What Alex Did…Went And Said A Big Fat I Ruddy Well Do! Part 2

Proud. That’s how Alex described her emotions as her brand spanking new husband stood to address the room brimming with nearest and dearest. I must take this opportunity to say that we at RMW are proud to have had Alex as one of our real brides.

Her tales has never failed to be entertianing, honest and always written from the heart. And this last bumper installment is arguably her best work yet.

So, without further ado let’s jump back into part 2 of Alex’s report – acommpanied by the awesome imagery of Especially Amy. And if you have not read part 1 yet then check it out now!

Food Glorious Food!

We went back up and before we had time to even speak to everyone it was time for dinner yay! So, we were announced as Mr and Mrs M and took to our seats, which by the way is super difficult in a huge dress and veil and it took some time to get sat down.

The speeches began and my godfather started it off with a lovely and touching story of me growing up and of our favourite memories, perfect. My sister then did her tale of my childhood and everything since and that too was just perfect and had plenty of people laughing, especially me! Then, my gorgeous groom took to his feet and did me super proud with his speech, the right amount of jokes, compliments and thank yous, I have never been more proud.

We had a delicious three course meal (chicken liver parfait or spiced prawn cocktail, goats cheese stuffed chicken with crispy bacon and dauphinois potatoes, veg and roast potatoes and a beef wellington parcel served with the same, and to finish a chocolate hobnob base vanilla cheesecake with chocolate ganash topping or sticky toffee pudding with butterscotch sauce). We have received so many compliments about the food at Malmaison, that it wasn’t the typical wedding food and barely any was left over! Glasses were kept topped up and looking around the room seeing all our nearest and dearest enjoying a lovely meal and having a good time was really wonderful.

Evening Shenanigans

Dinner over with, time had flown so time for a quick change of hair, touch up of makeup and pinning up of dress and the evening guests were arriving! It was really great to have a fresh lot of people come and see us for the first time as a married couple and ready to have a good time.

We headed on over to cut our wedding cake, which was a beautiful fruit cake made my Mr M’s auntie who had also made us a chocolate fudge cake, a carrot cake and a tower of amazing cupcakes! We didn’t manage to get any but were assured they were to die for by our guests!!

Then we whizzed round for the first dance, this was somewhat difficult because we are not good dancers, and the first song was a pretty slow number “The book of love” by Peter Gabriel which we then quickly changed for Stevie Wonder’s Signed Sealed Delivered for a bit of up-tempo dancing!
Our Ipod playlist became somewhat of a disaster as our evening guests were after a bit of a boogie and put their own music on to dance to and we had put our guests favourite songs on our Ipod for them to listen to. But, the dance floor got filled and people danced and to be honest it didn’t really matter too much other than a few disappointed day guests that didn’t hear the song choices they asked us for. I think overall they didn’t mind too much.

Time To Elope

We were ready to elope together by about nine thirty (I know, how sad!) so we hung about and made sure people tucked into the delicious buffet food, again tons of compliments about the standard of the food! And my husband and I went up to our room at a respectable ten thirty pm, and we laughed and talked and dissected the day and the day before until about one in the morning. And waking up in the morning to see my amazing husband laid next to me about to start our married life together was one of the best feelings! I was more excited the morning after the wedding than the morning of the wedding… Who would have thought! We went down and all had breakfast together which was another really nice time and something that will probably rarely happen, and then off we went on our honeymoon!

Things I Wish I Had Done/Thought About!

A few things I probably need to mention. No matter how much you think you might need to do yourself, it’s probably best not to leave yourself too much to do the day before and the morning of the wedding in order to relax as much as possible. If you’re not the relaxing type then fire away, but I wish I had had a bit more time to just wind down rather than get everything set up and ready.

The morning of the wedding was such a rush and in the final hour especially and I ended up walking down the aisle without my something old (my grandmas wedding and eternity ring), my something borrowed (my sisters garter) and a gorgeous fur stole I had bought from Suzanne Neville that my sister had taken into her room by mistake. However, I quickly got over it and put my garter on for a wee while in the evening and it didn’t affect the day at all.

I know some people really love planning their wedding and are gutted when it’s over, however my wedding planning wasn’t exactly what I expected and didn’t take over our lives or stress us out and to be honest I can safely say I am really happy to be on the other side. Our wedding day was lovely but being married is by far the best thing and essentially all we wanted out of it. The venue and the staff at Malmaison Leeds were out of this world and we could praise them enough, it is definitely somewhere we will always go back to and would recommend to anyone looking for a city wedding.
Lots of married love,

Alex xx

Photography – Especially Amy

Brides Dress – Suzanne Neville

Brides Earrings – Liberty In Love

Brides Shoes – Coast

Make-up – Thembi at MAC

Flowergirl Dresses – Monsoon

Grooms Suit – Reiss

Venue – Malmaison Leeds

Thank you for sharing your journey with us Alex, and I don’t blame you one bit for slinking off a bit early.

Alex really does have a way with words – her report is actually very calming to read and really paints the picture of a beautiful day that was clearly full of love and emotion. I love the bit about stayiong up till 1am… Laughing and dissecting the days events.

Alex and Mr M may just be the cutest couple to ever grace these polka dotted pages.


Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

26 thoughts on “What Alex Did…Went And Said A Big Fat I Ruddy Well Do! Part 2

  1. Really Radiant bride, such gorgeous skin! Bouquet is amazeballs….love the texture of the flowers, totally looked like the ‘just picked’ that i love. The 2nd last photo of them together…it made me feel all lovely, they look so content and happy. Really made me excited for my big day now….8 weeks today! yay!

  2. the p.s i love you song that the now Mrs M walked into is so beautiful. That is one of my favourite films ever. Sending the john Powell soundtrack to my videographer so he can use it on creating the soundtrack for our W-day dvd.
    Am i super organised?! who knows! aww i’m all emotional now…but i easily get that way!

  3. Yay! I am just in time to catch this!!!
    I will come back later on when people have seen it, but can I just say a huge huge thank you to RMW for allowing me the chance to share this day with you all. They have been wonderful and also allowed me to meet an amazing set of ladies!

    Real brides, you are so amazing and having you all to talk to pre and post wedding is such a massive pleasure. I really will keep in touch (you try and stop me) and cannot wait to see all your weddings and hear all about them!

    I think your all marvellous, and all the RMW ladies Adam and all the lovely community! You rock!!!!!

    Seriously big love peeps, xxx

    Oh and it’s friday!!! Yay!!! xx

  4. Thanks to the description of the dessert, I have just text three other office folk who I know will be on their way into work saying, “Please can you stop at the shop and get a packet of choc Hobnobs. Ta.” I’m going to end up with three packets aren’t I…and I am on the wedding diet so really i should only lick the top of one and maybe smell it???? But then it is a Friday!

    I adore the photo where Mr M is carrying Alex’s train and her face is giggling away…super, super, super cute.

    I am going to follow Alex’s advice and try the day before and the morning of the wedding to relax and let others do the set up. It’s going to be tough but I am just going to blooming well do it…because in the words of the Big C, ‘You’re going to have a stroke if you don’t slow down. Something has to give and it can’t be you. You’re the lynch pin of the day!’.

    My mother overheard this and said: “Yes, draw me a picture of how you want everything to be. I’ll do my best to stick to it but you and I both know I probably won’t…because I’m your mother and you got that ‘I know best’ streak from me. I mean it certainly didn’t come from your dad that’s for sure, I mean he’s clueless. Hecame downstairs yesterday in a cardigan that I swear was made for One Direction.”

    @Alex – thank you so much for all the advice through your posts. Your honesty is so, so, so appreciated!


  5. Awww what a beautiful wedding, congrats to you both – Alex looks cherubic! I’m so glad you talked about avoiding having too much to do right before the wedding – I’m now off to explain to my lorry driver that he may well in charge of a few things while I do my eyeliner!x

  6. A beautiful wedding Mr and Mrs M! I have been welling up at my desk for two days now!

    Love that pic of you both in front of the mirrors X

  7. Awwwww such a lovely part 2!!! I particularly love the picture of your friend handing you a tissue during the ceremony – it looks brilliant!!! Seriously that dress is AMAZING, I love it! And the veil is also beautiful, it really suits you 🙂

    I think 10:30pm is a perfectly reasonable time to be going off to bed and it’s lovely that you spent some time just the two of you after that.


  8. Alex – you make a gorgeous, radient bride! Congratulations.

    Love seeing Leeds Mal in all its glory too – such a fabulous venue.

    I doubt that anyone will have a day without little hiccups – but in the grand scheme of things they just aren’t important. It’s the next chapter that is 😀


  9. Ahhh, Alex, this is a beautiful last report!

    I love the picture of you walking up the aisle with your dad, all teary. And the ones of you and David dancing – you both look so happy and carefree.

    You’ve captured the emotion of the ceremony and speeches so well and I’m with Celine – 10.30 sounds completely reasonable to me 😉

    J xx

    PS: Painted my own nails grey last night – you did a waaaay better job!

  10. Oh Alex it looks SOOOO loverly!!!

    Can’t believe it’s your last post though! But YAY we get to stay in touch via our magical group!!!!

    Your pictures are just perfect and you can see the LOVE piercing through each and everyone!!!

    What a stunning bride you were!!!!

  11. Aah Alex you look so so gorgeous and radiant! I love that picture of you walking back up the aisle. Beautiful flowers too!

    I have so enjoyed sharing your weddng journey!

    Rachie xo

  12. Alex: you’re a very pretty girl and your eyelashes are Disney-esque! I also love the dark red nail polish – very chic.

    And the idea of sneaking off, just the two of you, is so romantic and sweet. I think I will be extracting my fiance with brute force at the end of the evening!

  13. A beautiful part 2 – so much emotion coming through in your photos.

    I think its a physical impossibility that everything will run completely perfectly and without hiccups, but the important thing is how you deal with it – you certainly didn’t let it spoil your day and as I’ve said before … the wedding day is only the first day of the rest of your marriage. Being able to get through things together and enjoy being with each other is a fabulous start to a wonderful marriage.

  14. Thanks lovelies, things did indeed go wrong and you just deal with it and move on. I think it helped a lot that I never fell for the “it’s the best day of your life ever” and just knew it would be one of many really great days. How can you have a best day ever anyway when you are so happy? They are all mostly great…apart from the odd shit one here and there of course.

    Our wedding was about our love for each other and getting married, and the after is sooooo brilliant you do start to forget the bits that bummed you out on the day.

    I also forgot to mention that the amazing team at Malmaison also secretly upgraded our stay in the Newcastle malmaison to a fancy pants suite with complimentary champers! And when we got back to our room in Leeds after the wedding they had also given us a bottle of champers!! SUPERSTARS!

    You are all fabby and I love you all long time.

    @Jo…I will paint your nails anytime love!

    God I want to show you all my entire photo collection from the wedding your comments are that great!


  15. ALLLEEEXXXXXX, will miss you so much on these polka pages, but lucky for me I get to keep in touch via the magical group. For the record, I know your hair didn’t go according to your original plan, but I think it looks absolutely great. Love the volume at the back and the bits at the side. In fact I might show (my somewhat dubious) hairdresser your pics.

    Love the pic of you and your hubby at the end of the aisle and you looking up into his face, melt alert!

    You also have a china doll face, it is soooo ruddy perfect and majorly photogenic, so another alert, but a jel one this time!

    What a beautiful set of images you will have forever and ever. I guess the tricky decision you have now is which ones to display!!!

    Big big love super-Alex

    Kel xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  16. This is gorgeous, I was also wondering why I’m not all that excited with 4 weeks to go but you have just made me realise the whole point and now I’m uber excited!!xx

  17. So glad I wasn’t the only one who was shattered by 9.30…we also left at 10.30 and was the best decision 🙂 Beautiful images and thanks for sharing your story with us!

  18. Ahhh Alex.. sorry missed this, I’ve been away and then in recovery!! (hen weekend) This is so lovely. Glad everthing worked out so perfectly 😉

  19. Really nice to read such an honest account of your wedding day. It sounds like you absolutely nailed all of the important bits! Great advice and congratulations!

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