What Kelly Did… Honeymoons And Headpieces.

My penultimate pre-wedding post and naturally I’ve got lots to discuss! The train continues to roll and with just over two months to go, we have ticked some major bits of the list. So here we go, all in time order of course.

Over The Moon

The honeymoon is booked and paid for, phew. Now, Andy and I have been fortunate enough to have done a lot of travelling, which we have always done on a ‘dorm room and super noodle’ basis. We have had some amazing experiences, but for our honeymoon we really wanted to push the proverbial boat out. Our checklist went along the lines of ‘luxury, all-inclusive, beach, cocktails, cost effective’ you get the idea. So, after some research, we found our Peso went further in Mexico, so we booked a week at the El Dorado Seaside Suites. If I’m being completely honest, the beach beds and maybe the in-room Jacuzzi totally swung it for me!

Neither of us has been on an ‘all inclusive’ holiday before, so we are totally planning on getting our moneys worth! Last thing to do on the honeymoon front, is picking the honeymoon wardrobe, it’s a tough life!

Heads Up

When thinking about what I wanted to wear on my head during W-day, I drew a complete blank. I literally had no idea. When that happens, I tend to push it to the back of my mind and try to forget about it. But when Andy started asking me what I’m going to do to sort it out, I knew I needed to pull my finger out. I flirted with the idea of a glitzy tiara, but decided I didn’t want much bling. I looked into traditional veils, but found the number of choices baffling. I was then tempted by a floral crown before realising I’m so not cool enough to pull it off. So I went back to the drawing board to work out what I liked. Easy, two words, vintage and lace (okay that was three words).

With this criterion in mind, Etsy was the obvious place to look. I came across a vintage lace Honiton veil. Apart from the gorgeousness of it, I loved it because it came from Honiton. A year ago, Andy and I moved to Devon and live very near this town, so to me, it symbolised our new life together (at this point I can hear my sister asking me to pass the sick bucket). I plan on wearing this for the ceremony; here is a peek of it:

I then came across Debbie at WillowMoone. Her designs really stood out as they were like nothing I had ever seen before and sat perfectly with the vintage ideas in my mind. I loved the ‘Ava’ and ‘Harlow’ but wondered if I could put my own twist on it.

I “convo’d” Debbie with my ideas and she was more than happy to do it, even sourcing beads from across the pond. Two weeks later, I’m at the post office picking up my very own gorgeous headpiece:

I went from having no idea to have two beautiful pieces in a matter of weeks. Am so happy, I cannot wait to wear them and a big thank you to Debbie for making my ideas a reality.


Now, I couldn’t do a post without including some of the DIY bits I’ve been up to this month, so here goes:

Top left is a ribbon backdrop for the photo booth area and the suitcase I’ve covered top right will hold the props. At the bottom is a selection of the table names I have made. The names are our favourite places from our travels. The white frames are a serious Ikea bargain, costing 79p each!

Here are a few of the place names that will be pegged onto our guests wine glasses. Check me with my new name top left!

Please be Seated

We also started to look at the dreaded seating plan. We got so far, but with a few people still to confirm their attendance and a discussion which included rather a lot of loud exhalations and eyes rolling skyward, we came to a stop. So Andy made this:

We tried again but with ‘tutts’ and shakes of the head added to the ‘I use these mannerisms to show that I’m annoyed list’ we stopped, again. It is currently gathering dust under the bed. Oh well, a job for another day. But, our initial ‘go’ did highlight an important question. “To mix or not to mix???” Do we keep family and friends together with the thought of them having a more socially easier/fun time or do we mix it up with the idea of everyone getting to know each other? Thoughts would be much appreciated.

A Lacey Do

Finally, this month we have had the hen do!

My sister initially put out there that we would be dressing up, errr does she not know that I am far too sophisticated for that? Ahem. So we compromised and went for a ‘lace’ theme. So this mood board went out to the girls and my Mum and sister set about organising a wonderful do.

We stayed at the YMCA in Bath (in a big dorm room of course!) the day activity was a surprise burlesque lesson, totally worth throwing yourself into, followed by a meal and night out. The next day our hangovers were cured by a session at the Bath Spa.

We got the wonderful locally based photographer Jenni Meade to capture some of the action.

Me and my four bridesmaids, and me, my sister and mum:

I also got the opportunity to wear the amazing ‘Betty’ necklace the lovely Charlotte gave to me at the end of the Real Brides photo shoot. I LOVE it so much, thank you! Although I did have to explain several times that it was a reference to ‘Draper’ as opposed to something that was sweaty… ha ha.

On that note, I will leave it there!


Kelly (Reds) xxxxxxxxxxx

Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

38 thoughts on “What Kelly Did… Honeymoons And Headpieces.

  1. Those photoframes are such a bargain and so useful – we used them for our tablenames and had the menu on the back. In fact, I still have the ones from our wedding to sell on – I’ll get round to it one day :S

  2. My friend has those photo frames for her tables too! I love them.

    Kelly I adore those headpieces, so chic and beautiful. Currently investigating hen do’s so the burlesque is good inspiration, I cant imagine doing it sober though :/

    Also stealing the ribbons thing for myself!! xxx

  3. Not to mix!
    It’s much nicer for guests being able to sit with people who you want to have a good catch up with/have common ground/no awkward silences or dull “what do you do” type conversations. Even if you mix people up with the intention to get to know each other once the meal is over they all scarper back to friendship/family groups anyway and there’s always a guest (usually me!) who gets so nervous about having to make conversation with strangers that they drink too much wine and it all goes a bit wrong. Love the headpieces, beautiful!

  4. I think we’re sticking to not mix for the same reasons as above. We’ve been to weddings where people have been mixed and not and felt much more comfortable and enjoyed those where we were with those we knew. Each to their own though!x

  5. On the mix / not mix – I was away from Lee at my best friends wedding and felt so bad for him being on a table of strangers. Also, it made it super difficult when I finished my lamb shank and had to carry the plate across the room so he could gnaw on the leftover bone!!

    I vote ‘not mix’ xxx

  6. Hi Kelly – gorgeous DIY as always. I think the choice of mixing or not depends on how many people you’re having. We only had a small wedding (40) so we made key members of our family the hosts of each of the 5 tables (parents on one, brother on another etc). We made sure our girls were together on one table, and the boys on another and that they were sat next to people they knew. We also put the older relatives on one table (my parents, aunts & uncles) as there weren’t many older folk and we thought they’d prefer that. After that we just mixed people in as we saw fit. Everyone seemed to love the idea of a family host on each table and everyone seemed to talk so it wasn’t a problem.

    I was worried the table plan would be a huge ordeal but we sorted it in about 30 mins total, printed it out and that was that. Easy. I don’t think it would be as easy if you had more people though, or if you had people who couldn’t stand each other (we were lucky and had none of that to contend with).

  7. I love those photo frames! They have solved my table number/menu dilemma, and so cheap! Bargain! Once again RMW turns up trumps.

    For table plans, I vote not mix, but sometimes you have no option but to do a little bit of mixing! As long as people know a couple of others on the table, that’s fine x

  8. I went to this hotel 2 years ago with my now fiancee and it was incredible. Mexican resorts no how to do all inclusive, you are treated like kings and queens! Look out for the baracuda and tuna fish that swim in the sea at the resort, make sure you pack a snorkelling kit!

  9. Oh Kelly how exciting!

    We have booked our honeymoon too, and we’re also going to Mexico! We also wanted to have a bit of luxury (having only ever flown Easyjet and gone to Al’s mum and dad’s place in Spain) and like you we found that your pennies go further in Mexico! The place your staying looks wonderful as well – is there a swim up bar? I have visions of sitting at a swim up bar drinking Margaritas!

    I also love your DIYs and can’t believe what a bargain those frames are! Can I ask what you lined your suitcase with, as we’re currently looking for the perfect pink-ish floral lining for a knocked up old suitcase we bought a few months back!

    Lots of love, and I’m sure that seating plan will work out! Maybe try mixing people up in 2’s or 4’s so at least they know someone else on the table?


  10. Kelly, what a lovely post from you!!!

    Love the pictures of where your going on honeymoon! I have always dreamed of such a holiday but alas it was not in our budget this time, so I’ll save it for a anniversary!

    As for your headpiece it’s ruddy AMAZING!!!!

    As for your DIY I ruddy love it, especially those bargainous picture frames!

    And your hen party looked/s like SOOOO much fun!!! And girl you rock those patterned pants!!! I think your way more cool and trendy than you think!!!!

  11. Gorgeous bit of DIY inspiration! i love the super cute flowery place names and envy how good your suitcase looks (i don’t think simon believes ours will turn out like that – he’s very sceptical of the purchase!)

    Love the burlesque fun, @Karen I did a burlesque photoshoot for fun….but it did mean i was scouring Shaftesbury Avenue for white wine at 10.30am!

  12. oh and not to mix!!! i love the chance to get (pleasantly) trashed with friends at weddings and we’re all so busy these days we’re not all in a huge group that often so its lovely to make the most of it xx

  13. Two comments to make on this point.
    1) I LOVE Honiton. I was there at the weekend and spent 6 hours with Mr C browsing (and buying) at the antiques shops. One of my purchases – aside from a coffee pot set and a framed picture of Walt Whitman – is the bag I will use on my wedding day! A 1930s/40s number with cream beads and silk in awesome condition for the bargainous price of £25. The lace veil is gorgeous and I can’t wait to see it in action. It will look stunning against your dark hair.

    2) I LOVE the headpiece that you had made. I have pinned it to my board because it is exactly what I want. Something with a vintage style, but without the birdcage veil. Hurrah. Plus it matches my wedding bag. Double hurrah.

    All the best with the remaining W-day planning.
    Beckie K x

  14. Lovely details – the place names are beautiful, Wish I had one for myself!
    I am partial to a veil and yours looks gorgeous.
    Echoing many of the ladies above, definitely not to mix, I love weddings as I tend to get to sit with good friends and have a great time celebrating. I have been to a wedding where they mixed it up and I found it a bit awkward at first, but ok after a couple of glasses of wine! However, given the choice I’d rather sit with hubby and friends.

  15. Hello, we stayed ay El Dorado Casitas Royale one of the sister hotels you really are in for a treat the staff are so attentive and mexico is beautiful xx

  16. I think I would prefer the not-mix option at the wedding breakfast. It’s kind of like a first date, where dinner is too big a commitment and you’d rather just go for a drink or a coffee. Your guests will have a chance to mingle during the drinks reception or the after party.

    Your veil is gorgeous!

  17. Oh definitely not to mix! Our friends are scattered over the country so the wedding will be an excuse for them to catch up and have fun together. We may need to decise on some “filler” guests for tables where the core group of friends is smaller, but think/hope it’ll work. On an only slightly related note, I was at a friend’s wedding where a guest thought it would be “fun” to mix everyone up and went around before the meal moving all the place cards around – no just on each table but between tables too! I couldn’t believe the rudeness of it – it really upset the bride and groom and people had to spend some time figuring out where the bride and groom had originally planned for everyone to be. Unfortunately I ended up with said rude guest on my table. It was horrendous – they showed no embarrassment or contrition and were just hideously annoying. Have to say it did trigger a bit of a blitz spirit with the other guests on the table and we just muddled through as best we could. I think we were all jugely relieved when dinner was over and we could make our escape.

  18. Thank you Kelly for being such a wonderful customer because of you I know have the Elizabeth headpiece! Thanks also for including my headpieces in your article, which no doubt I will be addicted to from now on whilst organising my own wedding. I hope your wedding day is fantastic and wish you and your hubs to be a long and happy marriage. Debs x

  19. We have those Ikea frames for our table names 🙂 and your hen do sounds fab, good to hear as mine is also in Bath and we’re staying in a big dorm at the YMCA as well! x

  20. We’ve just come back from an amazing honeymoon in that very hotel! You are in for such a treat, it really does look like the pictures and was the best holiday I’ve ever been on! I’d recommend to anyone, you can’t fail to love Mexico after staying here x

  21. Me and my other half went to el dorado seaside suites a few years ago. It’s amazing!! You’ll have a fabulous time!! The best holiday we’ve ever had!!! Enjoy!

  22. those placenames are gorgeous! 🙂
    Also, loving the headpieces.
    I did a burlesque class for a friend’s hen do – was loads of fun, but I was a little shy so probably won’t be doing that for mine! But I did love getting all dressed up in our burlesque outfits

  23. Ladies, hellooooooo! Just had my first chance to get on here today and thank you for your lovely responses 🙂

    Totally agree about the frames, surely a wedding must and such a barginous price, plus they look good too.

    Do you, if you told me before the Hen Do we were doing burlesque dancing, I would have been afraid, very afraid. But it was so much fun and a great surprise 🙂

    @Karen, steal away the ribbons, however, a word of caution, you need heaps and heaps of ribbons!!!

    In terms of the mix / not mix, it seems you ladies are all decided…NOT TO MIX! Do you know what, I totally agree, it’s Andy who thinks it is a good idea. Seems I will just have to show him this post!

    @Charlotte, thanks again for my BETTY necklace, it is the best ever!!!!!

    @Claire, I’m going to simply print the place names onto card, possibly laminate them and then peg to the glasses. If you would like the templates for each one, give us a shout.

    @Kitty there is indeed a swim up bar! I’m so planning on drinking as many pinocoladas as I can!!!! I just used some curtain fabric to line the suitcase and used spray glue (came in a can, best invention ever!!!)

    @Amanda thank you my sweet! Taking a DIY leaf out of your book. And no, am still uncool haha!

    And thanks for the veil/headpiece love girls, Debbie at WillowMoone is totally fab…thank you so much!

    @Nicky oohhhh what a meanie story, said guest should have got lots of evils I hope!!!

    @Anne the YMCA totally rocks, we had so much fun in the big dorm room, it was all just a bit of a laugh!

    And you lovely lot are making me so excited about the honeymoon, can’t wait to go and to hear that some of you have gone / are going makes me even more excited, eeeekkkk!!!!!

    Big love girlsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  24. OMG we looked at el dorado for our honeymoon – it looked amazing!

    Loving all the gorgeous DIY – its so pretty and love the framed table names too! Its going to be so pretty – as are you gorgeous lady!

    I adore the veil!!

    Rachie xo

  25. We’re off to El Dorado Seaside Suites for our honeymoon in August! We can’t wait! I check trip advisor most days- just to check it’s still amazing!!

  26. @Kelly, I’d love the template if you wouldn’t mind, that’d be super! My email address is cbates@globalskm.com. I have my hen do next weekend, I wonder what we’ll be doing – the burlesque class looks hilarious! All the best with your final preperations. Cx

  27. This has got to be a coincidence! My name is Kelly, I am going to the lovely El Dorado Seaside Suites for my honeymoon too, I have used the bargainous Ikea frames for my table names and I have made a simular photo booth backdrop (only mine is made with vintage bed sheets).

    All this wedding malarky is getting me far too excited. Mr C is getting fed up of hearing about the table plan, name tags (mine are made from luggage labels with lovely Liberty fabric glued on)etc….. (not long to go now though).

    When are you getting married Kelly? Oh and btw, I loved your engagement shoot (we are yet to have ours as I’ve been a bit of a chicken…I’m really not a fan of the camera).

    Much love xxxx

  28. @Rachie where are you going on your honeymoon instead, do tell.

    @Claire it is winging its way to you now!

    @Mrs Clarke – weird indeed!!!!! I also know what you mean on the guy front, Andy is now failing to look even remotely interested if I mention a table name, pew end or photo prop!!! We are getting married on the 18th August, what about you? The engagement shoot was embarrassing at first, I just kept looking at Andy and cracking up, but I soon relaxed and got into it so am sure you will too! xxxxx

  29. We get married on 23rd August Kelly, only 10 weeks away now. We go on honeymoon on the 26th. Will you be there still? I keep looking at Tripadvisor being nosey at people’s holiday snaps.

    I’m going to book the engagement shoot soon, but I’ll buy myself a new bottle of rescue remedy in preparation haha! Xxxxxx

  30. @MrsClarke OhEmGee we leave on the 27th, we so have to have a drink on the 26th even if you are tired / jet lagged / wedding fatigued!!!!! I keep looking at TA too, can’t get enough of it, it makes me so excited! Can’t believe how quickly time is going, it will be our wedding days before we even know it xxxxx

  31. No way! I cannot believe it! Excited is not even the word! Sounds fab! You’ll have to fill me in on all the little secrets! We’re hoping to blag an upgrade to a swim up suite!

    My email is kellystappard@hotmail.co.uk if you do fancy meeting when we arrive, you can fill us in!

    Can’t actually wait! Xxxxxxx

  32. @MrsClarke ooohhhh a swim up suite, le sigh!!! Will tots fill you in, but suspect we won’t know much other than the best cocktails and the best places to lie on the beach!!! Will send you an email, a friend recently went there and she sent me some info. Be great to meet up 🙂

    @Zoe I got the suitcase off ebay. I did however go into a Hospice Care charity shop today and there was one just like it so might be worth trying your locals.

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