What Karen Did… Finishing Touches and RMW Reflections.


Well, that’s it.

A year ago, I introduced you to Lee and I, and you have very kindly stuck with me since. You’ve listened to my ramblings, humoured me when I’ve had a meltdown and shared my excitement at all the things that only those immersed in weddings can really appreciate.

For that, I thank you. It’s been an amazing ride.

By the time you read this, I’ll have taken a walk down the aisle and married the love of my life. Understandably though, I’m writing this a few days early because I want to finally share with you some of the things I’ve been working on.

Songs in the Key of Wife

You know when you first get engaged and think you’ve come up with the most amazing original idea? I did that LOADS. Apart from me thinking I was the first person on the planet to use books as centrepieces (those young and naive days!), I also had a great idea for favours. At every party, it falls to me to do the playlist and I’m well known amongst friends for my mix CDs. So they were the natural choice.


Turns out it wasn’t such an original idea AT ALL. But you know what, It’s totally me and Lee and everyone will love them – that’s the important thing. It ended up being a bit of a project – the lovely Ian at Strange Case took Thom’s original design and mocked up an old vinyl style cover. I’d bought vinyl effect CD’s so also made some retro labels to go over the centre, personalised to us and our day. Half of the tracks were from Lee’s collection, and the other from mine. We called one album ‘Please Please Lee’ and the other ‘Songs In The Key of Wife’… gotta love a pun.

In hindsight, there are probably more suitable tools for cutting out 100 circles and 100 holes than a compass cutter, but we live and learn and they turned out pretty good.

My love of badges also had to manifest itself somewhere too. So in true RMW spirit, Lee and I put together some little phrases that mean something to us and made badges for our guests. I want them all for me.

Rag Tag Misfits

If you shop in Liverpool One, chances are you’ve walked past a gorgeous couple called Helly and Andy – also known as Rag Tag Misfits – busking in the street. Wandering through town one day, Lee saw them, heard them, and had a lightbulb moment,it’s one of the best wedding decisions we’ve made. Half way through the day, these guys will just turn up and start playing. We’ve bought a load of percussion instruments to fill Andy’s guitar case, and guests will grab a tambourine, a bongo or a set of maracas and turn the day into a groovy singalong.


These guys are brilliant, I can’t wait to hear them.

Strange Case Saviours

I introduced you a few months back to my friends Sophie and Laura, the girls from Strange Case Collective who are so kindly adding some cute handmade touches to our day. They’ve been busier than me!

One night, back at the start of everything, Sophie and I were pinning away when I stumbled across a photograph from a Chanel runway show a few years back. A beautiful sweeping staircase, covered in a variety of giant paper flowers. We’d found our inspiration.


It’s kind of escalated from there and taken over all of our lives! Without wanting to use an entire forest, or hide the beauty of the staircase at our venue, Sophie’s team set about making a whole heap of gorgeous giant flowers, along with co-ordinating chair backs for every guest featuring mini versions.


That’s all folks

I’m afraid that’s all I’m able to share with you for now, mostly because I have to return to my CD making sweatshop.

It’s time for me to say goodbye. As I come to the end of my time as a Real Bride, I just want to say thank you again to Charlotte, Adam and the team for encouraging me and giving me such a fantastic opportunity. As if planning a wedding isn’t exciting enough, I’ve been incredibly lucky to be a Rock My Wedding Real Bride. I came into this whole experience with a love of writing, wanting nothing more than to enjoy putting my thoughts down, but I got a lot more than I expected.

I’ve said it before, but I’ve met some absolutely wonderful people and lifelong friends along my way. The beautiful Rock My Wedding team, my fellow Real Brides, all of you in the bride community who have stuck with me – you are all fabulous – especially those of you who have crept into the realms of real life, thank you for being such amazing friends – Charlie, Sarah, Pip and the princess of RMW-based banter Pamela.

Thank you, I love you all.

Thank you too, to everyone who has helped to make our wedding day perfect, especially Claire, Sophie, Danny and Colette – I honestly wouldn’t know what I’d have done without you all and I can’t put into words how much what you have done means to us.

But mostly, thank you to my husband. I haven’t even experienced the day i’m writing about yet, but I know it will be perfect. Even if the rain falls, even if it all goes wrong, it’ll still be perfect, because I’m with you. I’m so proud to be your wife and I can’t wait to live the rest of our lives together, taking on whatever life throws at us as a team. Lee, I love you all the world.

Anyway, less of all that emotional oscar speech nonsense. I’ll be back as soon as I can to share the story of our big day, until then…
Peace & Love

Karen xxx

Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

21 thoughts on “What Karen Did… Finishing Touches and RMW Reflections.

  1. I don’t even know what to say. How many times have we tried to do this now, Karen? Everytime is ends in all of us almost crying. You know we loved being apart of your day, and we’ll never forget it. It was an incredible moment to see you and Lee wed.

    What makes it even better, is that we met you in the first place.

    Here’s to the future, Mrs.Williams.

  2. Aw K-Sway. Sniff. You’ll be off enjoying the soleil as we speak but in your absence I’d like to say a big fat thank YOU for being such an inspiration, support and general source of proper belly laughs over the course of this nutcase year. Sharing your journey has been an absolute delight. The humour and warmth you’ve brought to these pages and our lives in general has been a tonic. You and Lee make such a brilliant couple and you are embarking on your married life together with the support and love of a whole ton of brilliant people who clearly love you to bits. You deserved the best day EVER and I’m pretty confident that’s what you got!

    Enjoy your honeymoon and each other and every happiness to you both for the future. I can’t wait for your final report, it’s going to be even more emotional than this. You are a BOSS human. Much Love xxxxxxxxxx

  3. Ah wow…I don’t even know where to start with all this amazingness!

    Completely emotional reading the bit about Lee too, I think anyone who has met you two will agree that you were made for each other and we wish you both every single happiness that there is in the world!

    Have a fabulous honeymoon guys xxx

  4. I’m trying to type this out without tears. It’s not really working. What a lovely post. Like I’ve said to you a million times, you never need to say thank you as we would have done it all ten times over for you and Lee. A truly wonderful couple who deserve every bit of happiness in the world. I love how close your day has brought us together and it’s something I am never going to forget.

    I’m even going to miss the late nights stringing up hearts, the wrist cramp me and Laura got from cutting out 85 chair backs from mount board, my flat, lauras house and even my Mums house being taken over by 90 giant paper flowers and 300 mini ones and the many packets of pink wafers.

    I cannot wait for RMW to see all the images from Claire as she truly is wonderful. Bring on the final wedding post!


  5. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You’ve only gone & got yourself flipping married!!

    I think I speak for all of us when I say we have LOVED hearing all about your journey into wedding-land. You are one of the funniest, wittiest, craziest people I have ever had the pleasure to meet.
    And your posts have been fabulous.

    And gals (& guys!) this little miss looked absolutely flipping awesome in the few sneak peeks I’ve clapped eyes on (ta Claire! 😉 ) – but then did we expect any less!

    Big love to you & the lovely Mr Lee, from both Dave & I
    Hope you are having a blast on your honeymoon 🙂

    ps. stop trying to get us all to cry! I’m supposed to be working! :-p

  6. Oh Karen, you have had me in tears so many times this past week, especially with Claire Penn’s amazing sneak preview! I have loved getting to know you so much, you have been an inspiration and never fail to give me a proper LOL (when you’re not making me cry of course). I’m so glad you had the best day and so touched that I got a mention here today, big love to you both xxx

  7. Beautifully written Mrs Williams!

    Having seen a few sneaky pics (thanks Facebook and Instagram!) I just know that your write up is going to be EPIC!


  8. Ahhhh Karen it was a pleasure to have you on these pages girl!! I’ve loved your banter, your infectious humour and the real, raw love that you have for your boy. Right now you’ll be basking in sunny climes but reading your post is like having you here with us by our sides. I love that Chanel was your inspiration for some of your wedding decor – only the best right?! And having seen a few sneaky peeks I know that when your wedding goes up it will look immense! Don’t be a stranger – we’ll miss you xx

  9. Crying – for a change.

    So excited to see all the pics from your amazing day! Hope you’re having a fabulous honeymoon and those flowers are immense!


  10. KAZZA-KAZ!

    I LOVE YOU! OH MY DAYS Your wedding was a whole wonderful world of awesome i was so thrilled to be able to contribute towards your day and have been overwhelmed with your feedback.

    Your friendship has been invaluable (chazza and piazza too) you have kept me more than sane on this wonderful wedding journey. You have made me cry in laughter and happiness and i know your final write up with have me in tears again, BRING IT ON!


  11. Loved having you all as part of my day! I love you all.

    finally having a catch up of all the comments and reliving the best day ever… i’m gutted it’s all over!!! xxx

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