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What Carly Did Next… Let Mikey Choose

Hey there guys & girls, I hope you are all well and getting used to this winter weather. I can’t believe how cold it’s gone or how fast the time is going…. If you remember I mentioned last month how we were struggling to find the perfect music to suit our evening reception and I was having a slight breakdown……well I am thrilled to announce we have found our band/D.J. I am sooooooo excited as they are amazing.

When we first got chosen to be one of 2014 RMW real brides me and Mikey made a deal that he could write one of our posts ALL ON HIS OWN!!!!! Mikey has had the final say on all of the music from start to finish so felt this one would be right up his street… goes……….

Helloooo so, I’m Mikey….Carly’s other half and groom to be. Before I start can I say a big thank you to everyone who voted for us to be one of RMW Real brides.

I think in most weddings music is one of the only things the groom is given the final say so on or, if not, it is in my case…. Ha ha!!! I love music of all genres especially live performances so it was therefore a no brainer…a band was definitely on the top of our wish list for the big day. Whilst looking into music for the evening reception we came across The Dotted Crotchets, an amazing string quartet who perform music from chart to golden oldies. After watching them perform at a wedding fare I knew we had to have them, I must be honest string quartets never crossed my mind but after listening to them they just fit our theme perfectly. They are brilliant at what they do and are so cool to watch. We booked them there and then, you seriously need to check them out. We will be having them play whilst guests arrive at the church and then throughout the service when required, when we arrive at the drinks reception we will have them playing and also whilst our guests play and enjoy the fete games…so that was the daytime music sorted another big ✔️

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Ready To Boogie

At the night reception I was adamant I wanted a band – drums, guitar, bass, the lot, I was becoming groomzilla with this. we scoured the internet for hours at a time and day after day. We went to gigs and was recommended bands from everyone and everywhere but every time we saw one something was never exactly what we wanted, until one of our friends saw one and contacted Carly, the band were phenomenal, exactly what I had been looking for, the way they performed was so clever how they interlinked different songs and genres was entertaining as well as cool…

We went to watch them at a gig they were playing, and we booked them on the spot. So, there we have it, the dotted crotchets and the Jackson Kay band booked and ready to boogie..

During the night reception the band will play 2x 45 mins sets and dj in between. We want everyone up dancing and the floor full. We are going to ask our guests for their favourite song of all time and include it in their RSVP to the day. We will try and have it played at some point throughout the day. Obviously dependant on the choice….there will be no ganghamstyle ha ha!!!! I have all my faith in the Jackson Kay band after watching their wedding gigs on you tube I know everyone will be up, hands clapping, feet stomping ,air guitars ,dancing round handbags the lot. They have even said if we have a song we would like for our first dance and they don’t know they will practice it to perfection…… We think we have chosen our first dance song however Carly keeps coming up with new ideas, the only problem is that each song she chooses is either about death, breaking up or drugs. Which as you have probably guessed doesn’t really fit the bill. When she tells me about the latest song I ask her to listen to the words properly and I will watch her reaction change as she realises. There’s been a couple of occasions when she has looked at me and said ‘ do you not think they could change the words for us?’

God I love this girl!!!!

carly and mikey_0003

I Am The Music Man

What type of music will you all be having played throughout your big day??? Will you be having a band??

I know Carly has mentioned her and the other RMW Brides have discussed this and each one is doing something different. There are so many varieties and styles/interpretations around now a days you could get really stuck for choice but our main aim was to fill the dance floor and appeal to all ages.

Music plays a big part of any wedding don’t you think?? The dance floor seems to be the place no one wants to go to at the start of any shin dig yet it’s also the place no one wants to get off at the end, we will be having music from all decades, something for us.. Something for mum and dad and also something for the grandparents. We want everybody up on the night throwing shapes and having fun like there is no tomorrow, and I’m sure we won’t be disappointed.

Role on Friday 4th July 2014, 100% guaranteed it’s going to be the best day of my life,


P.S Carly wishes you all a very merry Christmas and says she shall see you all in the new year.

Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

22 thoughts on “What Carly Did Next… Let Mikey Choose

  1. Hello Mikey *waves*

    So nice to have a groom write a piece for us! Music was the most important part of my wedding – and the biggest slice of the budget.

    Your band sound absolutely perfect! Um…can I come along to the reception?!

    Charlotte xxx

    1. Charlotte he has been in his element writing this months blog, ha ha!!! Think the next few May turn out to be a joint effort. The band are amazing, I’m so pleased we have found them. 🙂 xx

  2. Ahh welcome Mikey!! So nice to see one of our grooms on the blog! Sounds like you did a brilliant job with the music. It’s such an important part of a wedding. I’m sure your reception is going to be an awesome party! X

  3. Hi Mikey,
    Your band sound great. We ourselves our going for a vintage circus theme for the day and so to fit in with that idea we are hiring a vintage jukebox. We also loved the idea of guests choosing songs and with this idea guests can come and add their choice directly to the playlist. I hope it will be a really fun choice. I love the sound of your string quartet iv always quite liked the idea of having one playing outside, Im sure they will really add to the atmosphere. x

    1. Charlotte he has been in his element writing this months blog, ha ha!!! Think the next few May turn out to be a joint effort. The band are amazing, I’m so pleased we have found them. 🙂 xx

      1. What a numpty I am!! Writing on the wrong post and under Mikey’s e-mail!!

        Hi Emily, a vintage circus themed wedding sounds like one amazing day. I love the idea of the jukebox idea as well. 🙂

  4. Hi guys, so glad I got the chance to write this one, I can’t imagine I will get another one haha, I actually enjoyed doing this as music is a big part of both our lives.. We couldn’t string a note between us but god we can boogie!!

  5. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and epic new year,
    Take care, maybe you’ll here from me again!! (I’ll be lucky)
    Much love Mikey xx

  6. Hello Mikey! Sooo lush to hear from you, your choices sound amazing and can’t wait to hear what you do end up first dancing to!!! Have a lush christmas you guys xxx

  7. Hello Mr Mikey!!

    Excellent read and I am really looking forward to hearing all about the entertainment! From everything we have heard from Carly it sounds like your day is going to be fabtastical!! I reckon Carly should deff’s let you write up again 😉 (she is going to hate me for saying that! hehe)


    P.s. Awesome engagement shoot pictures – you have a super model on your hands there!!

  8. This sounds immense!! So glad you held out for a band that you both absolutely love! You’ll be dragging me off that dance floor at the em do the night! Love Carly’s idea to change the words in the song-what’s wrong with that?! Ha,ha!! And guess what band my song request will be from?!

    211 days McCoy and Mrs McCoy to be!!!!


  9. AAhh it all sounds fab, i love your idea of getting your guests input on the music and love the look of the dotted crotchets. You really have thought about everything.

  10. I love the fact carly has let you erite a blog- Amazing!!! I dont think I could trust my other half, ha!!! I agree music plays such a big part at a wedding and it sounds like you have really looked into what you both want as well as your guests. Looking forward to hearing about what else you have planned next month.

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