What Hannah Did… Wedding Breakfast And Bunting.

So I’m sitting here wondering what I can tell you… thinking ‘I haven’t done much since my last post’ then I remember we have done loads with the help of our families! It’s not necessarily really exciting like trying on wedding dresses but it’s all the little bits and bobs that go into making the day special…

Yummy Yummy… Food Fit For The Queen!

So after my last post we went to the venue for our food tasting which was lovely, all of the images above were taken by Stott Weddings. It was the first time we’ve seen Dodford Manor in the daylight and with the sun shining! We were on a table with two other couples… The only ones who hadn’t taken their parents with them! (eek! Sorry mums… we just thought it would get too confusing with lots of people there!) Jon and I have a fairly tight budget, so that ruled out sea bass and fillet of beef but we loved the duck and the goats cheese tart so went away feeling happy that whatever we picked would be tasty. So although we are yet to pick our final choices… we’re thinking we might go with salmon… although after speaking to people they say that’s a bit of a risky choice in terms of lots of people not liking it…(would love to hear your thoughts…?) We also recently found out that our caterers – Jenkinsons catered for the Queen when she popped in at Cosford Airbase! (does that make me nearly a princess!?)

Friends, Family & DIY loveliness

One of my favourite bits of wedding planning is the styling, after umming and arrring over the decorations for the barns, and several sketches later I have decided to stick with bunting, (I think it suits the British RAF theme!) so Mum, JLo (one of my bridesmaids… her real name is Jade) and I trekked off into Birmingham with a suitcase to pick up reams of patterned pink and blue fabric. We went to the ‘fancy silk store’… it’s totally amazeballs!

Floor to ceiling fabric in every type and colour you can imagine… we were there for three hours! We finally pulled ourselves away with enough fabric to make a village of Bedouin tents let alone bunting for one wedding!

So although I would like to claim credit for the beautiful bunting, (though I have helped to cut out the triangles, handy tip: buy a rotary cutter and make a wooden template = 10 times quicker than scissors!) mum is now the bunting queen and it’s looking beautiful! She has been sewing away and has finished the 50 meters of bunting and is now moving onto confetti bags!

As you can see by the pictures below… it’s been a bit of a DIY family affair for the past few weeks, Jon’s made two wooden templates to cut the bunting out, mums been busy sewing, Jill – Jon’s mum has made the fruit cakes for the wedding cake, Jon’s dad (Brian) is busy making a sweet trolley (he’s even making the wheels!) and I have made the bridesmaids and my hair slides, and we have all been collecting heaps of tea cups for favours! It’s so much fun to get everyone involved and I think (hope!) they’re really enjoying helping us to make our day personal and special, so a big thank you to our wonderful family!

So what’s next…?

So things on my ‘next to do list’ are: finish our wedding website… any ideas for good templated sites would be welcomed… currently using gettingmarried but not sure on their designs, looked at appycouple too… but missing some of the features I like e.g being able to see where all the guests are staying. Arrange some music/entertainment, find someone to make me look beauteous, find hotels for guests and write a list of hens to come on my hen do being arranged by Rach my best friend… would love to hear your ideas on hen dos, whether to stay in the UK or venture further a field and the general do’s/don’ts/disasters and delights!

Much love and happy planning,

Hannah xx

Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

35 thoughts on “What Hannah Did… Wedding Breakfast And Bunting.

  1. I just had to leave a message to tell you that I love reading your posts. We’re tying the knot next May and having a similar theme to Hannah we’re full steam ahead with teacup collection, fabric hunting for bunting and just generally all things pretty and lovely! I’m loving every second of it and have my mum & mum in law to be busying away with various DIY projects – we’ve just created our own save the dates and sent them out and I think people really appreciated the effort we put in to making them. look forward to hearing your next installment! x

  2. Wowee Han, you really are the DIY queen this year!!! 😀
    Loving all your creations, especially the confetti bags.
    I think I NEED to go to this fabric shop – it sounds like heaven!

    Oh & I say go with duck, but that’s probably because I’m allergic to fish & absolutely love a good duck dish!! 🙂

    RE the hen do – I am leaving it all up to my MoH but one thing we won’t be doing is going abroad. As much as I’d love to go somewhere hot I just couldn’t justify the cost. Plus it would mean so many of my friends would not be able to come (either have kids, student loans to pay off, jobs etc)
    I know friends who have gone abroad though & to include all the others that couldn’t make it they had a second local/UK hen do – which was really nice


  3. Your venue looks gorgeous, can’t beat a stone wall 😉

    Your family and friends sound ace too.

    I LOVE salmon (not that I am coming to your wedding anything so “who cares”!) but go for it.

    I used gettingmarried. I used a fairly neutral template with the long pic at the top and was able to customise all that bit to how I wanted it to look. Muchos better.

    Take care xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Hi Hannah! I noticed you said you took a look at Appy Couple and it didn’t have all the features you wanted. We’re in invitation-only beta right now, and looking for feedback about what couples want to see in a wedding app and website. We’d love to get more details about what you’re looking for.

    We’re also soon going to be launching a big update with more travel info and guest-list management features. You can email us at support@appycouple.com.


    Appy Couple Co-founder

  5. Great post – thanks for sharing Hannah!

    Wedding website – I went with Project Wedding but wish I had shopped around a bit more as a friend has just asked me to put a wedsite together for her and I found mywedding.com which has very pretty and useful templates.

    Hen do – my b-maids organised a fantastic surprise weekend in a tipi for me in the Oxfordshire countryside. It was in the wettest June ever, but the glamping was brilliant. Airbeds, fur rugs, chimenea, lovely food, and beautiful setting. It’s called White Horse Tipis.

    As for DIY – I am all for it – I have gone quite gung-ho with prep for my own wedding next week. Bring it on, and good on you. Very satisfying!

    Have fun!


  6. Hi again Hannah, have been looking forward to your next post! I get excited every time I see a pic of Dodford Manor 🙂 Your DIY sounds amazing and a bit more ambitious and beautiful than my plans – jealous! Love a bit of bunting – have you seen the pic of the wedding bunting on Dodford’s facebook page? It looks so effective in the reception barn.
    Great to hear about Fancy Silks again – used them a lot doing costume and stage management stuff at Uni. The Rag Market is another one of my favourite places – have you been? miss the ribbon stalls!!

    BTW: Those bags in one of your pics look fab – how did you make them?

    We’ve got to wait until Nov for our tasting day at Dodford so I will just have to imagine until then. Tempted by goat’s cheese tarts though! Hope all the DIY continues to go well x

  7. Fabulouso Han!

    Your wedding is going to be immense, I love all your DIY bits and am a sucker for a teacup, loving a good brew myself!

    Thanks for the bunting tip as well, as you know I’ve been on the hunt for bunting but haven’t found anything suitable…

    Luckily for us Al’s mum seems really quite keen on making bunting for us (must be a mum thing!) and has said that she will buy and make it all – she has already got Al’s dad to make her a template and bought a rotary cutter!

    I’m quite excited about taking all my ribbon and lace offcuts that I’ve been stockpiling to show her at the weekend, she seems to be a DIY queen!

  8. Oh and as for hotels, we’ve decided to go with Daventry Court (was Barcelo) in the end, as they’re so huge we’ll hopefully not get any disappointed guests. We’ve even decide to stay there ourselves as my H2B really likes the idea of everyone being together for breakfast in the morning and isn’t fussed about having a more grand first night hotel. It may not be boutique or very beautiful but the Dodford discount is welcome and it will suit the majority we think. We’re going somewhere nicer for a couple of days after that!

  9. Thanks girls for all your lovely comments!
    @EmilyLouise really pleased you’re enjoying my posts, its so difficult sometimes to know which bits people will be interested in…but I figured a good old entry about DIY is always a winner! How are you getting on with your teacup sourcing…we found it quite tricky to find nice ones within a reasonable budget and were really lucky to have lots donated to us by friends/family & neighbors!

    @Rebecca you defo need to go the fabric shop…maybe when you’re in b’ham in sept…its walking distance from the custard factory! Yep my hen is being arranged by my bridesmaids too so I don’t have much input but worried about whether people will come if its abroad too!

    @Kelly thank you …the venue is beautiful…all thanks to and Annabelle and Simon who own it they’re so lovely you cant help but fall in love with the place! Gettingmarried is good in terms of functions but i’m a bit picky I think and I can’t get things like text to line up properly or wrap around pictures how I’d want it to, but I might just be being a bit dim…need to try harder!

    @Susanne thank you I will email you, would be great to hear you up and coming plans as I do love the site so far x

    @Maddy thank you! Really pleased you’re loving the DIY too…all praise goes to our wonderful families really! My mum has literally lived and breathed bunting…and is slightly addicted (I think she will need to go to buntings anonymous by the end of it!)Your hen do sounds fab! Hope you have an amazing day next week too! Keep us updated!

    @Laura the sweet trolleys great, all thanks to Jons dad! I plan to get our ‘logo’ (our names have now been promoted to logo status when I talk about the wedding!) onto some vinyl for the canopy…just cant wait to see it finished!

    Thanks for all the love ladies, I’ll keep you updated about how the DIYings going…any tips and tricks feel free to share 🙂 xx

  10. Agree with all the other comments, love your posts!

    Re the food, it’s so tricky trying to choose something everyone will like. But, at the end of the day, you’re never going to please everyone, so I’d just go for the salmon – as long as you and the groom are happy!

    I had my hen do at the weekend, a house in Brighton with all my best girls – lots of eating, drinking, a Beyonce Single Ladies dance class and karaoke! It was brilliant and my bridesmaids put so much effort into everything. The only thing is, I was worried so much about if everyone else was having a good time that I got bit tense thinking that my two groups of friends weren’t getting on that well. But I suppose not everyone is going to like each other all the time. It went by so fast – only 3 weeks till the big day now and the nerves are really kicking in!


  11. Sounds like you have been busy. We have just got the menus through from our caterers and are facing the same problem. Our favourite is the fish but it’s probably the thing that a lot of people don’t like. Going to try some other options and speak to our family and see what they think xox

  12. Wow I love the idea of a Single Ladies dance lesson…might see if my aunty can sort that for us whilst we’re staying at Champneys for my hen do!

    @Jenny I think Karen wants to go to Brighton for her hen do too! xxx

  13. Hannah Spanner! I feel so inferior when I see all of your amazing DIY projects, it’s all so stunning and pretty you’re defo top dog for creativity this year!

    Loved reading how you’re getting on and all the progress you’re making 🙂 xxx

  14. Oh and yes!! We’ve got Brighton booked now for my hen do @Jenny @Kitty. Cannot freaking wait!!!

    @hannah – going abroad is great fun but I’ve found it quite stressy in the past when you have a huge girl group! xx

  15. Blimey sorry girls took me so long to write (should be working really) that more posts have appeared!

    @Hayley, the tasting day was great! we made the mistake of rolling out of a park and going straight there …felt very under dressed! The food was yummy though and Simon had loads of wine on offer too to try…so take parents so they can drive 🙂 Have you seen the granary hotel? Its beautiful! You should have a look its only 10 rooms but sleeps 26 people, its cheaper than daventry court too, (if your booking all of the rooms for two nights anyway) so thats where the bridal parties staying…might be worth a look? Oh and yep seen the bunting pic…though we’ve measured to hang it down the room rather than across..hope it will look ok!

    @Kitty, mums are just brilliant! and im sure you’ll get the bunting sorted, you’re still welcome to mine…but could have too much blue in it for you

    @Jenny you must be so excited with your big day only three weeks away! I can’t imagine what I’ll be like! Mines 8 months and im excited…wish it was tomorrow!

    @Ashleigh will be interested to see what people think of fish…though spoke to my sis last night and shes not keen either…so we might be rethinking! xxxx

  16. I love Brighton, so much to do there. We did karaoke in Nine Rooms and went to tiki club called Lola Lo’s which was pretty expensive but so worth it! The Beyonce dance class was arranged through Bounce Dance Studios and I can’t recommend them enough. It was hilarious! They also do different themed classes (Glee, cheerleading, Dirty Dancing, Thriller, 80s…)

    @Hannah All I was concentrating on for ages was the hen do, and now that’s out of the way, it’s just the wedding left! Very organised, so I feel prepared and very excited, but also very nervous. I’m mostly worried about how overwhelming and emotional it’s going to be – I don’t want to be sobbing walking down the aisle!!


  17. Love the venue and the DIY galore!

    Can’t help with the been do. I’m struggling myself. Will be checking this post for suggestions I can pinch 🙂

    I personally cannot stand fish. Not just the taste and texture but the smell also. So it won’t be making an appearance at our wedding BUT I know plenty of people who really like it and aren’t fans our rich meat. Maybe ask a could more people and see what they say. Although that could just get confusing….

  18. I can’t wait to see all your lovely bunting and the teacups in action!

    As for wedding websites, I really don’t like any of the templates out there at the moment so I’m just having my stationery designer mock up a few matching graphics and setting it up from scratc myself 🙂

  19. Gorgeous post! you are giving me such DIY envy lady! I want to make bunting but concerned i may run out of time (and need to actually buy a sewing machine!!)

    How much are you finding the teacups for generally? I wanted to do them for everyone for tea but they seem expensive when i find them in london 🙂

    I have been invited on several hens abroad before but i’ve never been able to go as couldn’t afford it at the time, i think for mine we’re going to go glamping in Cornwall to a yurt village! can’t wait! and then i believe a cheesy nightclub where our feet stick to the floor has been requested by at least one classy BM!

    Oh and now i also want a single ladies dance class!

  20. @Jenny & @ Miss Vix – I have emailed my aunty to ask if I can book a Beyonce dance lesson in Champneys…not sure how they’ll take to that, haha!


  21. Lovely DIY projects Hannah, you are so blinkin organised and creative!!! Those hair slides are soooo pwetty!

    I have let my bridesmaids have free rein on my hen do (eek!) and it’s going to be a complete surprise but I’m hoping at least part of it is in the UK and not too pricey, otherwise I know some won’t be able to come!


  22. Hannah I love your hairslide! Any chance of a tutorial…?
    You wedding sounds like it will be magical, I bet it’ll give all your diying family and friends a lovely warm fuzzy feeling when they see it all come together 🙂

  23. @Hannah – it’s quite difficult sourcing teacups that are reasonably priced like you say – ebay is my good friend at the moment! Only using them for table decorations so don’t need hundreds but still a few to get! I think we’re having salmon for our starter, it’s not even my fav but they made it so good…our caterer said to pick what we want & not worry about everyone else! Haha. My hen party is in the hands of my MoH & bridesmaids…v.nervous but exciting too! Would be great to see some other’s ideas so I can drop some ‘subtle’ hints! Hehe. 🙂 x

  24. @Daphne I’d love to be clever enough to set up my own site, I could do a wordpress one but wouldn’t have a clue where to start on things like each guest being able to see where other guests stay etc…would be keen to have a nose at yours when its done! 🙂

    @Miss Vix teacups have been a challenge! lots of people have been really kind and donated them, and we bought a bulk load of ebay as a lady use to do vintage china for weddings but she decided to sell it all (it does now mean we have shed loads of cake stands & plates that we don’t need!) Charity shops have been hopeless! I have found markets to be quite good though so maybe you could try that, though I imagine in London they’ll still be expensive, you need to come up north where the craze hasn’t taken off so much!

    @Tabitha, i’m really not that organised! feel like theres so much more to be done im just doing all the fun bits!

    @Lizzy, the hairslides easy! Its basically beads and roses made out of paper all attached to a plain slide (from hobbycraft) using fishing wire and/or a glue gun. Maybe we could do a post on DIY bits and pieces like that… a ‘how to make’….I know some of the other girls have done amazing DIY things too (I’d love to know how they’ve done them!)
    @EmilyLouise glad to hear someone else is going for salmon! look forward to hearing all about your hen party too! xx

  25. Love all your DIYing! Looks like loads of fun and dead impressed with the sweet cart!

    With websites I looked for ages through all of them – really wanted something free but I hated how the wedding websites looked. Too soppy for me. In the end I used http://www.moonfruit.com. It’s free and we added an online RSVP, forums for honeymoon tips, interactive maps with google maps. All works really well and not a butterfly/heart etc. in sight! If you want to have a look the website is menardijones.moonfruit.com and I’d be happy to offer some tips if you need!


  26. @Hels – that website builder looks fab! It’s now making me want to set up another wedding website! :-s
    already have one with appycouple – couldn’t resist havimg my own ‘wedding app’! and have a google site!! oops!

  27. I had the same experience with wedding websites – started out with gettingmarried and wasn’t impressed with the designs, but liked all the features. Then we had a look around and tried out a few others before settling with mywedding – hundreds of designs to choose from and although there aren’t as many features as gettingmarried (like where people are staying and the lift-sharing facility it also had if I remember correctly), it’s still pretty good. Their support staff are really helpful too if you get stuck or something doesn’t work as it should!

  28. @Rebecca the exact opposite happened to me! After hours of slaving over this I found appy and was a bit annoyed I hadn’t found that first!

    @Hannah no problem, sure whatever you pick will be gorgeous!


  29. I was wondering what the etiquette was on the wedding photos? Are the bride and groom supposed to give their bridal party pictures of the wedding or are they just supposed to give everyone a wallet size with the thank you card? I don’t know what the proper etiquette is or if there is proper etiquette to giving pictures. I thought that if you were in a wedding you would automatically receive pictures from the couple for being in their wedding. I’m not talking about receiving a whole photo album but 3-4 pics.
    My son was in my uncle’s wedding as the ring bearer in August 2006 and all we received was a wallet with the thank you card. Of course I took my own pics but how does the bridal party take pics if they are the ones standing up there?

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