What Kelly Did… Got Busy Busy Busy!

Afternoon lovely readers, Kelly here with my latest planning ideas / woes / nightmares / confusions / hair brained schemes* (*delete as appropriate depending on the mood). So what’s new? Invites, videographers, tins, jars and a certain cute car. Yep I have been a busy bee indeed, so let me dive straight in…

I often read advice from the lovely brides here on these polka pages saying things along the lines of ‘it’s never too early to get things done’. I may be taking that a little bit to the extreme, but what can I say, I love it!

Let me start in time order. I have a certain addiction to my trusty PowerPoint, no technical Photoshop here, just my autoshapes, slides, grids, Wordart and textboxes. With all these ‘tools’ at hand, I knew I would be designing the invitation myself. So, after a variety of different designs, colour schemes and ideas, I narrowed down my choice to my favourite two. I have since picked which one I will actually use, but just for fun, which one do you prefer:

Design 1 – The Postcard.

(front & back)

Design 2 – The Ticket.

(this would be printed on brown recycled card, cut out and tied together with red and white bakers twine)

One thing I was clear on from the start was the Monbijoux. Nope, I’m not talking in Windings, I am of course talking about fonts. I love a good old font me. We no longer need to stick with our Times New Rome, Arial, Courier New and if we’re feeling fancy French Script, but for FREE you can download heaps of gorgeous fonts to suit your theme. For anyone who is not too sure how to do this, I will show you:

This is how you install them on my computer, so hopefully yours will be something similar!


What came next was the Videographer. To have or not to have? When this question first arose, I have to say I was not so keen. Flashbacks of homemade videos as a teenager flashed before my eyes and I shuddered at the thought. I hate watching myself on video. I hate the sound of my voice on video. Eughhhhh. Then two things happened, actually three.

  1. I read, several times in fact, about brides who wished they’d had a videographer in hindsight.
  2. I watched a gorgeous film by Rupert Ward-Lewis on these very polka pages and I cried. It is not often I do that, but it was so beautiful and moving I couldn’t help it! I realised that modern wedding videography wasn’t a 3hr long re-run of the whole day.
  3. My Mum and Dad generously gave us a contribution to the wedding which would cover the cost. Sold.

I contacted Rupert and he was available. Booked! Although I am a little nervous about the prospect of a camera there on the day (cue nervous giggles, stiff poses, awkward glances “is it on me”??), I know it will be worth it!


Next, I started pondering the décor. With a tight budget, a big blank space to fill and numerous ideas floating around in my head, I started to pinpoint my ideas and made a list. A cheap and easy way to decorate the venue, and subject to some recent controversy, was jars. Jam jars, curry sauce jars, pickled onion jars, pasta sauce jars, the different the better! Tins didn’t get away either. Although I am aiming for a more uniformed approach to the tins (only baked bean or tomato soup tins will do), I have been collecting them to. Andy is getting slightly perplexed as they clutter up our window sills! But look at the pretty that can be done with them:

More to come on a later post when I’ve worked out exactly what I am going to do with them!


Finally the car. Originally a car wasn’t on our list of priorities, it was a cost I was willing to forgo and put towards somewhere else in the wedding. I would have happily have gone in my Dad’s Toyota.

I then stumbled across a self-hire company and couldn’t resist a peep at their ‘fleet’ and a nose at their prices. Hmmm, it was cheaper than I thought. Apparently, it is cheaper to hire a classic car for the whole weekend, yep Friday to Monday people, than it is to rent a wedding car for an hour. The ‘car’ changed lists and moved its way closer to the top and with a bit of re-jigging of the Excel budget spreadsheet we booked it. Not knowing a whole heap about cars, I can tell you it looks super pretty, is a powder blue colour, is a convertible and has two seats.

My Dad will drive me to the church and my new husband will drive us to the reception. My Dad and brother get the job of picking the car up the day before the wedding. Kate and Wills eat your heart out!

So that’s it! I hope you all have a very merry Christmas and I will see you in the New Year.

Big next-time-I-write-I-get-to-say-“I’m-getting-married-this-year” L.O.V.E

Kelly (Reds) xxx

Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

28 thoughts on “What Kelly Did… Got Busy Busy Busy!

  1. Hi Kelly,
    Like you a car wasn’t high up on my list and my little brother is going to drive me to the wedding in his car but I love your idea of hiring a classic car for the weekend – can you recommend a particular company? oh and I love your invite designs – for me the postcard just pips the ticket to the post.
    x Amy

  2. Kelly

    I love both your invites. Where did you get the background for the flowery post card? I think this is my favourite. I am also hoping to design my own invites using Microsoft Publisher but getting a bit dazzled by all the lovely designs and material out there. DaFont is brilliant – I am a little bit addicted!

    Keep up the good work xx

  3. Lovely! I am thinking along the same lines as you with a postcard RSVP and jam/curry/anything jars – been getting some strange looks in work as I fish them out of the glass recycling!

    Am totally with you on tin cans too – check out this (hope it’s ok to post a link?). We aren’t having numbers bust we will think of something to pierce into our tins!! https://onefabday.com/diy-wedding-table-numbers-tin-cans/

  4. You are so clever, can’t believe you made those invites on Power Point! Love the postcard, but bet the ticket looks amazing when it’s on brown paper. I’m getting married in Ibiza and our ideas are so similar (postcard invites, flowers in jars and tins), so love reading about what you’re getting up to. Can’t wait for the next post!

  5. Yay Kelly! Love your posts!
    You are super organised my love, it’s exemplery!
    I love the car idea, I didn’t want one as I wanted to be in the venue the night before however if I was doing it again that would be the first thing I would steal! Excellent idea!

    Also the tins….I am having a tin moment right now! In fact, if I had empty tins I would be painting the blighters white and tying ribbon on them right this second! Two months to go though and no tins as yet probably means it’s a bit late, unless I start a wholly tin based diet!?

    Invite wise they are both very very snazzy and clever, however for me personally it would be numero uno. I am more girly than I think. Oh and the font thing…genuis, just wish I had known before I had done the invites in French script haha…I do like the french though and it ties in with my frenchy theme venue etc…but so downloading them for anything else I may need to write!

    Can’t wait for your next post! xx

  6. They are both beautiful! Absolutely gorgeous!

    Your plans sound amazing, I am planning a 1930s/art deco/summer fete stylee wedding (sounds ridiculous!) and the discovery of the font website has SAVED me. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Really appreciate it!

    I heart you and the RMW community xx

  7. Hi girls,

    Thank you for the lovely comments.
    @Daffodil Waves I can’t compete with your talents!
    @Amy I don’t know where you are based but I used a Sussex company called Vanilla Classics.
    @Fiona I got the background for the postcard from: https://lfvaustin.blogspot.com/2011/06/floral-wallpaper.html It’s gorgeous aint it!
    @Sama no worries, let me know if you need any help
    @Jenny can we see your wedding pics when your married, pretty please?
    @Alex (84) I originally was going to stay at the venue the night before our wedding and after booking the rooms with the hotel, roll on a few months and there was a serious cock-up, rooms given away…Every cloud though, and we were given a 10% discount on the WHOLE wedding, result! So I reckon that paid for the car and some! 😉 I like your idea with the tins, but I wouldn’t recommend a ‘tin food diet’ all those beans may give you bad wind haha! And I too like French script and if it fits with your theme, bonus. The font I downloaded is a ‘theme fitter’ for me!
    @Bella can we see you pics when your married too?! And if you need any help with the fonts, give us a shout

  8. Fab post Kelly!! You are a very talented lady, well done!! I love both invites to be honest though the flowery is very very cute.

    Sorting out the car is on my list of to-do’s though like you I don’t really have it as top of our budget priority. Good call on renting it! I’m definitely look into rental companies in Brittany when I’m over at Xmas.

    I’m also collecting jam jars at the moment probably to use in the church. When I first asked my mum to keep them my father looked at me like I was a little crazy!!! He’s given up trying to understand now and just accepts. Looks like you’re going to have some awesome decorations!

    Merry christmas!

  9. Thought I’d return the compliment, your post is amazing. I love your second invite, it’s so unique. Fancy doing mine for me?! I love love love dafont! A good font makes me happy!x

    Oh and that car WOW!x

  10. Kelly! Great post me lovely!
    Love the invites – thought you’d decided on the 2nd one, and now you’ve thrown that other beaut into the mix! Not got for my indecisive side 🙂

    Rupert Ward-Lewis – I wish we were having him at out W-day. THAT video was unbelievably beautiful – a proper tear jerker. Am hoping for a last minute lottery win!

    And the car! Love it! What type is it? Looks a lot like our Triumph TR6 – awesome!


  11. Loving all the pretty on here. I to am debating the question of a videographer, still undecided. I to hate myself on video so the boy thinks I am mad if we get one. And that is a cute car!

  12. Thanks again girls! @Laura jars are the way! @Marg if your thinking about a videographer, if it’s in budget, go for it. @Mrs A I think it is a MG of some variety?! and Rupert WL is amazing aint he?! @Charlotte and Celine, thanks guys! Celine I bet you will get loads done in France when your there, you must be going soon??? @Kelly {WWW} thanks girl! I am with you on the invite choice too, number 2 swings it for me 😉 If you want a hand with your invites, I’ll help! xxxx

  13. Hi Kelly, have a fantastic day, you must have a super boyfriend who indulges your every desire. And your mum sounds fantastic, she’s so exuberant and wanting to be there for you. Can see where you are coming from with your pop….luv and kisses xxx

  14. Hello SomeOneUKnow, could you be DAD by any chance?! You know you love a good read. You also have the job of making a signpost 😉 xxxx

  15. Hey Kelly …. I love all your ideas, how you get them all, I have no idea! I like the idea of your ticket invite because its different but the flowery invite is pretty too. I must look up pretty cars, just for the eye candy 🙂

  16. I have just enjoyed very much reading your post!! I like both of the invitation but the top one gets my vote if i had to choose!
    I cant wait for the 18th August 2012!!

  17. Great post Kelly again really really impressed with your powerpoint skills I never knew it held so much potential!

    Love the vintage car too, Darren owns a vintage car so he’ll be driving himself to the wedding in it! They just always look SO cool!

    Roll on 14th Jan!!!

  18. All your plans look lovely Kelly. I’m getting married at Pembroke Lodge in Richmond Park on 9th June. Can’t believe how quickly it’s coming round. Eeek!

    I’m thinking of hiring a vintage car too. Like you transport wasn’t all that important to me. I was just going to get Dad to drive me in his Vauxhall Vectra!! But I’m now having a look at your posts and wondering if you would be able to tell me which company you are using? Or if there’s anyone that you’ve come across in your research that may be useful. My dad and husband to be would be made up to drive a classic car for a while!!

  19. Kelly I got so excited about your posts that I didn’t read all of the comments properly. Just noticed that you mentioned that you used the company Vanilla Classics. I’m on the case………!!

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