What Jenny Did……..The Wedding part 4

This is the fourth and final part of Jenny’s beautiful wedding day, with huge thanks to photographer Kim Hawkins and assistant Jon Mold for sharing the images.

Enjoy the gorgeousness lovelies!

The Father of the Bride

My brother, Rob, knocked me sideways with the amount of support he gave me on the day, and his speech was outstanding, nothing prepared me for how much thought and effort he had put into it. He even mentioned by name my lovely Emma who had travelled from Aus and one of the guests that let me down on the day, although he doesn’t know they let me down it angered so many people I thought it best not to mention it to him!
It wasn’t an easy task, giving me away, the pressure was on him to sort of conform to the ‘father of the bride’ roll and I know his two daughters (my youngest bridesmaids) were proud of him, and how lucky they are that when it’s their turn to marry their Dad is already well practised in the art of ‘giving away’! He’s always successful in anything he tries his hand to and so I had faith that his speech would deliver all the necessary info (too much info about me – I could have throttled my friends!) and then of course there was Mum. I knew he would mention Mum, because despite her ‘being there in spirit’ there was still a big gaping hole where she should have been.

During the getting ready process in the morning we only mentioned her to each other briefly, because we knew between Rob, Sarah, and I it would probably set us all off and the last thing we wanted was for painful tears to fall. It went without saying though that she was at the forefront of our minds all day, I for one never imagined getting married without her proud beautiful face waiting for me at the top of the aisle.

My brother was already a massive hit with Matts friends and family at the low key (low key my arse) stag night he held a few weeks before the wedding. In fact my big brother (who is old enough to know better) instigated drinking games and subsequently had to sleep with one foot on the floor just to stop the room spinning! I make him sound old don’t I, he’s only in his early forties but he’s a good time family man and I am so so proud of him I could gush about him for hours.

Learning a lot about me through my friends on the run up to the wedding, and knowing how much I love poetry, he included the following in his speech – there wasn’t a dry eye in the house;

Every parent wants the best for their children, and wants them to be happy. I stand here now, on behalf of all our family, but particularly our Mum Sandra, immensely proud of Jenny, and what she has achieved, both today and with her life as a whole. To celebrate I’d like to read a short poem entitled “You are the mirror of my past” and I dedicate this from Mum to Jenny, and wish, as I know you do Jenny, that she could be here to read it to you herself;

You are the mirror of my past,
The future of my dreams,
The hope for what in life may last,
The jewel that time redeems.

You are yourself, of course, no less,
But also you are mine,
The light of all my treasured days,
The gift for which I pine.

Long may we this closeness share,
This place where memories play,
And if our friendship needs repair,
May love reveal the way.

And now that you’ve become a wife
With loves and passions new,
May you find in your sweet life
The joy I have in you.

It took every ounce of strength I could muster up within me to not lose control and sob like a child, but when he read this amazing poem I closed my eyes and tried to imagine my Mums voice. And it worked. It was like she was reading it to me, considering I haven’t heard her voice for so long now it surprised me that the memory came so easily, and I thought about the baby I am carrying and how much love I have for it already and it gave me strength. I swallowed the lump back and vowed that when I had a moment to myself to reflect on the day, I would re-read the poem and allow myself to weep.

All In The Details

When it came to knocking everyone bandy with quirky ideas and details, I decided to stick to my guns and not go for anything too ‘on trend’ and just stick with the basics. Good food, beautiful surroundings, great music and flowing booze. I’ll run through the list of suppliers we used because I can’t recommend them highly enough. We had to have live music, this was the best decision we made, the string quartet were fabulous and people are still talking about our band ‘Flood the Floor’ (as recommended to me by Rockmywedding reader and real bride Lucie Sidwell) MASSIVE thanks to her for that they totally entertained us all. And it turns out I have a mutual friend with the lead singer, he knew some of my guests too – fate maybe? We asked if they could play ‘Unforgettable’ by Nat King Cole as our first dance, and they didn’t let us down.

We had cupcakes made by local lady Catherine at Honeysuckle Bakery, they were heaven! She dropped us round four flavours to taste, and after one mouthful we knew we had to have them! Delicious they were. Cookies and cream, Strawberry, Double chocolate and vanilla. I got the cupcake pennants from www.vintageglamblog.com. Our pageboy carried a ring bearer bowl by Paloma’s Nest www.palomasnest.com and our favours were by the wonderful Kate Aspen they very kindly sent me some samples and I had a job to choose which to pick but the lovebird salt and pepper shakers went down really well! Matt decided they weren’t manly enough and so he ordered the men miniature bottles of Whiskey.

The jam jars I collected over the 18 months of wedding planning looked great, although if I see another jam jar again soon I might just keel over! I think the country chic look I was going for worked though and a fair few of our guests took the jam jar flower arrangements home with them! We only had a tiny number of favours left behind too so they were definitely worth it! We didn’t have a standard guest book, but found a ‘Make a Wish, Take a Wish’ through Etsy. They use the colours of your wedding and personalise it for you, we were left with some lovely wishes from our guests for our future as man and wife ‘Always keep your anti freeze topped up’ was one of them which made us laugh. The best man presented Matt with an Arsenal shirt and a marker pen for guests to leave messages on, which we’re going to get framed and find a home for! Our table numbers were from Hobbycraft, which we spraypainted in antique white and leaned against the centrepieces.

Our heartshaped chalkboard for the ‘Just Married’ sign is from Van Hagues. The bridesmaids hair flowers were from New Look (and they matched the dresses perfectly! Good old New Look!) The gorgeous Brian The Camper we hired from Vanilla Splits and can’t wait to hire him for our anniversary and go off for a weekend! Our rings came from our local family run Jeweller Equinox, who Matts family have used for many years and they gave us a brilliant service.

My Favourite Moment

My best part was feeling so strong and happy walking up the aisle, focusing on Matt and seeing how choked up he was. I walked on air up the aisle to a beautifully classical piece of music and seeing the impact it had on Matt was priceless. I couldn’t have asked for more, the moment I arrived next to him and he told me how beautiful I looked just made my heart bang even harder in my chest!

My Not So Favourite Moment

Walking through bramble bushes for a photo and ripping my dress to shreds……

My Advice To Other Brides-To-Be

Is Simple.

Don’t sweat the small details – focus on the love and the celebration with the people you love.

Get a good photographer. Good doesn’t have to mean pricey! Both Kim Hawkins and Jon Mold were outstanding I can’t praise them both enough, and considering Jon Mold is new to the Wedding industry (which surprised me when I heard this!) he acts like a pro, put us all at ease and his images are stunning. How lucky we were to have both Kim and Jon on the day! He captured some amazing candid shots of our guests and the wedding party, which we can’t wait to share with them! He is the next big thing in Wedding Photography, without a doubt. (And he drives a wicked VW Camper!)

And if you find yourself getting caught up in wedding planning madness, stop for a second and ask yourself… ‘What Would Jenny Do..?’


Jenny xxx

I can’t begin to tell you how sad I am that Jenny’s real bride wedding adventure is over……although it isn’t really is it?

Just the beginning of a long and beautiful love story.

Big What Jenny Did Was Marry The Love Of Her Life And That’s What Matters Most Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

48 thoughts on “What Jenny Did……..The Wedding part 4

  1. Amazing, Beautiful, Stunning, Breathtaking, absolutely WOW. Jenny, you made me cry and laugh with your perfect wedding report. Congatulations on your marriage and your imminent bundle of joy.

    Maybe you could do… What Jenny Did Next and keep us up to date with married life….??

    Thanks for sharing xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Jenny, your brother is a legend. I don’t know HOW you managed not to cry when he read that poem – it was all I could do not to, and I’m sitting at my desk in work!

    It sounds like you all had the best day ever so congratulations – I’m sure you’ll have many more with Mr. and Baby O.


  3. Simply beautiful in everyway.
    I love that your details were simple and held the essence of the day without being too gimicky.
    I absolutely love the idea of What Jenny Did Next. The little pearls of wedded wisdom that come from Charlotte and Rebecca should be joined by the wonderful Jenny. Afterall. We need to know what were all in for once the wedding shenanigans are over!
    And definately a picture of Baby O at least!
    Jenny you have so much to look forward to! Your one amazing lady. xo

  4. Holy crap Jenny, I am literally sobbing at my desk. Thank goodness I’m alone in the office this morning!

    Following your day has been amazing, both you and your husband look so happy, in love and drop dead gorgeous. I wish you all the happiness with your married life and new baby. Congratulations!

    I too would love to read What Jenny Did next.. What a great idea Jill!


    ps I LOVE your flowers!

  5. Again, it is all absolutely stunning! I am sat here weeping after reading about your Mum & the beautiful poem. How you managed not to cry is beyond me.

    When my Mum spoke about my Dad in her speech I was a mess.

    Please come back and keep us posted on how Little O is doing! I think I speak for all of us internet weirdies when I say we’ll miss you Mrs!! x

  6. Congratulations to you both on your wedding & Baby O 🙂 what a wonderful wedding report, it’s been lovely reading it & it took all my strength not to blub on the bus when reading about your mum & the poem, your brother did a great job!! You look absolutely stunning & loved all your wedding details! I’m sad it’s over & here’s to ‘What Jenny did Next….’ great idea! Wishing you all the best as you go forward into married life xx

  7. Sobbing at my desk also. Really really shivery when I read that. Its completely and utterly beautiful and here I am getting all teary again just writing about it.

    I’d also like to hear about Baby O. Just think, RMW will be going when Baby O gets married. What Jenny Jr did!

    In all seriousness I have loved every second of reading about your amazing W-Day journey and you have been so so honest (my favourite line, “low key my arse”) and you truly truly TRULY deserve every teeny tiny bit of happiness.

    Congrats again x x

  8. I am sobbing at my desk! *pregnany hormones*

    What a gorgeous report, and such a lovely reading from your brother. I’m loving all the little details, the colour scheme of course (another purple bride here!) and the advice given as it’s all so true.

    I was thinking about this the other day, and I think Charlotte and Rebecca should start a ‘Rock my Baby’ blog! I’ll happily volunteer as a columnist!

  9. Just stunning, I’m a bit speechless. Trying desperately not to cry in the office! Beautiful words and a wonderful report. Thank you so so much for sharing your journey with us, it’s been such a treat reading about all your planning.

    Huge huge congratulations to you and Mr O on your wedding and on the news of Baby O, and wishing you all the health, happiness, love and luck in the world for you all xxxxxxxx

  10. Amazing…

    I think you should start a “Rock my baby” website!

    You are so gorgeous, I love everything about you (que…another lady lover!!)
    Your blog, although at times is sad it stays in my thoughts all day and brings a smile to my face.

    You’re so friggin wonderful Mrs O… x

  11. Jenny, I don’t know what it is about you but you litterally jump put of every photograph and comand attention. You are so photogenic and captivating. You should be very proud of your wedding photographs. I couldn’t take my eyes off of you.

  12. I just want to echo what everyone else has said. You look amazing Jenny and Mr O ain’t bad either!
    The poem has made me blub and well done you for keeping it together.

    Wishing you both every happiness for the future and good luck with baby O…please keep us posted on how the pregnancy goes x x

  13. Jen, Brilliant write up and georgous pictures -your brother sounds fantastic!.

    Most of all congratulations to you both, or should that now be to the three of you. So pleased I didn’t let you down, and delighted to have tugged on your emotions.

    It was a fantastic day. Mum was with you every step of the way, and if you look closely in the pictures you can see her clearly in your eyes.

    All in an amazing day. I hope you both remember it forever xxx

  14. Amazing, beautiful, stunning….all your pictures show what was clearly a fabulous day. Really enjoyed reading your posts and while I just managed not to cry when I read the poem, your brother’s post above made me us the ‘oh I’ve got something in my eye’ excuse at my desk!

    Enjoy married life and the count down to Baby O arriving 😀 xxx

  15. Oh Jenny, sooooo beautiful!!

    Like Roz, I had just about managed to hold it together whilst reading your post….then I read your brothers comment….and that was me gone!

    Massive congrats to you both (and ‘baby O’) and best of luck for all that the future brings. xxxxxx

    P.s – Keep up the good work on your blog….I love it!! 🙂

  16. Oh my word Jenny, that was absolutely stunning.
    And Ancient Brother, you have a complete stranger sitting here sobbing her heart out. I know what it’s like to lose a mother, and I wish I was lucky enough to have a wonderful brother like you. You rock!
    Congratulations of your little bun, hopefully cooking nicely now. You can let him/her know they were guest of honour at the wedding of the year.
    Thank you so much for sharing xxx

  17. Simply beautiful. What a wonderful day it must have been. I’m sure your mum would have been so proud.
    What an amazing brother you have – he had me in tears and I dont even know him!!
    Wishing you all the love and luck in the world with your new life (and new arrival!!)
    Can’t believe there’s not a 5th part 🙁

  18. Wow. Deep breath. Absolute perfection. Can’t wait to go back to part 1 and start reading all over again from the top.
    Loved reading your journey to the big day and the account of the wedding day itself didn’t disappoint. Am totally moved by everything – the sentiment, the baby, the gorgeousness, the sheer happiness that radiates out of every frame. Wishing all three of you every happiness together xx

  19. I can but echo what the ohter ladies have said. Radient, heart warming, sob inducing, plenty of pretty. Just wonderful. Congratulations, Jenny. I wish you both all the happiness for your marriage and the the forthcoming arrival x

  20. I have been mesmerised this week by your wedding Jenny. You looked absolutely amazing and radiant on your wedding day. Congratulations to you and Mr O and also on your fab news.

    I too like others had to fight back the tears when I read about your brothers speech and again in his post. Such beautiful heartfelt words. Wishing you much happiness, love and luck for the future. X

  21. Just beautiful. You, your husband, the little bambino hiding under your wedding dress, the details, the flowers, your brother…all of it. How you managed to hold it together through that poem is beyond me.

    I for one will be stalking you on your blog for all things married and baby. I second the rock my baby idea too!


  22. I think what I’m gonna get Charlotte/Rebecca/Mr O to do is put together all of my ‘What Jenny Dids’ and all of the comments into a wonderful book, so that whenever I feel a bit uninspired and useless I can refer back to it, and feel proud and humbled by how well received my writing and my ideas have been. I feel sad the wedding is over but so so happy to finally see our wedding gracing the polka dot pages of Rock My Wedding.

    When Charlotte contacted me before RMW was launched, to ask if I would be a guest blogger on her ‘brand new blog’ little did any of us know how big it would become. I’m so proud to write for RMW and chuffed to bits that we have a genuinely lovely community of followers.

    Feeling a little tearful myself reading about my own wedding! And I was the one that wrote it! Darn hormones ;o)

    With love

    Jenny xx

  23. Absolutely beautiful, read it this morning and have only just managed to comment after sobbing so much, (also pragnancy hormones not helping) I too am very close to my brothers and think what your brother said and did for you was so special.
    Enjoy your married life and good luck with your pregnancy and arrival of your baby.
    I also am in favour of a ‘what jenny did next’/’rock my baby’ blog!!

  24. Wow! This is the first report I have read that has actually made me cry (My Mum and Brother are giving me odd looks across the living room)

    Gorgeous, gorgeous wedding and I love how personal the whole thing is to the couple.

    Love it! xx

  25. There’s really nothing I can add except to echo all of the lovely comments that the other ladies have left.

    I’ve loved reading about your wedding planning with all it’s ups, downs and round-a-abouts!

    Your wedding report was truly wonderful and the poem your Brother read for you as just so beautiful.

    Congratulations again to you and Mr O. xx

  26. Jenny, such a beautiful wedding!! I’ve loved reading your posts, you’ve inspired me so much.
    Your brother’s poem had me in tears, and his post is just as lovely.
    You should be very proud of yourself, you have achieved what the rest of us dream of.
    I wish you all the best in your future as Mrs O. Congratulations and good luck with the little one. Keep us posted!!
    Lots of love

  27. That poem is truly lovely. What a fab series of posts, all the little details were just stunning and both you and Mr O looked amazing.

    I wish you all the best for your future together and the little one- thank you so much for sharing – its such a beautiful read!

    Rachie xo

  28. You just had me in tears too!

    Happy tears from how gorgeous and love felt your wedding day was, plus sad tears for your Mum. I just had it under control until I read your brothers post above….jeez…I’m off again!

    I feel a bit sad now that your last installment has been posted, it all feels a bit too final. Boo hoo!
    It would be good if you could stick around with the other married ladies to offer your words of wisdom and advice to us all in the future as I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs

    All the best for your future together xx

  29. Gulp!

    It’s so lovely to see someone you “know” post their wedding report. I think that’s why I loved Charlotte and Rebecca’s on YAYW so much – because even though you’ve never clapped eyes on that person you do some how feel emotinally attached to the day..

    Jenny, your wedding was simply beautiful. And it’s not just because of your (1 of 4) dress and your perfect flowers and flawless make up – it’s because you quite obviously love your man and he loves you back.

    Here’s to Rock My Baby!


  30. I have goosebumps from reading this!

    What a gorgeous wedding day and you looked absolutely stunning!

    And a big congrats on the baby!! We def need what Jenny did next..


  31. Darn – I was doing so well till I read Jenny’s brother’s comment above and predictably started to blubber!
    What an absolute corker of a day, feat the original RMW Real Bride. Sniff, I’m a bit sad its all over, but I would be most cheered if there was a “what jenny did next/rock my baby/another suggestion that people made above that mean we dont have to lose Jenny!” xoxo

  32. So beautiful – was also fighting back the tears when reading about your brothers speech and the poem.
    Congratulations Mrs O – thank you for sharing your journey in all its glorious detail! x

  33. Congratulations Jenny,

    Your rendition of your wedding day was beautiful. I got married on Friday 10th September and like you my mum was with me in spirit.

    It was really reassuring to read your words and how well you reined in your emotions. I loved that you described that you felt strong and happy as you walked down the aisle as that’s exactly how I felt despite the loss of my mum six years ago. I was expecting to get overwhelmed with emotion as I got married in the church where my parents said their vows. However, seeing my husband just made me feel like the happiest woman alive.

    Krystle xx

  34. It’s taken me three days, but I’ve finally calmed down, taken Charlotte’s advice and gone through this amazing story(and half a tin of Quality Street) in fine detail.

    Campervans, purple, sunflowers, and the most handsome couple I think ever to grace these pages. I fear RMW has peaked, where do you go from here?!

    Jenny, huge congraulations on your magical wedding and sending all the love and luck you so richly deserve in the future!

    Elisabeth xxx

  35. As per Ali’s comments, just beautiful.

    Good luck for the future & I’d be very happy to see ‘What Jenny Did Next’ on RMW. More pearls of wisdom & insight into married life x

  36. Aww *blubs*

    What a lovely report. You look so in love and so happy! Weddings just seem to ‘get’ me now, I think I see them in a different way now I am planning my own, I imagine how I will feel walking down the aisle and it makes me blub…again!

    Congratulations on the new addition, I hope everything goes smoothly with the pregancy and the Baby O arrives safe and sound in March.

  37. I’m new to rock my wedding and I didn’t really got what all the fuss was about until recently. And then I read this post…
    I actually sat here with so many tears that I couldn’t read the words. That was when you walked up the aisle and described how you felt to look at your future husband. And then when your brother read out the poem – I don’t even know your family and it hurt my heart. I’m so pleased that the day was so perfect for you, even though your mum wasn’t there. I hope that everything has gone well with your baby (who if she looks like you will surely be beautiful).

    I recently got engaged and I am so excited about sharing my life with my man and your wedding is exactly the type of thing I want. You have inspired me.

    All the best to you and yours. Beckie x

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