What Hannah Did… Venue Visits & D.I.Y


Into 2013 and its all starting to feel very real! Jon and I just can’t believe how quickly 2012 went, so here we are with less than 3 months to go till the big day, we are both so excited.

Since my last post Jon and I have been finalising all the details which has been helped enormously by the Caterers and the Venue, the wonderful Dodford Manor. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve woken up with a start thinking how much we’ve got to do, only to have a meeting or two and realise that all is not lost and we’re in very safe hands.

One big decision has been to choose a delicious meal for all our guests… too many wonderful choices. After much debate we’ve decided to go for something a little different for the main course, fish! And though this might be a bit unusual I’m thinking it will be quite nice & fresh for a spring wedding… As yet the only guest who doesn’t eat fish is my lovely mum.. But she’s happy with her bespoke duck dish. Naturally, this will be followed by a selection of sumptuous chocolatey desserts. Yummy! Once we had made up our mind we passed our selections on to Jenkinsons and they are off to do the rest.

We also met up with Sabrina and the gang at Dodford Manor for our final meeting. It all felt so real, walking around the venue knowing that the next time I would be there I’d be all in white. Jon and I were happier than ever with our choice of venue, despite it only being a year old, Simon and Annabelle were busy making sure that every detail still looked perfect… They have taken time out in January to repaint and re-treat all the floors!… They’re such perfectionists, which is really what you want for the most important day of your life! We passed on all our contacts and entertainers details and left with the reassuring warm fuzzy feeling inside that everything is being looked after. Jon came away all chuffed because he and Simon had a good catch up and he’s decided to buy a barrel of beer in from a local supplier!


Our families have all been amazing as always and are doing all they can to help. My mum has been beavering away with an undying intensity making all manner of little lovelies to place around the venue. Her latest creations are a collection of hand stitched cushion covers in all shapes and sizes to adorn the furniture in the venue, who knows what’s next on her list.

Jon’s family have been equally busy, his Brother is in the midst of planning his stag do and hearing the list of his friends that are going I’ll just be pleased to see him again in one piece! His mum is still feeding the cake plenty of alcohol, as you can imagine it gets heavier by the day, I think it’s going to be quite something when she’s finished. Jon’s Dad also asked if he could say a few words after the meal. We had asked him before but clearly he’s changed his mind, much to our delight. We really feel humbled with all the love and support everyone’s giving us.

Looking forward to the few remaining months… I have a got plenty to be getting on with. I’ve decided to be organised and get all the other stationery including thank you cards done as soon as possible. A big thank you to everyone who has been looking at my stationery site, and sending in your requests, doing your stationery has been equally as enjoyable and rewarding… Here’s a pic of our stationery… We finally settled on a paper plane theme and we are both really pleased with how they turned out, and a massive thank you to print creative for printing them for us!


So, looking in my diary I only have two weekends available until the wedding! Every other is booked with hair trials, dress fittings and meetings with suppliers… I am loving it though, and kind of can’t imagine life without planning a wedding at the moment! As for the frantic list making I was doing… I think I have chilled out a bit now and I have to say a big thank you to all the brides-to-be who have offered their help and support over the past few months and especially the other RMW real brides. Even though we have only met briefly I feel like we all know each other so well and I’m really looking forward to a post wedding meet up. We could make it a rock the frock shoot… Any excuse to wear our dresses again!


Have any of you lovely ladies considered a RTF shoot post wedding? Or are you planning to keep your dress sacred. Or maybe sell it post wedding… I just don’t think I can bear to pack it away never to be seen again 🙁

Anyway, until next time… Lots of love,

Han xxx

Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

28 thoughts on “What Hannah Did… Venue Visits & D.I.Y

  1. Oh Hannah I do love your wedding stationery! & I LOVE the paper plane on the front!
    You really do have a good eye for it (am equally thrilled with our stationery, but that’s for another time!!! 😉 )

    So glad the venue have been so good, it makes all the difference knowing your wedding is in safe hands.

    As for the Rock the Frock – I sincerely hope we get to do this, would be ACE to meet up with all you beautiful ladies AND get to show our dresses off!! (although I’m afraid I’m not quite up for the ‘swimming around in my dress’ shoot! It just looks flipping cold!! haha)

  2. I’ve got excitement flutters from reading this Han!

    Only 79 days to go and final meetings and no weekends free – I can’t believe it!

    Sorry to go all slushy on you, but you have been an absolutely amazing support to us ladies as well, I know we’re all so so happy with our stationery and the other advise you give us is always spot on too!

    Do you have another post before the day? Can’t wait to hear about the last few weeks and get all the hen gossip!

  3. Aaaaaaw Hannah I can’t believe how close it is now!

    Your venue sounds fab, it’s so reassuring when you know someone is working so hard for you and understands exactly what you want!

    Your stationery is gorgeous, such a cool idea and really personal to you guys.

    I sooooooo hope we get to do a ‘Rock the Frock’ but mostly that we all get to meet up after all our W days (can’t believe I’m last!)


  4. I’m new to all this having only just got engaged at Christmas, what an amazing site full of inspiration and lots of gems! Hannah I love everything about your wedding from the venue to the Stationary. Only just realised that youve set yourself up on your own, I absolutely love your site, talented lady! I’ll be in touch in the not to distant future. In the meantime enjoy every second in the run up to the wedding, all my friends say it goes to quick on the day. Not sure I could do the whole dress thing post wedding, maybe I’m just to sentimental. Look forward to your next post, good luck.

  5. No weekends free? God, I’m doing something wrong here… I need more things to do! It must all be feeling very close now for you, not long at all!!!!!!

    As expected, your stationery is to die for dahling, super stylish and a lovely nod to Jon with the paper planes. Great work!!

    Oooh, a rock the frock sounds like fun too… I bagsy being the one carried around by a semi-nakedy muscle man please (I’d probably squash him) xx

  6. I always love reading all the real brides entries. Hannah this is just to cute, I love the fact your families all get involved and help out, no doubt they are all really talented like you. Like the other comments I love how you’ve made your wedding so personal to you guys. The plane on the front is just the perfect touch, guess that’s the bonus of being a bespoke stationer! I think you girls should all go for it and go crazy after the weddings and Rock the Frock!! Think how amazing the photos will be!!

  7. Rock the Frock sounds totally epic 🙂 we must be able to persuade some ‘tog to come play with us! I think we also need those crazeee eyelashes from months ago 🙂

    See I think if I was sensible I probably should sell my dress after, but i’m not sure i could bear to part with it, so i figure i’ll wear it for dancing round the house 🙂 My mum made her wedding dress and I used to play dress up in it when i was little 🙂

    I’m loving the sounds of your busy planning life and the Mum making and doing! I’ve been right on the case since January and have mammoth to do lists 🙂 The venue photograph in the snow is lush btw AND I love that your Mum gets her own special duck! xxxx

  8. I love your venue! I can’t wait to see what you do with it (so I can steal some ideas).
    Regards Rock the From, I will be lucky if I can fit in to the dress after the wedding/honeymoon/post wedding real life kicks in!

    So excited for all the Real Bride weddings!
    x x x

  9. Hi Girlies, Sorry I’m replying so late in the day! Thank you for all the positive comments on the stationery and yep I totally think we should all do a rock the frock shoot…would be great fun! Though Stef I know what you mean about the dress…I’m being sewn into mine by a Russian lady..but that’s another story! Becca that water looks freeeezing! Don’t think I could handle that either..but Karen..muscle man..oh yes..maybe we could steal the fireman out of the new lynx advert ..? xx

  10. As with everyone else, I loooooove the stationery, well done you. Your venue is beautiful as well, can’t wait to read the write-up of your wedding here…

    We are having a rock the dress shoot after the wedding. We are two girlie girls marrying each other, so there are two dresses, two pairs of fabulous shoes (didn’t think I’d ever fit my wide size 8 hooves into posh shoes, but Mr Louboutin is a wizard!) and we live on the edge of the Peak District. There’s some stunning scenery around here that we won’t get a chance to have photos with on the day itself, plus it’ll be a great excuse to get glammed up again! I am glad we have decided to do it and think it will be a great day out of the drudgery of normal routine post- wedding and honeymoon!

  11. @Sara Your wedding sounds amazing!!!! Maybe it could grace these polka dot (or now watercolour paper) pages! Any excuse to see more dresses…and of course, amazing shoes!!!! xxx

  12. @Karen, Miss Vix, Tabitha – I am the ‘tog who will come play with you!!! PLEASE PLEASE please pick me!! I think I can safely say I will travel anywhere for that, a group rock the frock is numerous dreams come true, why did I never think of it before?! 🙂

  13. @Sara…your wedding sounds amazing!!! Two dresses, two beautiful brides and amazing shoes…what more do you need!!! Maybe you could feature on these pages?Would love to see A Peak District wedding!
    @Naomi…sounds like a fab plan…very exciting!!! We need to set a date! xxx

  14. Oh Hannah, those invites. They are lovely. Just had a look on your website too and your other work is brill!

    @Sara We haaaaave to see pictures of your Rock the Frock and your shoes. I will never object to seeing photos of fabulous shoes. Ever.

  15. Great to see you both, amidst snowy conditions! You were on great form and so relaxed! Must be all that event management and graphic design experience Hannah, coupled with Jon’s military organisation! Think your stationary by love doodle is so well themed and looks fab, we will certainly be recommending https://love-doodle.co.uk/ for our bride& groom’s wedding stationary.

    Cannot wait to see you both back here again and the big day is excitingly approaching – Yay!!

    Best Wishes

    Annabelle & Simon and the Wedding Team x

  16. Loved reading this and makes me think that perhaps I should be a bit more stressed than I am? Perhaps its because I am an older bride – second time for me and mine so our focus is different. We too are getting married at Dodford this Spring but I have no idea how many days it is! But the venue is beautiful and I fall in love with it a little bit more everytime I see it!
    @Sara – I too have large wide size 8 feet and would love a paid of loubs but haven’t been able to get my feet in – should I be looking at a specific design?

  17. @Yvonne mine are called Ron Ron 85. I went to the Louboutin “room” in the Selfridges Shoe Galleries on Oxford Street and talked through my feet woes with the nice lady there. Mine are a size 41, which some shoe makers do as roughly a UK 7, some do as an 8. In this case, this style of Louboutins comes up more as an 8. Go have a chat with them if you’re near to a stockist and see what they come up with x

  18. Hi Hannah, I am getting married next year and we’re looking at Jenkinsons caterers… I have read a few mixed reviews about the food and the staff.. just wondered if you would recommend them? Where you happy on the day?
    Thanks for your help, stunning wedding by the way 🙂 x

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