What Céline Did… Scrap Books And Flowers.

I’m getting married this year!!!!!

I will officially become Mrs. Céline Kimberly in 177 days. Wowzers!
For most of 2011, I was as cool as a cucumber about all the wedding planning but after making a list of to-do’s at Christmas, it hit me that my slow and steady approach just isn’t going to cut it. After all, everyone knows the devil is in the details (I have actually had nightmares about forgetting confetti cones. Seriously)!
The hardest thing about organising a wedding so far away is having to compress a lot into short spurts. Fortunately, we were in Brittany over Christmas and we made sure to stay busy: we met with the florist, we visited the church again, we organised the Friday night rehearsal dinner and we started choosing readings with our lovely priest. All in the space of two days!

Pinterest & Scrapbooks.

One of the ‘details’ I wanted to start bringing together over Christmas was how to decorate the church and the venue and I would never have succeeded without the help of Pinterest!

When I started researching decoration ideas (and it’s worth pointing out that creativity in this area is seriously lacking so I started early in the hope that research would solve my lack of talent!), I struggled to catalogue my ideas effectively. I would constantly be bookmarking web pages, taking screen shots, printing pictures with the intention of gluing them in a scrapbook and I’d end up sending dozens of emails to my mum and Tom with all these ideas. This was not only inefficient and haphazard but the daily email deluge soon overwhelmed my mum and Tom!

That’s when Pinterest came along, which saved my life and future marriage….
It’s essentially an online scrapbook where you ‘pin’ images to your boards. All the online pictures you pin are still linked to the original source and all the boards are public so people can start following yours and in turn you can follow theirs. Seriously, it’s the future of scrapbooking. My mum has registered to the website too so we can easily communicate ideas to each other!

Pretty Things.

Now I had the tools, I needed the inspiration….

A blank wall is one of the scariest things that could happen to me (I am very jealous of Shirley’s talent!) so I was relieved that the rooms in the Noë Verte are already well decorated enough that I didn’t need to add too much to it.

My ideas have been constantly evolving and what I liked 6 months ago I now find a little bland so I have been trying to avoid buying any item rashly. However, several ideas have (thankfully) stuck. The biggest one has been this beauty of a candelabra, which I found in a shop called Home and Pantry in Camden Passage, Islington:

I initially wanted to rent candelabras to limit costs (I need eight to form centrepieces for half of the tables) but all the ‘glass’ ones I could find in France were actually plastic and therefore quite unstable. So I took the plunge and bought these ones with the plan to sell them after (one of my bridesmaids has already laid claim to one of them!). I have to say I’m really really pleased with them and I think they’ll look super pretty as centrepieces. I’d like to have the arms covered in foliage and flowers though I have yet to see a picture of that so I’m not sure yet if it’s possible…. The venue owner did emphasise that the candelabrum should be above eyesight so we may put a box underneath it to give it extra height and surround the base with flowers too. It’s still a work in progress but here are some pictures of candelabra arrangements that I quite like.

This is bigger than I am aiming for but I like that’s it’s not just a ball in the middle.

If we need to give it more height, we could add a crown of flowers at the base, though again this is bigger than I imagine it!

So that’ll form the basis of the decoration for the reception room. The outside courtyard will be covered in flowers at this time of the year and I don’t want to overcrowd it. I’m going to focus on finding lanterns to go up the stone staircase and I’d like to put a couple of flower arrangements placed in old milk jugs on half of the tables outside:

Our ‘Brief’ Meeting With The Florist.

Now that I had these initial ‘props’ and a large number of pictures of floral arrangements we really liked, we met with our lovely florist (who’s actually just our local florist – that was the easiest decision ever!). Tom recalls this meeting as lasting 10-15 minutes… of course, in reality it lasted about an hour and a half!

As with decorating in general, I don’t know much about flowers…. All I know is that I love hydrangeas, peonies and roses and I like pinks and greens and whites all bunched together (I’m still considering adding blue to that mix by the way, I can’t decide). I brought along my Mum’s brand new iPad with my Pinterest ‘flowers’ board up on the screen and showed her A LOT of pictures.

I was a little worried at first as the wedding trend in France is for contemporary and modern weddings. Fortunately, I had brought the candelabra along as well as the iPad (I know, that’s a lot of accessories!) and she immediately understood that we were going for more classic with a twist of vintage. And from then on, she suggested lots of exciting mixtures that all sounded amazing (even Tom was enthusiastic!).

She mentioned a lot of flower names but I’ll be honest, I’ve forgotten quite a lot of them…. I just know there’ll be lots of hydrangeas (they’re local to Brittany so we may end up just cutting them for our neighbours’ gardens), roses like the ones in the pictures and roses posing as peonies as peonies will no longer be in season. We’ll be seeing her again in April when she’s going to try out two different candelabra decorations for us to see, so that should be exciting!

January Happenings.

Christmas was busy busy but we still have plenty of to get on with in January and February. We’ve been choosing the ushers’ and bridesmaids’ outfits and looking at wedding invites. I have to be honest, wedding invites have been incredibly hard to choose. We wanted to keep with the travel theme and somehow use maps, but there are so many options out there! Also, we’ve found it quite hard to decide how to incorporate both French and English into the invites – any ideas?

On a more personal note, I’ve decided this year to be fitter and, more importantly, healthier (I say as I tuck into a chunk of cheese…. Uh-hum!). The wedding pressure is part of the problem although, to be honest, I think there’s more pressure from the honeymoon than the wedding!! However, it’s actually more about feeling better in my own body than it is about physically looking skinnier. At the moment I spend all day sat at a desk, I’m too tired after work to go to the gym and I spend at least half of my weekend just sleeping… Oh and I love food.

So it’s time for some life-changes. I’ve switched gyms (I was never going to the other one!), I’ve signed up for a couple of personal training sessions to help kick-start a routine and I’m learning to eat/cook better food. I find the latter hard, especially at work, but I’ve been trying some of M&S’s new ‘fuller longer’ range for lunch and I’m actually quite impressed so far! I don’t tend to eat ready meals (we don’t even own a microwave!) but they’ve been pretty decent. Does anyone have any good books/ideas to recommend for tasty and healthy food??

Phew, it has been a busy few weeks! So who else has been using Pinterest (and what’s your username so I can go steal some ideas?!) and who else has found the decorating part of the wedding a little daunting? I hope I’m not the only one!

Celine xxx

Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

38 thoughts on “What Céline Did… Scrap Books And Flowers.

  1. Your ideas for the candelabra are very similar to my ideas!! Perhaps I’ll buy yours for my December wedding 🙂

    I’m on Pinterest and it is frikking amazing.

    My username is Miskate85, feel free to add me so we can share ideas.

  2. Hi Celine (sorry, don’t know how to get the accent over the e!)

    I love the candelabras – think they will look fab! I’m completely daunted by decorating too – although have FINALLY decided on a sort of colour scheme. Sort of…

    I’m not one for ready meals either but I’ve found the Innocent Veg Pots at lunch time are fab – 3 of your 5 a day, low calorie, tasty and filling (seriously filling – I can hardly ever finish them!)

    Ruth x

  3. Celine, I totally sympathise with your nightmares about forgetting confetti cones! We’re getting married on 27th July this year (day of the Olympics opening ceremony!) so last year I was all cool as a cucumber and now I’m starting to panic!

    I’m also on Pinterest – jenrachelwright. I have my wedding pinboard and a load of other crafty boards too cos I’m a keen craftster!

    I love your ideas, the candelabra is beautiful!

    Jen x

  4. Oh, also – I do Weightwatchers. It’s quite a commitment but it helped me lose two stone last year and I’ve kept it off. 🙂

  5. Hi Celine!

    Those Candelabra’s are lovely – great find. I had them for our wedding, the ceilings were so high the tables needed them, we surrounded them with wreaths of hydrangea in all different colours and it was pretty whilst being quite cost effective – there is nothing as romantic as candle light.

    I love those big hydrangea pew ends and the lanterns hung from trees – so beautiful.

    I have also tried the fuller longer range, I rate the chicken salad for lunch, it has a bit of pasta, tomatoes, chicken (obvs!) and it quite filling considering it only has 200 odd calories…

    Charlotte xxx

  6. Great post Celine!

    Having met you I know very well that you definatly don’t need to worry about losing weight as your tiny! But I get what you mean about being healthier! It’s annoying how much energy not eating rubbish gives you! But rubbish food just tastes SOOOOO good!!!

    Your decoration ideas are great I think your more creative then you think!

  7. Hi Céline,
    Well for our invitations we done two separate orders with the same design, one in english and one in french. I am now trying to translate the readings into french for the order of ceremony, but I really hate translating!!
    Good luck anyway, xx

  8. Hi Celine!

    I really love the pic of the peonies in the jug, I am trying to find jugs like that everywhere but no luck so far. Although I am going for a country garden theme I think candelabras look so glamorous and would like to include them somehow! 🙂 X

  9. Hey Céline,

    I started having wedding-related nightmares recently, so I totally sympathise! But I hadn’t even thought of confetti cones! Yet another thing to worry about arrgghh!!

    I will definitely check out Pinterest, because I’ve been saving URLs and pictures off websites too, and it’s not in the least bit efficient!

    I’m on my “get healthy for the wedding and beyond” mission as well. I even went to see a nutritionist because I was worried about maybe having some food intolerances. I bought his book, which I found really helpful for inspiration of what sorts of ingredients are healthy, and what kinds of dishes you can cook with them, and very importantly easy and quick things you can cook that are healthy and tasty! It’s called: The 100 Foods You Should be Eating: How to Source, Prepare and Cook Healthy Ingredients, by Glen Matten.

    Good luck!

  10. PS: M&S Fuller for Longer range is yummy and I love Innocent Veg Pots for lunch! I’m aslo a big fan of smoked mackarel salad – easy, tasty, filling, and healthy. And soup. Lots of soup in the winter (love New Covent Garden Soup), with some ryvita instead of bread and butter (I’m liking the pumpkin seeds and oats ones at the moment)

  11. Pinterest was amazing when I met with my florist! I went armed with lots of pictures (many from here) and she knew exactly what I wanted. It is so helpful as my favourites was getting so cluttered. My user name is pushon.

    I love the ideas for your center pieces – I’m having my reception in a listed building so no candles for me 🙁

    I’m also trying to get healthy and toned in time for the gym (trying on the wedding dress after christmas was a very bad idea). I joined a pure gym and it has been fab – over 40 free classes a week so I just turn up and get told what to do. I have also started using an app called my fitness pal – I then know how many minutes to run on the treadmill to burn off my wine! xx

  12. Celine – I’m very jealous of your venue not needing tons of decoration … white walls and a huge space are not easy or cheap! I think all your flower ideas are fab, love all the pinks and mixed flowers – it will look brilliant together. I found out about Pinterest too late for my planning, I’d already got all the ideas I needed by then, but its a brilliant resource.

    As for healthy meals, I find the Slimming World magazine very good for menu ideas (I’m not trying to lose weight or anything before everyone freaks out, but Rog is and because I refuse to cook more than one meal, now we ALL eat those healthy meals). They’re really good because they don’t involve calorie or point counting plus you can eat loads on that SW diet. Essentially you can eat what you like except fat and sugar. Lots of potatoes, meat, veg, fruit. Yum 🙂

  13. I love pinterest, in fact I’m obsessed! My sister and bridesmaids are on there so like you said it’s really easy to share ideas with them and get their feedback. My username is helenemenardi.

    Looks like most 2012 brides had the same thought – I’ve signed up to a half marathon to try and tone up. Nothing better to force you out into the cold dark night than having a goal (where there will be loads of people to embarrass yourself in front of!). Food wise I think the best thing is to cut out processed food, cut back on carbs and increase veg and protein. You’ll need carbs if you’re exercising but I would stick to brown rice or wholemeal bread/pasta. And loads of water….Good Luck! xx

  14. Ive just signed up for pinterest purely for the same reason’s to many bookmarks, images and printed off pieces of paper I can wait to be able to join.

    I am using the myfitnesspal app on my iPhone its great for keeping your calories in check and you can put all your exercise in also which gives you more calories for the day, I lost a stone and half after having my son with it a couple of years ago so hoping to shrink even more.

    As for nightmares, same boat and Im not getting married till next year, I had a dream the other night that we couldn’t get married in the church and the vicar took everyone out when I arrived and to some awful undecorated room that was joined on to the back of the church don’t know where this all came from in my brain, Im sure everything will come together lovely for you I especially love the flowers you’ve chosen. I have an appointment with the florist on Saturday and have just found a beautiful bouquet on guess where….pinterest xx

  15. Celine – I’m pretty sure that it’s The Law for French women to eat cheese at regular intervals so don’t feel sheepish!

    I love candlebras but we’re not allowed them in our venue – candles in hurricane lamps or tealights in containers only. I find this rather boring so if anyone has any ideas….

  16. Hi Celine. I too am really daunted by decorating. Our venue in London is totally white and huge. I just don’t know how to fill it cost effectively! Well, I have a few ideas thanks to blogland but it all feels very daunting. I love your flower ideas and the candelabras will be amazing.

    On invitations, we have the same problem. We are going for einvitations because we live in Argentina and need to invite a lot of people at long distance to two different functions, using two languages. It’s a pain. I think our solution, although still a work in progress, will be a Spanish invitation for Buenos Aires and English invitation for London, to be sent over email and then a simple website with two sets of pages, one in each language, one for each event. We have asked a designer friend to do this for us as neither of us can face trying to get to grips with it. It is actually the hardest bit of the whole process so far. I hope you find a solution that works!

  17. Bonjour Celine, great post chic. Love the candelabras, they are so classy and I think they will look even prettier decorated with the flowers. I really like hydrangea too and want heaps for my wedding!

    Will have to go and have a look at this pinterest 🙂

    Also, any chance of borrowing the milk jugs from you???! 😉

    Can’t wait to read more and see what stationery you pick. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  18. @Helen – the cheapest way to decorate a big white space is using uplighters … washing the walls with colour suddenly seems to make a boring white space seem intimate and interesting. I’m getting mine from Stress Free Hire and I think they work out at about £20/uplighter (from memory). I’d also recommend looking at http://www.gettingmarried.co.uk – they have great templates and its very easy to amend with your chosen wording. Hope that helps!

  19. Hello ladies,

    Hurrah for all the fitness tips!!! It sounds like I need to invest in some good cooking books. I’ve never tried the innocent pots but I shall try some next week. Thank you!

    I’m relieved to not be the only one with nightmares or decoration anxiety…. phew! It’s actually very satisfying to write everything down on paper that I like and see it finally start taking shape. I’ll be sure to add all of you on my pinterest profile. Just in case you’re interested, my profile is CTricard (I think..) and there’s lots of random stuff on there!

    @Miskate – yes, please buy them (Tom doesn’t believe I’ll sell them so this will prove him wrong!)

    @Amanda – thank you, that’s very kind!

    @Charlotte – I love candles!!

    @FrenchCharlotte – I’m trying so hard to combine the two language (as a symbol of us two getting married etc etc) but I think you’re a lot more sensible… this may end up being our solution! I helped translate a lot of the ceremony wording for my brother and sister-in-law’s wedding and it was awful. I’m going to put that off for a while longer i think!

    @Rachel – our venue is very very country garden-esque but I just got to a point where I decided to put it whatever I liked and hope for the best…. I think candelabras can fit in very nicely!

    @Christina – my list is huge but I’m coming to terms iwth the fact that some things will just have to be rushed and that’s that. No one’s going to have a poor memory of our wedding because the confetti cones (Tom has to remind me of this on a weekly basis!)

    @Shirley – Slimming World sounds good to me! I’ll have to check it out….

    @Faye – good luck with the florist!

    @Peridot – I agree. The Law is definitely on my side on this one 🙂

    @Helen – sounds like Shriley has some great ideas for decorations! It sounds like you have a good plan for the invitations and language issues, well done!

    @Kelly – I have yet to actually buy the jugs, I had found ones I liked but they fell through…. But once I have them, they’re all yours to borrow!

    Wow that was an epic message….. off to a tapas bar now (they’re small portions so it’s fine!). xxx

  20. Celine! Fab post sweetie 🙂

    L-O-V-E the candleabra. I am a fan of the flowers round the base, but the ones with the flowers in the middle are also good – when the wax melts, the flowers stop it dripping onto the table!!

    NEVER STOP EATING CHEESE! Unless you have ballooned in the last 12 days, you absolutely do not need to lose any weight – you look amazers!

    J xx

  21. Salut!
    I also choose a venue that wasn’t blank canvas as just not creative enough or got big enough budget to hire what I would want! My caterer provides the most beautiful candelabra but my mum saw a table made up at the venue with it when we looked around and was really against them 🙁 she may regret this in the week before as she is now doing flowers for the table centerpieces! Also think we all worry about everything being perfect but

  22. Salut!
    I also choose a venue that wasn’t blank canvas as just not creative enough or got big enough budget to hire what I would want! My caterer provides the most beautiful candelabra but my mum saw a table made up at the venue with it when we looked around and was really against them 🙁 she may regret this in the week before as she is now doing flowers for the table centerpieces! Also think we all worry about everything being perfect and, with 9 weeks to go, everyone telling me not to worry if things go wrong just doesn’t help!

  23. Hi there, your ideas look beautiful. It’s quite scary isn’t it when you just have lots of random Ideas, I am at a similar stage and really hoping everything will just come together in the end and look good (fingers crossed).

    Pinterest is the best. It will be good to look at some British boards, there are a lot of American ideas, (great but annoying when you come to want to buy something). I am loobylou80, steal away. 😉

  24. Hi Celine, I am also french and also getting married in Brittany this year! And in the process of translating everything! I feel like we are not only organising a wedding but also organizing a trip for 40 people as half of our guests come from outside France. Good luck anyway and if you would like to share some organisation tips let me know!

  25. This all sounds so exciting.
    If you need flowers advice, I’m more than happy to help, just call me. Also happy to offer personal trainer services if you like xx

  26. Super,but i am not sure the neighbors Will appreciate If we are cutting their flowers! Telle mire about thé fond you are eating now. Hope it Is working . Love you

  27. Hey Céline,

    I think it’s a great idea to lose a bit of weight. I did it recently for my fella Steve and he said he’d never cheat on me now in a million years (as long as I stay in shape!). Your candelabra idea is stunning.


  28. Hi Céline,

    I’m getting married at the Noé Verte in August (hurrah!) and am wondering whether you’d share the name of your local florist (I’m assuming it’s local to Lanloup-Plouha?)

    Thanks in advance!


  29. Marine, Jennifer and Celine

    Im getting married in Brittany 2013, dont have a venue as yet but celines venue is on our short list, Id love any hints, tips or suppliers you have found useful during your wedding planning.
    natalie x

  30. p.s my pinterest profile is ladypike, i have all my short list venues pinned on there, perhaps you’ve been to see some of them already and can advise me before I get to Brittany to check them out! x

  31. Hi Natalie,
    If you do decide to go with la Noé Verte, the lady who runs it has a nice list of reliable suppliers she can recommend to you (preferred DJ, wedding car, and there’s even been talk of an English wedding cake-maker near the venue, which would be a bit of a God-send!) She’s very pro and the site is lovely, worth a visit if you haven’t already been, because the website doesn’t do it justice in my opinion. Let me know if you have any more specific questions, I’ll be glad to help if i can! Jen xx

    1. Thanks Jen, thats great information. I cant wait to get to Brittany and start looking at venues, I just want to set the date!! did you look anywhere else out of interest? x

  32. Hi Céline, I know its a long shot but do you still have any of the candelabras left?! I’m desperatly trying to find one like yours, I only need one! If you have one to sell I would happliy buy! xx

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