! I didn’t know how to edit it at all!

    @ Pamela, it is indeed a duvet love, I collected it in it so it didn’t crease..and it was an IKEA duvet too! Classy bird me! I totally gawked out with the crying…I’m not sure what that means but it sounds right. I have not cried since, be reassured!

    @ Kim Martyn the reading is available on this link if you would like it…https://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100715085346AAHU7MG. It’s lovely.

    @ Charlotte…I love my theme tune it’s brill…I will try to learn the words and sing it daily til I believe it! And thanks for the immense introduction…it made me feel all spesh and warm.

    @Laura S, the owl pj’s were from La Senza when it was closing down that time, and they were a fricking steal at nine quid down from summat like £20 odd!!!

    Seriously you ladies have made my year with your loveliness and I can’t wait til you see part two!! I may be late to the party again seeing as apparantely the NHS think my wedding report contains pornographic material (sorry to dissapoint but if Charlotte wants I can add a part three on 😉 )….I’ll be having my arse hauled into an office and being asked what the bejesus I am trying to get onto at work!!!

    p.s. my husband is pretty ruddy brilliant!! xx

  28. Oh Alex how beautiful. You and your wedding! Amazing wedding report, too – so funny and honest. Can’t wait to read part two! Congratulations!!!

    @Kim Martyn – I think the reading was probably this one:
    (Alex? Charlotte? Am I right?!).


    Maybe we are supposed to meet the wrong people before we meet the right one, so when they finally arrive we are truly grateful for the gift we have been given.

    Maybe it’s true that we don’t know what we have lost until we lose it, but it is also true that we don’t know what we’re missing until it arrives.

    Maybe the happiest of people don’t have the best of everything, but make the best of everything that comes their way.

    Maybe the best kind of love is the kind where you sit on the sofa together, not saying a word, and walk away feeling like it was the best conversation you ever had.

    Maybe once in a lifetime you find someone who not only touches your heart but also your soul, someone who loves you for who you are and not what you could be.

    Maybe the art of true love is not about finding the perfect person, but about seeing an imperfect person perfectly.

    Lovely, isn’t it?

  29. Oops Alex I didn’t mean to throw in a random magazine title. I meant – you look beautiful and so did your wedding day! So, no more face hate please.


  30. That is indeed the reading!
    It was really emotional..the ceremoy was as a whole though really. The lovliest things people have said, for me, were that you could really tell we meant our vows and that he was super proud of me and we looked madly in love.

    I loved that people could tell just how important those vows were to us, it really did mean the world!! xxx

  31. While reading this I cried when you cried and felt sick when you did, all the while walking through your journey as if it were my own big day in my venue. Beautiful account. Sounds like you had an amazing day. X

  32. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous wedding with us Alex and for being so candid. I CANNOT wait for Part 2…. I’m also with you on the how many car-loads dilemma… I’m getting married in just under a month’s time and I have to say that other than the first dance, getting everything to the venue is the bit I’m dreading the most!

  33. I just have to say – that black and white photo of you having your hair done is so absolutely stunning, there are no words.



  34. Your wedding looks fabulous! I especially love the colour of your shoes and the MAC team did a fantastic job with your make-up. Congratulations on your gorgeous day!

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