What Jo Did… Toes And Teeth.

Happy New Year lovely RMW-ers! I’m still trying to fit back into my work trousers properly after much festive indulging. At the moment they feel a bit like jeggings. No offence to jeggings fans, but they REALLY aren’t flattering on me!

Anyhoo, 147 days to go. I just had a little look at my last post and realised that, of the five things we’d hoped to have sorted by now, we’ve only sorted… ONE! That’s better than none though, right?!

Thanks to two very lovely chaps, our ceremony details are almost finalised. The first very lovely chap is Reverend Jackson (Rev J), our Chaplain, who popped over for dinner this week to discuss readings, vows and general wedding-y bits. As we are a RIDICULOUSLY indecisive couple, we’re still to-ing and fro-ing with regards to readings. Sensing our inability to make up our minds about it, Rev J directed us to Your Church Wedding a brilliant resource!

The other thoroughly lovely chap, Simon, is our organist. He has been playing at weddings for 37 years, since he was 13, and we will be number 3728! Despite this, he is still VERY excited (or, at least, appears to be!) We met in the organ loft of the chapel – very small, very cold, VERY loud – and he played lots of options for the processional and recessional music. We also discussed hymns, and have (almost) reached a final decision… The two definite are: Love Divine, All Loves Excelling and Guide Me, O Thou Great Redeemer. The other will be either: I Vow to Thee, My Country, Be Thou My Vision, or How Great Thou Art. Should have asked Santa for the power of decisiveness for Christmas 😉

To get to the organ loft we had to walk up the aisle! It seems to get longer every time!

I almost slipped over three times – they’d just ruddy well polished it! Mental note to self: ask them NOT to polish it for at least a week before June 7th. God only knows how K-Midd managed the Westminster Abbey aisle, but I’m pretty sure she wasn’t white-knuckling her father’s arm! Bit worried about cutting off my lovely dad’s circulation! Blu-tac on the soles is still an option, although fellow RMW-reader Anita suggested these beauties.

Oooh, that brings me to my next piece of news… My gorgeous girlfriends clubbed together to pay for my W-day shoes (thank you ladies!), and we went to Westfield (man alive, that place is VAST!) earlier this month to check out what was on offer. The answer? Not a huge amount. I mean, I tried on A LOT of shoes, but almost every pair had a massive heel and platform.

I a) cannot walk in anything over 4 inches, b) don’t want to b taller than Mr A and c) need 3.5 inch heels with my dress. However, I know that lots of you can walk in very high heels, and lots of you want to show off your shoes in shorter dresses, so here is a selection of the foot candy I tried on…

Please excuse the sock lines, the fact a have very wide frog-like feet (squeeeeeeeze!), and the fact that some of the pictures don’t show the whole shoe very clearly.

Number 1: Gorgeous, but I can’t be trusted in slingbacks (currently £25.00 in the Debenhams sale)

Number 2: Love the traditional elegance of these. (£50.00 – Roland Cartier at Debenhams)

Number 3: Pretty, but too low for my dress (also in Debenhams)

Number 4: Glitter-tastic, but MUCH too high. (Dune: £90.00, with £50.00 going to the Teenage Cancer Trust)

Number 5: I LOVE these Grecian beauties (£135, Dune)

Number 6: Seriously funky heels – I adore this colour, and the bow! (Topshop – now sold out)

Number 7: Look at the angle of my foot! How does ANYONE walk in shoes this high? I blame Lady Gaga. (£70.00, Schuh) Kudos to any bride who can wear these and not end up on the floor!

Number 8: Low heel and lacy silver numbers (Stuart Weitzman for Russell & Bromley, in the sale)

Number 9: More Grecian-style beauties (Coast, £75.00)

Number 10: I ADORE these champagne coloured heels – look at the detail!! Alas – too high for me! (Coast, reduced to £75.00)

Numbers 11 & 12: Both by LK Bennett, and both now sold out BUT they do have the black version of the orange shoe, which would look stunning at a monochromatic W-day (reduced to £75.00)

So, which ones did I go for? Two pairs actually (Shocker!) First up, the turquoise Topshop bad boys. Not only did my friend say they looked like Valentino shoes (sold!), but they fitted my frog feet AND, when I got them to the till they were reduced to £20.00! Deduct 10% student discount and *BOOM*… 18 squid!

I also couldn’t stop thinking about the lacy Roland Cartier ones, so went to buy them on line a few days later. Couldn’t find them… massive panic… my lovely friend picked me up a pair from Oxford Street.

I’m not sure when I’ll wear the Topshop ones – hen do? Wedding rehearsal? Evening of the wedding? But they will DEFINITELY be worn at some point. I have added some blue shoe clips from The Vanilla Tree to the ivory shoes, to make them a bit unique – thoughts?

OK, so now you’ve seen many, many pictures of my feet(!), I thought I’d give you an update on another of my ‘hang-up’ areas… le gnashers.

As the regular Real Bride readers amongst you will know, I started a course of Invisalign at The Gallery Dental Practice back in August. I am now on my penultimate set of aligners (number 10 of 11) and thought I would show you the difference it has made so far. I may have to have a twelfth set, as there is still too much gum on show when I smile. The aligners can push your teeth upwards, taking the gum with them, so the gumline is reduced. Very clever (still not 100% sure how this works, but it has moved, and can apparently be moved by about 2 more inches).

Again, excuse the dodgy picture quality – poor lighting for photos at Chez HarrisArnold!

Taken at a wedding in July, before treatment. I seriously LOATHE this picture – I think I look like some weird feral cat/other type of creature. Obviously a reportage shot, which is what our lovely photographer Guy Hearn specialises in, but if I look like this in any W-day shot, I would be gutted!

Bottom Left:
Taken today, and without the brace in. The gap has almost closed, and I’ll be having the funny little muscle that runs from the inside of the top lip to the gum cut in two weeks, as mine runs between my two front teeth. After that, the final set will close the gap completely, before my dentist caps the concave front tooth (already capped from when I nose-dived into a swimming pool aged 9 and broke the tooth in half).

Bottom Right:
With the aligners in – almost invisible, apart from the little nodules they attach to some teeth to allow the brace to grip.

I anyone else having any ‘work’ done before W-day? I hadn’t even considered it until a friend mentioned she was thinking about it, and then I couldn’t shake off the thought of not being able to smile naturally in our wedding pictures, or laugh without covering my mouth.

At almost £4000.00, I regularly have pangs of guilt about having them done too. In fact, the M-word (money) has really started to concern me. I COMPLETELY empathised with Vix’s Little Miss Worry post earlier this month. I seem to fluctuate daily (sometimes hourly) between thinking, “it’s the ONLY time we’re doing this, and probably the only time we’ll have all our loved ones together EVER”, and “how on earth can we justify spending so much money on one day?!”.

Usually, the latter stems from having a ‘moment’ about a) being on a student teacher salary, b) the fact our boiler is broken (£££), c) the fact the car keeps breaking (£££), d) the fact that Elvis (our cat) got a piece of grass lodged in his nasal passage and had to have it surgically removed (£££) etc etc *moan moan moan bore bore bore*

I guess everyone feels like this though, yes?!?

Well, we spoke to the wonderful aforementioned Rev J about this, and he said that this is a common feeling amongst couples before their wedding. Interestingly, and helpfully, he said that if we allow the wedding to become all about the amount it is costing, it then becomes defined by the money. Yes, all that money, however much you are spending, could (easily) be spent elsewhere, or saved, or given to a worthy cause BUT why not spend it on celebrating your love for the person you have just vowed to spend the rest of your life with?

Aaaaaaaand breathe.

See you in six weeks (which fly by, by the way!) for stationery sneak peeks and (hopefully) some catering news! I would write a to do list, but it would be almost the same as my last one 😉




PS: Dress fitting (and BM dress fittings) THIS SATURDAY J

Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

32 thoughts on “What Jo Did… Toes And Teeth.

  1. Ah Jo… I too have almost HOURLY anxiety pangs about money. Both of us are on ‘not a lot of dosh’ and having saved so FREAKING HARD for over a year and still a bit off target I get overwhelmed… but I have to remind myself that 1. We are doing ok… 2. we’ve saved a LOT of money in a a short amount of time and I need to be a bit more proud of how well we’ve done so far not how much further there is to go! 3. We do only do this once, and we have tried to keep costs as low as we can, but ultimately feeding 120 people costs… phew… need to keep reminding myself that it is OK really

    I am so envious of the teeth! I really really wanted to have this done before the wedding day, but money just wasnt there… My promise to myself is in the next few years… But I know I am going to HATE pictures of myself from the side 🙁

  2. Shoes shoes glorious shoes! You have my chosen ones in there which were bought with a wonderful Cinderella ‘they fit they fit’ moment in a shop in Glasgow after the pair in the same size in Edinburgh were miles too big. Cue major embarasment from the MOB but much delightedness from me 🙂

    Re the dental work…just think of it as a cost per smile and soon it will seem like next to nothing. Looks great too 🙂

  3. We’re going to be getting married on the same day! I check the budget and freak out about money every day. Every time I identify something to SAVE money on, I end up not sticking to it. Looking forward to counting down the days with you too. Ps at least getting married on a Thursday is saving a bit of money here and there?

  4. Ooh I love looking at the shoes!! Really like the Topshop ones, are you sure you can’t wear them for W-day? I would!!

    Your teeth look great too 🙂

  5. Oh my I’m loving the shoes. I’m thinking of tarting up a pair of shoes with a clip so I’m loving that.

    I also have a real issue with my teeth – my front teeth are coming forward and there are gaps. I always comment on in when a picture is first taken and my friends are very nice in saying they can’t see it. I have found though that when I go back to the pictures a couple of days later if the smile is genuine then I find myself looking at my eyes (which I like) and the tooth doesn’t look so bad. That being said your teeth look great (but then they didn’t look that bad before 🙂 )

    Its funny how we are our own worst critics and we spend time hating something about ourselves that others either haven’t noticed or simply don’t care about (my snaggle tooth didn’t stop Mr H falling in love with me 🙂 ).


  6. Ooh, shoes, I’m a teensy bit obsessed with looking for mine at the moment, think I’m driving my bm a little bit mental with the daily photos..!
    I’ve had Damon clear braces (clear train tracks) on for a year, I can’t wait to get them off, I feel like such a kid, but I knew that unless I sorted it I would feel forever self concious. Again, at £4000 it was a huge commitment and I do find myself wondering what that money could have gone on, but I don’t think you can ever regret something that’s going to make you feel better about yourself? And now I can be massively excited about seeing my wedding photos!! x

  7. Oh goodness I think you may have just found my wedding shoes. Those Schuh shoes are AMAZING! Very me 🙂 WIll have a pair of flats as well though, just in case 😉

    I’m also having Invisalign, I’m just about to have my second refinement. So far so good – mine has been a fairly complicated job so I’ve had them on for some time, but looking forward to when it’s all done… hopefully before July and the wedding!

    As for the guilt thing – yes I have that all the time! Glad to know it’s not just me 🙂

    Good luck with your BM/dress fitting – have mine this weekend too! xx

  8. Jo I think your teeth look great, and I’m with @Claire – loving those blue Topshop shoes!!!

    Braces/teeth are a huge investment (I’ve probably spent the same if not more than you over the years) but promise they are worth it, not only from an aesthetic perspective but also the health of your teeth too.

    This Rev J guy sounds cool – can’t wait to see some pictures of him!

    Big Love

    Charlotte xxx

  9. Jo having not meet you I can say you are a real stunner! So I know you’ll look great on your big day!!!

    This is a great post and I love all the shoes! I would have thousands of pairs if it weren’t for one simple problem- I CAN’T walk in heels! Even trying them on seems to cause emmense pain! My feet just seem to like to be flat or well flat!

    As for that delightful barginous pair of blue shoes you have aquired I ruddy love them!!!! And if you wear them on the day they could be your something blue!

    Me x

  10. now met not not meet! But I am dylexic so the fact I even saw the mistake should make up for making it in the first place! Dam no google crome at work!

  11. Loving the shoes. I bought four pairs in total in my search for the perfect shoes (5 pairs if you include the flip flops I got just in case I couldn’t cope in heels all day)

    The grecian Dune ones are very like the 2nd pair I bought which I thought were THE pair….until I tried to walk in my dress in them and the underskirt of my dress caught on the sparkly bits at every step. Worn them with shorter dresses loads so they still got worn 😉

    I had metal track braces for years as a teenager – wish I’d been able to have invisible ones then! But I can now smile without worrying about my teeth so worth it in the end.

    Good luck with the dress fittings


  12. Awww I feel your pain!! Shelling out thousands of pounds on my wedding at the minute and starting to feel the stress 🙁 Our dog was poorly too and had a massive vet bill to pay last week. Also I had a massive drama with having my teeth straightened, or not as the story goes… Long story as short as I can get it… I hate my teeth! They are quite over crowded. With my wedding coming up in 2013 I jumped at the chance of buying a groupon offer for clearstep braces and although I was a bit scared I was so happy to finally be getting straight teeth. Anyway… after much hassle, mould taking and various trips to Manchester… it all turned out to be a con. They told me they could not straighten my teeth with the groupon offer, but could if I payed them £4000+. I cried all the way home 🙁 There’s no way I can afford that. Seeing this has actually made me want straight teeth again! If only I could win the lottery! xxx

  13. It is funny how you see your self vs other people isn’t it. I totally agree that you look ace in that first pic, Jo – big grin, eyes closed, wrinkled nose, look like having a scream (and hair looks lush BTW!).

    On the teeth subject – really glad it’s not just me! Some of my friends think I’m mad!

    I’ve had a fixed brace on the top as a teenager (gappy/fangy – nice), but bottom ones were fine. As I’ve got older however, they’d started to cross and go wonky (just ‘age’ apparently, how depressing) and I hated them so have had something called ‘Six Month Smile’ – clear fixed brace (I’ve had just on bottom teeth and they can do it quick as it focuses on the front six teeth – ie so they look nice rather that what they do as a teenager to try and change your bite).Top front one had started to stick out a bit too so have had an clear removable one – Clearstep, think is the same as Invisalign, just cheaper and no button things and they reckon only need four trays – so again hopefully done in 5 months (better be, wedding is end of June!). (If anyone thinking of it, Dental Suite in Leics – v good).

    Total cost £2,700 (and they’ve chucked whitening in at the end). I know it is a stupid amount of money esp at a time like this, but it’s my money (well Virgin’s…) and as everyone’s said, you can’t put a price on feeling good about yourself! I’d been thinking about if for ages, the wedding just spurred me on. Having first glycolic peel next week so be intersted in results from that pre wedding..has anyone ever had one?? (how vain do I sound?!)

    REALLY good shoe choice Jo, and bargainous, amazing, you will look beautiful from top to pretty toe! xx

  14. Hi, as a fellow bride to be (mine’s June 30th) I read this blog ALL the time but never post a comment, however what a relief that I’m not the only one to stress about the pennies!! The other half lost his job back in August 2011, although he now has another job everything was a bit tense for a while. So anyway now we’re on catch up saving and saving REALLY HARD…I’ve been thinking ‘we’re spending too much…how has this got sooo big…are we doing the wrong thing’ but reading this post has just reminded me that we chose everything for a reason and the main thing is that I’m marrying the man I love to bits! So thanks so much for the wise words and if I don’t comment again the absolute best of luck on your big day xxx P.S. the Teeth look super!

  15. And sorry, do sound completely shallow and as though I have loads of cash – I really don’t – the wedding budget is pretty small and clealy I am taking the debt on for my vanity!

    Sam – that is really crap, evil Groupon x and Kate – so glad he got another job and you are completely right, you will have the best day ever and the memories will be priceless x

  16. ahhh I had a full on brace face metal contraption on until 2 weeks before my wedding & it was worth all the money!
    The week after he proposed I went & got them fitted I just knew it was a now or never moment. I had lots of people (including strangers) take serious interest in my braces all positive comments on how they wish they had the confidence to be an adult with braces.
    Our budget was big but we did cater for 600 guests! & I don’t feel a tiny bit guilty about the money spent it was soooooooo worth it! & we work damn HARD!

  17. Umm that aisle is massive!! Loving the shoes particularly number 4 (love sparklies!) and the gorgeous blue ones you chose – good choice!

    The difference in your teeth is amazing – but you do look gorgeous also in the first pic! We are our own worst critics!!

    Rachie xo

  18. Lovely shoes Jo! The blue ones are amazing 🙂

    I’m literally on the verge of getting the ‘6 Month’ smiles on my top teeth. I have small teeth and (to me) massive gums, and am extremely self-conscious about smiling and laughing properly. I’ve accepted this fact but thought that I should do whatever I can to make the most of what I’ve got, and with a W-day 223 days away should mean they’re sorted in time. Looking forward to what the results will be and to not having to cover my mouth when I laugh! xx

  19. Jo! Loving the shoe and teeth post! As you know, I too have indulged in a little pre-wedding knasher treatment. I wear a inman aligner on top at night (v sexy!) and then have a fixed brace on the bottom. Absolutely no-one has noticed the fixed brace at all, which really suprised me. The results of yours are fab! xx

  20. Ahhhh Joanna you are so funny, I LOVED reading this. I think you are very honest about everything, so it makes for a cracking read. You tots picked the best two pais of shoes, jeez, some of the ones you tried on look HIGH! They are both beauties.

    Your Church looks absolutely beautiful, and it is so nice that Rev-J popped round for dinner and gave you some soundly advice!

    With the new year, I too am a bit panicky about the money. I seem to have no problem with the concept of spending £10,000 on one day, but with only 7 pay cheques to go, I am wondering where it is all gonna come from!

    Can’t wait for the next post xxxxxx

  21. Jo your face looked fab before but I know what you mean about hating how you look in pics, I think we all must have a degree of body dysmorphia about ourselves!

    I always think I have too much in the gummage department but it clearly can’t be bothering me enough…yet! I had them whitened a bit because that DID bother me enough (teenage years was a bit of a scratter in the teeth cleaning dept…yikes!)

    Your shoes were ace and I am so pleased you got the Topshop ones as they were my faves!

    You have plenty of time to get your to do list sorted lovey!
    Loved reading your post and lovely meeting you, have you got your shoes yet?? Hope they are home safe and sound soon, posted them recorded delivery!

  22. Hey gorgeous girl,
    Loving the new post!! The money pangs happen to everyone, focus on what is important and pull on the talents and resources of friends e.g we have all the vases, candles, hearts, crouquet, games, bunting from ours that you are welcome to use.

    We were the same with the readings and hymn decision, felt so important but meant we went round in circles!!! That church website was really useful! We had I vow to thee my country but with some gorgeous wedding based lyrics that our vicar told us about – felt ight as we loved the tune of the hymn but the words fitted us perfectly. Here they are…
    We pledge to one another,
    before the Lord above,
    entire and whole and perfect,
    this union of our love —
    a love that will be patient,
    a love that will be wise,
    that will not twist with envy,
    nor lose itself in lies;
    a love that will not falter,
    a love to hold us fast,
    and bind us to each other
    as long as life shall last.

    We pray that God will guide us
    through all the years to be,
    our lives be shaped by courage,
    hope and serenity.
    Through joy and celebration,
    through loneliness and pain,
    may loyalty, compassion
    and tenderness remain,
    that those who share the blessing
    of love that cannot cease
    may walk the paths of gentleness
    into the place of peace.

    brings back good memories!!!

    As for the teeth……from first hand seeing experience…YOU LOOK ACE!!!!!!

    Big love to you and Mr A from Mr and Mrs S x

  23. Jo don’t feel guilty about your braces its money well spent. I had Inman aligners for 6 months and every day I look in the mirror I realise how glad I am that I eventually went for it. I had a front tooth that resembled Nanny McPhee & was very self-conscious about it. My Inman aligner treatment cost around £1600 and I actually had 2 clear braces like invisalign as my finishers. Probably could have finished treatment much quicker, but as I live on one of the Scottish isles and had to travel over 300miles on 4 modes of transport we left it slightly longer between appointments. As you can all tell I REALLY wanted straight teeth!

    The month after my treatment ended we got engaged and our wedding is planned for the 16th June this year. I’m very envious at how organised you are with everything.

  24. Ooh, ‘eck – thanks ladies for all your comments. What a wonderful bunch you are. So glad I’m not the only person to a) be panicking about money and b) be having dental work 😉 It sounds like we need a dedicated teeth area on the RMW FB page!

    As so many of you have said, us girls are definitely our own worst critics. Alex84 – I’m sure you’re right about the ‘degrees of body dysmorphia’. Part of me still thinks I should have just learnt to live with the teeth but, as Pria says, it was a ‘now or never moment’!

    @ Steph – which shoes did you pick?!! I NEED to know 😉 I’ve just had the ivory pair delivered in a size 6 – the 7s were way too big. Got the last pair!!! And cost per smile – good logic!

    @ Helen – Hurrah for 7th June! And Abi Lady HarHar is the day after us 

    @ Claire – still not decided which shoes to wear when! Might switch to the Toppers ones in the evening.

    @ Ldavi – I love that you’ve used the word ‘snaggle’! He he – Kirsten Dunst rocks hers! TOTALLY with you on the fact you are drawn to your eyes in photos if the smile is genuine – this is very true, and I’m glad you’ve pointed it out – will try to focus on them in future! PS: the shoe clips are brill.

    @ Vik – Ooooh, what shoes are you thinking? I sometimes wonder if Imight end up with 3 or 4 pairs…! How long have you got left of the braces? So pleased that they’ve given you confidence to smile in your W-day pics!

    @ Verity – those shoes are EPIC! I bow down to your superior ‘walking-in-VERY-high heels’ powers! They are very pretty though – let us know if you get them on the RMW Facebook page! When you say second refinement, is that your second lot of impressions, and a whole new set of aligners?

    @ Charlotte – I KNEW you’d like those shoes! And Rev J is a VERY cool guy. Shall ensure we have pictures of him on W-day 😉

    @ Amanda – Aww, you’re TOO kind, and right back at you! You should have seen me trying to walk in some of those bad boys – hilarious. It was worth it for comedy value alone. I’m pretty sure I’ll end up in bare feet/flip flops after the wedding breakfast, if not before!!

    @ LadyFushia – 5 pairs of shoes? Brilliant 😉 How many did you wear on W-day?

    @ Sam – Oh no! I’m so sorry to have made you feel bad re: the brace situ lovely. That Groupon ‘deal’ sounds like a nightmare and a con – how cruel of them to let you get that far and raise your hopes. Not sure of your W-day budget etc, but if you’ve got over a year before the wedding, could you work the cost of the treatment into your overall budget?

    @ Carrie and @ Lara – this 6 month smile sounds brilliant and bargainous! Clearstep is very similar to Invisalign – they’re all so clever! Who’d have thought a bit of plastic could make so much difference? Carrie – let us know how that peel goes. Never had one, but am intrigued 😉 PS: You don’t sound vain at all!!!

    @ Kate – it’s all about the June weddings! *Think sunny thoughts*. Glad my ‘wise words’ have helped (although they were pinched from Rev J!), and so pleased to hear that your OH has got a new job! It really does feel like everything goes wrong at once sometimes, and costs a fortune to fix!

    @ Pria – I bet you rocked the ‘full on brace face’!! I probably would have had the same if I didn’t work with kids (hang up stems from my own school days!). Actually though, my pupils are very sweet, sharing their tales of what I call ‘vice head’ – where you have them tightened (or a new set, in my case), and it feels as though your face is in a vice! 600 guests – tell us more!!!

    @ Rachie – Yep – ruddy huge! My cousin (BM) text earlier to say she’d read the blog and it has made her even more nervous that before about walking up it! Eeeeek! Those number four shoes were fab, and I loved that over half the money went to charidee!

    @ Lara and Lisa – let’s make a pact not to cover our mouths on our wedding days!

    @Kelly – thank you lovely. Eeeek – we only have 5 pay cheques to go!!! Glad you like the shoes cherub – I thought you’d approve 😉

    @Alex84 – You have amazers teeth! And I love the word ‘scratter’ – shall use it from now on! Lovely meeting you too. Shoes not here yet, but the postal service around these ‘ere parts is sloooooow, so they’ll be here soon, I’m sure. Not long to go for you guys now!! TOO exciting!

    @ Mrs Sills – you are a star. I shall be raiding your wedding store cupboard very soon!

    @ Ali – YAY for another June wedding!! He he – Nanny McPhee (love it!) Poor you having to travel so far for your treatments. Which isle do you live on? And where will your wedding be? My cousin got married last summer on the Isle of Mull. Beautiful!

    See you in six weeks lovelies *SMILES and doesn’t cover mouth*

  25. Panic not Jo. Money can be sorted out but love is the main thing. You are doing OK all brides panic about something before the wedding.
    Just pray for good weather my bridesmaids froze as I hadn’t banked on very cold weather. I ought to have done it was March after all.

  26. I got the Coast #10’s. I wasn’t allowed to keep them myself so they’re at Mum and Dad’s and I sneak upstairs for a wee visit everytime I’m home. On the hunt for a 2nd supposedly comfy pair but I’ll end up with another equally high pair of peep toes no doubt.

  27. Jo, your teeth are looking amazing! You must be so pleased to nearly be at the end of the treatment. I can’t even remember what it feels like not to have train tracks in my mouth (I’m now up to 2yrs and 3 months with them) but I’m fantasizing about being able to each spinach/lettuce/other stuff that gets stuck in your teeth without having to rush off to the loo to get all the bits out (or else spend the entire meal trying not to smile)!! Our wedding’s 6th June but it’s in Italy, so we’re leaving on 30th May. I’m *told* that my teeth treatment will be finished ‘in plenty of time’ – but I’m expecting it to take at least another 12+ weeks, so it’ll be pretty close!!
    I regularly go through guilt and panic at the cost of our wedding – but since it’s in Italy, ours will effectively be a week long (of course the wedding will only be the one day, but all our guests are going out to Italy for the whole week), so the budget is crazy, but I keep telling myself it’s not ‘just a day’, but a whole week of celebration and loveliness with all the people we love most in the world. That makes it seem much better value and gives me (temporary) relief from the attack of the guilts 🙂 xx

  28. A week ago I had my 6 month fixed brace removed and am now on a clear aligner for the next 6. Wedding is in 3 months! I had ummed and ahhed for years after the extensive ortho treatment I had as a teenager started to go wrong. I chickened out about 3 years ago but then once we were engaged I thought ‘go for it’. Definitely now or never. Yes it is a lot of money, but I really think it is worth it. In fact, when compared with some of the wedding expenditure, well it almost seems like a bargain! The teeth will be ‘worn’ every day after all! I did have some difficulty convincing my fiance and he wasn’t fully behind me at the start. However, he can’t believe the difference it has made and I love the thought that I will be able to beam on my wedding day and not feel self conscious.
    Re. shoes- I currently have three pairs and have to ignore all the shops in case I buy more! Those turquoise Topshop beauties have me sorely tempted! I should add that they were all in the sales over the last year, so only really add up to one pair 🙂 I have sky high red satin, mid heel blue velvet and kitten heel silver glitter. My dress is tea length, so perfect for some statement heels, I’ve just got to decide which…x

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