What Jenny Did…….Pre Marital Bliss

Bit of a brief, yet positive post for you this week, it’s not really about anything in particular but is rather an update of sorts, of where I’m at with this Wedding malarkey. It’s tricky at times to know what to post about, because there is so much I want to keep under wraps so that I can reveal all to you after the big day!

I don’t know about other couples planning their weddings, but Mr O and I have reached a rather lovely stage in our relationship. Yes he still nags me for not doing enough cleaning (really, I work, I blog, I shop, I wash, I plan – I clean when I need to!) but we’re co habiting well and I actually feel as though we are a partnership, a nice place to be in considering we are going to be husband and wife in 11 weeks time! I’m not one to gush, but have I told you how wonderful he is? He isn’t perfect but he’s pretty darn wonderful.

Admittedly I am doing, and have done 99% of the wedding planning. But then what does he know about home made confetti cones and bespoke boho chic table plans? In fact rewind back about six months I can safely say I wouldn’t have known anything about home made confetti cones or table plans! This time last year I was practically wetting myself about the fact we were getting married, and longing for the time to hurry up but now I would be happy for a few extra weeks just to get everything done! I’ve taken to spending money like it’s water, and I might be keeping Hobbycraft in business I’ve bought so much over the last 12 months!

This week I am mostly planning for my Hen night! This Saturday we’re hitting Bristol City in 40’s glamour style! Pics to follow in next fortnight’s instalment! I have finally received delivery of my beautiful bespoke invitations! UPS have a lot to answer for, delaying the delivery by making a cock up, I’m starting to wonder what UPS actually stands for (Utter Pieces of Shizz?) It’s all hands on deck now putting them together and getting them in the post. They are just so lovely though, I am over the moon!

I’ve started buying bridesmaids gifts, and found a gorgeous bag to match my wedding shoes. We’ve booked our pre wedding shoot with our photographer Kim, and I’ve chosen the music for our ceremony. The dress issue is all sorted, I’m not giving anything away yet you’ll have to wait for my wedding report to see what I went for! We have a menu tasting to look forward to, and planning meetings with our venue. I’ve had a hair trial and decided to have a very natural boho look. Up do’s with twirly bits and tiara’s just isn’t me so I am sticking to what looks good on me. I’ve been back to Julia Boggio and picked the boudoir photo’s that will go in my gift for Mr O and I am bowled over by them! I’ve been to our jeweller to see our rings now they have arrived, and I love them! I’ve found a lovely pretty, floral focused blog too, which I had to share with you https://misspickering.blogspot.com I check it everyday it’s really entertaining and makes my mouth water.

So pretty hectic is my life at the moment. But hectic with good stuff. Which is quite nice. I’ve really impressed myself with my wedding vision. It’s going to be unique, full of laughter, and and abundance of Love.

Now I need to crack on with these invitations!

Lots of love,

Jenny x

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

36 thoughts on “What Jenny Did…….Pre Marital Bliss

  1. Jenny, could you give a bit more info on the invites? I’ve spoken with Kristy but am sooo confused about what I get for my money!!

  2. Lovely invites Jenny.
    I’m also getting married in September and from broxbourne – that’s a little fib hoddesdon actually.

    Good luck


  3. I am so glad the invites are beautiful – I’ve been following your “where the feck are they?!?” story on facebook and I almost feel like they’re my invites! They are Gorgeous. Totally worth the wait and the stress. Also your kitchen is ridiculously clean. Why do all the RMW females have clean kitchens?!x

  4. It’s actually 8 weeks until the big day now, this post was written a few weeks ago, the time is falling through my hands!

    Laura, small world, where are you marrying? and when?

    Rebecca, what sort of invite are you going for? Bespoke? Organise a call to Kristy as it’s far easier than communicating by email (from experience!)

    Aisling, yours is in the post ;o)

    Anna K – it was worth the wait – they are fecking gorgeous! And my kitchen isn’t that clean, it’s all smoke and mirrors ;o)


  5. Great post again Jenny – a nice uplifting one for a miserable morning! Glad to hear that things are coming along; I don’t think I ever had that luxury as we were planning until the very last minute! First dance chosen with half an hour to go anyone?!

  6. I’m getting married on Sept 4th as well! It’ll be our ninth anniversary and a year to the day since we got engaged. I’m so glad it fell on a Saturday this year 🙂

  7. Hi Jenny, have just read your posts from start to finish as had only read the first few of your posts, love them and a lot of your thoughts mirrored mine when I was planning my wedding, especially changing my mind about things (there’s just too much choice out there and I just wanted EVERYTHING!) and even changed my dress too after having major wobbles about the first one, drove my hubby nuts!! Amazing stationery, they look gorgeous, I would love to receive an invite like that!! Good luck with all your planning and I look forward to the next installment 🙂 x

  8. Thanks girls I really enjoy writing, find it so cathartic! It’s my way of coping with all the thoughts and feelings that bombard my brain! Us girls aren’t all that different really and it’s great to have feedback that tells me so! I am normal afterall, pheuw!


  9. Hi, Just a quick note to say I love,love this blog been following everyday (secretly at work) I am planning my own wedding for 4th June 2011 which is to be a big Indian wedding! ummm…any more honeymoon posts to come…


  10. Wow….where do people find these beautiful invites?! I searched for what seemed like years (probably more like weeks, but still it seemed like a lonnng time), and I still didn’t find any as perfect as yours Jenny. Ended up making my own but would have given anything to find invites like yours.


    And totally agree with Anna – clean perfect looking kitchens must be the way into the RMW team – I sadly have fallen at the first hurdle.

  11. Pria, my birthday is 4th June and 2011 will be my 30th, what a fantastic day to marry on!

    We attended an Indian wedding in East India last year – AMAZING!

    I thoroughly enjoyed wearing the traditional saree and we were treated like royalty, I hope your wedding is featured on RMW because I can imagine it being awesome! xx

  12. What beautiful invitations! Can you flash us a quick picture of what they actually look like all made up – I’m trying to work out hoe it all goes together… 8 weeks to go, wwooooooo! x

  13. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Thanks Charlotte – you have just made my day and am now sat here with a stupid grin on my face (see above!)


    RMW Charlotte likes my blog, RMW Charlotte likes my blog…. (skips off excitedly!)

  14. Fab invites!! I’m so happy to see your Hen do is taking place in Bristol. I live in Bristol and it’s a great city! Make sure you guys go to Goldbrick House on Park street. They make the most AMAZING cocktails!!
    Good luck with the rest of you planning. Your day is almost here!
    🙂 x

  15. Fab post as always, and 10 weeks to go for me so we are both September brides ! So I have a little off the topic question for you Jenny, Charlotte and Rebecca and indeed all the lovely bloggers.. you mention you have bought a bag well I too have just ordered my wedding bag – bespoke anya hindmarch ivory satin with my new initials embroidered on (so excited !). Anyway am wondering what you guys propose to do with yours during the ceremony/photos etc – any advice would be fab !
    thanks and looking forward to hearing all about the hen do….

  16. Beautiful invites Jenny! We are making ours but if I didn’t have a budget for invites I would be ordering them tomorrow! I’m also from Hoddesdon like Laura, now living in Stevenage and my cousin is getting married at Manor of Groves two weeks before you. Small world! x

  17. Kim I used to live in Stevenage! It’s where I was living when I first met Mr O. My florist lives in the old town.

    Do you have a make up artist…? Let me know if you need one!


  18. I LOVE how your posts always turn into mini forums Jenny! So much fun and so many questions!
    May I ask, as a fairly non-bridal bride who had a garden reception (and therefore all my belongings were 6ft away-lazy lazy me), what does one put in one’s bag? I’m curious…!

  19. O how interesting! We live just opposite the old town. I don’t yet have a make up artist so any recommendations would be fantastic thank you! x

  20. Well being a make up artist it’s imperitive to have such things as powder, and lip balm close to hand! That’ll be the two most important items in my clutch bag anyway!

    I may try and smuggle a few freebies from the venue too ;o)

  21. Uh oh – me being slightly dippy have just realized you are indeed a make up artist Jenny! And I have seen your work on here so why I didn’t remember – it has been a long day! Do you offer your services for weddings and such like? If so I would be very interested in getting in contact with you!

  22. Kim I adore doing brides! Do you have flowers sorted too? I can’t recommend my florist Stephanie Rose highly enough. She works for herself and ‘gets’ my vision. She’s really lovely too.

    Aisling – when are your photographers pics up on his blog? Chomping at the bit to see more of your beautiful day!


  23. O fantastic! I get married August 2011 so when do you normally suggest sorting make up out? I do have my flowers sorted thank you I have a relative who is a florist so I am extremely lucky there. Lots of questions – sorry!

  24. Holy mother of god – they’re amazing! It’s supposed to be ‘date night’ tonight but poor Mr O is being ignored because I am glued to my laptop! Love your wedding photo’s they just beautiful!! x

  25. O lovely thank you ever so much Jenny! Will keep it safe and give you a tinkle closer to the time. V exciting – RMW helps out another bride to be! x

  26. Thanks Jenny! They are a bit special aren’t they?!
    The strangest thing…I was trawling through your blog today (yup, laptop attachment doesn’t stop when the fiance becomes the husband!) and came across your Wedding Music post. I walked up the aisle to Hoppipolla, we walked out to One Day Like This and our ‘waiting music’ was a selection of Vitamin String Quartet pieces!
    Great Minds…!

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