What Céline Did… Bits And Bobs And Finishing Touches

Hello lovelies,

Summer has finally arrived! Now I just want drink Pimm’s in the sun. But with less than 50 days to go, that is not what I should be doing…

It’s ok, we do have things (almost) under control. Since our mini-break Tom and I have steadily ticked off our to-do’s (ahh, the upside to never-ending rain!). Of course we’re still behind schedule but, hey, nobody’s perfect. I’m just going to reassure myself by telling you all the wonderful things we’ve done lately…

Gentlemen’s Sartorial Style

It occurred to me yesterday that I’ve discussed the girls’ outfits at length (self-involved much?) but have yet to tell you about the boys…

First things first, the groom. Tom has strong sartorial preferences so renting was never an option. After all, I get to have The Dress so why should the groom not treat himself to a special suit? At least he can re-wear it afterwards! So Tom decided he wanted a nice made-to-measure lounge suit he could easily re-wear again to work or other special occasions.

So, off we went to Marc Wallace, a very friendly tailor on the New King’s Road (who happens to stock beer in the shop – genius). Well ladies, let me tell you, choosing a made-to-measure suit is complicated. The process is thorough, but complicated. Tom wanted my advice (is it bad luck for the bride to see the groom’s outfit before the wedding?) but I was absolutely gobsmacked by the number of available options! From the type of lapel to the style of buttons, and even the colour of the underlining (that’s the bit under the collar); it can all be customised!

Of course, Tom had done his research and was prepared for this, though it still took us about two hours to choose everything. Without giving too much away, here a couple of pictures of Marc Wallace suits:

For the ushers and the fathers, I wanted them all matching. There’s a small Bridezilla in all of us, what can I say… Tom’s suit will be blue (lighter than navy blue) and we wanted him to stand out a little so we opted for light grey suits.

After looking at rental options, Tom managed to negotiate a 75% discount at T M Lewin – bargain!

All the men in the bridal party will also wear a pink tie to match the bridesmaids’ outfits:

I’m very much looking forward to seeing the boys on the day, they’re going to look rather dashing…

Finishing touches

I couldn’t write this post without a (somewhat) brief update on my own outfit… I swear I have never spent so much time and effort for a single outfit. In fact, the whole process has been an eye-opener for me, though I’m not going to lie: I’ve enjoyed it!

The good news is that the dress is made and it fits! And, you know what? It looks wicked! I was a little nervous beforehand – what if I remember it differently? What if I no longer like it? And… What if it doesn’t fit? My worries melted as soon as I put it on as it just felt so good to be finally trying on a dress that fits properly. One last fitting and it’ll be coming home with me!

I have also ordered a veil, which matches the dress. Veils were a bit of an afterthought for me, but they’re just soooo pretty and delicate and soft, they’re irresistible. As my mum wisely asked (rhetorically), when else will you get to prance around in a veil? It’s now or never! Also, in France, it is traditional to cut up the veil and send a piece to each guest as a thank you token. Let me reassure you though, my mum has already suggested that we buy some cheap pretend-tulle to send instead of hacking up the real masterpiece. Wise decision methinks. By the way, for all you veil wearers out there, will you be covering your face on the day?

Most of my jewellery also comes from Sassi’s shop. I swear I don’t receive any commission from her; it’s just a dangerously delicious shop! In addition to the headpiece I showed you in the last post, I’ll be wearing these sparkly beauties from Passionate About Vintage:

They’re bigger than I would normally wear. However, the rest of the dress is simple but it is bold so it’s better to go for something a bit larger and sparklier or else they might be drowned out (so Sassi said when I met her).

My something borrowed will be my mother’s godmother’s brooch. My mum thought she’d lost it and just found it last month, so it’s clearly meant to be!

Finally, Tom has said he’s in charge of finding me a bracelet. I’m not typically a bracelet person but one of the blogs suggested it as a nice final touch because brides’ wrists tend to be on show during a wedding (what with all that bouquet-holding and throwing!). I just thought I’d leave him a little hint for when he reads this post…. (If you don’t ask, you don’t get, right?):


Now, my face needs to looks the part… So off I went with my bridesmaid/make-up guru Sophy to one of my happy places, otherwise known as Selfridges. We scoped out the brands that didn’t charge £50 (seriously?!) for a makeover and ended up at Chanel, which offers free hour-long makeovers.

When it comes to wedding vendors, you know you’re in the right place when they ask about the wedding style, location and outfits. Amy at Chanel asked lots of questions about the wedding and my usual make-up routine – I knew was in for a treat. I hadn’t really thought about the style much so I all I told her is that I wanted a bit more of a statement than traditional bridal but not to the point of looking sultry (my grandparents might not approve of a bride with sexy red lips unfortunately!).

This is what Amy came up with:

Other than the dark circles, I think I quite like it! My eyes are so big they look like they’re about to pop out of my head, but people tell me that that’s a good thing, so I guess I’ll roll with it. I may check out one other place just to be sure (Lancôme also offer free makeovers) but I’m really pleased with my first experience.

Oh, and any tips on getting rid of those dark circles would be much appreciated!

Wedding tunes

Now we haven’t just been perfecting our fashionable selves here at Kimberly-Tricard Wedding HQ. We’ve also worked hard choosing our music, namely the ceremony music and the first dance song.

You may recall we were having choir issues with our local choir dictating to us their song choice. Tom and I had carefully picked out British, American and French hymns so having someone stamp all over our efforts was a little disheartening.
So Tom and I were left with three options:

  1. Plug in a CD player
  2. Ask some friends to form a makeshift choir
  3. Hire professional musicians

We debated these options for a while as we hadn’t budgeted for ceremony music (and good singers don’t come cheap!) but my parents eventually convinced us to bring in professionals: if there’s one thing to get right, it’s the ceremony; that is the whole point of the day and the rest is just one big party. You can’t really argue with that (though I’m looking forward to the party a lot more right now than I am to walking down the aisle in front of lots of people!). It also helps that mum found a great group called Song of Freedom and they’ve agreed to learn our hymns. Bye-bye mean local choir!

Our other big music decision was the first dance. It’s only taken us nine months to decide…. I envy couples who have Their Song. I hope you know how lucky you are! Tom and I love music but I wouldn’t call us music buffs. I also have no memory when it comes to song names and artists, which doesn’t help.

We debated between choosing a somewhat original song and just picking something we really enjoyed listening to but was a bit cheesy, such as Michael Bublé (who doesn’t like a bit of Bublé to dance to?!). In the end, I made a note of the first dance songs mentioned on RMW and compiled a massive playlist for our mini-break. We whittled it down to two finalists and picked the one that had the perfect combination of swing and meaningful lyrics.

Oh and neither of us can dance properly so we shall definitely be taking dancing lessons. Watch this space.

Bits and bobs

Ok, I have definitely run out of words so I’m going to use Jo’s tactic and summarise the rest in pictures:

This is our guest ‘tree’, an alternative to the traditional guest book. Tom and I always write generic things in guest books (that might say more about us than it does about others….) so we decided to circumvent the guest book altogether. Plus everyone gets to have a bit of a play with inkpads so why not?

We’ve ordered the cardbox for any cards or gifts brought on the day. I thought it was a little different to the vintage suitcases but Emily and Hassan beat me to it on Monday. Well, they clearly just have impeccable taste.

Finally, there’s an example of our place names. For those of you interested, buy yourself an acrylic block and sticky-back stamps so that you can spell out the whole name first and then stamp. It makes things a lot straighter than traditional wood stamp blocks!

Phew, that was epic – I hope I haven’t bored you! And yet, there is still lots to do: flowers to be finalised, orders of service to be typed up and printed, seating plans to be made… The good news is that whatever doesn’t get done in the next six weeks won’t matter anymore!

Céline xxx

Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

23 thoughts on “What Céline Did… Bits And Bobs And Finishing Touches

  1. Hi,

    Does anyone know where you can buy those sticky back stamp sets? I have a vintage alphabet set and wanted to do something similar, but it was impossible to set the names straight! I just had a quick look on ebay, but alas no joy!


  2. @Alice – I used these guys: https://www.bladerubberstamps.co.uk/

    They have a shop in Holborn if you’re in / around London (which is how I found out about the sticky back stamps), but you can also buy from their website. They’re called ‘perfectly clear stamps’ and they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. On the acrylic mount, I drew two lines with a permanent market to help guide me too, which really helped!

    One final tip: make sure you buy several sets of stamps as a number of guests will have more than one of the same letter in their name! I have three and I think that’s a good number to have… Good luck!

  3. The makeup looks beautiful Celine. My all time favourite for dark circles (I feel your pain on this and blame my Italian heritage!) is Bobbi Brown. I’d recommend an appointment with them. They first apply a ‘Corrector’ in 1 or 2 shades lighter than your normal concealer, and then you go over it with ‘Creamy Concealer’ as well. I know it sounds a bit much but once it’s blended and topped with a little powder it works wonders. And I love Urban Decay eye primer first to keep everything in place all day. xxx

  4. Celine, LOVING those earrings. Wowzas.

    Would you mind telling us where you got your card box from? I’ve seen a few around, but yours is the perfect height and “rusticiness”. Just inventing new words there… Thank you!

  5. @Lucy – thanks!! It’s amazing what make-up artists can do!!! I wish I could look like that every day (maybe with a bit less on the eyes – not sure what my boss would think otherwise!)

    @Sophie – I am definitely going to check out Bobbi Brown in that case. Thanks for the tip!

    @Lizzie – I’ve got to say, I’m very excited about the earrings (even if looking at them sideways is a little strange!). I got them from my parents as a Xmas present (to justify the cost!) and I regularly just open the little box and gaze at them lovingly. Can’t wait to wear them!

    Also, the box is from Plantabox. It’s the Half Crate Storage Box (hence the lower height) in Forest Green. Took me a while to find out but I’m very pleased with it (it’s also currently being used as storage for our spare invites and place name so it’s useful already!)

  6. Celine, your earrings and make-up are fab (can’t beat a bit of Chanel). Good question regarding veil over the face or not, I’ve been giving this some thought myself. I’m undecided, my Mum wants me to (it’s a Mum thing, right?) but when I tried the shop sample over my face I felt claustophobic & a bit silly to be honest, but as mine will be new I’ve been told it will ‘sit’ better & won’t be so close on my face. My sister wore her veil over and said she liked having some coverage from everyone looking at her as she walked down the aisle. Is it just a bit old-fashined now though? It’s not like my fiance doesn’t know what I look like! I think I am going to wait and see how I feel on the day & make a decision then.

    Good luck with the rest of your plans!

  7. The make-up looks amazing! I’m usually a Bobbie Brown girl too, but the Chanel brand is gorgeous, and for me – a veil over the face is just a waste of beautiful make-up as you walk down the aisle! It might be the only time your not crying (but maybe thats because I’m a big crier!)
    Also, thanks for the tips on the crate, and the name stamps – both noted and appreciated 🙂

  8. Hi! Of course you didn’t bore us, we love hearing about your planning! I get married next year and have been sooooo busy planning, a mixture of stress and enjoyment. I put my heart and soul into everything, its weird how bridezilla like you get isn’t it? Having a break from planning as the other half has decided to cheat on me, major wobble, and it was very unexpected. I think we have cleared out all of the skeletons out of his closet now and he is ridiculously sorry. Beside hating men, I am getting there. Slowly sort of learning to forgive and picking back up on the planning to distract myself. Going to go and seek out makeup help at the weekend I think, good idea going to selfridges, I think I might try the same! Need some good old retail therapy! xxx

  9. Celine my lovely! You’re getting tres organised my lovely-so exciting!

    Your boys are going to look haaaaaaat! Just as well really because you look GORGEOUS in your dress!!!

    Love that Chanel make up. I have discovered the MOST amazing eye concealer called All About Eyes by Clinique. Incredible!! 🙂

    Can’t wait for your last post!!! Xxx

  10. Hi Celine
    I love what your planning for you wedding!
    I’ve bought the same luggage tags for my place names and i’ve been wondering how best to stamp names on them and the website you’ve recommended is great! but i hope you dont mind me asking what size alphabet did you buy as i dont want to buy letters too big for the tags?
    Thank you xx

  11. Your place names look fab – have just bought myself some stamps!

    Make up looks gorgeous, as did you in the photoshoot earlier!

    Seriously coveting those earrings too…

  12. Bonjour Celine,

    Love all the details in the post, your plans are certainly pulling together.

    I seriously heart the floral shirt in the first ‘man’ image, but know I could never convince Andy to put it on!

    Loving the make-up to pretty lady, can’t believe you have less than 50 days to go eeekkkkkkk! xxxxxxxx

  13. Salut Celine!

    The make up looks so fab – you are one pretty lady and I adore the earrings too!

    Its definitely all coming together – the Marc Wallace suit is gorgeous! Tom is going to look so smart!

    Rachie xo

  14. Hi ladies, sorry I’m a bit late with the replies!

    @Sarah/ Gabi CG – there’s something about a veil that makes me want to go quite traditional and have it covering my face, but I hadn’t thought about the make-up and general glowing face! I think I’m also going to wait for the day and just be spontaneous…

    @Sam B – I’m so sorry to hear about your troubles at the moment, though it sounds like you’re dealing with incredibly well. I would have been in a rage (when i found out an ex-boyfriend had cheated on me, I tried to burn his clothes in the front quad of our college – good thing one of my friends stepped in at that point!!). I hope your fiance knows how lucky he has to have someone as patient and forgiving as you and makes you feel like the most special person in the world every day for hte rest of your life. Stay in touch to let us know how things go lovely and good luck.

    @Jo – awwww thanks!!!!! I can’t wait to see your wedding – so close now!

    @Danielle – I bought the small typewriter alphabet and a medium acrylic block. I initially thought small luggage tags would be fine but actually if you want the surname in there as well then they’re too small. Good luck!!

    @Ruthie_Ruth – good luck with the stamping! It’s all about getting into a good rhythm (oh and I’ve focused on doing all the same family members in one go to avoid having to change the surname on the block – that helps a lot)

    @Kelly – I really wanted the ushers to wear the shirt, but Tom turned it down. Then, I really wanted Tom to get that pattern in the jacket lining but Tom also turned it down… oh well, one day.

    @Ruthie – thank you!!! It helps having professionals do make-up….. much better than my clumsy hands!

    @h@bridearoundtheworld – I don’t have any eye cream, maybe i need to invest in that…. looks like i’ll be making a trip at lunchtime then!


  15. @Alice – I got my stamps from the local craft shop but I think Hobbycraft do them too. eBay have lots of stuff too – try searching under acrylic or perspex stamping block for the blocks, and rubber stamp letters for the letters. There are lots of variations but you should be able to see something that works for you!

    @Celine – you never bore us …. we like to hear lots and lots so don’t worry about your blog being too long!!! Tom is going to look hot if those suits are anything to go by – you lucky girl!! As for your first dance track – I don’t think it matters if you don’t have a special song … you can use this opportunity to make this the time that you get your special song. Its not easy to choose but I’m sure you’ve come up with something amazing. We also found it difficult to pick a track but we were really happy with what we chose in the end.

    I love fingerprint trees – we very nearly had one but then I stumbled across something a little different and *needed* it so we went with that (I’m saving it for my wedding write up – all will be revealed!)

  16. Hi Celine

    hope you don’t mind me asking but roughly how much does a made to measure suit from Marc Wallace come in at? My groom wants one but not sure we have enough left in the budget for it!

    Alex xxx

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