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I’ve been a busy bee over the last few weeks, ordering paper samples for the invitations, sourcing cupcake wrappers, favour boxes, ribbons, buttons, all sorts of pretty bits and pieces for the next few DIY make offs! Time is quickly ticking away so I thought I’d better get started on my next project, sooner rather than later as my major stationary marathon is getting closer and closer and I need total concentration for that one!

Ever since last Christmas whilst watching Kristy’s homemade Christmas, I knew exactly what I wanted my favours to be- mini cupcake soaps! Whilst watching the show I saw Kristy making soap from scratch and thought the things she made were so beautiful I had to try it, the only thing that slightly put me off was some of the scary chemicals required to make soap from scratch and the thought that I might poison or burn someone with my beautiful innocent favours.

After a quick search on the internet I found you could buy readymade soap base which was completely safe, even for me to use.

So here is how I made my favour:

Equipment List

– large glass microwavable bowl
– wooden spoon ( preferably one you won’t be cooking with again)
– knife
– a syringe without a needle or pipette
– your favourite essential oil
– silicone moulds in your desired shape
– dried flowers for decoration
– melt and pour soap base
– cling film

Step 1

I used 1kg of melt and pour soap base, which I bought from Ebay, this was enough for 50 of my mini cupcake soaps. I cut the large block of soap base into smaller cubes and placed in my glass bowl. I then covered the bowl with cling film and placed in the microwave. I heated the soap on full power for 2 minutes, taking out and stirring every 30 seconds until it was completely melted and all the lumps were gone.

Step 2

Next I added my essential oil. I chose my favourite scent, gardenia, one of the main notes in my favourite perfume. I put about 8% oil to soap, but this may change depending on the strength and quality of the oil, usually the oil bottle will advise how much to add. I now laid out my silicone moulds on a tray. Next using a syringe I gently poured the mixture into my moulds, taking care not to let any bubbles appear as they don’t go away when the soap hardens. I only filled each mould about 2/3 of the way to the top as I realised my flower decorations would not float, so I had to create a base for them to sit on.

Step 3

I put my 1/2 filled moulds into the fridge to speed up the hardening process. They were quite small so they only took about 15 minutes to become solid. I reheated and melted my soap mixture again, and filled the moulds to the top, gently placing my dried roses on the top for decoration. I got my flowers from a Chinese tea shop but you can easily find other types on Ebay. They then went back in the fridge for the final time.

Step 4

Once solid, I gently removed them from the silicone cases, this was really easy, they just popped out without any trouble. I had to repeat the whole process about 4 times as I only had 12 silicone cases, however I had a really nice afternoon doing it and my house smelled divine for days!

Now that job is done, my mind is focusing again on my stationery epic that’s about to begin! One of the things I’ve been thinking hard about is the wording for the inside, in particular about gifts. JP and I are not at the stage yet where we are lusting after Le Cruset casserole dishes so we really don’t want things for our house. We have decided instead to go for a honeymoon gift list as we want this holiday to be the most amazing experience of our lives and we hope people understand this.

After some internet searching we decided to opt for senduspacking.com, not only because I thought the name was excellent, but because it seemed like the safest option, as the money is paid directly into your PayPal account and you’re not left with vouchers or worrying the company your money is with is going to go bust.

So that brings me to you ladies, I know you are a creative bunch , not to mention a gold mine of information so do any of you have any ideas on good ways to word, no household gifts or vouchers please? I like the idea of some sort of poem or limerick or something a bit funny, just don’t really know where to look.

Looking forward to all our suggestions!

Julie xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
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33 thoughts on “What Julie Did……Do Me A Favour!

  1. We went for the company honeyfund.com (also free and very friendly!) and our wording was along the lines of:

    Thank you for visiting our Honeyfund. We’ve already been blessed with a beautiful flat and have started to fill it up and make it our home – there isn’t space for much more!

    We are so excited to begin our life together and are planning a honeymoon of a lifetime.

    We don’t expect anything from you except your presence on our special day but if you would like to contribute towards our honeymoon, here’s where you can.

    Thank you so much and we can’t wait to see you on our wedding day!

  2. Oh my word, those favours look amazing! Good effort! I bet your guests will love them since you made them all yourself, it’s a lovely personal touch.

  3. I love the soap idea i may have to give this one ago! We made our own invites aswell as we felt it was a lot more personal and we could say exactly what we wanted to say where we wanted to say it! I looked into the wedding websites but opted for making our own website and just accepting cash or cheques as i was worried some of these companies could run away with your money. We wrote a little poem that went like this:

    We haven’t prepared a wedding list
    The reason we’ll explain.
    To save you all the hassle
    As shopping can be a pain!

    We know it’s not traditional
    It’s not the way its done
    But instead of pots and pans
    We’d love a bit of sun.

    So if you’d like to give a gift
    A contribution would be fab
    To make out honeymoon in Egypt
    The best holiday we’ve ever had!

    Please don’t think of us as rude
    We wouldn’t want you to fuss
    The most important thing of all
    Is that you come and celebrate with us!

  4. Wow I am so impresses and I am going to ‘steal’ your idea..hope you don’t mind. This is something I can involve my kiddies in too x x

  5. Sorry but I hate those poems. They make me cringe! I personally would rather go for the first option i.e. a few sentences along the line of what L.C.T said.

    I am loving the soaps. I just did a whole copy, paste, print onto word. One of the best favour idea’s I’ve seen in ages. I love the idea of D.I.Y and everyone says I’m like Kirsty “loud, annoying, FABULOUS shoes” so I might go for these.

    Can I ask how much the equiptment cost? Is it cost effective as favours?

  6. Julie – my oh my, you have properly shamed me. I think I am the anti-DIY queen and here you are, making your own flippin soap!! Hope your guests LOVE them.

    At a wedding we went to last, the request was for money towards the honeymoon, I think this couple enclosed a little poem although I cant quite remember. Will see if I can dig it out when I get home.

    Big Soapy Love

  7. It was about £7 including the postage for the soap base, about £5 for the oil, £5 for the cupcake cases and about £5 for the flowers so that works out about 44p each favour, so i think thats a pretty good bargain, most favours are about £2 each and upwards, you can get it all on Ebay. So easy. The ebay shop I used for the soap base was called Natural Heating.

    I really love some of the verses in your poem Sarah, thanks so much. The reason i like the poem idea as its memorable and I think people are more likely to take note of what your actually trying to get across. xx

  8. Julie did say she wanted a poem, limerick or something funny. And Sarah delivered.

    There are lots of ideas on google for good invite wording…I think people are getting more and more accustomed to being asked for honeymoon money/experiences rather than household items.

    And Julie? As soon as I saw the title of this post I KNEW it’d be a corker. You could make anything. Seriously. I think you should go into business.

  9. I love this post – already married but I want to make these anyway they look brilliant!!I think the poem is really good too by the way Sarah very creative and I think most people would appreciate it x

  10. You can get those silicone cupcake cases in Poundland. Last time I looked there were a couple of different kinds, so for anyone who’s interested it might be worth checking out there first. And guess how much they are?! 😉

  11. Love the candles Julie.

    Thought I’d quickly share what we’re doing for gifts as not seen this done elsewhere.

    We set up our own site and have asked people to sponsor part of the wedding. So, they can sponsor a toilet cubicle, a picnic, the bouncy castle or even part of the honeymoon. The money comes direct to us and we will recognise people on the day in an appropriate way (eg plaque on the toilet door or receive a crown as king or queen of the bouncy castle).

    Everyone’s really enjoying this so far and we’re hoping it will spark some conversation on the day.

    Gracie xox

    PS – I think a RMW post on different options for gift lists would be a great idea.

  12. We too asked for money towards our honeymoon (we used ourwishingwell.com) and just wrote:

    The most important thing to say is that we are aware that many of you are putting yourselves out considerably, rearranging work and other commitments in order to come to celebrate with us, and we are incredibly grateful for that. We do not want you to feel obliged to buy us anything additional as a gift.
    However, if you would like to buy us a wedding present, we would be very grateful if you would consider contributing to the cost of our honeymoon.

    It worked for all except a couple of people who got us actual stuff!!

    Love your cute soaps, what a great idea!

  13. Loving the soaps Julie!

    We used this poem for ours, we didn’t want anything too cheesy and rather than going for a honeymoon list as they take a percentage of the guest’s gift (very cheeky) we have just asked for contributions towards it direct to us.

    ”When thinking of a gift for us
    we ask if you please consider
    contributing to our honeymoon
    to make it all the sweeter.

    Our house is full of all the things
    a couple could require,
    and so a honeymoon away
    is what we most desire.

    Then, while we’re relaxing on the beach
    or under the water so blue, [we’ll be diving on honeymoon so this was very apt for us!]
    we’ll sit back and know
    that it is truly thanks to you!”

    We also had a wee snippet on our website (have now stolen L.C.T.’s wording!) and a brief outline letting everyone know of our plans for honeymoon – diving/safari etc…

  14. Absolutely LOVE the soap!!!

    We attempted to make soap for my wedding favours after seeing kirstys’ show too!

    Unfortunately ours didn’t turn out quite as well! We followed the instructions from the show and mixed all of the toxic chemicals(did you know there is drain un-blocker in soap!!?) but a white crust/dust seemed to appear over a few days as they were drying out so they didn’t look too good! And we were a bit scared of burning people as you mentioned 🙂

    I sooo wish I had even thought to look into a pre-made base! That would have been so much easier and a bit more fool proof!!

    Will you be letting people know that you made them in anyway? They look so good that they could easy pass as shop bought!

  15. They look absolutely delightful, well done!

    Hope youre going to do some more DIY posts Julie. Would love to rob some more of your great ideas 🙂

  16. Hi Julie!

    We did the honeymoon gift list too at our wedding last week, and we were humbled by actually how generous people have been when you don’t ask for actual “things”. We went all out though as asked for cash as I was so sceptical of all the companies out there that might have gone under, and we didn’t want to limit ourselves to one Travel provider. We can certainly now have the trip of a lifetime in September 🙂 This is how we worded our gift list section of the invitation:

    Because at first we’ve lived in sin
    We’ve got the sheets and a rubbish bin
    A gift from you, would be swell
    But we’d prefer a donation to our Wishing Well

    More than just kisses so far we’ve shared,
    Our home has been made with Love and Care,
    Most things we need we’ve already got,
    And in our home we can’t fit a lot!

    A Wishing Well we thought would be great,
    (But only if you wish to participate),
    A gift of money is placed in the well,
    Then make a wish …. but shhh don’t tell!

    Once we’ve replaced the old with the new,
    And been on our honeymoon, thanks to you!
    (Plus hopefully made your wishes come true!)
    We can look back on it all and say
    That we started our married life with the most special of days

    The “Wishing Well” we provided our guests with was actually an Ivory Royal Mail postbox, and since our initials are E and R, this worked really nicely.

    I also LOVE your soap idea. We struggled with favours, and in the end, I bought glass coasters which doubled up as name places for the tables, so our guests names were on the card with this rhyme I made up:

    Used today to show you to your seat,
    This is actually a gift for you to keep.
    Just replace your name card with a picture of your own,
    And use as a Coaster as you like at Home!
    With love, Erin & Richard x

    That way, people knew to take them away with them. After picking up all the remains from the wedding on Sunday, there wasn’t a single coaster left on the tables. I think guests appreciate something they can use again, rather than eat on the day – I’d LOVE to receive that soap as a Wedding Guest – so thoughtful


  17. Julie, well done girl!
    Fab work, never thought of soap as wedding favours such a great idea.
    I do really like Sara’s and Bex’s poems ideas, its funny and I’m sure your guests will get the message.
    I am too going to ask my guests for money as we’ll move abroad the year after and we really don’t want to fill our baggage with pots and pan!!! And if your guests love you and your fiance they’ll definately understand.
    And what difference would it make for them anyway??

    Congrats for the soaps again, they look lovely! =]

  18. Those are so pretty – I would love one of those as a favour at a wedding! Wish I had an ounce of your d.i.y skills in me Julie!

    Some lovely poems/wording on a tricky subject – def going to pinch some! x

  19. Hey Julie,

    We just set up our honeymoon site too!

    We went with buy-our-honeymoon.com although our actual site was tied to our-dream-honeymoon.co.uk as they have a few domain to pick from.

    The main reason I went for them, aside from not wanting to be tied to a travel agent and worrying about where our money would go, was that they offer to have your list in several languages and currencies which works with our guest list.

    The poem we picked is:
    We know it’s not tradition
    It’s not the way it’s done
    But instead of a Gift List
    We’d love a bit of sun
    We’ve lived together quite a while
    And all the bills are paid
    We’ve got our plates, our pots and pans,
    Our plans have all been made,
    We would appreciate your help though,
    To send us on our way
    A contribution to our honeymoon
    In a land quite far away
    But, most importantly, we request,
    You come to our Wedding as our guest
    To share with us our special day
    And have some fun along the way!

    If anyone has something similar in French (unlikely I know, but I live in hope!), let me know!
    Aurelie x

  20. Those soaps really are lovely, well done! I’m just curious if the blokes will be receiving a soap, or are these just for the ladies?

  21. I now know what a wishing well wedding is! We were invited to a wedding and it said ‘donations to the wishing we’ll and we googled it and nothing and now we know!

    With wishing wells, are you supposed to use cash or vouchers?

  22. We used Trailfinders – very convenient as we’d already booked honeymoon with them. They put all the contributed money back on to the credit card that we had originally used (and didn’t take any commission). We had small John Lewis list too but most people opted for honeymoon gifts…

  23. thanks for all the poems girls, some great ideas there, think i will be cutting and pasting all of them together xx

  24. I have a feeling that we’re going to be in for some bizarre random presents.

    OH decided that we were not allowed to put together a honeymoon list, as it would encourage people to buy us presents.

    Unfortunately, he adopted this stance for our engagement party and we ended up with about 30 bottles of champagne, which is lovely, and appreciated, and about six sets of champagne glasses, none of which match whatsoever.

    So I suggested we should have a list of sorts for the wedding, but it was firmly refused.

    I’m a little worried that although we’ve expressly told people we don’t want anything, that people will still feel obliged to buy something and we’ll get even more of the traditional wedding gifts, none of which we need.

    Grrr, life is not simple, no matter which way you deicde to go with a gift list/honeymoon list/nothing whatsoever!

  25. This is the one we’ve used although it’s not specific to honeymoon it’s short and sweet!
    Hope it helps x

    For a couple of years we’ve lived in sin,
    we have a toaster, a kettle and a stainless steel bin,
    saucepans and towels we have many
    corkscrews and flannels we don’t need any,
    we just want you with us to celebrate our day,
    but if you insist on a gift anyway,
    what we’d really like is a gift of money,
    we hope you don’t think we’re being funny!
    We’ll put it all together and buy something that’s best,
    as a reminder of our day and our wonderful guests!

  26. Julie, these look fab and id love to make them. can you tell me what dimensions the silicon molds are? Having trouble finding an inbetween size


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