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What Carly Did… Invites & Travel

Hi girls & boys, hope you are all enjoying the first signs of spring. I don’t know about you but as soon as there is a bit of blue in the sky and the flowers are starting to bloom I automatically feel a whole lot brighter.

This month has been pretty productive and I am thrilled to announce the list is getting shorter.

The next step…. The part I think I have been looking forward to most, Getting the invites & stationery made up and sent out….what style have you gone for?? We have spent lots of time trying to decide what style of invite we wanted, and to be honest we were spoilt for choice as my sister has her own wedding stationery company, Betsy Button. Nicola, Sarah, Sophie, Stef & Jackie have all produced wonderful designs that I love and are all different from one another. There are lots of stationary companies that produce the standard invite with the ribbon and gem heart which are lovely but just not what I wanted or would have been in keeping with our theme. In the past 12 months we have received such a variety of wedding stationery all just as stunning as each other but at the same time all so very different.

I feel that the invites are so important as it is an insight for our guests as to what will be in store for them on our big day and knew I wanted them to have a pretty, vintage feel but at the same time have a fun, playful theme. It goes without saying when it came to designing ours it would be Betsy Button who would be the creator. My big sis Gem let me see samples of invites from previous weddings and went through what she thought would work well to incorporate the look of our day and we have come up with a completely unique design perfect for us and our day. I am in LOVE with what has been produced . When it came to the final design I got a bit panicky as I adore all of the designs from Betsy and wanted them all as each one has such lovely elements!


Before we came to the final piece we spent a lot of time on Pinterest , which to be fair wasn’t really needed because I couldn’t find anything that totally caught my eye. I think I already knew what I wanted but having said this I feel that if I hadn’t then it would definitely have been another life saver on this amazing journey. We are in the process of putting the last few together and then we will have the job of writing and delivering them . We were given the option of having all the details printed but I have to admit I think it adds a personal touch when they are hand written. I have told Mikey to make no plans for the next couple of weekends because I want to get them all delivered and hopefully do most by hand….wish us luck!


I have a question for you all….how are you getting or how did you get to the church?? It’s something we have been discussing for what seems like forever. TRANSPORT!!!
It has been one of the last big things we have needed to arrange. As soon as we booked The Fishermans Retreat as our venue we decided to provide transport for our guests who are staying over at the hotel we are going to wake up as Mr & Mrs. We felt that doing so would make it easier for everyone the next day as it will mean all their cars will be at the accommodation.

Originally we had so many ideas of ways we would get to the church and venue, the major being camper vans, we love them and oh how Mikey dreams of owning one. We thought it would be great having the ushers and maids turning up to church in a convoy, we spent months looking into the different styles and colours but after all this effort we came to the conclusion that it would take up so much of our budget due to the fact that we would need to hire 4-5. We had to be realistic and prioritise as it would also mean we wouldn’t be able to provide wheels for our day guests. Back to the drawing board it was. What ideas have you had??


We were both a bit disappointed as we have talked about the campers van so much and set our hearts on them but then the brother-in-law came up trumps. James suggested that his dad be our driver for the day in his Aston Martin Db6, a car which I have adored ever since my big sis used it as her wedding car. So the plan is for Big John to drive Mikey and his best man to church and then pick me and dad up. Following the ceremony he will then drive Mikey and I to the venue. I am over the moon we have got things sorted.


Now our transport was sorted we got on to the task of hunting down wheels for our nearest and dearest. Once again the tinternet was my saviour, I don’t know where I would be without my I Pad, it has saved my life!! We needed to find something that would be big enough for our tribe as well as suit the style of the wedding. It would have been so simple to just book a big coach to take everyone but I wanted the guest to travel in style. We looked at all different styles and narrowed it down to a vintage double decker. We felt that it would suit our style perfectly. We looked at several different companies and then came across RMBuses, a company based not too far away who provided the perfect transport. I gave them a ring and they were lovely, they spent time going over what they can do for us and made me feel really happy and best of all it was big enough to fit the tribe.


Have any of you found this stressful?? I am so please we have everything all sorted.

Before I go I would just like to say a BIG congratulations to our bride to be Jackie who gets married this month… I am so very excited for her and cant wait to see the 1st RMW bride of 2014. Whoop whoop!!

Till next time….happy planning,

Carly. X

Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

25 thoughts on “What Carly Did… Invites & Travel

  1. How beautiful are your invites Carly, I love the floral detail and the colours. Betsy Button really does have some lovely ideas. Glad your list is getting shorter, you can start to relax now and work on the fun stuff.

    1. I don’t even think we will get to have a ride in it Sarah 🙁 but as long as the guest have fun and it gets them all there on time that’s the main thing. I may just have to get a sneaky photo on it at some point though. X

  2. Another great post Carly, 120 days and we can hop aboard that bus. Let the fun times roll. This is gonna be the best day of our livessss xx

  3. Fab post Carly, I’m a bit delayed at reading it sorry! Sounds like you are doing a wonderful job at ticking items off your to do list, well done you guys. So jealous of your car it’s gorgeous I love a vintage AM!!! Thanks for you congrats slightly scary as I only have 3 weeks to go aaahhhh!! Xxx

  4. You invites will be amazing!! Good luck! We also made them and hand delivered them…though a few are still lying around! Eeek!

    I wasn’t that fussed about transport at all. I didn’t see the point on spending my precious budget on something that some people won’t even see! But my parents insisted and so are paying for 2 vintage citreons! 🙂 Ciaran loves them as they match his love for prohibition vintage 🙂

    It’s all coming together now! It will be with you in no time!

    1. Oh stef I love the old citreons, they look amazing, it was my mum who suggested the guest transport as well as she said it will make things so much easier for everyone. I adore the invites, betsy really is the best .xx

  5. This is so lovely Carly, what a wonderful record of planning to keep for years to come! I love the invites, you gave great taste, simply beautiful … Can’t wait for the big day … love you both xxx

    1. Aw thanks charlotte, We are planning on having a crown on the DB6, which we still need to tell john about!!we are so lucky to have access to it, cant wait to see it decorated.

  6. The invites are stunning carly, I look how different they pretty!!! And the db6 is going to look fab, exciting times ahead.x

  7. Sorry I’m late to this honey! I can’t wait to see how your invitations come out!! I know they’re going to be amazing. Keep us posted with photos!

    DB6 – uber cool! That will be fab! xxx

  8. Whoop for getting your transport sorted, love that big red bus, your guests are going to have a hoot. As will you guys in that fancy ride (made even better after you’ve pimped it with some flowers… not sure that’s been done on pimp my ride before!)

    Your sis is soooooo clever and creative, those invitations are gorg and defo set the tone for your big day – you guys are the cutest!! Love the scrabble letters 🙂


    1. I can’t wait to pimp our ride, ha ha!! Big john is going to hate it but it will look so cute. Gem really is the best,xx

  9. Hey Carly,

    Love reading the tales of wedding planning, great post.

    Although I’m not engaged or getting married any time soon, my dream wedding consists of me arriving by horse. Because I love horses. I am aware of how totally impractical this is. But someone somewhere must have done this…right?

    Good luck with choosing yours – so many great options. Feel free to nick my horse idea. 😀

    Harriet 😀 x

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