What Karen Did… Let My Heart Rule My Headwear.

Afternoon everyone, thanks for joining me.

As I sit down to write my second post, I can’t help thinking of those bands who after coming out, all guns blazing and storming the charts, go back to the studio to record their second album, only to find that actually, all their best material has gone and they crash and burn. So I’m optimistic!

Not that I ever stormed the charts of course, or wrote an album, so I guess the pressure isn’t quite the same. In which case, I’ll just chat on about what I’ve been up to and hope to entertain you in some way. I’ve spend most of my time since you last heard from me doing the adminy stuff that you won’t want to hear anything about, like writing the guest list, giving notice, re-writing the guest list and generally panicking that actually, 60 day guests isn’t anywhere near enough! There has been fun stuff too thankfully as the rest of my time has been spent with my head in the clouds scouring the internet for veils and asking myself ‘do I really need a pair of Louboutins?’ The answer of course, is yes.

Chronic Nostalgia

A couple of years back, a friend of mine invented an illness that I apparently suffer from, called ‘chronic nostalgia’ – an inability to throw out anything of sentimental value and the need to make most of my adult decisions based on things I remember as a child.

My um, condition really came into it’s own when choosing a wedding veil. I know that wearing a veil or not is something a lot of brides struggle to decide on, but for me, I’m 100% wearing one – l and it needs to be a veil that makes me ‘feel like a proper bride’. Because that’s what 8 year old me would want. Small child me, would spend an entire afternoon arranging my toys into a congregation, I’d wrap myself in bedsheets, pull the net curtain down from the window and arrange it on my head as a beautiful veil, then I would parade around the room chanting ‘Here Comes the Bride’.

There was no question that 30-odd years later, I’d be doing exactly the same thing with an overpriced piece of tulle and so my search for the perfect veil began… badly. Nothing was right. There are some amazing veils and headpieces out there, but they were either not me, or really uninspiring. I was never going to be in the market for a birdcage veil either. Don’t get me wrong, I think they look great on other people, but as a lady of a certain age, I feel like as soon as I whack a piece of French netting in front of my face, I turn into Camilla Parker-Bowles. No idea why! I’m very jealous of the legions of brides who can wear them and still look youthful – I’m just not one of them.

I needed traditional, but not generic and I couldn’t find anything that fitted the bill. Well, my weeks of anxiety came to a halt when I stumbled upon Sara Gabriel. I have to say, her veils are just stunning, and from the moment I found her website, I was like a kid in a sweetshop. Here’s a little selection of her designs, all very simple, classic and beautifully made, just what I’m looking for! Rumour has it she might be looking for UK stockists pretty soon too so watch this space.

I never thought I’d have so much trouble finding something to put on my head! Thankfully, my hunt is now over and I can turn my obsession to shoes.

The Shoe That Carries The Woman

Christian Louboutin once said ‘a woman can carry a bag, but it is the shoe that carries the woman’ and so what I wear on my feet to carry me down the aisle is one of my most important decisions. I’ve never met a Liverpool bride who’s worn flats, and I’ll be no exception. Heels all the way until they cripple me and I need to run over to Primarni, five minutes before closing time for a pair of flip flops (always an option when its on the next block to your wedding venue!)

The question is, do I get the most comfortable shoes or the most fabulous shoes? I’m currently at the daydreaming stage, spending every lunch hour on Net-a-Porter gazing lovingly at anything sparkly and daring to imagine a flash of red sole heading up the sweeping staircase of The Athenaeum, but we’ll see. My current headturners are

I love them all but knowing me, I’ll end up changing my mind and getting something completely different. There’s still a BIG part of me that’s considering buying a cheap as chips pair and asking my friend Eve who’s an illustrator, to draw pretty things all over them!

Ready For My Close Up

Finally, I have managed to tear myself from imaginary shopping to obsess about something else, videographers. This is something that’s bugged me for a few months. When we did our original budget, I was dead against getting a videographer. The last thing I want to worry about during the wedding is whether I’m standing up straight or how much I hate hearing my voice when it’s recorded. Then another bride showed me the trailer for her wedding video – I cried from start to finish. I barely know her!

That was when I started questioning my wisdom. Have we made the right choice? After the wedding, will I regret not having such a potentially important record of our day? I shopped around a little and came across a real cross section of different companies – many of them fitted the idea I had in my head of the shaky, badly edited wedding video I’d seen in the past, the type I knew I didn’t want. But then on the other hand, there are so many companies coming through making absolutely stunning films, and many of them using my old favourite Super 8. Watching these films brought to mind the old cine camera my Dad gave me as a child which has led to a lifelong love affair with Super 8 (chronic nostalgia anyone?) and now, I don’t know what to do.

The easy answer is, it’s not in the budget and it’s a big financial commitment so let’s not have one. In fact, when I mentioned it to Lee he gave me one of those Paddington Bear hard stares that say “don’t even go down that road”. So that’s where I am right now, wondering if we don’t book a videographer are we going to regret it or is it not worth the expense? Would I hate being followed with a camera anyway?

I guess that’s a big decision we’ll have to make together.

Before I go, I’ll let my cat Gia have the last word. As I was writing this, she decided to create her own bridal look, using the RMW favourite of the feather crown. Always glad to share cat pics, so here she is – the blushing bride…

Well, that’s me signing off until next time, when I promise I’m going to have loads to talk about. My friend Thom is currently working away on our save the dates, and an appointment with a florist is next on my list, we also have our engagement shoot in two weeks which I’m looking forward to sharing with you all.

Peace & Love

Karen xxx

Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

43 thoughts on “What Karen Did… Let My Heart Rule My Headwear.

  1. Great post Karen!

    I love those veils, and hello, the lady second row on the left with a fabulous lipstick looks like Olivia Wilde!

    If you end up with Laboutins or some Jimmy Choos I will have serious shoe envy. I fell for some bridal Choos but wah-mbulance, I couldn’t afford them!

    Looking forward to seeing your e-shoot pics! <3

  2. Oh my gosh, what a distraction this post is! Firstly, wow oh wow with the shoes! You are going through all the dilemmas I went through so I totally relate!

    My veil found me in a way. A store closed down and my bridal shop had a huge box delivered of their stock that she’d been given and she put one aside and she knew it would be perfect. It was and it was a bargain! The perfect veil will show…

    My shoes…I too wanted Choos but in the end went for a wedding brand, Ben Adams. At the time I knew they were gorgeous but wished I’d had more budget for some show stoppers. Looking back now I’m so glad I went with the Ben Adams! For £140 I had no pain all day and loved them that much that I wore them all day to Ladies Day at Aintree without a single blister or desperate need to take them off-anyone who’s been to Ladies Day at Aintree will know that at the end of the day I must’ve been the only lady with her shoes still on! 😉 I have filmed two Choo brides and both have moaned all day about them pinching-literally just after the ceremony!

    As for wedding videos. Well, I too was unsure as I’d seen some awful 3 hour epics that I really did not want for me own. My Husband also hated the idea but more because he didn’t want cameras following him all day! As a child I used to film everything, from dance routines to my Sylvanians, and I knew I wanted that giddy feeling I get when I watch those back. We ended up getting some professional cameraman friends to film our wedding (I used to work in film and tv as an editor) and then I edited what they captured. The best decision we made. So good in fact that my sceptical husband actually bought me a website and nudged me in the direction of trying to create the same amazing film for someone else…just over 2 years later and I am full time making wedding films and my couples so relate to our story! I have friends who tell me all the time that their biggest regret was not having a wedding film and that really saddens me 🙁 I think it’s the best investment as it really is an amazing way to relive your wedding. Don’t take my word for it, you should read what my couples say! 🙂 Oh, and I have a bride in Sept getting married at the Athenaeum and she too wasn’t fussed about a wedding video. In fact, it was her Mum that dragged her over to our house to chat and then book us. She’s been following my new films ever since and is now super excited so I hope I can finally win her round when she sees her very own film!

  3. @Charlene I was the same, really against a video until I saw a good one and then thought “hmm now I want one” but then they were mostly way over our budget until we found a great company. I have friends too who say their one regret is not having a video and that clinched it for me!

    I too am glad I have my Rainbow Shoes. After a friend’s hen weekend and a very ouchy pair of shoes I was so pleasantly surprised to put my Rainbow Club shoes on and find them comfortable! Still want another pair to change in to for all night dancing though!

    1. Actual wedding brands are so under-rated! I may need to get that back out for the next party…I just need a good cleaner for the silk before they get too trashed though!

      And I’m so glad to hear you’ve been won over by a good video! So many are put off by bad ones it makes my job a lot harder! Haha

  4. Loving the shoe selection! Gia looks beautiful! Do you think Gia should get a pillow on her head and walk down the ailse with the rings? I do, anyone else agree?!

    Why not get a family friend or bored child to take a video on the day? Surely someone you know must have a camcorder you can borow? With some cool editing anything can look good these days. You would only need a few key moments, the service, the speeches a bit of dancing and you have your video??
    Its all about the D.I.Y!!
    I know!! Get Gia to put a camera on her head! Perfect 😉 Love ya xxxxxxx

  5. Beautiful shoeeeessss! Im jealous I have massive feet and don’t want to draw attention to them so have gone with very plain shoes…heel height is also an issue with me as I would tower over Jon otherwise! I’m wearing my mums cathedral length veil 🙂 and is it me or have modern veils got shorter? I tried a cathedral length one on in the shop and its no where near as long as mums! Loving all your plans as ever Karen cant wait to hear more 🙂 xxx

  6. Ahhhhhh Karen.

    Karen, Karen, Karen.

    A girl after my own heart aren’t you. I am right there with you on the veil front. You know this already – we have had A LOT of veil chat . But I know exactly what you mean about needing a veil to feel like a proper bride. And not just a veil – we’re talking about the mother of all veils. I love Sara Gabriel’s line too with the Lauren being my favourite.

    How very vain of me.

    As for the videography I’d recommend really thinking long and hard about this.

    Every single one of my friends who didn’t have a wedding video made really wishes that they did. Like seriously regrets not having one. A good videographer doesn’t come cheap and I totally understand how it’s just not affordable for many people – especially in the current climate.

    I suppose it comes down to what is most important to you. We decided that photography and videography was really important to us so we allocated our budget accordingly. Is there something that you’ve got in the budget that isn’t as important that you’d be happy to scrap for the videography instead?

  7. Re shoes – just to make things even harder for you, have you looked at Emmy shoes? Absurdly expensive but you can have what you want (within reason) and have them dyed afterwards. I’m having the Eva with a pearl t-bar and a gold heel.

    Re video – oh I hear you! I was emphatically not going to have one as I hate photos of myself, let alone film! But then I saw my fiance’s childhood films and somehow so much more of his personality came through. Nowadays they don’t have to be cheesy (unless you want it fromage) nor boring. And you miss out on so much – I wanted that captured.

    I saw the shorter versions you seem to get as part of the package of total strangers and wanted to cry. I also didn’t want to regret it when it was too late. My fiance wasn’t keen but he’s accepted it and I bet he’ll be glad. I’ve told our videographer that it’s not a vanity project – we want to see loads of the bits with our guests that we might have missed otherwise.

  8. Now I’m having shoe dillemmas all over again…
    I bought a pair for £35 from Debenhams, but they’re a bit high… I know a lady who said wear them through the pain, and then you can wear heels anytime. Is this true? Or am I going to put my feet through agony just to be in pain on W Day too?
    Anyway, enough about me…
    Good to see you again Karen! Those veils are gorgeous! As is your bridal puss-cat…
    @ Liz, Good idea about Gia. My mum suggested we had a trained barn-owl bring us the rings but the vicar thought it would not be in keeping with the solemnity of the occasion… Ah well!

  9. OMG @Kitty-kat @Ashleigh – those Stellas are rocking my world. The oh so cheeky little velvet tongue makes my heart melt! Considering I’ve made savings elsewhere I think I need to splash on the footwear. I honestly dont care if they cripple me – I shall has dancing shoes!

    @Charlene – your vids are gorgeous and i’m gutted you’re booked up. I cannot wait to see your Ath wedding though.

    @Lizzie – Gia Cam is GO!! I’ll fashion her a small helmet with camera fixed to it and Oliver can carry her down the aisle with the rings tied to her paws with ribbons. In all seriousness though, that’s a good shout for the editing thing… Charlene, I’ll email you about that!!

    @Han – I’m a size 7 so also can’t go for ‘delicate’. I love that your wearing your Mum’s veil too, no idea what my Mum ever did with hers, I think she may have lent it to an un-named family member as ‘something borrowed’ and never saw it again!


  10. Oh how I wish I was a ‘proper’ veil girl!! 🙁
    These all look soooooo pretty! Bet you’re going to look like a beautiful princess on the big day!

    As for the shoes….wowee – those Stella ones look amazeballs! I am such a sucker for a bit of sparkle!
    Unfortunately, our budget would never stretch to a pair of Miss Macca’s shoes or some gorgeous CLs for that matter (one day, one day!!!!)
    But I am set on them being fabulously high, definitely not being ivory (sorry, ivory girls, they’re just not me!) & definitely being a statement of some kind! So far my favs are the new spike collection at Kurt Geiger (Esme’s my fav!) – my mum wasn’t so impressed! ha ha

    Unfortunately we are also in the ‘not really any money left’ camp with regards to videographer. Although Dave’s dad recently got a video camera & is now videoing every family gathering, including recent weddings!
    He’s no hot-shot videographer & there won’t be any cool editing, but I think it will be quite nice seeing our wedding from a completely different perspective. 🙂

    Right, I’m off to drool at more shoes! 😉

  11. @Karen – if you dont get the gold glitter Choos I may just fall out with you. (Although do bear in mind that I can always be won round with a packet of Chewits and a lolly ice so it won’t be the end of the world if you don’t).

    Even if they’re not your bride shoe, I think you should just buy them anyway. As you are an authentic Scouse bird I really believe that you would be wearing shoes like that to wash up and do the hoovering in…

    Gold. Glitter. Choo.

    Nothing with the words gold and glitter in can be wrong can it…think about that gold Beyonce dress…and an Oscar statue, although I think that may be real gold, not just glitter from Fred Aldous.


  12. hey lovely! as i’m surrounded in unpacking hell the pictures of pretty are a v v v welcome distraction! LOVING the veil pics 🙂 and ohhhh the shoes.

    I am rubbish with shoes normally, i admire pretty ones but usually end up barefoot within 4 hours due to the pain! plus Simon isn’t that much taller than me so i need to make wise choices 🙂 soooo at the moment this means at least 4 pairs of wedding shoes! aisle/beach shoes, wedding wellies (you never know), dancing shoes that won’t fall off my silly narrow feet (basically something needs to be tied on to my feet for first dance safety!!), and flip flops/ballet pumps for later! hey maybe i need “getting ready” shoes that can be the elegant skyscrapers that i can sit around in while having my makeup done!

    From a girl who has just reheeled her favourite boots for the 8th time, and maybe buys shoes once a year at a push – my shoe obsessed BM #2 is delighted by this new attitude!!

    Loving Gia’s look 🙂 xx

  13. @Lauren – Did you notice I’ve sneaked the ‘Lauren’ in there just for you? Mine just might in there as well, but I ain’t letting on in case him indoors is reading. You HAVE to get the Jesus bubble veil though. I beg you!

    The video – I need to have a good think. I do know a few talented film makers who don’t do weddings, so we may be able to call in a favour or two. I’ll work it out and do sad face at Lee until he agrees 🙂

    @Peridot – same boat EXACTLY about the vids! and no, I havent seen Emmy… damn you!! more shopping!! yay.

    @Amy – thank you so much, I will pass the love to Gia too. Pretty kitty she is. xxx

  14. What beautiful veils! My favourite has to be the left hand one second row (the Olivia Wilde lookalike – you’re so right, @Kitty!) or perhaps the very last one…

    As for wedding videos, I know what you mean too – the expense can be scary… but the finished product is one to treasure. I cry at all the trailers I see on here!!

    We can’t afford one of the professionals, but are lucky enough to have a very talented friend with a very good camera. My other half will do the editing as he’s made quite a few wedding videos before and really knows his stuff – don’t think we’d want anyone else to edit and in fact was at first trying to think of ways he could film his own wedding remotely!

    Quality is important and I like Lauren’s point about possibly re-allocating some budget, but there are people like my fella who aren’t doing it full time yet (fingers crossed one day!) who would be glad of the chance and would want to create something great for you. Obviously you’ll be able to tell a lot from their previous work.

    Hope you come to a decision you’re both happy with — let us know if you’re stuck! 😉 x

  15. @Peridot & Karen – Emmy shoes are just beautiful!! Wish so much I could afford them but my accountant fiance would have a heart attack if I bought any of these beautiful shoes! 🙁 x

  16. Love your story about you as a kid trying to make your own veil! How very cute 🙂 I cant wait to find out what you end up with.

    I know what you mean about the videographers…that was my point from the beginning. What won us over, was that we could get Chris’s Dad recorded saying a few well wishes on our wedding day. I have lots of vids of my Mum from I was little that my Nan recorded on a camcorder. Chris does not have this, so our wedding video will be a video to cherish when the inevitable happens. So it is very important for us so just went for a videographer we could afford (who is lovely and films are lovely too) xxxx

  17. @Charlene you’ve made me feel much better about my (painful) decision not to choose the Choos after hearing about the problems you’ve witnessed. I’m a grumpy cah when my feet hurt.

    Re: videos, I think for most of us it’s something we desperately want, but find hard to justify as it’s not actually something you feel you need. Particularly when there is such an (understandable) gulf in prices between the wobbly cheesy ones and the beautiful, slick ones.

    An editor friend of mine has offered to to ours for about a third of the price of the top-end ones. I’ve been umming and ahhing as it’s still a wedge I didn’t originally allocate in the budget, and he’s not done weddings before, not only that, I’ve already bust the budget on our top-drawer photographer… But the more I think about it the more I realise I’m lucky to have this option.

  18. @Rebecca – I laaaarve the KG’s and spikes would kick ass under your frock! you will be like the killer bride in the most fabulous way and still look like the picture of bridal princess innocence.

    @Vixen – sounds to me like you need the most fabulous selection of shoes imaginable for frequent Kylie style outfit changes! YES! Hope the house is coming on well, we miss you!

    @Hayley – If you’re around Liverpool then that might be a great shout! haha. Oh how lovely for you though to have your groom editing – quite romantic!

    @Pamela – imagine me strutting up Bold Street in my gold JC’s thinking I’m Amanda Harrington. and YES, you said lolly ice!! We are literally the ONLY breed in the world who doesnt say ‘ice lolly’ – what a freakshow they are.

    I might need Louboutins though, just for the sole so I can be dead showy!


  19. @Rebecca, even if Dave wasn’t an accountant they all seem to turn in to one during the wedding planning!

    Al has never done a budget for anything in his life and didn’t know what savings were before all this. Now he’s the wedding finances overlord!

  20. Hiyaaa 😀

    I’m so torn on the veil front, I really want one but also don’t want to hide the back of my dress, it NEEDS to be seen!! I really can’t make my mind, saying that, I haven’t actually tried any on yet!
    My shoes came the other day and I LOVE them! I was so tempted to go for some Louboutin’s but I found my high street bargains (in comparison) and went for it! They’re super high though, have been practising around the house. I’ll be strutting my stuff catwalk style in no time! I love the idea of your friend illustrating some shoes for you though, they would be truly unique to you and something to keep forever!
    P.S. Gia is rocking that feather like no on else! x

  21. Loving every shoe you have put on here – all amazing! I went with beautiful heels for my big day and wouldn’t have felt right in flats, however they did kill me by the evening so I say wear beauties and take some glam flatties to change into if they start making you want to cry 🙂

    Re. the video, I really wanted one and had to use every sad face, plea and feminine wile in order to get my OH to reluctantly agree to add to our ever increasingly budget. We are SO glad we did – its the best thing we spent money on and we watch it even more than we look at our photos. Its beautiful and captures the whole essence of the day and we both treasure it. People I only vaguely know still mention ours to me even now almost a year later. If there is something else you can knock off your must haves in favour of having a professional video then do! I had Charlene at Love Gets Sweeter (hi Charlene!) but I think you have mentioned here that she isn’t available on your day…? If you love Super 8 then take a look at Mark Brown – I fell in love with his videos too though Charlene won for our style of day x

  22. @Karen, we’re not exactly *close* by (living in South East London atm lol!) but speak to your film maker friends – you’d be surprised how generous people can be with their time and favours –

    and if you’re still stuck then please do drop my oh a line – he likes weddings and Liverpool and am sure the venue would whet his creative appetite… 🙂 as long as it’s not on April 1st next year as that’s ours!! (tom@tomoakley.co.uk).

    By bizarre coincidence, he’s filming a children’s event in Brum today, and has just this second texted to say someone’s just asked him to film her wedding! Obvs wedding videography is the hot topic right now 😉

    Good luck – looking forward to the next post already…

    PS just to add in my two pennies worth to the shoe discussion, I wish I could fit into/afford some of those beauties (row 2 right are to die for)! I’ve gone for second-hand purple Irregular Choice 🙂


  23. Row 1 right | Valentino – £585
    Row 2 right | Christian Louboutin – £495
    Row 3 right | Stella McCartney £400

    You need to just buy them all. Sorry!

    And btw, I wish I was a tulle veil girl. I don’t like birdcage veils but it’s all that suits me. And I’ll have a veil, damn it! I’ll just have to not like it but love wearing it 🙂 xx

  24. @Toni – I know!!!!! You can get tulle birdcage too though, some loverly ones!

    @Hayley – thanks so much for the heads up, might just give Tom a shout! 🙂

    @Lauren – Mark Brown is great isnt he?? And RMW bezzies Shutterbox (who after bleating emails to Lee arent free either!)

    @Tabs – you need to build a runway in your living room like they do in the ANTM house, then do a Miss J every night to perfect the walk!


  25. haha @Lauren – my post above yours… I would have broken the bank for those guys but no joy! Total fumesies that they’re doing yours!

    Will check out Simon xxx

    1. Hi Lauren (who’s film is still one of my favourites, shhhh)! Karen, that date has got to be the most popular date for next year as I’ve had to turn down so many couples! What’s wrong with the rest of June…? I’m free every other day!?

      I’m sure the perfect solution will come along, don’t feel rushed or pressured in to a decision! If you need my advice or opinion on anyone then let me know! I could also ask my photographer friends who else they would recommend? I have been shoe shopping the last half hour, I blame you! 😉

  26. Your posts always get me so excited for my own wedding as we have the same venue! You’re right, no Liverpool bride will EVER wear flats. Today I was offered some of those flat shoes you can fold up and laughed and said ‘I’d rather endure the pain’ haha. I know that I want bright red shoes for my wedding, now you’ve got me browsing on net-a-porter, naughty! I’m now lusting over these: https://www.net-a-porter.com/product/314952

  27. Hey, what a brilliant post to come home to – I’ve been veil and shoe shopping today! Haven’t made a choice on either….!

    I wanted to comment on this post as I feel strongly about having a video!! It is one of the lasting things you will have of the day, it will capture moments you didn’t even know were happening – your guests enjoying themselves and all the effort you have put in to it.

    A good camera man/woman will be discreet, like a good photographer, many of them use DSLRs that look like a normal camera anyway – none of those huge scary looking on the shoulder things!

    I’d seriously consider getting even a short video made, if you can wiggle things around in your budget!


  28. @Helen – they are HOT! love them. Would look stunning drifting across the library floor!

    @Lucie – You’re so right, even just the important bits. Going to work on Lee 🙂 x

  29. Remarkably off topic but – your kitty looks like mine, she has the same little white muzzy! Soooo cute! I want my Joanie involved in our wedding but the lorry driver isn’t keen, funnily enough!

    RE the shoes – those Stella McCartneys are making my heart sing. And we hadn’t even thought of a videographer but now I want one – you pesky RMWers, you always give me such bright ideas!x

  30. @Tab – do it, easy breezy beautiful!

    @Lou – awww really? I love the little white muzzie, have you seen the website ‘catsthatlooklikehitler’? they should be on there!

    Soz about sowing the seeds of spending!! xx

  31. Those veils are gorgeous!

    We decided to get a videographer in the end because my family would be coming from overseas and a lot of them may not be able to make it. As much as a picture says, it would be lovely if they could hear our vows and watch it unfolding x

  32. Ahhhhh, those Stella McCartney beauts MUST be mine!

    Another great post, Karen 🙂 Elvis just spotted the picture of Gia and very much likes what he saw 😉

    Re: Videographers – we decided one month before the wedding to have one, and were lucky enough to have Richard at White Dress Films film our day. He was a star! I’m so glad we decided to go with it – there are so many parts of the ceremony and speeches that are a bit of a blur!

    J xx

  33. Book a wedding videographer whose style you like. You’ll never regret it, even if you have to whack it on the credit card and pay it off over time. You’ll never ever be able to recreate it again and you miss soooo much on the day that the film will be precious to you for years to come. I couldn’t remember what Rog said to me in his speech and had to wait til I saw it again on the video. I’d have been gutted if we hadn’t had a film to watch back those sort of moments.

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