What Kelly Did… Caught Up On A Bit Of Wedmin.

Afternoon lovely readers. This month has been an itty-bitty type of month with heaps of ‘wedmin’ (thanks Jenny Lane for that one) taken care of so be prepared for an itty-bitty type of post.

Suppliers, Suppliers, Suppliers

Now even a small, modest wedding would require the assistance of at least a handful of suppliers. Add a few other ‘ingredients’ into the mix and suddenly planning a wedding becomes more like a military operation (that teen Army Cadet training has really paid off!). At the last count we had over 15 different people / groups / organisations lined up and ready to go for our big day. One person who I am very pleased to have made the acquaintance of though is Ashleigh Millward. Ashleigh is a ‘Wedding Correspondent’ and makes, and I quote, a ‘written wedding reportage’ of the day. I think it is such a great idea and another way to remember the day by besides the photos.

Now, by no means do I count my Mum as a supplier, more like a godsend. Working quietly behind the scenes she has been working very hard on the bunting. 50 meters down 50 meters to go. Go Mum!

Dad has also been charged with making the wedding signpost; his brief went a bit like this:

Surprisingly he seemed to ‘get’ it and didn’t even bat an eye-lid (not to me anyway)! He has sourced the planks but apparently his ‘paintwriting’ doesn’t cut the mustard so we need to come up with an alternative font idea. Love you Mum and Dad.

We have also firmed up plans, made decisions, paid off suppliers and even begun to construct a timetable for the day (I wasn’t quite ready for this bit with still 4 months to go, but it seemed people needed to know where they had to be and when, so point taken).

I thought it would also be useful at this point to show how our budget has been eaten up in the form of a pie (I know, I wish it was a real Apple one too):

Seeing it as a visual representation like this really puts into perspective the big ‘money moments’ of the day and highlights where we have splurged. You may be wondering where the Bridesmaid and Groomsmen outfits are, well, my four lovely, lovely ladies offered to pay for their own dresses themselves and we have asked the Groomsmen to provide their own grey suits and we supply the ties. My Aunty has also very kindly offered to make the cake (she is a super talented arty person and I cannot wait to see it).

Call Off the Search

The search for ‘The One’ finally came to an end last month. At this point I do have to confess that I bought more than one dress, okay maybe more than two dresses, but I can honestly say that I have enjoyed the process and have a ‘nothing lost, nothing gained’ attitude. Let me explain…

I think I am pretty much like the next girl. I LOVE a bargain. I search for on-line discount codes before clicking ‘checkout’ and I get a satisfied glow if something comes up cheaper than I expect at the tills. On holiday I love haggling at markets and now and again I get carried away and try it in England, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, and if it doesn’t I am happy knowing I’ve tried. I don’t find it rude, distasteful or vulgar, it is part of ‘looking after the pennies’ when, let’s face it, in the context of weddings, they are not exactly cheap.

Anyways, back to the dress. I have always been pragmatic about dress shopping. I am sure the process of buying a dress from a beautiful boutique is a fantastic experience and at times I have wished that I had gone down this route, but my inner bargain hunter voice said “a dream designer dress at a bargain basement price please”. Cue the online hunt.

Now, at this point in the story I am sure some of you are muttering under your breath, and later you may even utter the inevitable “I told you so”. Yes, I will admit, my first (and second) foray into online wedding dress shopping was not too successful. Note to self, just because a fish tail dress looks good on the slinky Amazonian catwalk model it does not mean that it will look good on me. Lesson one learned. Lesson 2, people were A LOT shorter 60 years ago and lace can age, vintage is best tried on and seen in person. Lesson number 3, persistence and patience DOES pay off. Bingo. Dream designer dress at a bargain basement price, check. I won’t give too much away but in my rather biased opinion, I have the most gorgeous dress in the whole wide world! As for the other two dresses, sold on ebay 😉

Take a Pew

The DIY hasn’t escaped this month either. This project has all been about pew ends. I had a few ideas of what I liked:

Some of the grander ideas like the fresh flowers were quickly ruled out due to our ailing budget so I had to think outside the proverbial box. I tried the tissue paper pomander ones (bottom right), but mine came out rather naff (if anyone would like some polystyrene balls and floristry wire they’re all yours). After a few more failed ideas, I finally made something that a) worked and b) I liked:

They are really simple to make and do not require too much sewing ability. I cut some floral material into squares and hemmed. I then edged 2 sides of the square with some gathered lace and on the back, sewed a satin ribbon across the centre. I bought some tulle on a roll and simply cut to the necessary length, tied the square around the tulle and voila. Easy and only 23 to go!

Looking Back

This month has also seen a fair bit of wedding nostalgia. Like many couples, we have chosen to display some photos of our parents’ and grandparents’ weddings.

Between them, they had / have had 100’s of years worth of happy, successful marriage, and I guess that is what it all comes down to in the end. I can’t wait to be a Mrs and see what our future has in store.


Kelly (Reds) xxxx

P.S. I would like to put a massive shout out to Sue. I went to a wedding a couple of weeks ago and Sue was the mother-of-the-bride. Sue had made the most A-MAZING guest book for her beautiful daughter, and there was me who hadn’t really given ours a second thought… Until then. I plucked up the courage and asked if she was in the business of making them. Although crafting was more of a hobby of hers, she generously agreed to make one for us too and she has been a star ever since! Thanks Sue.

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13 thoughts on “What Kelly Did… Caught Up On A Bit Of Wedmin.

  1. Thanks ladies. Everything is all starting to come together now which is very exciting, and much agreed about the mums and dads being ace!

  2. Kelly, it is going to be SUCH fun! I am so super-duper-especially-excitedly looking forward to writing about your wedding, not *just* because I’m a fellow RMW junkie and to be able to see all of these posts and ideas come together is going to be a real treat, but because I just know everything is going to be a complete style overload and there is going to be sooo much for me to get my teeth (not literally) into. Not long now! xx

  3. Ahhhhh, Kels, my lovely love!
    HOW RUDDY EXCITING! Your mum and dad sound fabbers – MrA’s pa is making a very similar sign but, as his daughter-in-law-to-be isn’t quite as powerpoint-whiizy as you, he’s had to put up with our verbal descriptions/instructions thus far. Oooooops!

    Loving the pie, although I’d defo take a Steak and Ale over apple right now 😉 And Ashleigh sounds super cool too!

    Can’t wait to see you for a proper catch up – will bring some Millions 😉

  4. Another cracking post from you!

    Loving the powerpoint lovelyness as always!!! But those pew ends are DELIGHTFUL!!!!

    So glad everythings coming together for you! This is such a nice stage in the process so enjoy it!!!

    Can’t wait to see you this weekend too!!!!

    Mrs x

  5. Kelly, this is a great post! Your mum sounds amazing, I can’t believe she’s been making 50 metres worth of bunting!

    How lovely to see pictures of the parents/ grandparents, so cute!!! I’m trying to do the same with my family (though my parents though this was a slightly strange idea!!) but I’m not sure we’re going to be as successful as you. I’m keeping my fingers crossed my mum will find the pictures!!

    Sounds like you’ve got tons of stuff done – well done!

  6. Hi Kelly, I’m late to the party but I have a good excuse (travelling back from honeymoon). Just wanted to pop my head in and comment on your detailed pretty post ..

    I’m loving the signposts and pew ends – everything is coming together so nicely and I can already imagine in my mind how it will all look, you’re definitely pulling the theme together now and its going to be so *you*!

    THANK YOU for doing your budget pie chart … this was a subject I desperately wanted to tackle but couldn’t think how! Obviously everyone has their priorities and will spend a bit differently, but the subject of how much things cost and how your budget will be divided up is rarely talked about yet its such an important part of the planning process. I think our budget could have been neatly divided into roughly a third on photo/video, a fair chunk on venue/food/drink, another chunk on decor & flowers and the remainder on everything else. This seemed to be a bit controversial with others when we told people (we quickly learnt to keep our mouths shut!) but those were the things that were important to us and the suits and the dress (*gasp*) was much less so.

    Anyway, I’m excited to see your next post and what other gorgeous prettiness you have to show us, and of course to see your wedding when it all comes together!

  7. Yay for wedmin!!!!! I am so sorry I am only just commenting!! Lord how I love your sign, I may nick your idea clever lady!! Also enjoying the bunting very much….. How amazing are those pictures of family weddings gone by. Oh lady, I can’t wait to see your wedding!!!!!!!!!!!

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