What Jenny Did…….The Wedding Part 1

Hi Lovelies, Charlotte here 🙂

Before we begin Jenny’s wedding story extravaganza I just wanted to say a few things……

Firstly a huge thank-you to Jen who has given up a significant amount of her precious wedding planning time to devote to providing witty, honest and thought-provoking content to Rock My Wedding. The now Mrs “O” has helped more than she even realises to shape these blue polka dot pages into the success they are today. We salute you Pet.

Secondly – as this is Jenny’s area of the blog then her wedding report will not follow our usual format. Jenny is a real bride, she had her wedding her way and she will tell the series of events her way too. It is a thoroughly brilliant read and well worth grabbing a cup of tea, a calorific treat of choice, sitting down, relaxing and enjoying the story 🙂

Thirdly a huge thank you to Kim Hawkins Jenny’s photographer who has held of blogging the wedding even on her own website in anticipation for the release on Rock My Wedding. I think you will agree her work is nothing but outstanding and she has managed to capture every tiny aspect of the day in magnificent detail. Kim was also assisted on the day by photographer Jon Mold.

Oh and it’s so epic we had to do it in FOUR parts.

Has been well worth the wait. Promise.

Big Jenny Rocks Our World Love

Charlotte xxx

The Biggest Surprise

The the day before the wedding loomed. The weather had picked up it was positively summer outside the fact it was dry meant I was a very happy girl. I had an exciting appointment at lunchtime that day…. My 12 week scan! Yes for those of you who weren’t aware Mr O and I are having a baby! A lovely announcement for Matt to make in his speech! It was nerve wracking, because although I was still throwing up and feeling pregnant you just don’t know what’s going on, but as soon as I was on the bed in the side room and the baby appeared on the screen looking like a proper little baby with arms and legs I felt better. And the tears just fell. Our baby was waving at us and jumping around inside me like it knew we were watching and it was excited to be in there! It’s a bit mind blowing at first, especially for Mr O – the last time we had a scan I was only 7 weeks and our baby resembled a turkey (not much to get excited about there!) But now it’s a proper baby. And it’s due on 20th March! And it’s perfect. We came away feeling wonderful armed with scan photo’s to share at the wedding the next day.

We then had the arduous task of driving down to Chichester to pick up Brian (The campervan). Could have done without that the evening before the wedding too, how nice it would have been to be at home having a nice pedicure relaxing…. I do make life difficult for myself sometimes! It was worth it though, Brian was handsome and I couldn’t have chosen a better wedding car.

All in all the week was a rollercoaster of ups and downs and all I kept telling myself was that come Saturday I would be cool as a cucumber and promised myself I would relax and enjoy myself come rain or shine. The only thing I would have done differently is be much more prepared, and get little jobs done earlier on so that I could have had some time to just sit on my backside eating crisps watching telly.

The night before the wedding, once I had arrived home in Brian, said my goodbyes and good lucks to Mr O, my sister and niece came round with food and wine and although it was about 11pm by the time we finally sat down, it was perfect. I gave them both a heads up on what I needed them to help with on the big day, and they presented me with a gorgeous pearl bracelet, of which I placed with my ‘wedding day bits’ on my dressing table so I wouldn’t forget to wear it. I made it to bed before midnight, taking my little cat Molly and my scan picture with me. My last night as Miss Palmer, the excitement kept at bay by the constant nausea I’d been feeling for the past 8 weeks, I watched chunky Miss Molly wash herself which relaxed me. Cats are so elegant and graceful, I looked at my scan picture and I felt calm and complete. It all felt right, and sleep finally came.

Third Time Lucky

If you remember my rantings about dress issues then you will realise that the dress I wore wasn’t the Alan Hannah Martinique. Nor was it the second dress I opted for. The dress I chose happened purely by accident (I swear!). I visited Clifford Burr in Ware to view some veils, chatting away with the shop lady my dress story came out, I had concluded that putting the deposit down on the Alan Hannah was silly of me, 18 months before the wedding I was bound to change my mind about it but I had found the second dress from Milly Bridal in China and I convinced myself it was perfect. It was perfect, and I would recommend Milly Bridal to anyone looking for an inexpensive wedding dress. I had lumped out a phenomenal amount of money on the first dress, and I disliked it, the Milly dress cost me a fraction of the first one, and I loved it. Go figure. When I explained the idea of ‘The’ dress I had when I first started scrap booking wedding ideas when I first got engaged, it looked nothing like the Martinique. Nothing like it at all. However the shop lady disappeared for a moment and returned with a proud look on her face. She was holding a dress that I can only describe as ‘The One’. I tried it. It fit like a glove. Cinderella you shall go to the ball! Three wedding dresses though…. Isn’t that a little excessive of me?

The only draw back was Sottero and Midgely couldn’t deliver a new dress within the time frame I had left, it was 12 weeks until the wedding and they manufacture their dresses in China. Good old China. So she told me I could buy the dress I was wearing at a discount. It was brand new this season, it had been in the shop a month. It had not a mark on it. It didn’t need altering, it was perfect, the most perfect dress I had ever ever seen. Knowing how drastically impulsive I am, and with ‘Three Wedding Dresses Palmer’ as a potential nickname from my friends I asked for a few days to think about it. I knew I had to speak to Mr O about this, I was looking at spending a lot more money on a dress than I had already, yes it’s my money alright but even so, I needed clarification from him that I wasn’t totally bonkers. We talked that night, I had to sleep on it and promise that whatever I decided I would stop looking at dresses from that point onwards.

So I slept on it, and the following morning I made the call. I was the proud owner of Sottero & Midgely Toni – off the peg no less! Now I was faced with selling my two prior dress mistakes….. the second one from Milly wasn’t a problem I sold it on ebay and got what I paid for it (result!). The Alan Hannah Martinique…. Still for sale…..

I made the right decision. I look at our wedding images and I feel relieved that I didn’t choose the other two dresses. The Sottero & Midgely one was The One.

As for veils well, I ended up sourcing the matching veil for my new dress in a shop in Norwich who posted it to me the next day. I swiftly took it to Lolly (my bridesmaid dress maker) and she made me a lovely lace bolero jacket.

The dress story doesn’t end there though…. After the shock of my surprise pregnancy had sunk in I arranged an emergency dress fitting with Lolly. If it needed to be adjusted then it would ‘be a bit of a bugger’ but not out of the question so once we’d taken on board that I would only be 12 weeks on the big day, and that I had morning sickness like you wouldn’t believe (why do they call it morning sickness when it lasts the whole damn day?!) I decided that would just suck it and see, so to speak. My boobs had only gone up a cup size, and I had lost half a stone. Considering I was feeling like utter tripe the dress actually fitting me was the least of my problems.

My waist had thickened though, and wearing anything constricting made me feel faint and dizzy. It was at this point, (which was a week before the wedding) that I decided if it came to it I would simply change dresses in the evening, and wear the beautiful Martinique afterall. It really is a beautifully timeless gown, the cut is so chic and beyond that, it’s really bloody comfy! But the Martinique didn’t really ‘go’ with what the rest of the wedding party were wearing, and there was still a small chance that it too would be really tight and constricting. Oh buggeringhell. For my own piece of mind, so that I could sleep at night knowing that I would be ok on the day, I turned to my fail safe dress designer… Vivien of Holloway. I ordered the Ivory Lace Swing Dress and a white underskirt online, I already own a few Viv dresses so I trusted the size would be ok, and made a trip to Hobbycraft (last and final trip for a good long while I might add!) and bought some nice thick purple ribbon to tie around the waist thus creating a Candy Anthony inspired wedding dress. Voila! Job done. I could change into that in the evening so I would be free to breathe and dance the night away in complete comfort. Oh, and it turned up the day before the wedding. Cutting it a bit fine you say? Yes, that’s me all over. A flaming stress addict. So in reality I actually bought four wedding dresses. Is that some sort of record?

I didn’t change into the evening dress though, as it happened the main dress fitted me better on the day of the wedding than it did at my final fitting (morning sickness pays off then!). But having the VoH dress there as something to fall back on meant I could really relax so although it has gone unworn I may sell it, but I may keep it and wear it one day, perhaps for our baby’s christening.

The moral of the story here is I rushed into putting a deposit down on a dress too soon. I should have waited, looked around more, tried more dresses on (despite hating every minute of dress shopping) and given myself a bit of time to make the right decision. But it all worked out fine in the end. I have no regrets!

Kiss And Make-Up

I wanted a natural look, Matt isn’t a fan of ‘strictly come dancing’ make up and thinks I look more ‘me’ when I have my lashes dressed and a bit of colour in my cheeks.

So I went and got myself some Bare Escentual Mineral make up, my skin wasn’t quite at that ‘glowing and fabulous’ stage, in fact I had a hormonal break out and was covered in pimples. Fabulous. Bare minerals is good for problematic skin and I knew I wouldn’t get the coverage with any of my MAC or YSL products. I used L’oreal touch magique on my dark circles around my eyes, finishing with a few dabs of YSL Touche Eclat. I highlighted and contoured my face using MAC blush baby and MAC Well Dressed, and NARS Orgasm Illuminator, and on my lips I used MAC Plushglass lipgloss in Ample Pink. My mascara is Clinique High Impact in black. I used my favourite product on my body, MAC Face and Body Foundation mixing two colours C5 and C2, and used the NARS illuminator on my collar bone and shoulders.

Pretty simple really, the major job was getting a flawless finish on my base the rest of it took five minutes!


Jenny x

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

67 thoughts on “What Jenny Did…….The Wedding Part 1

  1. This. Is. A.mazing….! And huge huge congratulations to you and Mr O, Jenny!!! You look pretty darn perfect in these photos, absolutely stunning and the most flawless skin and make up. I can’t wait for more!!! xx

  2. So very lovely to finally see you grace these pages in all your bridal fabulousness!

    Congratulations to you and Mr O – such wonderful baby news!

    You look absolutely beautiful, your dress is stunning and was clearly meant to be.

    Can’t wait to read parts 2, 3 and 4!


  3. Gorgeous dress, gorgeous face! You look absolutely beautiful. I will be picking up a few of the products you meantioned to see if they can give me the same glow 🙂

  4. Huge congrats on the baby news 😀

    Love your dress, your hair, your makeup….really looking forward to parts 2, 3 and 4! xxx

  5. Can’t take it all in, can’t take it all in, can’t take it all in! Tried to read seven times and too excited and jumped down paragraphs without digesting anything. At the risk of sounding like I love Jenny in a very wrong way, I’ve never seen such a beautiful, flawless, effortless, gorgeous, glowing, looks-airbrushed-but-is-real, perfect looking bride. Will come back to this when I’ve calmed down!

  6. OH MY GOD!

    From the first paragraph I was gasping! Congratulations, what a lovely moment before your wedding.

    Having just got through the first trimester myself I have no idea how you dealt with that double stress on your mind & body as wedding planning and being a pukey pregnant person so well done!

    Can’t wait for the other parts.

    P.S. We got married on the 4th Sept last year and our colour was purple too!

  7. Oh. My. Actual. God!!!! This is perfect and I can’t wait for the rest!!!! And that dress, oh la la!

    The only thing that spoilt it for me – i sat down with a cuppa to read this as per Charlotte’s advice but didn’t go for the calorific treat 🙁 I went with an orange instead – big mistake, and I still want the treat now aswell!!!!

    Huge congrats to Jenny & Mr O!

    Donna x

  8. I love this report (well, first part of an epic report!) and can’t wait to read the rest. Many, many congratulations to you both, for your marriage and on the news of your pregnancy. Absolutely delighted for you!


  9. Hi Jenny – Your photos are sublime! You’re so photogenic, so that helps – but the light in the photos looks beautiful. I’m on a real budget for my wedding dress for Aug 2011 – and like you, am not looking forward to dress shopping – and wondered if you really do recommend Milly Bridal? I’ve read such mixed reviews about them, but they could really help with my budget! Any other brides have good/bad chinese-dress experiences? Much appreciated! thanks again for a gorgeous set of piccies x

  10. Simply stunning. Jenny you look absolutly beautiful the dress is so pretty love all the details on it. Congratulations to you both and as they say you look glowing. Looking forward to part 2 xxx

  11. Jenny you look so beautiful!!! Kim is my photographer as well and I’m Sooooo excited now that I can hardly contain myself!!! Can’t wait to see the rest of the posts!!! Hurry up though I think I may burst!!! Xxxxx
    Ps. Congratulations as well!

  12. Huge congratulations Jenny on marrying Mr O and your baby. I was so excited to read this….I took Charlotte’s advice and got myself a cup of tea and a treat and sneakly read it at my desk.

    Everything about your wedding looks just stunning. I also can’t wait for part 2,3 and 4 xxxx

  13. Big respect for being an amazing, glowing bride in the first trimester, I am always too sallow /tired /rough/spotty/moody/nauseous to even get up in the morning nevermind being a blushing bride! You look fabulous and I also really really really want your cat 🙂

    Hmmm, and terrible sickness? Sounds like a it could be a girl to me!

  14. Congratulations! I still have goose bumps on my arms.
    Jenny you looked amazing. And to have the baby there with you on the day is just magical!

  15. This is just fab! Was nearly in tears at the first paragraph – huge congratulations on the pregnancy, such lovely news… Oh and the wording on the invitation is beautiful

    Jenny you look amazing – I cant believe they are your own eyelashes! And the dress is stunning – you definitely made the right choice – I also love the bow! I cant wait the other parts!

    Rachie xo

    PS: Your kitty is the cutest!

  16. Looks like you had the most beautiful day – thanks for sharing Jenny, and congratulations to you and your husband, both on your wedding and your exciting baby news! You must be absolutely thrilled. Such beautiful pictures. xxx

  17. Brilliant start! The dress is very similar to mine – i only hope i look half as beautiful as you do. Can’t wait for the rest x

  18. Congratulations!!! Such a lovely piece of news to be able to share on your wedding day!!

    And as for not looking flawless…well I must need my eyes checked because you look amazing!! Flawless and definitely luminous!

    The pictures are amazing and I tottally can’t wait for the next 3 parts!!

  19. Wow, you look fantastic, fab job on the make up! Excellent choice of dress, it really suits you. Congratulations and bring on the rest!

    P.S. How photogenic is your cat!? She’s gorgeous! 🙂 x

  20. Oh my god my ego has never felt better, you girls are all doing wonderful things for me! I’m so excited to finally share all the details too!!


  21. Wowsers! So, so exciting – huge congratulations on your baby news and the wedding. Cannot WAIT to see the next parts. You look unbelievably beautiful – I was eagerly looking to see who did your make up and then saw you did it yourself! Even more unbelievable! You look so serene and happy – if you could bottle that you’d make a mint 😉 xx

  22. Woohoo – well it was most certainly worth the wait!
    And 3 parts to go – YAY! Pee your pants excitement going on over here!

    Congratulations Jenny on being such a beautiful bride and again for becoming Mrs ‘yummy mummy to be’ O.

  23. Wow! You look absolutely stunning and every inch the blushing bride.

    I really like the details on what makeup you used.

    I’m so looking forward to parts 2, 3, and 4!

  24. Jenny, I followed your blog too so I knew about the pregnancy and you have such a glow to you on the day – whether that’s baby, the pregnant lady “head down a loo every morning” look or just COMPLETE UNABASHED joy I don’t know but it totally suits you!!

    You look fabulous!

    And those photos are STUNNING.

    I can’t get over how flawless your skin is. What exactly do you use?!

  25. Ok – so it was totally worth the wait! You look fabulous Jenny, and glowing and perfectly bridey in a classic but still modern way. Absolutely flippin love the dress – and the bolero finishes it so well – a good example of why having 3 (4!) dresses can sometimes be the best thing you can do! I’m a little excited that there are 3 more parts to come – if they’re anything like this, RMW have a pretty amazing week coming up! Xx

  26. Wowzers! I have been looking forward to this report for aaaages! Jenny, as ever you look blaahdy gorgeous. What a stunning bride! And I would never have guessed you were upduffed.

    I cannot wait to see your VoH dress – my BMs were in VoH and I looove the brand.

    P.S. Can I steal Molly please?

    That is all! x

  27. Wow, wow and wow! You look totally stunning, I really have never seen a prettier bride! and massive congratulations on the baby bump – you really will be a yummy mummy. So excited about seeing the rest, it is all totally fab so far!

  28. I haven’t posted for ages but had to after reading this. Jenny – you looked amazing. The four wedding dresses were definitely worth it!
    Congratulations on the baby O news too xx

  29. Congratulations on Baby O! Lovely news.

    Wow, you are one beautiful bride and you made a fantastic choice on your dress.

    Looking forward to reading the rest of the posts 🙂

  30. Wow dress drama indeed, sounds like you found the’one’ in the end tho thats all that matters, you looked amazing !

    congratulations on baby O xxx

  31. Holy crap – Jenny you are the most beautiful bride I have ever seen. All glowy 🙂 Congratulations to you and Mr O on Baby O. I sat here open-mouthed for so long reading that paragraph that Mr B asked me if I was alright!
    Think I might combust when parts 2, 3 and 4 are posted!! xoxo

    PS. Lurve the dress!

  32. Absolutely stunning! You look amazing Jenny and the dress is beautiful! And not forgetting Miss Molly – she is gorgeous too! Huge congratulations to you and Mr O on the baby news! Can’t wait for the next part! x

  33. Firstly, congratulations to you and Mr O on the little baba x

    You looked bloody gorgeous hun and I would be a happy bride if I could look half as good as you on my big day. Maybe having 4 dresses is a record but so worth it for the beauty you chose. I am looking forward to the next 3 parts and I think I may ‘steal’ you invite wording (if you don’t mind)…it’s lovely!

    Congratulations x x

  34. FAB-U-LOUS!! I cannot wait for the next update. Hell, it might have taken you four attempts but your dress is just perfect. AND……how amazing is your make up?! Wish i could make myself look like that.
    Oh crikey, Mr M has just caught me on RMW when i was supposed to be doing Tesco shopping. Have to cut this short, but seriously, you look LUSH.

  35. Francesca – I don’t know how I got through that first trimester I had a lot of time off work and hibernated avoiding all contact with anyone! All I heard about was how people ‘sailed through their first three months’ bah! Congratulations to you on your baby news too! Wow we share the same anniversary, and colours, great minds!

    LizzieMc – If I wasn’t married I would marry you! Your comment had me in stitches :o)

    Maya – I really do recommend Milly Bridal! As long as you opt for a decent cut and material you will end up with a stunning dress. Some styles can look cheap but i’ve known brides spend a ton of money on a dress from proper uk boutiques and not been happy with them, so really what do you have to lose? Let me know how you get on!

    Alex K – You won’t be disappointed with Kim Hawkins, amazing photographer! I will look forward to seeing your images on her blog, good luck!

    Brideandchic – I honestly put it down to great make up products, and a talented make up artist (ahem that’ll be me then). Funny you say it might be a girl…. I have a feeling too but we’ll wait and see til labour time! Be interesting to see if my intuition is right?!

    Rebecca – I’m so glad you follow my blog, it’s been hard not posting for so long but what with the honeymoon and wedding/baby shenanigans I’ve been preoccupied…. I honestly can’t recommend Bare Escentuals bare minerals make up enough. Hides a multitude of sins! I’m free to take make up bookings now – I do lessons and everything so get in touch if you fancy a makeover :o)

    Alex D – Molly looks cute, but she’s utterly retarded (can I say that?) she has no street cred whatsoever poor thing. She likes to ‘give it the biggun’ now and then but we all know she’s just a little bugger who’s a bit dim. I love her dearly though I think everyone should have a british blue, they’re such characters and very very loving. The baby moves ALOT when Molly sits purring on me :o)

    I would like to sit and reply to everyone who has commented, in fact you’re all now my BFF’s after such kind words and ego massaging. A rather fat bloated pregnant married is now feeling brilliant


  36. So so gorgeous, and the cat too!!

    Jenny, what bare minerals did you use? I’m thinking of copying you as I have grumpy skin too and it can play up!! You looked so amazing, what products did you use?

    More report, more more! xxxx

  37. Me again!! Just read your reply, and you do makeup?? Are you in Herts? How much do you charge? I’d pay quite a lot to look like you did! xxxxx

  38. What lovely comments ladies, such a thoroughly fabulous bunch of nice girls here in blue polka dot W-day land 🙂

    Lucy I have to say, I literally just laughed out loud ” How much do you charge? I’d pay quite a lot to look like you did”


    Um and Jen – I would pay quite a lot too. Next time you are in the midlands bring your kit along with you!!!

    Charlotte xxx

  39. O and Jenny I have dropped you an email about make-up – sounds like you’ll be very much in demand! Make overs sounds fab too! x

  40. Oh Lucy, what are you like? I do, do make up! I am in Broxbourne.

    jennifer.palmer@rocketmail.com, drop me an email and I will get back to you with a price list and more info.Look me up on Facebook and add me, my portfolio is on there you can see other brides I have worked with!

    Kim S – I did get your email, thank you! I will get right back to you, just gonna watch the Inbetweeners then head for bed. I will get in touch with you tomorrow – so chuffed you got in touch, made my day that did!!

    Charlotte – I’d quite like you to do my make up actually you’re reall-really good!


  41. Hi,

    You look great, your writing is really interesting and you put a lot of detail in there.

    The photos are stunning, light and creative.

    The blue cat is amazing.

    Thank you for sharing.

    All the best.


  42. Oh my god, if I can look half as good as this on my wedding day I’ll be happy. Absolutely gorgeous! I can imagine that Mr O was/is one happy chappy!

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