What Jenny Did……..Scattiness caused by soberness

It is less than three weeks until the wedding and I am absolutely shattered! Ever the optimist though it’s less than three weeks until the honeymoon too, which means three glorious weeks in Thailand (or ‘possibly the bestest most beautiful place on the planet’ as I call it).

Now that doesn’t mean I’m not looking forward to the wedding, of course I am that goes without saying, but am I looking forward to having my life back and not feeling as though I am boring people to tears by talking about the wedding? Yep! I can’t wait to have time to myself at the weekends, to amble around antique shops, and homeware shops, and clothing boutiques (err ok so Primark is a clothing boutique of sorts). I can’t remember the last time I actually did some shopping that wasn’t online. Ebay, Etsy, and Ocado are my new best friends. I simply don’t have the time (or the inclination) to deal with busy shops and slow people, and I suspect I may have become addicted to the thrill of arriving home to brown paper parcels on the doorstep!

Anyway my time is consumed with final dress fittings, bridesmaid fittings, hair trials, paying people, organising people, collecting jam jars, making menus and place settings, buying even more ribbon from hobbycraft, and pre wedding shoots. All this is done completely sober too, jeez I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a nice chilled glass of sauvignon blanc…. **dribbling slightly at the prospect of wine** I make myself sound like such a wino I know, but sometimes life is more enjoyable when tipsy!

I have been speaking to my bestest friend Em in Aus, and can’t deny a small part of me clings to the hope that she is coming afterall and will make this grand entrance and surprise me at the church service, but deep down I know she is a new mum and it simply isn’t realistic to dream this way. I will just have to settle for another cardboard cut out (much to her entertainment, this will be the second wedding that cardboard Em has attended, despite being completely harassed and violated at the previous wedding!)

Nerves wise I think I slot into the ‘calm as a cucumber’ box at the moment. I really am cool and collected. I am organised, everything is ship shape and ready to go. Sometimes I wonder if there is something wrong with me, for not being riddled with nerves and stress. My time on this planet has taught me well over the years, and stressing over something as wonderful as a wedding really isn’t worth the energy, not this far down the road anyway! It’s all about the cementing of love. Blimey that doesn’t sound too glam does it! Perhaps I meant celebrating love, or confirming love, I’m not sure anymore! My brain is addled. To summarise; Jens nerves are fine, but she’s as scatty as a bag of balls.

And here’s rather indulgent treat for my WJD followers…. Some images from our pre wedding shoot, captured by our photographer Kim Hawkins….

Introducing the fabulous Mr O, I think you’ll agree he’s pretty good looking (she says with a Zoolander twang)

We ambled round Shoreditch and Hoxton for the afternoon, on possibly the windiest day the UK has seen in like a million years. Still, impressive images and I’m looking forward to seeing how amazing our wedding images will be!

The countdown begins, 17 days to go.

Jenny xx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
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45 thoughts on “What Jenny Did……..Scattiness caused by soberness

  1. Gorgeous photos! We’re getting married a week after you and also off to Thailand for our honeymoon. Can’t wait to see your wedding pics! x

  2. Gorgeous pics!!! Your ones from the day will be amazing.

    I got married on 4th September last year so we’ll share an anniversary 🙂

  3. Jen, he is MUCH hotter than Duncan from blue 😉 (hope that’s ok to say)
    Beautiful pics & yaye to the impending marital bliss!

  4. Beautiful pics – you both look so happy and in lurve! As for the lack of wine…just think how good that next glass is going to taste! 🙂

  5. Great pre wedding pics you both look fab. We didnt get time to do ours, time just ran away with us weeks up to the wedding. I didn’t feel nervous as such about the wedding I wasnt looking forward to walking up the aisle as I’m not good with being centre of attention and I knew I would cry. So on the morning of the wedding I was expecting to be a bag of nerves but I had a few butterflies and then I was so calm everyone was scared! Dont get me wrong I did suddenly feel terrified the moment before walking down the aisle and I did cry but everything was perfect once I was holding my husbands hand. I can’t wait to hear all about your day have an amazing time I know you will xxx

  6. Another great post Jenny!

    I’m the 11th, so a week behind, but i’m exactly the same. Ocado, Ebay, ASOS, i really can’t be doing with going to the shops, even if i did have time!

    Evenings are filled with table plans and orders of service and correcting the “mistakes” of our very scatty wedding co-ordinator.

    Roll on the 10th, when i shall have everything done (i hope) and will be able to sit back and enjoy the ride, and the honeymoon to Australia. BLISS!

  7. How frippin gorgeous do you look?! Wow!

    And I am so looking forward to this state of calm that apparently descends in the month prior to the wedding. Because right now I’m in the ohmygoditslessthanthreemonthstogoandivedonenothing state, which is certainly not calm.


  8. Jenny – just as a random aside. We emailed all of our hotels in Thailand saying we were honeymooners.. We had already been upgraded but our first hotel in KS has upgraded us again.. Worth a punt!

  9. Ah Jen, you look fab. Great shots and I love the locations. I was feeling exactly as you do 5 weeks ago. I kept waiting and waiting for the nerves to kick in, coming up with all kinds of reasons why they hadn’t and thinking… maybe when it 1 week to go… or maybe when it’s tomorrow… then I will feel nervous. But they didn’t come! I was on the very edge of tears and nerves as I heard the first line from the organist but saw my friends huge happy grin as I walked into the church and they disappeared instantly. Therefore my theory stands: No nerves = good thing.

  10. Hey Jenny

    I love your photos, soooo cute! Do you mind me asking where you got the heart shaped blackboard from?

    Thankyou! xxx

  11. Look – its Duncan from Blue!!
    You both look goooooorgeous, much love and luck to you both for the Big Day. And can I also jump on the Thailand honeymoon bandwagon 🙂 xx

    PS. Jen – LOVE your dress.

  12. Fab photos and well done you for being so calm!

    I don’t see the Duncan from Blue – he’s much more like a young Freddie Flintoff, particularly in that first photo (and therefore hotter for it!)! You look fab in them, Jenny. What a nice place for photos – I love to amble round there on a Sunday as it’s so quiet.

  13. Great pics! Don’t know why Mr Jen dislikes having his photo taken, he’s a natural! And of course you look radiant. I know EXACTLY what you mean – some of the best feelings for me post wedding were

    1) being able to remember that other people have stuff going on that doesn’t revolve around hair accessories and table decor,
    2) not having to make DECISIONS,
    3) being able to concentrate on being married to Mr K without W-day paraphanalia lurking in the background!

    ps – great legs!x

  14. Lovley pics, can’t wait for your wedding ones.

    Slightle envious of your ‘cool as a cucumber’ state of mind….I get married next Saturday and I’m anything but!

    I’ll be on honeymoon when you get married, so happy wedding day for the 4th Sept! x

  15. This rings so true! I’m also a 4th September bride (lets hope this weather picks up!) and also feeling very chilled out and although really looking forward to the big day, I am just as much looking forward to a relaxed Autumn with my wonderful new husband. Good luck with everything Jenny 🙂 xx

  16. Victoria – they have the heart shaped blackboard in a wee shop in Milton Keynes if you’re anywhere near there? It’s just opposite John Lewis.

  17. Hi campers,

    Kim did good didn’t she!

    The heartshaped chalk board is from Van Hages, and the dress is good ol’ Primark!

    The balloon however was a massive pain in the backside but worth it because I love a prop!

    Also, how freakishly high can Mr O jump?


  18. Stunning photos, Jenny! Wow!

    Best of luck for the final plans and the big day itself – if it’s any consolation, I don’t regret a single bit of the last few weeks of chaos and all of the little details that I wanted which caused us to be run off our feet (and which my husband thought were completely unnecessary). It’ll all be absolutely worth it on the day, but then I’m sure you know that already! :o)

  19. Absolutely beautiful. fantastic photos. I have that heart blackboard! I was really stressed a few weeks back, then got over it and was just excited, but I have managed to get shingles due to the previous stress! My wedding is in 9 days,eeeek, and I’m hoping that I’ll be all better by then! Thank you fore reminding me to chill out 🙂 xxx

  20. Absolutely lovely – can’t wait for my pre-wedding shoot now that I’ve seen they can be cool, fun and not overly sappy or weirdly moody… How exciting to be so close! Enjoy it, can’t wait to read all about it. xx

  21. I am so glad to read that I am not the only one online shopping all the time and wanting my life back! I feel like such a weirdo because all I talk about is wedding stuff and to be honest, it does get a bit much! hehee 🙂

  22. Soooo funny! “I can’t drink tonight as I need to be up early to stick thousand of ‘bits’ on hundreds of pieces of card” is truly the grim reality of being in the grip of wedding planning. I’ve gone bi-polar with mine: Depressively thinking it’s never going to get done and having wailing fits on the floor, and then manic highs that I’m top of things and it’s actually not going to be a disaster. This means one thing. Wine should absolutely be at the top of the wedding planning list!

    Fabulous post and the photos are to die for.

  23. Ah this is lovely! Fab photos Jenny. You must be so pleased. Got yourself a great photographer there 😉 You and Mr O sure do make a cute couple.

    How exciting…not long to go now. Wishing you and all the other 4th Sept brides here a calm build up (hmm….possible?) and a fabby day when it arrives.

    I am just 7wks away from w-day (d-day??) and have a curious, organised calm about me, too. Though when everyone says, “Oh goodness! Not long to go now! You must have everything done now?” I want to laugh like a crazy woman in their face. AS IF!!!!!!!!!! Now, back to ribbon planning…velvet or organza? Ah..the table plan…can’t wait to do that (not!)

  24. your pictures look amazing, you wedding will be perfect im sure.
    I hope I am as organised come next year for my big day

    Hannah X

  25. I get married on the 18th….and have just started my stationary! opps!

    Jen, you look amazing, I have loved following your posts. I hope you have an amazing day. I cant wait to see the pics and what dress you choose!!


  26. Wow!! Gorgeous gorgeousness the pair of you!! Your wedding pics are going to be amazing!! I can’t wait to see them 😀

    9 days to go for me and no nerves yet. Very, very excited and a bit worried as I’ve had to go to the other end of the country with work (south coast to Edinburgh) and have left the hub 2 b in charge of the final bits. I imagine I will come home to a flat strewn with off cuts of paper, a jammed printer and a slightly frazzled boy.

  27. Fab pictures! Your such a gorgeous couple & agree with Mr O being a young Freddie Flintoff 🙂

    Long live the ‘cool as a cucumber’ status 🙂

  28. Beautiful pictures Jen – I love reading your writing, I remember when your mom showed me a blog of yours a few years back that she was so proud of. Have a beautiful amazing day 🙂 Enjoy Thailand!!! xox

  29. How sexy are you two?!? Seriously awesome shoot! And dress!
    17 frickin days?!? Although I am slightly freakin out on your behalf here, you are so right to be calm.
    My favourite wedding quote ever is “Remember, it all goes from being a series of lists, plans and worries into this untangible blur of happiness and love and dancing!” xo

  30. Jen

    Sadly I dont have the same skill with putting words to paper so Im not going to embarrass myself by truing but I will say that I am so so proud of you and I know Mum would be too. Love you little sis. xxxx

  31. Jenny these pics are amazing! You’ve made me want to do a pre-wedding shoot now too. I’ve been catching up on your blogs over the last few days (only found the wonder that is RMW last weekend)and they are so funny, helpful, and moving. I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow and can’t wait to read the post W day report and see the pics!

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