What Jenny Did……..The Weighting Game

I have never been what you could call small. I come from a long line of tall women, my Mum was some sort of beautiful blonde Amazonian who turned heads wherever she went. In school I was always the tallest, until the boys caught up with me that is! I have generally always been ‘the big girl’ of the group, and yes at times this bothers me, and after ballooning to a size 18 after my 21st birthday I vowed I would never ever let myself get to that size again. So I lost over 3 stone and enjoyed being a nice slim size 12 for a few years!

So you’d think once the engagement ring was on my finger, I would drop a few stone in preparation for the wedding. I’m still waiting for it to drop off me! 12 weeks to go until the wedding day people! I wake up in the morning and look over my shoulder at my backside and the ‘junk’ is still most definitely in my ‘trunk’. Mr O has managed to get rid of his puppy fat, and is looking rather muscley and svelte. Which only emphasizes the fact that I haven’t managed to shift any weight. Bah. Not good. The added pressure of being the bride automatically means that people expect me to all of a sudden drop a ton of weight and become some sort of uber slim vision in ivory, as if it’s some sort of crime to walk down the aisle in a size 14 wedding dress.

I hear and read stories of brides losing weight, and looking fabulous because of it, so why on earth have I not managed it yet? And I may be paranoid but I’m sure I’ve copped a few looks of ‘hmmm she’s gonna be one of those big brides’. Perhaps it’s just me and my insecurities, it probably is just me being paranoid, ordinarily I couldn’t give a tiny rats arse about what people think, I’m me, genetically I will never be a size 8 (unless I’m dying of starvation), so don’t judge me society, if I want to tuck into a nice pot of houmus with some pitta and wine I will god dammit! My Mum always taught me to love myself, and my food.

My other pet peeve, (and girls those of you who have ever battled with your weight will understand this) is when slim girls, who have never ever experienced having a fat arse, or bingo wings, complain they resemble a heffa yet give you tips and advice on how to lose weight, what to eat, and what exercise to do! Thanks for that! I am what I am, I could do 3 hours of exercise a day and live on spinach leaves and be a size 10 but what will happen after the wedding? I will drink wine, tuck into some houmus and pitta and bam! Back come the curves. It’s just not realistic. And I want to look like me on my wedding day, not some starved miserable version of me. The last time I was stressed and dropped some weight people told me I didn’t look myself, and that I looked unwell. So if that’s anything to go by pass me the vino and olives please!

I’m happy with the way I look, I’ve accepted who I am and I exercise and eat healthily, this post isn’t me digging for compliments from you all either I promise – yes I would love to try life as a size 8 but right now I can’t be bothered I have far more important things to get on with! Something a little more achievable like half a stone is within my sights though. I’m not daft I want to try and look my best on my wedding day, I guess my weight has always been a bit of a sore spot.

And I don’t have any interesting or relevant photo’s to support my post this week, so here’s another picture of my cute little chunky cat ‘Miss Molly’, and a lovely image taken from my birthday celebration last weekend – my favourite Vivien of Holloway Dress!

Another waiting issue is the invitations…. We eventually got to a point where we could agree a final proof, and Kristy Rice’s team are currently beavering away for us to get them shipped over so we can get them out to our guests! I had hoped to have them in the post by now, did I mention it’s 12 weeks til the wedding? Everyone else I know who’s marrying in September has theirs out and the RSVP’s are flooding in, which makes me feel as though I should have pulled my finger out a little sooner! I’m trying my hardest not to have a cow about that. Mr O keeps telling me it will all be ok.

And finally, after seeing how easy Gok Wan made it on tv last week, I attempted to create my very own birdcage veil. It was beyond easy, if I can do it anyone can! I found a few online tutorials but to be honest, it’s quite simple and once you get ‘hands on’ it soon becomes clear what needs to go where. I wasn’t sure whether to do a tutorial on the subject, seeing as I have decided not to wear it after all, but I’ve included some photos for you to see, and please excuse the dodgy self take! The netting was from John Lewis and cost me about £2.00. The diamante hair comb was bought from www.nieve-couture.com and comes as a set of three, although you can pick up a plastic hair comb from the haberdashery for about £3.00!

I have a little secret with regards to the dress… all will be revealed soon. I can’t wait and I am pretty useless at keeping things quiet but I think you’ll all be pleased with my decision.

Yours creatively craving houmus and wine,

Jenny xx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

45 thoughts on “What Jenny Did……..The Weighting Game

  1. Another great instalment Jenny, you look beautiful in your birthday dress, you’ll look great in your wedding dress!

  2. This was exactly me!!! I have actually put on weight in the last 2 years but I’ve been poorly and concluded as long I was healthy and feeling well on the day of the wedding I couldn’t have cared less about the weight! I am also a size 12 and I was convinced people were thinking “ooh she’s put on weight” and I did have the “OMG I should have done something sooner” (about 10 days before the wedding) but on the day I seemed to glow SO much 80% of my body was covered in the dress, I don’t look ‘big’ on one photo! (unlike the engagement shoot about 4 weeks before!). I am soooooooo glad I was happy in my own skin and didn’t make myself suffer for the sake of one day!!! Well done for sticking to who you are and have a fab day! Mine was 3 weeks ago and I wish I could do it all over again!

  3. I’m getting married in 10 weeks and it’s so refreshing to read your post. I didn’t think I would feel the pressure of everyone looking at me but I must admit it’s building! I’m loving the purple dress by the way, you look beautiful! 🙂 x

  4. Oh wow – those words could’ve been mine. 58 days to go, and I’m about half a stone heavier than I was when we got engaged – 18 months ago! Thankfully P has also been lame, but last time he dieted (read: cut out dairy, wheat and alcohol for 12 days) he lost a stone. So unfair…

    I’ve finally come to the realisation that it must be that I don’t care enough. I managed to quit *smoking* for heaven’s sake – surely kicking my pastry and cheese habit should be a doddle?

    Still – here I am, snacking on pomodorino tomatoes and planning an hour of interval training at lunchtime…

  5. Curves rock – end of! Being super skinny isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, after a horrible illness I was left with no appetitie and so skinny I couln’t find any clothes small enough to fit, I stopped going to restaurants as people stared assuming I was anorexic, forward three years I have curves – boobs and bum.. oh how I missed them… no amount of wedding is going to make me give those babies up and you shouldn’t either!

    p.s you look really beautiful, that veil is stunning

  6. Hi Jen

    Great post, as always!

    Please keep one of your invitations for the wedding day for me to photograph! They sound brill, so I want to make sure I get a shot of one.


  7. I love reading your posts Jenny, as I’m getting married around the same time as you, you have the same worries I do, especially the weight! So it’s nice to know someone else is going through it too, I have days of ‘I couldn’t care less’ what I’m going to look like and others I’m counting every calorie lost and gained! With 11 weeks to go, I’m not really sure which one is winning at the moment.

    Anyhoo, hope your invitations arrive soon and your cat is adorable, is it wrong I want to wobble her furry chins?

  8. What a fabulous and refreshing post!. I have been with the site from the beginning and have now been married for 12 months – married life is great!

    But I was a ‘big’ bride and like Jenny was waiting for the 2 stone to fall off me with the stress of organising a wedding. It never did even though I was completely stressed throughout the preperation of our wedding.

    My wedding photo’s were beautiful and I am my own worst critic, but can honestly say I looked great and not a ‘heffa’

    All brides no matter their size are beautiful!

  9. Hi Jenny
    I totally understand what you have been saying I too will never be a skinny girl having been blessed with curves (although feels like a curse sometimes!) Last year my two best friends got married and I was bridesmaid for one of them so I decided I just had to loose weight as I was sick of looking at photographs of myself with double chins etc. So I joined slimming world and I lost 2 stone I still have my curves but you can acutally see my waist and no more double chin! when I got engaged in september I thought well I’ve got to loose loads more I need to be the skinny bride but with 6 weeks to go I still havent lost anymore weight and I have had to face facts that I’m not going to be the size 8 bride I dreamt I would be but hey thats ok as my H2B didnt fall in love with a skinny version of me and he loves my curves and as you said Jenny I couldnt face starving myself for 6 months thats no fun! You look stunning in that vivien holloway dress its made for curves and your veil looks really cute xxx

  10. Exactly what Becca said – this could have been written by me! I was convinced that I would have lost at least a stone in the last year, but 11 weeks to go and I’m still trying…. I just like food too much and I don’t have much willpower! I think that by the time the day actually arrives I won’t even be thinking of that to be honest, and being curvy is part of who I am. You look gorgeous in that dress, and you will be stunning on the big day. Another fab post, and I love the birdcage veil! x

  11. Great post again! And please more more more pics of your adorable chunky cat! I wish my cats were fat! (I feed them, honest, they are just naturally scrawn bags!)

    My advice would be don’t even think twice about your weight, being a size 12 is not ‘big’. It’s a perfectly healthy size, especially for your height. You look stunning in your birthday photo. I didn’t want to lose a ton of weight for my wedding as I’ve always been a size 12. All I did was tried to eat healthily so my skin and hair looked good and did 2 exercise classes a week in an attempt to feel fit and have more toned arms. Nobody should feel pressure to lose weight for their wedding day! Just enjoy the build up!


  12. Jenny you look gorgeous in your birthday photo! Check out that waist!

    I lost about 10 lbs in the months leading up to my wedding and a couple more in the week of. Particularly at the end I just completely lost my appetite with the stress. (For the record that has never happened to me before, not through family tragedy, uni finals, postgrad exams…)
    Now, I look at a few of the photos where I’m getting dressed and I look THIN. And it just reminds me of how stressed I was.

    I don’t believe thin is beautiful, I believe in being healthy and fit and enjoying good food with friends – life is too short!

    Good luck girls and remember, you will look beautiful whatever your weight and regardless of that last half stone 🙂


  13. Jenny, great post & I have no doubt you will look stunning on your wedding day! Ditto the comments above, and as soon as we got engaged & had the ring on the finger, I felt the pressure to instantly lose weight and look some corpse bride (pressure from my family to lose weight didn’t help either!!), 15 months later whilst I had lost some weight (16lbs!!), it was a constant battle where I was losing weight, then putting on weight (carbs and cheese are my downfall!!), I still had a way to go but I felt absoultely amazing on my wedding day and my hubby loved every curvy inch of me in my gorgeous wedding dress 🙂 Had I lost more weight and been a size 10/12, I would not have felt like myself and as soon as the wedding was over I have no doubt I would have piled on the pounds again, in fact I’m trying to shift those pesky honeymoon pounds now! Enjoy the lead up to the wedding and have a wonderful day!! x

  14. Weight issues are such a pain in the backside, but I have found solace this morning by all your supportive comments – we’re not alone in the quest for bridal perfection! And i agree that all brides in all sizes, all look beautiful.

    I am so glad you like Molly’s chins, she’s very happy with them and even though she’s only got short dumpy legs and her thighs rub together when she walks I personally think she looks fabulous! It’s all fur, when she fell in the bath and got sopping wet there was nothing of her (if only I could say the same for me! haha)

    I’m hoping Kim will get lots of lovely shots of her on the morning of the wedding, and I will probably be sad enough to put a flower on her collar!

    I may dedicate a whole WJD to Molly you all seem to love her as much as I do! Not very wedding related though….

    Thanks all


  15. I’ve got to agree with Mad Hatter Bride – curves really do rock. After trying to reduce the size of my hips (impossible), I have decided to embrace them. Plus as some other ladies have said, my Mr B didnt propose to a stick insect!
    Jenny – your purple dress is a.mazing! xx

  16. Once again echoing what everyone else has said.. this post could have been me. I am seriously freaking out about the ‘weight’ issue. With 14 weeks to go I really don’t want to be a chunky bride, but like all you other girls i like food too much.
    I have promised myself that i will try my hardest to loose 10lbs.
    So here goes…………. Wish me luck!!

  17. Jen, PLEASE put a flower on Molly’s collar. She would rock a floral!

    You know what I’m gonig to say…but I’ll say it anyway! Weight is a constant battle with me (even though I hate it being so, there’s so much more important things in life!) and I was so scared I’d look porky in my wedding pictures, and apart from a few at unfortunate angles about 90% were absolutely beautiful, because I was so estatically happy and not standing there trying to get the photographer to capture a good cheekbone shot. You will look a million timnes better on your wedding day than you can ever imagine. This is true for every bride. Trust me. Dress size irrelevant -size of grin is what matters.

    Loving loving loving the veil!

  18. Hi Jen

    You know how much I think you look great Pet.

    It is totally true though – your husband/fiance proposed because they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with you, tall, small, curvy, thin……regardless.

    Here’s to all having a bit of extra junk in the trunk 😉

    Charlotte xxx

  19. This is all I think about at the moment! Im not worried about my dress as its a really flattering shape and will look great. However its JP dress and does not diguse any lumps and bumps! I am more concerned about the honeymoon bikini body to be honest!! I may have to accept your advise and realise that I am a shapely size 12 and thats how I am meant to be!

  20. Now singing “What you gonna do with all that junk, all that junk inside that trunk…?”

    Anna K/Angelina Jolie – 100% of your wedding pics are beautiful and I wouldn’t have thought for a minute you battled with weight issues! Fantastic advice though, i think once you start to stop worrying about something nature tends to take it’s course, and everything’s always alright on the night!

    Curves rock. Not sure that bingo wings do but i’m working on that!


  21. Life is too short and cheese is too great for people to worry too much. As long as you’re healthy, that’s all that matters!

    I had an opposite issue in that a couple of years back I had a hefty bout of chemotherapy and dropped down to a size 4-6. It was horrible as I was so scrawny and constantly cold. I’ve put weight on now and am much happier having some curves! Rock those boobies, ladies!


  22. Sarah B that could be my motto in life – ‘Life is too short and cheese is to great’ – love it!

    I’ve got 9 days to go now and am on the verge of saying bugger the wedding diet. My dress fits but I’ve still felt this pressure of having to lose weight because that’s what brides do. I’m miserable when I diet and happy when I eat, but still can’t shift the little niggly feeling of ‘I shouldn’t be having this’ when I tuck into my cheese and crackers! Not sure there’s much I can do at this stage so may just resort to a body wrap to tone my arms up a bit and leave it at that.

    Now where’s that wine?…Oops it’s 10am…!

  23. Thanks, Jenny. Definitely all three things now! x

    Sarah, if your dress fits, don’t worry about the diet. Just enjoy the run up to your day. 9 days? Super exciting! Have a fabulous day x

  24. Jen, Jen, Jen….I too could have written your post….well, some of it.

    As you know Mr S and I had a seriously long engagement and when we got engaged in Feb 2008 I decided that enough was enough and I went on a very extreme diet….Cambridge. I ended up loosing 2 stone – by consuming only liquid for 2.5 months – which was amazing – boring but the majority of the weight was gone…but it still wasn’t enough for me….I still had serious bod issues and was really unhappy about it all. I tried to lose the rest of the weight and started power plating to tone and although I did tone I didn’t really manage to lose that last stone – I was pretty upset in the run up to the wedding but really, on the morning of the wedding I didn’t even think about it….I love my pics and there wasn’t a hint of back muffin in sight.

    The ‘issues’ have now come back because as you say…I spent 2 years obsessing over what I was eating and in the 4 months since the wedding I have managed to put on 11lbs….because I decided to stick two fingers up to the life long diet….Now I have to get back on it and I can’t see an end in sight!!

    I think you look fabulous whatever you wear…damn, you wore a bloody flag and looked good! You will look stunning on your wedding day and I am loving the attitude!

    Here’s to a glass of wine and some humous! xxx

  25. Great post, I also thought that I would easily drop a stone as brides do but it never happened (wasnt it Catherine Zeta Jones who said “there is nothing like a wedding to get a girl in to shape? and I think Kate Moss is quoted as saying “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”..She obviously doesnt eat Dominos Texas BBQ pizzas then!)

    I get married in 8 days, my dress fits perfectly but I am actually a little worried that I will lose weight in this next week as already a couple of cheeky pounds have slipped off, mainly due to not eating properly and rushing round like a blue ass fly!

  26. I LOVE this post Jenny.

    My boyfriend proposed after I’d been away on a very sporty holiday – I was tanned and toned and felt amazing. For two days I couldn’t eat because I was so excited. Then I suddenly got a vision of myself in a dress… and I wasn’t skinny enough… and the comfort eating began!

    Am now almost a stone heavier than when he proposed! So lovely to know there are others in my situation.

    And for the record – I will NEVER be one of those people who miraculously drops a dress size through stress – I go the other way…!

    Alex x

    (PS I have a lovely blue cat too – Princess Bluebell – although she’s not quite as adorably squidgy as Miss Molly…but she is the cutest thing in the world.

  27. I can’t tell you how happy it’s made me to read this post!! I have felt the most awful pressure to loose weight in the run up to our wedding which is now just 11 weeks away eeeekkk!!!

    I had been going to the gym so much and running around geeting everything sorted for our wedding (as well as attending friends wedding s, baby showers, birthday parties etc) that I made myself ill. I have put on half a stone in the last two weeks and it was really getting to me. Thank you for helping me get some perspective on it all 🙂

  28. Yay for curves! I have always been fairly slim but with massive boobies (28GG people…) and a bum and that was the way I liked it. When we got engaged last October I decided that I was ok but would like to tone slightly/lose a little bit. As the planning continued the pressure mounted, I was even asked when I was going to start losing weight for the wedding, like it was expected.

    Unfortunatley I am an eater (carbs and cheese = happy Livy, seriously, nothing tastes bad with melted cheese on it). Combine my love of naughty food and the pressure to be super skinny with me being in a fire which rendered me unable to exercise or doing anything strenuous for two months and I managed to put on a stone.

    For months I have beaten myself up, being hungry and miserable and then giving in and eating the pizza, the lasagne etc and feeling bad about it.

    Then a few weeks ago it clicked, yes it would be nice to tone up and lose a few pounds but does it really matter? No. I survived jumping 40 feet out of a window to escape said fire in February so why berate myself for weighing a little more than before?

    Now I am on the trying-to-eat-healthily-and-exercise-but-sod-it-if-I-miss-a-session-or-fancy-a-pizza-bagel diet and you know what? No stress and I lost 2 pounds last week.

    And Jen – you look phenomenal, that photo in the purple dress is GORGEOUS!


  29. Hehe my daily routine when I get in from work is: get changed, stick the kettle on, switch laptop on, make cuppa, grab jar of nutella and a teaspoon and read RMW. It was only reading this post today that I realised my habit has got slightly out of hand!

    Lovely post as always Jen x x

  30. Laura that’s hilarious! At least you use a spoon! Mr O just sticks his finger in, it’s quite offputting and makes a mess of his chops :o)

  31. What a fab post! It sums up the whole wedding ‘weight’ saga so well. I try to bear in mind what my grandma always says though when it comes to weight,

    ‘as long as your fit, happy & healthy the number on the scales is irrelevent’

    And we all know Grandparents are the font of all wisdom 🙂

    Ps. the pic of you dancing is brill! So carefree!

  32. Just to echo what everyone else has said! I wanted to lose 2st before my wedding, spent last year doing stupid diets that didn’t work and meant I was hungry all the time and since February of this year have been working with a personal trainer twice a week – haven’t lost as much weight as I wanted to but am more toned, generally fitter and feel great. Sadly M has taken up running and lost loads of weight so he has had more success than me! But screw it, wedding is in 16 days and I am happy and excited and don’t care how I look!

  33. TOO WEIRD! I have been thinking exactly the same today. I must spend so much time on here that (like girls’ mestrual cycle) I am synchronising with you.
    Lost a stone at the beginning of the year by avoiding carbs but since my hen do I think I’ve put it back on. Bloat central. But I think we never look at ourselves objectively. I looked at your photo and drooled as you look teeny-tiny! I’m off to procrastinate exercising. Even dusted my make up earlier in order to avoid going for a run…. Sigh.

  34. I’m 5ft 11, size 12-14 and I am not going on a diet for my wedding! WHY?! You ask. I am not overweight. I go to spin classes. I eat healthily but treat myself (nice M&S fruit and sweeties)… why should I have to lose weight?! I am built for this size, this is who I am. I have curves, I have size 14 hips, size 10 waist and need to shop in Bravissimo… so what! I’m happy and people tell me they are envious about my height and hourglass shape. That doesn’t mean I’m not supporting you though Jenny-you look stunning in your VoH dress and will look gorgeous in your wedding dress x

  35. You are exactly the same as me Jenny- my Mum was actually a model and professional dancer so I had serious pressure on me to lose weight! She was quite awful to me at times when we were dress shopping, saying things like “no one wants to be a chubby bride”!
    I’m a 12-14 (smaller round the hips, bigger round the boobs) but had definitely crept towards the 14 all over in the last year or two. At the beginning of last year, I was the heaviest I’d ever been. Half of me didn’t want to care about losing weight and half of me did. I did 2 lots of 2 weeks Atkins diets and with the last few months of pressure of wedding planning, was really surprised to find I lost a stone (and I’m not one of those people who ever loses weight under stress- I’m the opposite, I seem to store more!).
    When it came to my wedding day, I felt gorgeous and looked my best even if I do say so myself. My dress laced up and my Mum wasn’t shy with yanking it in- all 5 of my bridesmaids are smaller than me by a good 2-3 sizes, but it didn’t matter- I looked amazing!
    I am inspired by your Vintage Pin-Up photo shoot to have one for myself for my 30th birthday and before I start trying for a baby- you look fabulous, enjoy your curves and you will look incredible on your wedding day.
    Jemma. x

  36. As I’m not yet either engaged or married I can’t comment from experience – but I do see all the pressure brides (women in general…) are put under to get trim for the big day and it seems crazy. If you’re running around stressing about all the million and one other things you need to do, who has time (or the need) for a diet? Bride-to-be + starvation = scary Bridezilla or potential fainting fit.
    It’s great that you’re happy with the way you look – and that you want to look like you at the wedding – just be true to yourself and you’ll look fantastic. And have a whole lot more fun!

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