What Katie Did….Reflections, Realisations and A Little Bit Of Drama

Yep I’m butting right on in again. This time because it’s Katie’s last post. I love Katie, she has been an absolute dream to work with and I know she and Scott have years and years of happiness and love ahead of them. Please leave Katie some thanks and congratulations in the comments section below, the wedding is this weekend…..!!!!

Wowzers. Where has the time gone? It literally feels like yesterday that The Boy was down on one knee asking me that all-important and in some ways, life-changing question.

I’m getting married on Saturday.

Even just thinking about it, and writing those words makes my heart beat faster, the craziest of butterflies flutter around inside of me, and my palms get rather warm and clammy.

The roller-coaster of emotions that I’m feeling is so intense – incredible anticipation, excitement, happiness, nerves… all raw feelings that I can barely control.

After a few weeks filled with to do lists, delegating tasks and a few blips, just about everything is finally sorted. My dress is waiting patiently at my mum’s house, boxes filled to the brim with pretty bits and pieces are ready to go to Oulton Hall (https://www.devere.co.uk/our-locations/oulton-hall), the rings have been collected (mine’s a surprise… eeek!), and our church rehearsal is just a few hours away.

Last Minute Dress Drama

It’s all peaceful (ish) now, but there may have been a little bit of drama over the past week. My dress. Oh, how it has caused me stress!

Last weekend, I decided that I should really try my dress on again, just because I could. So, there I stood in my mum’s lounge, dress on, waiting patiently for her to fasten it. My patience quickly turned into blind panic once it was on, as it didn’t fit. At all. It literally hung off me, and would give our guests quite a treat if they were to see me in it like that! 😉

It turns out the seamstress hadn’t taken it in enough, and I’ve shrunk (for the first time in my life!) since my final fitting. We needed to get it sorted, fast.

First stumbling block – my dress is from London and I live way up north in good ol’ Yorkshire. Second stumbling block – it needed more than just a few quick alterations.
Third stumbling block – the wedding was in less than a week.

Fortunately, my amazing knight in shining armour, aka mum, came to my rescue. Her persistence, efficiency and persuasive ways talked us into securing an appointment with their top seamstress, who also happens to be based up north.

After several hours on the motorway, a full day in a bridal shop, and trying on my dress over and over again, it was sorted, with four days to go. Phew.

Reflections and Realisations

In amongst the far too recent madness, I became incredibly reflective of my relationship with The Boy, and now the realisation of the enormity of what we are about to do is staring at me hard in the face.

The Boy has always said that we were meant to be. I’m not a massive believer in fate, but he may just have a point…

We met about 10 years ago, but we’re not the conventional kind of childhood sweethearts. I thought he was too cocky, laddish and needed to re-think his choice of shirts. He thought I was aloof, sarcastic and too clever for my own good. A match made in heaven, no? 😉

Despite this, he would tell me far too often that I was the girl that he would one day marry. I thought he was mad, joking and somewhat ridiculous.

As we grew up, in different directions – me to university, America, London…anywhere but home; him firstly to the navy and then into a job which led him away for weeks at a time – we still found the time for each other. We shared friends, drinks, dating disasters – almost everything, but never a relationship.

Then, something changed. I’m not sure what it was, but something just clicked into place. It became our time.

Fast forward five incredible, memorable years, and we are less than 48 hours away from marriage. Who’d have thunk it (apart from The Boy)?

There are a few people who never thought this day would come, and if I’m honest, I know there are some who didn’t want this to happen for us. And, I’d be lying if I said our relationship was perfect and rosy all the time, it isn’t. It’s not a fairytale, it’s real life.

We’re both passionate, opinionated, stubborn people – who both happen to be only children… so sparks may fly from time to time!

Life has thrown some rubbish curveballs in our direction too – some unavoidable, some brought on by ourselves; but we’ve always overcome them, worked through them and moved on… together.

For the past 18 months, we have been immersed in all things wedding, and on the whole, aside from a several hiccups and setbacks, its been amazing. But, I’ll be the first to admit that it’s can be too easy to concentrate on the actual wedding – the decorations, the dress, the flowers – rather than the bigger picture.

Two months ago, a few things jolted everything back into perspective. Within the space of a week which saw me stupidly bash my car into someone, I found out that my dad had the dreaded c-word, and The Boy lost his job.

Fortunately, in double quick time he was back in work, and we’ve recently found out that dad will be okay, but still. It was a lot to swallow. I felt like everything was unravelling, fast.

I forgot about the wedding, about this day that we’ve been planning… it just didn’t matter. The Boy was there for me, no questions asked. He let me cry, shout, be a general misery and he didn’t judge me. He knew the right words to say, the right things to do and I am ever grateful of that.

To sum it up quite simply, he is my rock.

Before this turn of events, I knew he was my something special – no one else even comes close. He makes me laugh like no one can, he supports and encourages me with everything, and I can truly be my ridiculous and childish self with him. But, without dwelling on what’s happened, it’s given me so much clarity.

*Day 5, Glastonbury 2011: if we can survive five days of mud, rain, camping and lack of washing… then we can survive anything!

Yes, the thought of rocking up to the church and seeing 110 pairs of eyes on me, looking expectantly, taking in my dress and me, absolutely terrifies me. But, I’m only doing it for one person, no one else. No other thought or opinion matters, only ours.

Our wedding is only one day, and no matter how much effort and hard work we’ve put in to making it reflective of who we are and what we want our day to be, it’s the marriage that counts, and what we make of it.

I know it won’t always be easy, but having Scott, aka The Boy, by my side along the way, will make the ride so worthwhile… and a hell of a lot of fun.

Ladies… I’ll see you on the flip side; and my husband-to-be, I’ll see you at the end of the aisle in a dress that actually fits!

Katie xoxo

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

27 thoughts on “What Katie Did….Reflections, Realisations and A Little Bit Of Drama

  1. K-k-katie, I actually did a sharp intake of breath when I read that sentence about your Dad and then let out said intake of breath, swiftly followed by a phew when I read the following sentence.

    Not really what you want to be dealing with 8 weeks before your wedding, esp with Scott losing his job but a big hooray that everything is going to be a-ok. Really, its the crappy times that really show you what each other is made of. And you guys are clearly great together.

    It has been a pleasure reading your posts these past months. And girl please, if you look THAT amazing on Day 5 of Glasto, you will look completely amazeballs on your Big Day!

    See you on the other side, marriage is effing awesome!


  2. Why o why do I read these posts at work, I always end up with tears in my eyes! Katies comments about ‘meant to be’ stuff is just lovely – and the bad/sad stuff that happens in life, well thats when having someone to ride through it just makes things that little bit easier. Good luck with he wedding! x

  3. Congratulations! You will have an amazing day, just remember to smile and enjoy it all as it whizzes past! Oulton Hall is a beautiful venue, can’t wait to see the pics…best of luck xxx

  4. Oh Katie, what horrible, horrible things to go through. I am so happy to hear that everything has turned out OK.

    Enjoy every moment on Saturday, having just done it a couple of weeks ago and come back from honeymoon and now to be back at work (eew) I can vouch that it all goes by sooooo quickly.

    I have loved following your journey and have no doubt that you will look absolutely STUNNING.

    As Mrs Brammall says, Marriage is effing awesome!!

    x x x x x

  5. Congrats Katie. I know you’ll have an amazing day. And to agree with these recent brides, marriage IS effing awesome!

    Mrs W x

  6. Wowzers that is a lot to deal with in the run up to your big day, glad everything is okay now.

    Enjoy every second of your wedding day and can’t wait to see it featured on these polka dot pages!

    But Katie please explain how your hair can look that good on day 5 at Glastonbury?! xx

  7. Woooh! Congratulations Katie. That was so beautifully written. Wishing you all the best on your special day in in your marriage.

    I wish you were a “Brides Up North” bride, but pesky O’Shea got there first…! I’ll adopt you as honorary anyway.

    Have a great day at the stunning Oulton Hall and keep on rocking!

    Julia xxx

  8. Katie, so many congratulations for you and Scott. I am so happy that everything has turned out alright for you both.

    And as Mrs Brammall (LOVE that!) said, if you look that good on day 5 of Glasto you will look UHmazing on Saturday.

    See you on the flip side


    P.S – Hope you found that Lee Stafford hair stuff you were after!!!

  9. Good luck Katie! I’ve loved reading your posts and can’t wait to see the pictures! Oulton Hall is such a stunning venue I’m sure it will be a perfect day.
    This post brought a tear to my eye! I’m so glad that your dad is going to be ok and the bit about Scott being your rock was just lovely.
    Congratulations for this weekend!

  10. Katie, lots of luck and happiness for your special day, and then after that for the rest of your lives!

    You are stunning and will look out of this world on Saturday!
    Also I went to a wedding at Oulton hall the other week and Wow, it is to die for!

    Can’t wait to see the photos and have a brill day!
    Lots of love
    Alex xx

  11. OMG Katie cant believe this has come round so quick!!! Seriously i have loved all your posts and you are going to be a seriously beautiful bride! Have an absolutely wonderful day and most of all I cant wait to see that sparkly screen in action! Seriously i am so excited 😉

    Lots of love
    Rachie xo

  12. What a beautiful final post. Few tears at my end! So excited for you, and glad you have the whole day in perspective. Have an amazing day and make sure you take it all in. Wishing you and your boy a wonderful life together.xx

  13. Congratulations Katie, and good luck! Your post has just made me cry – in a good way!
    I can’t wait to see your wedding pics, enjoy the day with your lovely new husband!

  14. Good luck pet! Not that you really need it, I’ve read all your posts, and I bet you remain cool and calm! You and The Boy will have great life together, but I will miss your posts! I’m at dday minus 8, so that post really struck a cord with me! Enjoy it, youll be perfect
    Anna xxx

  15. Hello ladies,

    Wow, thank you for your lovely comments, I really appreciate your kind words…

    Have finally had the chance to have a read, I can’t sleep as getting too excited!

    Mahj and Robyn – congratulations and I can’t wait to see your days on these pretty pages!!

    Keika – I did find the Lee Stafford stuff… Yey in advance for nice honeymoon hair!!

    Julia – perhaps I could be an honorary married up north soon 😉

    Anna – good luck for your day!!!! Have an amazing time.

    For everyone who asked about my Glasto hair… My hat was the key to success! It hid a multitude of sins… And a bottle of dry shampoo might have helped 😉

    So, this is me signing out…!

    Lots of love xoxo

  16. Katie, have an amazing day – I have loved your posts (am I allowed to say you have been my favourite real bride?!) and can’t wait to read the wedding write up. Congratulations!!


  17. Ok with tears in my eyes, congratulations!!! Your big day will be SOOO special because you have the one and only detail needed: true love!!!!
    Bring on the wedding photos!!!!

  18. What a beautiful post – its got me with Tears in my eyes!

    Have an Amazing day! You’ll look beautiful and feel amazing in your well fitted dress 😉

    Best wishes for what will be a fabulous day xxxx

  19. I’d write more but can barely see for the tears in my eyes

    Hope you have an amazing day. ENjoy every minute. Can’t wait to see the pics!!

    L xx

  20. I have realy enjoyed reading Katies blogs on here over the last few months, but especially this one a few days before the wedding, i was there & it was stunningly beautiful, from the dress to the flowers, cars, venue, so much detail to take in, so all you ladies who have also followed Katie over the last few months. you are in for a lovely treat when she posts some of there wedding photos.

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