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What Do YOU Want To See On RMW?

2015 is in full swing now, with most people back at work, getting into their ‘normal’ routines. But for some of you lovely lot, we know you’ll be unbelievably excited because 2015 is the year you’re getting married!!

Whether you’ve been engaged for years, months (or even days) arriving at the year you’re going to get married in somehow makes it all the more real…

I’m sure there are lots of you who got engaged over Christmas – congratulations 🙂 Welcome to RMW and we hope that if you’re just starting out on your planning journey we’ll be able to provide you with some guidance and lots of pretty inspiration – whether you’re planning to marry this year, next year, or the year after.

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So the purpose of this post, which I’ll keep short and sweet, is to ask you lovely lot if there is anything in particular you would like help with in planning YOUR wedding.

It can be something big – like sourcing suppliers, something small – like where to find the perfect gold candle holders or something more personal – like how to cope with difficult family members when putting together your table plan.

Please share your thoughts in the comments box below the post and we’ll do our best to work on some content that will help you.

Lots of love,

Fern x


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Author: Fern Godfrey
Fern spends most of her time dreaming about weddings and trying to convince her long-suffering boyfriend to propose. Lucky enough to live in sunny Cornwall, if you need her – you’ll find her at beach.

35 thoughts on “What Do YOU Want To See On RMW?

  1. Advice for tricky situations would be fabulous! I’m not getting married until 2017 but I’m already getting it in the ear about my step-grandad’s kids, and their kids… who have never made an effort with me or my family but my grandad expects an invite for them. Although that’s just me ranting, but any sort of advice would be great.

    Even if it’s just about where to avoid on honeymoon in certain months!! (I know someone who went to Florida during monsoon season!)

    1. Hi Emily,

      Ok – a guest list post is definitely something we can help with! I’m sure there are lots of people in similar situations. If it helps, I think the sooner you make a decision the better, because then there’s lots of time for the dust to settle before the big day.

      Instinctively, I would say you are under no obligation whatsoever to invite them and you don’t want to feel resentful towards any guests on your wedding day. You could just invite them to the evening do, if you’re having extra guests later, but like I said, I wouldn’t feel obligated to invite them – just make sure that they are aware of the fact sooner rather than later.

      Fern x

      1. Sorry to be so ranty! I am looking forward to my wedding so much and I’m never usually negative about anything! And thank you so much for replying so quickly 🙂

        Emily x

        1. Don’t be silly 🙂 as gorgeous and lovely as weddings are, they often bring up difficult family situations!!

          And you’re welcome!

          Fern x

  2. Hi Fern, I am getting married on 20th June in lovely Cornwall. I’m incorporating lots of DIY in to our day and have already started quite a few of the projects. The thing I need some help with is quite small but I need inspiration for some pretty DIY chair back decoration. Any other RMW DIY tutorials would also be helpful. Thank you. Emma x

    1. Hi Emma,

      Ohhhhh how lovely, now I may be a little biased, but Cornwall is the BEST place to get married. I’m looking out of window right now and it’s blue skies and sunshine!!

      Have you seen our Chair Decor board on Pinterest?

      We’ve also got several DIY floral tutorials coming up over the next few months.

      What are your ideas so far for your chairs? If you’re not from Cornwall and need any good Cornwall recommendations please feel free to email me 🙂

      Fern x

  3. Advice for those of us having a smaller wedding (12 guests!). We’re having a much bigger do three weeks later but what can we do with our guests on the day? We’re thinking pub lunch and games but East Anglia’s beaches are a little too temperamental for my liking to hope to spend all day there!


    1. Hi Charlie,

      We’ve got a few smaller weddings coming up over the next few months actually! So keep your eyes on RMW.

      Hmmm, beach days in this country can be a little unpredictable – but usually make for dramatic photos if the weather does turn!

      I love the sound of a pub lunch – especially if you can find somewhere where you’ve got a private room. How about a good old fashioned quiz? If you’re all really close, which I’m assuming the 12 guests are, you can make it really personal and fun! A Mr & Mrs one always goes down well, or even something like charades? Treat it like you’re throwing a NYE dinner party!

      If the weather is good, beach cricket would be fun, how about a treasure hunt??!

      Hmmm I feel like a post on how to entertain guests at smaller weddings would probably be quite useful to lots of people actually!

      Fern x

  4. Hi Fern!
    This is VERY specific (sorry!) but worth a shot. We are getting married in the Dordogne next summer and having seen so many gorgeous examples of (and developed quite an obsession with) all sorts of signage and calligraphy designers around the UK and on lots of the American blogs, I am really keen to find a France-based company that could design some pieces for our wedding. I’m thinking mirrors, chalkboards, vintage frames, calligraphy, cocktail menus, meaningful quotes etc. I have so many ideas, but I am wondering if using one of the fantastic companies I have heard of around London and the rest of the UK will cause a bit of a problem with logistics!? I have enjoyed reading about so many drop-dead-gorgeous destination weddings on RMW. If anyone happens to know of anyone that does this type of thing based in France or has a suggestion of some way around this, it would be incredibly helpful! My language limitations are proving somewhat of an issue when it comes to using search engines for this sort of stuff! Thank you so much.

    Helaina x

    1. Hi Helaina,

      These are two French companies that look good –, It doesn’t look like they would do the writing though, this is something you might have to do yourself.

      Coincidentally, we’ve just signed up a new member to our List today, – who does exactly this kind of thing – at the moment I think it’s just chalk boards she does, but if you were to source some mirrors and frames she might be able to help you!

      I think if you want to see the products in the flesh first, you might be better off using a UK company and then sending them out to France. At least that way you won’t be disappointed with anything when you arrive to get married! You’ll have to recruit family members to help transport everything out there – but if anyone is driving, a couple of boxes in their car isn’t going to be too difficult!

      Definitely talk to your venue, as they might happen to know someone. Also, try the girls at they’d be happy to assist!

      Hope that helps and that I haven’t just confused you more!!

      Fern x

  5. Hi Fern,

    Some advice would be welcome. So we are having a weekend style wedding, rehearsal dinner on the Friday night and breakfast together on the Sunday after the big day. My vision was that Friday and Sunday would only be family and the wedding party……groom’s parents want all sorts of additional people on the Sunday. Fiancée says we won’t care by then who is there but I still think I will! Is this a battle I should leave?

    Also some advice on suppliers would be great. I spend vast amounts of time searching the web for various things which don’t seem that difficult to me but I can’t find! Do you know any great suppliers of things like guest books (I just want something beautiful with blank internal pages) and cake boxes?

    Finally, we are producing cards for everyone for the reception to tell us things about themselves as a couple. Should we produce an alternative for the singles even though there are only 2 and they probably won’t fill it in anyway (boys!) xx

    1. Hi Sarah,

      1. I have to agree with your fiancé on the Sunday thing – you really will be on such a wedding high that you won’t care. Especially if you’ve got your special family time on the Friday eve. I totally understand where you’re coming from in wanting to keep it intimate, but if people have travelled and are around anyway, they would probably crash breakfast regardless – so you’re better off just accepting that the Sunday will be a big, hungover but very happy free-for-all kind of brunch! And I think you already know that anyway, because you’re questioning it! Hope that helps 🙂

      2. For anything supplier related, always look at the List – it’s our handpicked supplier directory, everyone on there has been personally approved by team RMW.

      Two sites I can immediately think of for Guest Books and Cake Boxes are and who currently have a sale on! And both sites come highly recommended from us!

      3. Love this idea and think you should definitely produce something for the boys too – they are more sensitive than us girlies realise and if you don’t give them an alternative they’d probably secretly be really upset, even if they don’t fill them in!!

      Fern x

    2. I have to chip in here- not sure if you mean they want to invite people who weren’t even at the wedding the day before, or people who were, they’re just not so close to you… Either way, my mum opened her doors for a big open brunch on the Sunday after our wedding and it was the most random selection of guests who turned up. But it was so lovely! People just chatted about how great the wedding had been, sunbathed on the grass, laughed about all the funny things that had happened the night before… As long as everyone was at the wedding I think you will just feel ‘the more the merrier’ by then! x

  6. Hi Fern!

    We are getting married in 90 days! Yipee.

    I have some very specific things I’d like advice on…
    1. Where can I get a gorgeous wrap/dressing gown for me and my maids getting ready photos that are pretty but affordable?
    2. Where shall we go in Europe in April on honeymoon?
    3. Rose Gold Glitter Spray Paint? Anyone?!
    3. GROOM INSPIRATION. There is not enough of it! There should be a whole blog dedicated to grooms and other male wedding party members I reckon. Rock My Groom please….if you could get that sorted in the next couple of weeks that’d be great, thanks 😉 seriously though, bow-ties, how to accessorize to stand out…that kind of thing…

    Katie xx

    1. Hi Katie,

      1. How much are you looking to spend? There are some absolutely gorgeous ones out there –

      Try,,, Topshop sometimes have some cute robes, as do H&M and Next have some lovely ones at the moment too –

      2. We’ve got another Mr & Mrs Smith post coming up at the end of the month, so honeymoon questions will hopefully be answered then!! Are you after a city or beach destination?

      3. I’ve asked the Queen of DIY, Lauren C about rose gold glitter spray paint, and she recommends using copper spray paint, then dipping/sprinkling the item in glitter, rather than trying to find such a specific product 🙂 Although I think if someone invented it – it would be VERY popular.

      4. Ok, a Groom post is definitely something we can do – not sure I can promise you a whole new blog…would a monthly feature be something people would be interested in??

      Fern x

      1. A groom post each month would be incredible! Absolutely right that there isn’t enough, so one a month would be an incredible start.

        My first suit fitting is in 2 weeks for our wedding in late May and this would be an amazing post, especially for accessories, barn wedding outfits and how to tone them up and down.

      2. I’m looking for dressing gowns at the moment too, and also hair accessories. More posts on suppliers and those kinds of details would be great! Also things about how to prepare for a hair and make up trial and what to ask suppliers would be helpful!

  7. Thankyou Fern and Lauren!

    In terms of honeymoon I think we want a bit of both. Thinking Italy but unsure about the weather…will look forward to the next Mr and Mrs Smith post

  8. Hi Fern,

    I’m getting married in 2016. I would really like to see more features on unusual and also low key wedding venues, something ‘out of the ordinary’. We would like to get married in the New Forest, Hampshire and there seems to be a shortage of rustic venues. Hotels only seem to offer structured packages and a formal atmosphere and it is difficult to find places where you can just have a marquee and chose your own catering.

    I think advice on finding dresses to suit bridesmaids who are all different shapes and sizes would be good. I agree with Katie, groom inspiration is a great idea!

    Kim x

    1. Hi Kim,

      We’ve got a venues post coming up on Monday 🙂

      But have a look at these guys –

      And I’m sure they’ll be a bridesmaids post in the pipeline too – the trend for dressing Maids differently is still going strong though, which is helpful when they are different shapes and sizes.

      Fern x

  9. Hi Fern,

    Great idea for a post, I love the variety of the posts and weddings featured on Rock My Wedding and I’m looking forward to some inspired content!

    My question is one about logistics, and specifically travel. My finance and I are getting married in Ireland in August 2016, and having been to a destination wedding where the guests were left to make their own way to the (rather inconvenient) venue, we know that we want to provide transport for the guests coming from the UK (potentially up to 100 people) to the venue, which is about 90 minutes from the airport. But given that there are so many flights between Dublin and London each day, we’re not sure what the best way of managing this is – do we tell people they should book onto a specific flight, or say there will be a bus leaving from the airport at X o’clock, or just leave people to book their own flights and try to group people together once they’ve done so? We’re happy to leave some people with the option of hiring a car, but we want to make sure people know they don’t have to (and similarly, what’s the etiquette on sending out save the dates/wedding invitations where there are flights involved?)

    Aisling xxx

    1. Hi Aisling!

      I think the best option would be to organise a bus that leaves after the majority of your guests have arrived. If they don’t want to wait at the airport, they can make their own way there – but you’re giving them the option and I’m sure there are lots of places to sit and have a coffee for a few hours at Dublin airport. As long as you cost this into your budget and make sure that guests are aware of the bus, I think it would be a wise spend.

      I’m assuming they’ll be arriving the day before, so I think a bus early evening would be best.

      You could have a look at flights, and recommend a couple that would suit – it might be fun for everyone to travel together too 🙂 Although I’m sure they’ll be coming from lots of different airports.

      I would definitely mention this on the Save The Dates – so that people have as much time as possible to get themselves organised and that cheaper seats on flights don’t sell out. I would also include taxi numbers and an approximate cost incase they do want to arrive earlier or don’t want to wait for the bus.

      I would also send out your actual invitations earlier than normal, again including details of flights and the bus, so that as soon as you have your RSVPs, you can get the bus booked. Perhaps you could include a flight ref option on your RSVPs so that you know which flights guests are booked on?! Sounds obsessive, but might be useful!!

      Also, several mini bus style taxis might work out cheaper than hiring a whole coach – so make sure you call up lots of companies to get quotes.

      I really hope that helps!!

      Fern x

  10. I’m an American, engaged to a Londoner. We’re getting married in England so I’m here to get information about the cost of venue hire. florists, and caterers in Dorset. The information has been fantastic. I’d like to have more information about the technicalities.

    In the US all my friends have been married in parks or in their backyards but things in the UK are a lot more complicated. Could you publish a story about English and ex-pat weddings?

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      Welcome to RMW and I hope your wedding planning journey is going well. Have a look at our List supplier directory for the South West –

      It’s a region absolutely brimming with amazing suppliers, so you’ll definitely be able to find some good ones.

      You can also have a look through our real wedding archives at weddings in the South West, where you will see suppliers work in action –

      Yep, in England you can’t legally marry outside, we wrote a post about alternative ceremonies here –

      And I’ll try to include some info on this in the venues post next week!

      Hope that helps!

      Fern x

  11. we are quite a young company and are currently doing a lot of shoe fittings for mens wedding parties. I would love to discuss how we could grow with your business. We are currently the number 1 independent retailer of Loake handmade shoes in the UK but also do many other luxury handmade brands.

  12. Hi Fern,

    I know that you’ve touched on the subject of why everyone grows their hair in previous RMW posts, but… I’m getting married in June and am really, really struggling to find ideas of how to style/accessorize a bob. I’m sure there must be brides out there who have longish bobbed hair, and have done more with it, even a little bit of a curl or plait somewhere? Inspiration desperately needed!

    Thank you,

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