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So it’s a new year….and there will be many of you who will be at this point, considering the perfect accessories for W-day.

I LOVE accessorising. In fact, sometimes I look forward to experimenting with jewellery and shoes more than deciding on the actual outfit…if that makes sense.

Katy Howieson of What Katy Did Next is also a fan of the finishing touches, so much so that she designs divine headpieces for beautiful brides.

Her new winter collection has something for everyone, from simple feminine veils to glittering flapper inspired headbands. And the associated styled shoot? To DIE for. The make-up is exquisite, the dresses delicious and it just goes to show, sometimes less is definitely more.


Katy Howieson: Since starting out my business in the Summer of 2011, I have been bursting to do a glittering, snow inspired Winter collection. The inspiration for this collection was split down the middle – half floaty delicate Winter pieces for the modern, fashion forward bride, and half glitzy Vintage style headwear worthy of fabulous flapper.


With more and more dress designers injecting a little colour into their bridal lines I jumped at the opportunity to dabble with shades of ice blue, nude pink, and platinum grey.


My pieces are all handmade and easily adapted to suit each brides taste or colour scheme – perfect for the ladies wanting headpiece to compliment their dress!


As a self confessed obsessive shoot stylist, I have always had a lot of fun picking/making props to work with previous collections. However, for this shoot I stripped it down to the bare minimum and channelled a less is more vibe.


I found a fabulous venue – which worked as a fabulous prop in itself, amazing local suppliers to compliment the collection, all deliciously captured by photographer Sally Thurrell.


I’ve worked with Sally numerous times this year and her style of work is outstanding! Her composition is different to your average Wedding photographer, picking up details a lot would miss and she needs little guidance before instantly clicking with my ideas.


I have a huge love for this collection, perhaps because of the fact it offers styles for every sort of bride. My business thrives from its handmade nature, feeding ideas to brides and inspiring them to personalise their own day with beautiful bespoke accessories.


Headpieces From Top Template:

DELILAH – Delicate flapper style scalloped crystal band. Looks amazing tied with a luxe velvet ribbon or simply gripped around an updo. (Shown worn on forehead and at back of hair.)

GENEVIEVE – An exotic lace ombre effect veil with delicate lace flower motifs drifting down the tulle.

KATHERINE – Beaded branches coaxed into a ‘bow-like’ shape and decorated with a Vintage glass brooch pin in the centre.

JOY – A mini tulle pouf veil perfect for elegant stylish brides or a fun Vintage bride.

ELLA – 1920s style hand beaded nude pink floral hair comb with glittering tassel. Accompanied with a beautiful organza ribbon headband and floating pewter feathers (both removable from floral tassel piece.)

PERDITA – Something blue? Hand curled silk florals decorated with glittering foliage and soft velvet and beaded leaves.

PALOMA – Perdita’s sister headpiece in ivory, pearl and lace with perfect Russian veil net to add a hint of Vintage.

LILY – A delicately wired Lily shape with transparent petals hand beaded with sparkling crystals and tiny sequins.

AVA – Simple and stunning band of oval rhinestones decorated with clear and platinum grey crystals. Hugely versatile and also perfect as a belt.

SOPHIA (Below) – Cascading layers of tulle create this beautiful waterfall veil, a perfect statement for fashionistas.



Headpieces – What Katy Did Next
Photography – Sally T Photography
Venue – Middleton Lodge
Dresses – Jenny Packham & Amanda Wakeley supplied by Poppy Bridal
MUA – Make-up by Jo
Hair – Rebecca Wright Hairdressing
Flowers – Bels Flowers
Model – Katherine Lees of Tyne Tees Models


Click here & view all images from this shoot

So lovelies, see anything that took your fancy?

Well if you did Katy is offering a very generous 10% off your order until the 1st March, just enter RMW2013 at the website checkout.

I can’t decide whether I like the Joy best or the Ava……or maybe the Delilah? Decisions decisions.

Oh and don’t forget to check out the gallery which has all of these images and MORE.

Big I want Lashes Like These Please Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

30 thoughts on “What Katy Did Next.

  1. Holy shizzle these are beautiful! I love love love Perdita, I know these are bridal accessories but they would match my bridesmaids dresses to perfection!

    Gorgeous collection xxx

  2. @Charlotte Totally! Do you think we should just buy it and take turns wearing it to work and stuff? Lets face it, it goes with the majority of our wardrobes already 😉

  3. Thanks for sharing & your lovely compliments Charlotte! Glad you love 🙂

    @Tabitha @LynseyB Perdita is my fave too! Definitely would look fab on Bridesmaids – i can make her in a smaller size too 😉


  4. @Katy – Oh gosh that would be amazing!! Out of curiosity – what would you call that shade of blue? I’m trying to find chiffon in that very colour and am struggling!! xxx

  5. Charlotte Thank you so much for the lovely compliment on the make-up. I am proud to be asked by What Katy Did Next for this shoot and just loved creating the different looks for each headpiece….the eyelashes are “fake” but everyone can easily have some eyelashes like that….let me know ?

  6. @LynseyB It can be attached to either – this particular one is on a velvet ribbon. All my pieces are handmade from scratch 😉

    @Tabitha Hmm possibly Dove blue or Air Force Blue? this shade was just light blue but its not very specific!

  7. @Karen – what about me me!!! I just had a lash of with Lolly on instagram 🙂

    @Jo Leversuch – The make-up was really beautiful Jo, soft and pretty but very modern, were they individual lashes?

    Charlotte xxx

  8. Wow! I love ‘Joy’! Not entirely sure it would go with my purchase from the RMW Boutique but hey, I can have take one off and put the other on after right?!

  9. @Karen happy to have a lash off although I’m not sure I’d win this one! Can I use falsies on top of my own?

    Ava is my favourite (although it is difficult to choose!) and I’d happily wear this down the shops/ to the pub/ in the bath. You name it, I’d wear it!

  10. @Charlotte haha did you? I cant get 3G in my office so I’ll have a look at your peepers on my way home!
    @Lolly oh God imagine!!! you’d fall over. Weighed down by mega-lash!


  11. O actual JOY! I ADORE this. How very unique.

    Im also partial to a little bit of, ok, a LOT of Perdita.

    Simply gorgeous collection.


  12. Exquisite! Wish Sophia had been about for my wedding, not only a beautiful piece, but my late grandma’s name. Could I get away wearing Ava as a wedding guest? Might just have to give it a go x

  13. @Tori Lewis That would have been a lovely idea for your wedding! I have a whole Vintage collection named after my great grandmothers. You could definitely get away with wearing Ava as a guest. It’s also available with different coloured swarovski crystals and ribbon 😉

    Overwhelmed by everyone’s lovely comments & may have to make a collection of bespoke eyelashes too 😛

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